SSG :: Volume #34

#3381: State views!

Eastern not bright status, it is well known, but this Ximen Jing, although braved recently suddenly, but people investigates passed/lived on the scene, this person once status, under was not bright in the East, this person was in the Coiling Dragon empire Coiling Dragon Great Emperor. 东方不亮的身份,众所周知,而这个西门靖,虽然是最近突然冒出来的,但是在场众人也查过了,此人曾经的身份,并不下于东方不亮,此人乃是盘龙帝国上一任的盘龙大帝 Although had been eliminated the position of Great Emperor by the destiny palace, but Ximen Jing's realm still, nine step powerhouse, goes into hiding so many years, was definitely stronger than before, presents no one to dare to vouch to say can compared with this person. 虽然已经被天命宫剥夺了大帝之位,但是西门靖的境界还在,九阶强者,隐匿这么多年,肯定比以前更强,在场没有一个人敢打包票说能比此人强。 Everyone is nine steps, but the water of nine steps are very deep, no one knows that opposite party nine steps do have the depth, perhaps annoys to be strong too many existences. 大家都是九阶,但是九阶的水很深,谁也不知道对方这个九阶有没有自己深,说不定就惹上一个比自己强出太多的存在。 Now not only Su Hang came, but also these two bringing, clearly, these two, since follows Su Hang to come, that definitely was perch Su Hang's. 现在不仅苏航来了,而且还把这两人给带来了,很明显,这两人既然跟着苏航来,那肯定就是占位苏航的了。 In the people, wish the blue lotus completely to affirm the Su Hang's status, powerful heavenly prestige powerhouse, two empire powerhouse, such combination, but also who can shake? 众人之中,祝青莲已经完全肯定了苏航的身份,一位强大的天威强者,还有两位帝国强者,这样的组合,还有谁能够撼动呢? Thoughtfully after seeing this scenery, the eye pupil deep place also presented the bright color, others, have the despondance, some dreaded, various mood have. 周道经见到此景,眼眸深处也出现了亮色,其余众人,有抑郁,有忌惮,各种情绪都有。 The people salute upon meeting hastily, welcomed in these three people the membership living room. 众人连忙见礼,将这三人迎入会客厅中。 Su Hang and East not bright, Ximen and Jing, found a seat to sit down casually, really few spoken languages. 苏航和东方不亮、西门靖三人,随便找了个位子坐下,都甚少言语。 The atmosphere in hall, at once, becomes strange, was much more peaceful, no one says this few words. 厅中的气氛,一时之间,变得更加的诡异,安静得出奇,都没有人开口说这头一句话。 „, Does not need to restrict, when we do not exist, our three, today are only looks on, how you should chat, how to chat.” Su Hang opened the mouth to say one. “诸位,不必拘束,就当我们不存在,我们三个,今天只是来旁观的,你们该怎么聊,就怎么聊。”还是苏航开口道了一句。 The Su Hang's words, break silence. 苏航的话,打破了沉寂。 However, in the people heart is complaining, wants, when their how many do not exist, is this possible? Your what status, aren't you clear? Wants us, when you do not exist, you should not come from the start, should not meddle this matter to be right. 不过,众人心中却是在吐槽,要当他们几个不存在,这怎么可能?你们什么身份,你们自己不清楚么?要我们当你们不存在,你们压根就不该来,不该插手这件事才对。 cough cough!” 咳咳!” At this time, after coughed thoughtfully lightly, as the host, he should come to this field, presided over this conference. 这时候,周道经轻咳了一声,作为东道主,他应该来开这个场,主持这一场会议。 „, That came first to say by me!” “诸位,那就由我来先说吧!” Speaking of here, thoughtfully after looking, saw the meaning that the people have not opposed, this continues saying that actually, asks everyone to come today, the goal is very simple, the day before yesterday wants to chat we had chatted the matter again, now School Lord, sect gate may not one day without owner, otherwise the disciple loses the restraint, fears the fresh chaos, since School Lord before departure, had designated keen takes the successor sensitively , everyone looked that we are this/should choose a today together, please do the new School Lord high-rank say again?” 