SSG :: Volume #34

#3382: Benefit!

This wished the blue lotus, speech really straightforward, pertinent, gave to tear everyone's loin cloth. 这个祝青莲,说话是真的直白,一针见血,把所有人的遮羞布都给扯开了。 At once, several people you have a look at me, I have a look at you, does not know that this/should mentioned from where. 一时之间,几个人你看看我,我看看你,都不知道该从何说起。 At this time, Ximen Jing interrupts, „the Zhujia younger sisters said was very reasonable, your several said over and over again, for own benefit, since for the benefit, that on the swayed, negotiates own terms simply outwardly respectively, do not cover up, attended to about him, our Time were very precious, no Time is consuming here with you.” 这时候,西门靖插了句嘴,“祝家妹子说的很有道理,你们几家说来说去,都是为了自己的利益,既然都是为了利益,那索性就摆在明面上来说吧,各自讲讲自己的条件,别遮遮掩掩的,顾左右而言他,咱们的时间很宝贵的,没时间跟你们在这儿耗着。” Saying, Ximen Jin finger/refer referred to thoughtful, „, since you start!” 说着,西门靖指了指周道经,“从你开始吧!” After the hollow laugh, my station strove for being very simple thoughtfully, making keen keen take over the position of School Lord as soon as possible, School Lord passes on to be sensitive to keen, this is the well-known matter, I do not want to give birth to what accident, after all, sect gate is impossible to get down, without the School Lord leadership, very easy......” 周道经干笑了一声,“我的述求很简单,让敏敏尽快接任宗主之位,宗主传位给敏敏,这是人尽皆知的事,我不想生出什么变故,毕竟,宗门也不可能一直这么下去,没有宗主领导,很容易……” Ok, let alone so many Great Dao principles, you want to make your granddaughter hurry to take a seat, this is your station strives.” Ximen Jing interrupts the words that passed through thoughtfully directly, then referred to Yue cloud great wild goose, „do you, what you want?” “好了,别说那么多大道理了,你想让你孙女赶紧即位,这就是你的述求。”西门靖直接打断了周道经的话,转而指了指岳云鸿,“你呢,你又想要什么?” Has saying that Ximen Jing good and evil is to also make Coiling Dragon Great Emperor of Coiling Dragon empire, solves this matter, been fastidious is vigorous and resolute, direct hit strategic point. 不得不说,西门靖好歹也是做过盘龙帝国的盘龙大帝的,解决这种事情,讲究的就是一个雷厉风行,直接命中要害。 Yue cloud great wild goose hears word stagnates, similarly is also awkward smiling, fellow daoist chatted, what today discusses was the matter of keen sensitive taking a seat, I can have anything to want......” 岳云鸿闻言一滞,同样也是尴尬的笑了笑,“道友说笑,今天谈的是敏敏即位之事,我能有什么想要的……” That in other words, your Yue Family is nothing wish? In other words, Zhou lady takes a seat, hasn't touched your Yue Family benefit? Determination? I may ask that next, do not let keen take a seat when the time comes sensitively, you stood to look for the words to say.” “那也就是说,你岳家是没什么想要的了?也就是说,周家姑娘即位,并没有触碰到你们岳家的利益?确定么?那我可问下一家了,别到时候让敏敏即位,你又站出来找话说。” Ximen Jin say/way, then did not want to say with Yue cloud great wild goose again much. 西门靖道了一句,便不欲再和岳云鸿多说。 Wait......” “等等……” Yue cloud great wild goose hurried to interrupt Ximen Jing's words. 岳云鸿赶紧打断了西门靖的话。 Ximen Jin Danxiao, this is right, new School Lord takes a seat, how possibly to involve other seven lineage/vein benefits? Now everyone clarifies the surface the words, the image to your what, you said that what covered up is what matter? 西门靖淡笑了一声,这才对嘛,新宗主即位,怎么可能牵扯不到其他七脉的利益?现在大家把话摆明面上来讲,影像到你什么,你就说呗,遮遮掩掩的算什么回事? Must solve the problem, certainly must first state clearly to be right the issue. 要解决问题,肯定是要先把问题摆出来才对。 