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#1180: The ugly wife sees the parents-in-law

So long as you do not dislike me not to be joined to you, cannot compare your beautiful woman friends, you will definitely not lose my.” Su Ye said with a smile: Actually, you can come back to ask my me is very happy, I think that you will not come back again.” “只要你不嫌我配不上你,比不上你那些红颜知己,那你肯定不会失去我的。”苏叶浅浅一笑道:“其实,你能回来找我我都已经很开心的,我以为你不会再回来了的。” Lu Xuan smiles helplessly, the left hand has stroked Su Ye luxuriant gently: You are my justifiable wife, I how possibly.” 陆轩无奈一笑,左手轻轻拂过苏叶的秀发:“你可是我名正言顺的妻子,我怎么可能不回来。” Your this time also walks?” “那你这次还走吗?” Lu Xuan is slightly silent, immediately opens the mouth saying: Also walks, a more important matter needs me to be done.” 陆轩微微沉默,随即开口道:“还走,还有更重要的事情需要我做。” Su Ye heard that the word somewhat loses, somewhat feels relaxed, she knows that Lu Xuan such man, will not receive the fetter of once here and there, Central State is very big to oneself, but for him was too small. 苏叶闻言有些失落,又有些释然,她知道陆轩这样的男人,绝不会受一时一地的束缚,中州对自己来说很大,但对他来说还是太小了。 Therefore Su Ye had not asked when Lu Xuan walks, because she knows that she has no way to retain him , the staying or going he, cannot look at his one day, that is one day. 所以苏叶没有问陆轩何时走,因为她知道自己没法留住他,也不会去留他,能多看他一天,那便是一天。 However is Lu Xuan asked on the contrary first exported: „Do you walk?” 不过反倒是陆轩先问出口了:“你走吗?” Su Ye knows what he asked was anything, hesitant shook the head, opens the mouth saying: I cannot walk, the Hundred Grass Hall base industry here, your palace here, you are not, if I also walked, that all these nobody handled.” 苏叶知道他问的是什么,犹豫了一阵才摇摇头,开口道:“我不能走,百草堂的基业在这里,你的王府也在这里,你不在,若我也走了,那这一切就没人打理了。” , Su Ye also said: I know that all these to you definitely are not anything, but I want to help you manage, perhaps this is I can only for the matter that you handle.” 顿了顿,苏叶又道:“我知道,这一切对你来说肯定都不算什么,但我还是想帮你经营好,也许这是我唯一能替你做的事情吧。” Really is an intelligent female, in the Lu Xuan heart thinks. 真是个聪慧的女子,陆轩心中想到。 Can say your matter to me? I know that your status is certainly uncommon, since you leave on my several subordinates to look, no matter military force or brains, that the youth who called Long Ming were not the average person can compare.” “能跟我说说你的事情吗?我知道,你的身份一定是不凡的,从你留给我的那几个属下上就能够看得出来,不管是武力还是头脑,那个叫龙铭的青年都不是一般人能够比的。” My status?” Lu Xuan blinks the eye saying: I am 9 Dragons Dynasty Anping King, you is a princess, hasn't known my status?” “我的身份?”陆轩眨巴着眼睛道:“我是九龙皇朝安平王啊,你是王妃,还不知道我的身份吗?” Snort.” Su Ye ahem, has rubbed rubbing in the Lu Xuan bosom, displays own was not happy. “哼。”苏叶哼唧一声,在陆轩怀中蹭了蹭,表现出自己的不高兴。 Sees Su Ye to act like a spoiled brat, Lu Xuan cannot bear smile to make noise, said: First has a small suspense to you, you slowly guess. Tomorrow leads you to see several great people, when the time comes you knew.” 苏叶撒娇,陆轩忍不住笑出声来,说道:“先给你留一个小悬念,你就慢慢猜吧。明天带你去见几个大人物,到时候你就知道了。” Tomorrow? Goes?” The Su Ye doubts said. “明天?去哪?”苏叶疑惑道。 Goes to the imperial palace, when the time comes remembers that dresses up attractively, very important person oh!” “去皇宫吧,到时候记得打扮得好看一点,很重要的人噢!” Listened to a Lu Xuan such saying, Su Ye somewhat cannot help but disturbed, said: „Is this ugly wife sees parents-in-law?” 陆轩这么一说,苏叶不由得有些忐忑,说道:“这算是丑媳妇见公婆吗?” Lu Xuan strokes the sending silk of Su Ye ear bank, looks at her delicate face was saying: You are not ugly.” 陆轩抚弄着苏叶耳畔的发丝,看着她清秀的脸庞道:“你可不丑。” Obviously, although has not stated clearly, but Su Ye had also guessed correctly Lu Xuan must lead her to see any person, but Lu Xuan naturally had not denied. 