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#1178: City main palace

This time, Lu Xuan has not flown to look for Su Ye directly, but has gotten down Blue Sky Boat outside the city, slowly walks toward the city. 这一次,陆轩没有直接飞过去找苏叶,而是在城外下了碧落舟,缓缓的朝城内走去。 Because beast tide repelled reason, the refugee has been short much, most people are because is frightened by the slightest sound, was worried that was brought disaster to by the beast tide, ahead of time flees from the hometown. Now heard that the beast tide has drawn back, the common people who winding around that in addition the 9 Dragons Dynasty subsidization goes home, some homesickness sentiments cut then step the return trip. 因为兽潮被击退的缘故,流民已经少了不少,大部分人都是因为风声鹤唳,担心被兽潮殃及,提前逃离家乡。如今听说兽潮已退,再加上九龙皇朝资助归家的盘缠,一些思乡情切的平民便是重新踏上返程。 But still had many refugees to keep in Anping City, few people were wants to wait for the beast tide true all retreat went home again, another part of people thought that settled down in Anping City is also quite good. 但仍有不少的流民留在安平城中,一部分人是想等着兽潮真正的全部退走了再回家,另一部分人则是觉得就在安平城安家也相当不错。 Walks on the street, Lu Xuan nods gently, when compared with his previous time comes, the Anping City condition on good, everywhere has appeared in good order, no longer has too the chaotic place. 走在街道上,陆轩轻轻点头,比起他上一次来时,安平城的状况已经好上了许多,到处都显得井井有条,不再有太多混乱的地方。 Occasionally will have some refugees and local residents has the argument, quick will have the defense patrol team to go forward to mediate, being insufficient lets the contradictory promotion, the native and non-native population, are one the contradiction that is difficult to be well distributed, once promotes contradictory, the entire city's management can become awful. 偶尔会有一些流民与本地居民发生口角,也很快会有巡防队上前调解,不至于让矛盾升级,本地人与外来人口,本来就是一个很难调和的矛盾,一旦矛盾升级,整个城市的管理都会变得糟糕起来。 Besides having reason of beast tide retreat, part wants to come is Long Ming offers many strengths, Lu Xuan kept Anping City him, then to test his, does not have the accident after all, after waiting for Long Boming to be old, Long Ming then can be the Nine Flowers Alliance majordomo. 这其中除了有兽潮退去的原因外,还有一部分想来是龙铭出了不少的力气,陆轩将他留在安平城,便是为了考验他一番,毕竟不出意外,等龙博明年迈之后,龙铭便会是九华盟的大管家了。 Walks to have a look all the way, unknowingly, Lu Xuan has then arrived at City Lord's Mansion, but here is also his trip of goals, now is at noon, wants to come Su Ye not in the palace, but the work in City Lord's Mansion, Lu Xuan also wants to look at the appearance of Su Ye work, this has the name of husband and wife with him spatially, but does not have the husband and wife the solid woman, perhaps is in his numerous women, is very out of the ordinary one. 一路上走走看看,不知不觉中,陆轩便是走到了城主府,而这里也是他此行的目的,如今正值中午过后,想来苏叶不会在王府,而是在城主府中办公,陆轩也想看一看苏叶办公的模样,这个与他空有夫妻之名,而无夫妻之实的女人,或许是他众多女人中,很是与众不同的一个。 Before City Lord's Mansion, Lu Xuan was blocked, wears the bodyguard of 9 Dragons Dynasty official's costume, solemn [say / way]: City Lord's Mansion heavy, the idler halts.” 城主府之前,陆轩被拦了下来,一名身着九龙皇朝公服的侍卫,神情肃穆的道:“城主府重地,闲人止步。” Lu Xuan smiled, raises head to look on a signboard the City Lord's Mansion three large characters, in the heart said that is really lordly. 陆轩笑了笑,仰头看了一眼牌匾上城主府三个大字,心中说了一声,真气派。 Immediately he said toward this bodyguard: Such being the case, that please notify princess one, said the Lu Xuan interview.” 随即他才朝这名侍卫说道:“既然如此,那就请通报王妃一声,说陆轩求见。” This bodyguard knit the brows, thought that Lu Xuan this name somewhat seems to be familiar-sounding, but actually cannot think where at once is sacred, but looks at present this person of appearance, was supposing is the young master playboy of which high-ranking court official family. He once heard the playboys in many Nine Dragons City to drool with envy to his princess, but dreaded that Divine Dragon sees not to see Anping King of tail, does not dare to have slightly the thoughts, has not thought that this person of courage is actually not small. 