说到这儿,周道经看了一圈,见众人都没有反对的意思,这才继续道,“其实,今天叫大家来,目的很简单,就是想再聊聊前天我们聊过的事,现在宗主已经不在了,宗门不可一日无主,否则门人失去约束,恐生大乱,既然宗主在离开前,已经选定了敏敏作为继承人,那么,大家看我们是不是该一起选个即日,请新宗主上位了再说?” Seven lineage/vein Old Ancestor hears word, not with thoughtful after looking at each other, had not responded. 七脉老祖闻言,都没有和周道经对视,也并没有反应。 Perhaps is Su Hang and the others in side, some people worries and dreaded. 或许是苏航等人在旁边吧,众人都有些顾虑和忌惮。 I said two!” ultimate, Yue cloud great wild goose could not bear, looked, opens the mouth to say with Brother old boss tone, School Lord passes newly, I and others in sorrow, entire day territory sect high and low, in the sorrow, week buddy, is discussing that at this time new School Lord takes a seat, is premature, was excessively more anxious, naturally, I did not oppose that keen takes a seat sensitively, I feel somewhat inopportunely.” “我说两句吧!”最终,还是岳云鸿忍不住了,看了一圈,用一种老大哥的口吻开口道,“宗主新逝,我等正在悲痛之中,整个天域宗上下,也都正在悲痛之中,周老弟,这时候谈新宗主即位,是不是过早,过急了些,当然,我并不是反对敏敏即位,我只是觉得有些不合时宜。” Thoughtfully after hears word, facial skin moving slightly , this old fogy, although on the mouth was saying did not oppose, but in heart first opposition is he. 周道经闻言,脸皮微微的动了动,果然,这老家伙虽然嘴上说着不反对,但是心中第一个反对的就是他。 Matter relates to competition of benefit, Yue Family is not definitely willing easily to relent, even if clear(ly) knows that Su Hang their several are listening in side, he must argue strongly based on reason. 事情关系到利益的争夺,岳家肯定是不愿意轻易松口的,哪怕明知道苏航他们几个在旁边听着,他也要据理力争一下。 Indeed!” “的确!” At this time, was Wang Family old lord king Tu of union opened the mouth, Brother Zhou, this matter was not we did not agree, this was the matter that School Lord set, how can there be the ritual of our not agreement, but, School Lord passed away the day before yesterday, day territory sect high and low, in addition still in the sorrow, discusses that now new School Lord took a seat is only, seriously was somewhat improper.” 这时候,身为同盟的王家老爷子王图开口了,“周老哥,这事并不是我们不同意,这是宗主定下的事情,岂有我们不同意之礼,只是,宗主前日才故去,天域宗上下尚且还在悲痛之中,现在就谈新宗主即位只是,当真是有些不妥。” keen keen is we looks to grow up, we look at her, with looking the own biological granddaughter is the same, she is the School Lord first disciple, in sect gate young one generation most outstanding one, even if School Lord does not elect her, we will still elect her, the position of School Lord, non- keen sensitively is not, takes over the position of School Lord to Yu Min min, our several raise both hands to approve, just like but two brothers said, Brother Zhou, you were too a little anxious.” Nie Shandao. “敏敏是我们看着长大的,我们看她,就和看自己亲孙女一样,她又是宗主首徒,宗门年轻一辈中最杰出的一个,就算宗主不选她,我们也会选她,宗主之位,非敏敏莫属的,对于敏敏接任宗主之位,我们几家都举双手赞成,但正如两位老哥所说,周老哥,你有点太急了。”聂山道。 God ten conceals also came out to indicate own attitude, „, Brother Zhou seemed like untrustworthy everyone, or Brother Zhou this was impatient wants to make keen meet the position sensitively, exempted the fresh accident, after all, the granddaughter sat the School Lord throne, to Zhou, was a big good deed, brother also understood, after all, if changed your my several people, perhaps was more anxious than Brother Zhou.” 