Super Study God 超级学神

"Extract, 'Two-finger Zen Merit'!"

[Refinement complete! Obtained skill, 'Secret Technique Thousand Years of Death'. Within a 10 meter diameter area, one's finger is thrust out, one's finger will certainly enter a chrysanthemum!]


[Item, 'soup', refinement complete! Obtained item, 'Absolute Soup'. Assign a target, throw the soup, watch as they have no choice but to bend down and pick it up!]


Su Hang, after chancing upon this Super Study God System, obtains the ability to extract and refine special skills and various types of goods from both real and virtual characters. There is no need to study, no need to practice for him to become Study God Grade in various domains where ordinary outstanding people exist. From now henceforth, Su Hang's life of enjoying the sights and sounds of the wind and water begins...

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