这侍卫皱了皱眉,觉得陆轩这名字似乎有些耳熟,但一时之间却也想不起来是何方神圣,不过看眼前这人的模样,估摸着是哪位公卿家的公子纨绔。他曾听说不少九龙城中的纨绔都对自家王妃垂涎三尺,不过忌惮那位神龙见首不见尾的安平王,不敢有起丝毫心思,没想到这人倒是胆子不小。 „The princess lot of work, where has the time to receive guests, your excellency please returns.” “王妃事务繁忙,哪有时间见客,阁下请回吧。” Lu Xuan somewhat is suddenly awkward, this City Lord's Mansion good and evil is own, has not thought that cannot go in including oneself gate, moreover does not know itself the bodyguards, this prince is really when was too failed. 陆轩一时间有些尴尬,这城主府好歹算是自家的,没想到连自家门都进不去,而且连侍卫都不认识自己,这王爷实在是当得太失败了。 „, Franks, I then am Anping King Lu Xuan, therefore “咳咳,实不相瞒,我便是安平王陆轩,所以” The Lu Xuan words have not said that then severely was drunk the interruption by this bodyguard one: Bold! Dares to pretend to be the prince, if you dare to talk nonsense again, being probable makes you taste in the city the taste of prison not to be possible!” 陆轩话还没说完,便是被这侍卫一声厉喝打断:“大胆!竟敢冒充王爷,你若再敢胡言乱语,非得让你尝尝城中牢狱的滋味不可!” By a Lu Xuan saying, why this bodyguard was remembered Lu Xuan this name such ripeness, Lu Xuan, is that not just this City Lord's Mansion master Anping King? 陆轩一说,这侍卫才想起陆轩这名字为何如此之熟,陆轩,那可不正是这城主府的主人安平王么? This boy courage was also very big, dared to pretend to be the prince before City Lord's Mansion, this did not take the advantage of oneself princess obvious, was only his these words, grasped not to be excessive. 这小子胆子也忒大了点,竟敢在城主府前冒充王爷,这不是明摆着占自己王妃的便宜么,单凭他这一句话,抓起来可是一点都不过分。 Let alone, ahem, let alone this person is not a prince, then the prince, oneself must feel embarrassed him not to be possible well suddenly, where has is the prince like this, the big city, is supporting by a princess person purely, by a women's body, achieves so the situation, no matter you asked that in Anping City which person, decides however raises up the thumb, admires collapses completely. 更何况,哼哼,别说这人不是王爷,便正是王爷,自己也得好好为难他一下不可,哪有这样当王爷的,偌大一座城,纯靠王妃一个人撑着,以一介女流之身,做到如此地步,不管你问安平城中哪个人,定然都是竖起大拇指,佩服得一败涂地。 What clamored, before solemn City Lord's Mansion, highly improper! Kong Wu, don't you want to do? The princess just rested, if quarrelled the princess, 100 doltishes must have your!” “何事喧哗,堂堂城主府前,成何体统!孔武,你是不想干了吗?王妃刚刚才休憩,若是吵到王妃,100大板少不了你的!” Wears the men of 9 Dragons Dynasty 4 - Grade military commander government authorities after the palace gate walked, was calling the Kong Wu bodyguard to that without demur is throws one of the skull face to drink to scold. 一名身着九龙皇朝四品武将官府的男子从府门后走了出来,二话不说对着那叫孔武的侍卫便是扑头盖脸的一阵喝骂。 Kong Wu thinks very suffering from injustice, is not wants to quarrel here, said again, Commander Wang your sound may compared with me mostly, probably quarrel really the princess, that also absolutely is you quarrels. 孔武觉得很委屈,又不是自己想在这里吵,再说了,王统领你的声音可比我大多了,真要吵到王妃,那也绝对是你吵到的。 However this saying he naturally does not dare saying that immediately flung on the pot Lu Xuan, pointed at Lu Xuan saying: Commands, non- is the subordinate is noisy, is this person pesters in this, dares to pretend to be the prince unexpectedly, the subordinate is wanting to take it, governs the crime of his wild talk.” 不过这话他自然是不敢说的,当即就把锅甩到了陆轩身上,指着陆轩道:“统领,非是属下吵闹,是此人在此纠缠,竟然还敢冒充王爷,属下正欲将其拿下,治他个妄言之罪。” Pretends to be the prince? He he, the courage was not small the sound that” this commanded to lower suddenly, probed was shouting one: Prince?” “冒充王爷?呵呵,胆子不小啊”这统领的声音猛然低了下来,试探着喊了一声:“王爷?” Yeah.” Lu Xuan complied with one, unfolds the face to smile, relaxes greatly, is not easy, finally bumps into knew own, moreover is an acquaintance. “哎。”陆轩答应了一声,展颜一笑,大松一口气,不容易啊,终于碰到了认识自己的了,而且还是个熟人。 