显然,虽然没有明说,但苏叶也猜到了陆轩要带她去见什么人,而陆轩自然也没有否认。 Was chatty in the Lu Xuan bosom and has some have been stranded Su Ye of intent, by a Lu Xuan such saying, immediately was the sleepiness did not have, sat the body to look said straight to Lu Xuan: I, I am somewhat anxious.” 本来在陆轩怀里腻歪得又有了些困意的苏叶,被陆轩这么一说,顿时便是睡意全无了,坐直了身子看向陆轩道:“我,我有些紧张。” Anxious anything, sooner or later must meet, this time comes Central State, one of them 's goal is to also lead you sees to them.” “紧张什么,迟早都得见面的,这次来中州,其中之一的目的也是带你给他们见见。” Su Ye is listening somewhat happily, somewhat was worried that happy naturally is because Lu Xuan said that without doubt must acknowledge her status, but does not treat as to lose recalled when bad karma of production, worry is feared that the Lu Xuan parents do not approve themselves. 苏叶听着有些高兴,又有些担心,高兴自然是因为陆轩这么说无疑是要承认她的身份,而不是当做失忆时的产生的孽缘,担心的则是怕陆轩的父母不认可自己。 Lu Xuan does not want to see Su Ye to be uneasy whether sitting or standing, immediately changes the topic: Before I came, saw that in the kitchen as if some people were making the dessert, was you must eat?” 陆轩也不想看到苏叶坐立不安,顿时岔开话题道:“之前我进来的时候,看到厨房中似乎是有人在做点心,是你要吃的么?” Su Ye nods: Right, was right, happen to you also taste, the dessert that several wet nurses make is very good, every day the midday rest will end me to eat a dessert to have the spirit to process the city service.” 苏叶点点头:“对,对了,正好你也尝尝,几位嬷嬷做的点心还是很不错的,每天午休完我都得吃点点心才会有精神处理城务。” Then, Su Ye stands up hastily, shoves open the door to shout: Xia Cao, Xia Cao 说完,苏叶连忙站起身来,推开房门喊道:“夏草,夏草 Shouted after two, then had the response, a rapid small broken step sound gets up, before that process detection some maids to Lu Xuan then appeared in the entrance: Princess you awakes today usually is earlier, but can eat the dessert?” 喊了两声之后,便是有了回应,一阵急促的小碎步声响起,之前那名对陆轩的经过有些察觉的婢女便是出现在了门口:“王妃您今天醒得可是比平时早,可是要吃点心吗?” Usually in they have been familiar with the Su Ye work and rest, generally will wake up in Su Ye was waiting in out of the door in the past, has not thought that today Su Ye has gotten up early, this has not waited in out of the door. 平日里她们都熟悉了苏叶的作息,一般会在苏叶醒来前一段时间在门外候着,没想到今天苏叶早起了,这才没有等在门外。 Right, you go to the kitchen to bring, was right, takes one.” “对,你去厨房拿来吧,对了,多拿一份。” Oh, good, princess you waits a bit, I bring immediately.” Why although Xia Cao does not know the princess to many with one, but some where servants asked that lord issue, wants to come is Su Ye today's appetite is quite good. “噢,好的,王妃您稍等,我马上拿来。”虽然夏草不知道王妃为什么要多拿一份,但哪有下人问主子问题的,想来是苏叶今天的胃口比较好。 Lu Xuan also sets out from the sides of the bed, sits to the table bypath: Your this maid a little meaning, just I came in realized indistinctly my whereabouts, has suited the cultivation.” 陆轩也从床沿上起身,坐到桌旁道:“你这个婢女有点意思,刚刚我进来的时候隐约察觉到了我的行踪,适合修炼。” Right? This I have not paid attention actually, but the Xia Cao management supports my regard actually.” “是吗?这我倒是未曾注意过,不过夏草办事倒是挺得我心意的。” Lu Xuan took up the teapot on table to pour out one cup to oneself, poured out one cup to say to Su Ye: Later you ask that she is willing to practice, if credible, I can actually to her the direction, so as to avoid has wasted this good talent, said again, your personal maidservant can a little strength naturally be best, the critical moment can also add on you.” 