紧接着,神十藏也出来表明了自己的态度,“是啊,周老哥看来是信不过大家,或者说,周老哥这是迫不及待的想让敏敏接位,免生变故,毕竟,孙女坐上宗主宝座,对于周家来说,也是一件大好事嘛,诸位老哥也多理解,毕竟,如果换了你我几人,恐怕比周老哥还急。” This saying, was saying was saying changes flavor, became some runs. 这话,说着说着就变了味,变得有些挤兑了。 Thoughtfully after listening in ear, many some are at heart uncomfortable, these old fogies, wear pants, on the mouth, although said have a strong sense of righteousness, but goal only then, that is dragging. 周道经听在耳中,心里多少有些不舒服,这几个老家伙,都穿着一条裤子,嘴上虽然说得大义凛然,但是目的就只有一个,那就是拖着。 In any case is various reason dragging, does not coordinate, to hit Taiji, did not make you achieve wishes to be right. 反正就是各种理由拖延,不配合,打太极,不让你如愿就对了。 Inspires after the depth thoughtfully, at once, suddenly could not find what words to come the resentment to go back. 周道经深吸了一口气,一时之间,竟然找不到什么话来怼回去。 The vision falls on another side, the Lidong guest three people of bodies, passes through thoughtfully said, three, you do feel?” 目光落在另外一边,李洞宾三人的身上,周道经道,“三位,你们觉得呢?” Three people of hears word, does not have anxiously the reply, wish the blue lotus to look at the Lidong guest, the Lidong guests looked at the forest also. 三人闻言,都没有急着回答,祝青莲看了看李洞宾,李洞宾看了看林还真。 Forest also really as if just beyond patrolling thing, hears question that passes through thoughtfully, finally opens the mouth, I felt when new School Lord takes a seat, ok!” 林还真似乎刚刚都在神游物外,听到周道经的问话,终于开口,“我觉得,什么时候新宗主即位,都行!” Ok? 都行? Didn't that have the attitude? Said, when had not said! 那就是没态度了?说了当没说! After speechless, then looks thoughtfully to the Lidong guest. 周道经一阵无语,转而看向李洞宾。 The Lidong guests smile, I and forest brother are the same, who takes a seat, when takes a seat, this is the minor matter, you look at the arrangement are.” 李洞宾笑了笑,“我和林兄一样,谁来即位,什么时候即位,这都是小事,你们大家看着安排就是。” This saying, said white, with plain boiled water same white, light, a flavor does not have. 这话,说得更加的白,就和白开水一样的白,淡淡的,一点味道都没有。 From the start does not have the attitude, but wants to stay out. 压根就没有态度,只是想置身事外而已。 Passes through thoughtfully somewhat is more despondent. 周道经更有几分抑郁。 Remaining one wished the blue lotus, wishing the blue lotus hesitant, said, actually, keen took over the position of School Lord sensitively, name will follow reality, Zhujia approved, I think, everyone refused to budge here, possibly besides the reasons in some benefits , was worried that the keen Min's present situation can be competent, after all came keen, keen also need many Time came absorb School Lord to leave her merit force sensitively......” 剩下就一个祝青莲了,祝青莲犹豫了一下,道,“其实,敏敏接任宗主之位,实至名归,祝家是十分赞成的,我想,大家僵持在这里,可能除了一些利益上的原因之外,也是担心敏敏现在的情况能不能胜任,毕竟一来敏敏年轻,二来,敏敏也需要更多的时间吸收宗主留给她的功力……” Speaking of here, wish the blue lotus to look, Brother Zhou should be feared that Time grew occurrence of trouble, but several other, more or less, involved the issues of some benefits, to put it bluntly, was worried after new School Lord high-rank, the light took care of Zhou, but neglected other seven lineage/vein, even was consumes other seven lineage/vein the strengths, the crux of issue here, did not make clear this matter, today this can unable to do the result......” 说到这儿,祝青莲看了一圈,“周老哥应该是怕时间长了生变,而其他几家,或多或少,都牵扯到了一些利益的问题,说白了吧,担心新宗主上位之后,光照顾周家,而忽略了其他七脉,甚至是消耗其他七脉的力量,问题的症结也在这里,不把这事搞清楚,今天这会是搞不出结果的……”
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