Dynasty, may calculate that ran into you, otherwise I may unable to go in including oneself gate.” Bodyguard Kong Wu looks at Lu Xuan helplessly rubs to step the stair, arrived in front of Commander Wang to pat the shoulder of Commander Wang, commanded also first company the color of flattering. This bodyguard commands, was not just initially by Lu Xuan six Pin Daidao bodyguard dynasty that undermines a wall to dig from the imperial palace. “王朝,可算遇到你了,不然我可真连自家门都进不去了。”那侍卫孔武眼睁睁的看着陆轩蹭蹭蹭迈上台阶,走到王统领面前拍了拍王统领的肩膀,偏偏统领还一连的谄媚之色。这侍卫统领,可不正是当初被陆轩从皇宫挖墙脚挖过来的六品带刀侍卫王朝么。 Oh, the prince you may come back finally, the subordinate wants dead you!” The dynasty pats the thigh, the [say / way] of affection exaggeration. “哎呀,王爷你可总算回来了,属下可是想死你了啊!”王朝一拍大腿,作态夸张的道。 Then, the dynasty stared Kong Wu one to scold: Asked your boy not to keep eyes open, anything pretended to be the prince, this was really a prince! Did not know the princes that I thought your this bodyguard does not want to do!” 说罢,王朝瞪了孔武一眼骂道:“叫你小子不长眼,什么冒充王爷,这可是真王爷!连王爷都不认识,我看你这侍卫是不想干了!” Was saying the dynasty also tries to kick his foot, but by Lu Xuan holding on: Yeah, you with his anxious anything, others handle matters according to rule, does not have active, let alone, did not know that I am also normal. You did not say that the princess is sleeping, we low voice, walks while said.” 说着王朝还试图下去踢他一脚,不过被陆轩给拉住了:“哎,你跟他急什么,人家可是照章办事,有功无过,更何况,不认识我也正常。你不是说王妃在睡觉吗,咱们小声点,边走边说。” Kong Wu looks at Lu Xuan invited the shoulder of dynasty to walk into City Lord's Mansion, could not bear put out a hand to rub the eyes, my little darling, unexpectedly also was really a prince, this may really open mind, but, saw does not have the appearance of prince! We fortunately have seen south the town the king, that imposing manner! 孔武看着陆轩邀着王朝的肩膀走入城主府,忍不住伸手揉了揉眼睛,我的个乖乖,竟然还真是王爷,这可真是开了眼界了,不过,怎么看也没有王爷的样子啊!咱好歹有幸见过镇南王,那气势,啧啧! However he then is also somewhat is immediately favorite, before City Lord's Mansion gate, blocks the prince, hey, but this matter sufficed us to blow for a lifetime! 不过随即他便又是有些得意起来,城主府门前拦住王爷,嘿嘿,但这件事情就够咱吹一辈子了! Dynasty, your boy can, the short time mix 4 - Grade unexpectedly, what North Korean and Chinese high-ranking official hasn't bribed?” “王朝,你小子可以啊,短短时间竟然都混到了四品,不是贿赂了什么朝中大员吧?” Oh, my prince, you do not speak irresponsibly, this thanks to princess, what a pity the prince you for these years were not, otherwise the subordinate my many rackets flatters, perhaps this little while is 3 - Grade!” “哎哟,我的王爷,你可别乱说,这不是托了王妃的福嘛,可惜王爷你这几年不在,不然属下我多拍拍马屁,说不定这会儿已经是三品了呢!” This flatter pats well, no wonder the grade rises such quickly, your princess mixed, mixed you not to be good with me, the solemn 4 - Grade five senses were the bodyguard chiefs, mixed with me must resist the beast tide.” “这马屁拍得不错,难怪品级升得这么快,不过啊,你还是跟着王妃混好了,跟我混你可不行,堂堂四品五官还是个侍卫头子,跟我混可是要去对抗兽潮的。” „The prince your this may look down upon human, non- is the subordinate does not think that is really the princess does not let, otherwise the subordinate fishes a military exploit in this beast tide, perhaps directly on promotion 3 - Grade.” “王爷你这可瞧不起人了,非是属下不想,实在是王妃不让啊,不然属下在这次兽潮中捞点军功,说不定直接就晋升三品了。” You blow, your this strength, can save the poor life to be good.” “你就吹吧,就你这实力,能保得住小命就不错了。” This does not have the prince you to cover “这不是有王爷你罩着嘛” Lu Xuan cracks a joke with the dynasty all the way, passes through the numerous bridge porches, then to the City Lord's Mansion main hall. After the reminder of beforehand dynasty, Lu Xuan knows that Su Ye the going midday rest, in the main hall work, had Long Ming one person at this moment as before. 陆轩一路上跟王朝开着玩笑,走过重重桥廊,便是到了城主府正厅。经过之前王朝的提醒,陆轩知道苏叶已经前去午休了,此刻依旧在正厅办公的,只有龙铭一人。 Sees Lu Xuan to arrive, Long Ming is puts down in the hand immediately sect Juan, nods the head cups one hand in the other across the chest saying: Has seen young alliance lord.” 