Yue cloud great wild goose hesitated, finally opens the mouth saying that good, I acknowledged, I do not want to make keen take over the position of School Lord sensitively quickly......” 岳云鸿沉吟了一下,终于开口道,“好,我承认,我是不怎么想让敏敏这么快接任宗主之位……” Sweat, this also is really the innermost thoughts, saying may be more refreshed. 汗,这还真是心里话啊,说出来可爽快多了。 Good, you then said......” Ximen Jin say/way. “好,你接着说……”西门靖道。 Yue cloud great wild goose read thoughtful, first declared a point, I do not want to defy the command of School Lord, but felt, although keen keen was the School Lord first disciple, but, she was the person of Zhou, keen keen is very young, after the high-rank, by Zhou about, Bro Zhou, this should be your undeniable fact easily? Moreover, your impatient wants to make keen take a seat sensitively, obviously also has this factor!” 岳云鸿看了看周道经,“先申明一点,我并不是想违抗宗主之令,只是觉得,敏敏虽然是宗主的首徒,但是,她更是周家的人,敏敏现在还很年轻,上位之后,很容易被周家左右,周兄,这应该是你不可否认的事实吧?而且,你迫不及待的想让敏敏即位,显然也有这个因数在内!” After hears word, opens mouth thoughtfully, but has not said anything, the words of Yue cloud great wild goose indeed are the fact, he is unable to refute, he indeed has such a selfishness. 周道经闻言,张了张嘴,但还是没有说出什么,岳云鸿的话的确是事实,他无法反驳,他的确有这么一个私心。 Sees after has not refuted thoughtfully, Yue cloud great wild goose then said that „after keen becomes School Lord sensitively, will achieve absolutely fair fair, this point, can keen keen achieve? Even she can, Zhou perhaps still enable this to turn cannot, believes that this is also an indisputable fact, if keen keen takes a seat in this time, I can not say exaggeratingly, soon, the day territory eight lineage/vein will become one-party rule......” 见周道经没有反驳,岳云鸿接着道,“敏敏成为宗主之后,将做到绝对的公平公正,这一点,敏敏能做到么?就算她能,周家恐怕也会让这个能变成不能,相信这也是一个不争的事实,若敏敏在此时即位,我可以毫不夸张的说,用不了多久,天域八脉将成为一家独大……” The innermost thoughts, the frank talk, this feeling to be honest is really crisp! 心里话,大实话,这种说实话的感觉真爽! Passes through thoughtfully said that „, if Yue the brother worried this, I can guarantee here......” 周道经道,“如果岳兄只是担心这个的话,我可以在这里保证……” Not......” “不……” Yue cloud great wild goose interrupts the words that passed through thoughtfully, you could not guarantee, just you also acknowledged you selfishness, we spoke frankly, the flower intestines in respective heart, each one was clear, therefore, Bro Zhou, you are unable to guarantee, no one can guarantee for you, in the final analysis, after keen ascended the throne sensitively, to your Zhou most was good......” 岳云鸿打断了周道经的话,“你保证不了,刚刚你也承认了你又私心,咱们都是打开天窗说亮话,各自心中的花花肠子,各自都是清清楚楚,所以,周兄,你既无法保证,也无人能替你担保,说到底,敏敏登位之后,对你周家的最有好处……” Inspires after the depth thoughtfully, indeed, he could not guarantee, can say, he is making Zhou Minmin take a seat anxiously, completely for the interest of Zhou. 周道经深吸了一口气,的确,他保证不了,可以说,他这么急着让周敏敏即位,完全就是为了周家的利益。 After Zhou Minmin inherits the position of School Lord, no matter nonchalant desirably, Zhou definitely is the biggest benefit side, perhaps all sect gate resources must depend toward Zhou on, when the time comes, Zhou one-party rule almost does not have the suspense. 周敏敏继承宗主之位后,不管是不经意还是刻意,周家肯定是最大的获益方,所有的宗门资源或许都得往周家身上靠,到时候,周家一家独大几乎是毫无悬念的。 Everyone understands this point, therefore, regardless at this time thoughtful after what kind of guarantee, appears very pale and weak. 大家都明白这一点,所以,这时候无论周道经如何的保证,都显得十分的苍白无力。 