陆轩拿起桌上的茶壶给自己斟了一杯,又给苏叶斟了一杯道:“稍后你问一问她愿不愿意修炼,若是可信的话,我倒是可以给她一些指点,免得浪费了这不错的天赋,再说了,你的贴身侍女能有点实力自然是最好的,关键时刻也能够帮上你。” Xia Cao was certainly trustworthy, in Hundred Grass Hall is she with me, afterward also has not changed, this girl has also wanted to practice, then cultivated in Hundred Grass Hall, what a pity as if did not have the big achievement, taught her master of martial arts also saying that her root bone was common, therefore afterward she also extinguished this thoughts, your first said actually his talent was good.” Su Ye sits to say with a smile. 夏草当然值得信任,以前在百草堂的时候便是她跟着我,后来也是一直没变过,这小妮子也一直想修炼来着呢,在百草堂的时候便修炼过来着,可惜似乎没有多大的成果,教她的武师也说她根骨一般,所以后来她也就熄了这个心思了,你倒是第一个说他天赋不错的。”苏叶坐下来笑道。 Lu Xuan smiled, the Xia Cao talent above Soul Strength, walked Spirit Refinement naturally unable to produce any achievement together. 陆轩笑了笑,夏草的天赋是在魂力之上,走炼神一道当然出不了什么成果。 What was princess you saying?” The Xia Cao sound conveys, Su Ye has not closed, therefore Xia Cao carried the tray then to walk directly, saw Lu Xuan, immediately the mouth opened in a big way, almost must call out in alarm, the good accomplishment made her hold. “王妃您在说什么呢?”夏草的声音传来,苏叶没有关门,所以夏草直接端着盘子便是走了进来,一看到陆轩,顿时嘴巴张得大大的,差点就要惊叫出来,不过良好的素养让她憋住了。 The day, in the room of princess presented a man unexpectedly, this is the huge matter! One absolutely could not call, otherwise the pureness of princess completely gave to destroy. 天呐,王妃的房里竟然出现了一个男人,这可是天大的事情!自己可是万万叫不得的,不然王妃的清白就全部给毁了。 Wang Wangwang, princess Xia Cao stutter shouted, does not know at once should say anything, she even thought of herself to be able, because dashed any shameful matter to eliminate a potential informant. “王王王,王妃”夏草结结巴巴的喊了一声,一时之间也不知道该说什么了,她甚至想到了自己会不会因为撞破了什么见不得人的事情会被灭口了。 Su Ye sees her so appearance, immediately aerobic and good to say with a smile: Study what dog well called, don't the princes know?” 苏叶见她这般模样,顿时又好气又好笑道:“好好的学什么狗叫呢,王爷都不认识了?” Prince?” Xia Cao fixes the eyes on looked that immediately in heart relaxes greatly, before this is not just , how many time Young Master Lu has seen in Hundred Grass Hall? Afterward then has become Anping King, but she had not been arranged the palace by Su Ye at that time, therefore has not had any social dealings with Lu Xuan, in addition Lu Xuan several years had not appeared, mind flurried, suddenly unexpectedly cannot recognize. “王爷?”夏草定睛一看,顿时心中大松一口气,这可不正是自己以前在百草堂见过几次的陆公子吗?后来便是成了安平王,不过那时候她还没被苏叶安排进王府,所以没跟陆轩打过什么交道,再加上陆轩好几年没有出现了,心神慌乱之下,一时间竟是没能认出来。 Servants Xia Cao has seen the prince.” After having determined the Lu Xuan status, Xia Cao hastily good a ritual, but in the hand is carrying the thing, is not quite actually convenient. “奴婢夏草见过王爷。”确定了陆轩的身份之后,夏草连忙行了一礼,不过手中端着东西,倒是不太方便。 Lu Xuan beckons with the hand to say with a smile: Does not need to be overly courteous, first puts down thing.” 陆轩摆摆手笑道:“不必多礼,先把东西放下吧。” Xia Cao puts on the dessert the table hastily, immediately cannot bear curious asking: Prince, you come in? The servants have worked in the courtyard, had not seen that some people come.” 夏草连忙将点心放到桌上,随即忍不住好奇的问道:“王爷,您是怎么进来的啊?奴婢一直在院子里干活,可没见到有人进来。” Lu Xuan removed the cover of box conveniently, pinches the one piece cakes and pastries to ridicule saying: You had not realized that some people passed through, the wind also brought your women's clothing to come.” 陆轩随手揭开餐盒的盖子,捏起一块糕点揶揄道:“你不是都已经察觉到有人经过了吗,风还带起了你的衣裙来着。” Xia Cao hear that immediately suddenly: Really is some people passed through, Dong Chong that girl added that is my illusion, but the prince you really mysteriously appeared and disappeared.”( Not 夏草闻言顿时恍然:“啊原来真是有人经过啊,冬虫那丫头还说是我的幻觉,不过王爷你实在是太神出鬼没了。”(未 Ends being continued 完待续 ~^~) ~^~)
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