一看到陆轩到来,龙铭立即便是放下手中宗卷,颔首拱手道:“见过少盟主。” Lu Xuan beckons with the hand: Does not need to be overly courteous, recently city service how?” 陆轩摆摆手:“不必多礼,近来城务如何?” Long Ming thinks that Lu Xuan must test school, stern [say / way]: „When score the beast tide had not drawn back other day was much better, before this princess has decided the summary, the subordinate from side assisted, to handle some trivial matters for these days. In addition, recently several important matters \; first, to place the issue of refugee, the princess planned that develops west one piece, with give the refugee settling down, in the form of labor discount, allocates funds to purchase the material from the city tax, making the refugee be present at work the construction. Second, some east refugees have organized a gang, all sorts of people have in average 龙铭以为陆轩是要考校自己,正色道:“比数日前兽潮未退时已经好多了,此前王妃已经定下来纲要,属下这几天只是从旁协助,处理一些琐屑之事。此外,近日有几件大事,其一是安置流民的问题,王妃打算将城西一片开拓出来,用以给流民定居之用,采用以工折价的形式,从城税中拨款购买材料,让流民出工建设。其二是城东一些流民组织了一个帮会,其中三教九流之人均有” Long Ming was saying continuously, obviously was grasped comprehensively to the Anping City situation, Lu Xuan has not borne but actually, but careful was listening. From the narration of Long Ming, Lu Xuan has not managed matter of the city, then knows this matter is not easy. 龙铭源源不绝的说着,显然是对安平城的情况已经掌握得非常全面了,陆轩倒也没有不耐,而是仔细的听着。从龙铭的叙述中,陆轩尚未管理一城之事,便已知道此事的不易。 Long Ming said mostly is some policy summaries that Su Ye decides, as well as recently he processing to matter, every large or small has, it can be imagined, usually all affairs big or small needs Su Ye to process, this is a huge work load. 龙铭说的大多都是苏叶所定下来的一些方针纲要,以及近来他对一些事情的处理,大大小小的都有,可想而知,平时事无巨细均需苏叶来处理,这是一件何等庞大的工作量。 Heard Long Ming saying that in Lu Xuan heart secretly ashamed, no wonder this time saw that Su Ye she was thin, perhaps for these years, several weren't the number of times of good sleeps many? 听得龙铭说完,陆轩心中暗自惭愧,难怪此次见到苏叶她清瘦了许多,恐怕这几年来,数个好觉的次数都不多吧? Was good, I knew, you continue to handle the matter , helping the princess share, waited for Nine Flowers Alliance, I can the expostulation make you take over on your grandfather some business.” “好了,我知道了,你继续处理事情吧,多帮王妃分摊一些,等回了九华盟,我会谏言让你接手你爷爷身上的一些事务的。” Long Ming cups one hand in the other across the chest once again, afterward sits on the seat to read sect Juan, although understood in a short time Anping City these many matters are not easy, but can obtain Lu Xuan these words, his payout valuable. 龙铭再度拱手,随后重新坐回座位上翻看宗卷,虽然在短时间内了解安平城这么多事情不容易,但能得到陆轩这句话,他的付出就是有价值的。 Nearby dynasty hears blurry: Prince, what young alliance lord? Nine Flowers Alliance, isn't that our north side that Rank Five Sect? Can there you also be able to speak?” 一旁的王朝听得迷迷糊糊的:“王爷,啥少盟主九华盟,那不是咱北边那个五品宗门吗?那里您也能说得上话?” Lu Xuan has patted on his back of the head: Asked anything to ask that later will know, walks, leading me to look for the princess.” 陆轩在他后脑勺上拍了一下:“问什么问,以后自会知道,走,带我去找王妃。” The dynasty has suppressed a lot of issues, cannot obtain to reply that after must bring Lu Xuan is going first , the dwelling first. 王朝憋了一肚子的问题,却是根本得不到回答,只得先带着陆轩先去后宅。 Lu Xuan knew from the dynasty mouth that Su Ye treats not many in the City Lord's Mansion backyard, although the official business is usually busy, but she likes returning to Anping Palace, perhaps in her opinion, there is a genuine family. 陆轩从王朝口中得知,苏叶城主府后院中待得并不多,虽然平时公务繁忙,但她还是喜欢回安平王府,或许在她看来,那里才是一个真正的家。 Brings Lu Xuan to the backyard entrance, the dynasty is halted, after City Lord's Mansion the dwelling, non- princess summons, can not enter, the matter that this is in City Lord's Mansion is on duty the people who knows.( Not 陆轩带到后院门口,王朝便是已经止步,城主府后宅,非王妃传召,不得擅入,这是城主府中当值的人都知道的事情。(未 Ends being continued 完待续 ~^~) ~^~)
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