At this time, Nie mountain opened the mouth saying that I approved of the Brother Yue viewpoint, because of this, since School Lord chose keen to be sensitive, we will not have the slight opinion to keen surely sensitively, the position of School Lord belong to her, but, we do not think that keen became puppet of Zhou sensitively, whatever your Zhou Jia organized......” 这时候,聂山开口道,“我十分赞同岳老哥的观点,正因为如此,既然宗主选择了敏敏,我们必定不会对敏敏有丝毫的意见,宗主之位非她莫属,但是,我们不想敏敏成为周家的傀儡,任由你们周家摆布……” Must solve this problem, dispels worries in our heart, we can think that now, is declines keen to take a seat sensitively, when keen sensitive absorb School Lord merit force, the strength came up, naturally also has that ability control eight lineage/vein, can not be controlled by your Zhou, as the matter stands, can feel at ease in us.” king Tu say/way unrestrained/no trace of politeness. “要解决这个问题,消除我们心中的顾虑,我们现在能想到的,就是推辞敏敏即位,等敏敏吸收宗主功力,实力上去了,自然也有那个能力统御八脉,可以不受你周家控制,这样一来,于我们大家都可以安心。”王图毫不客气的道。 God ten conceals then said that beforehand School Lord, only if the specially serious matter, other business, are our eight people discussed together, therefore, I felt, later we can continue to maintain this form, to guarantee that sect gate will not have the turmoil, before among our eight lineage/vein was only the competition, after I not thought School Lord to walk, will evolve the war, so long as our eight, sect gate will not be of one mind chaotic, after keen sensitive absorb ended School Lord merit force, we held her high-rank is not late again, when the time comes everyone released authority again to her, one not by mistake her cultivation, 21 Everyone also felt relieved.” 神十藏接着道,“以前宗主在时,除非特别重大的事情,其余事务,都是我们八人共同商议,所以,我觉得,以后我们还是可以继续保持这种形式,以保证宗门不会发生动乱,以前我们八脉之间只是竞争,我不想宗主走后,会演变成战争,只要我们八个齐心,宗门就不会乱,等敏敏吸收宗主功力之后,我们再扶她上位不迟,到时候大家再放权给她,一不误了她的修炼,二一个,大家也都放心。” These four people, your, my, said as if is very reasonable, is well-founded, impregnable, is considering for Zhou Minmin completely. 这四个人,你一句,我一句,说的都似乎很有道理,有理有据,无懈可击,完全就是在替周敏敏着想。 But in the final analysis, is own benefit. 但说到底,还是自己的利益。 However, regarding thoughtful, although he has the selfishness, although Yue cloud great wild goose several people said is very reasonable, although speaking of him even felt the one who finally is in the wrong is oneself, but, he still is very firm the beforehand idea. 但是,对于周道经来说,虽然他有私心,虽然岳云鸿几人说的很有道理,虽然说到最后他甚至感觉理亏的是自己,但是,他依然很坚定自己之前的想法。 Because he is very clear, these old fogies, said one set, makes one set, the words that spoke are incredible, must wait for Zhou Minmin absorb to end School Lord merit force, that does not know that must wait till monkey face horse moon/month to go, this middle variable is really many, he does not dare to bet, cannot bet. 因为他很清楚,这几个老家伙,说一套,做一套,说的话根本就不可信,要等周敏敏吸收宗主功力,那不知道要等到猴脸马月去了,这中间的变数实在是太多,他不敢赌,也赌不起。 Lidong guests their three, still without expressing opinion, is an aloofness, the appearance of having no immediate concern to oneself, how regardless of as if you struggle, has not been connected with me, I do not want to curl to be the same. 李洞宾他们三个,依然没有发表意见,都是一副超然物外,事不关己的样子,仿佛无论你们如何争,都与我没有关联,我都不想卷进去一样。 Thoughtfully after looking to Su Hang, Su Hang is very calm , is really audits probably. 周道经看向苏航,苏航十分淡定,也好像真的是来旁听的。
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