SSG :: Volume #28

#2725: million mountain!

At their speeds, this does not know that under to the what kind of depth, Su Hang has stood the edge in platform, surveys toward, divine sense is irrelevant as before. 以他们二人的速度,这都不知道已经下到何等的深度了,苏航站在平台的边缘,往下方探测,神识依旧不着边际。 Also can continue downward?” Su Hang then asks that don't asked. “还要继续往下?”苏航回头问了问莫问。 don't asked shook the head, this crack was too deep, I have attempted several times, does not know where was the limit......” 莫问摇了摇头,“这裂缝太深了,我尝试过好几次,根本不知道何处才是极限……” Big of Primal Chaos, is really every possible strange thing, even if king Jing super powerhouse, does not dare saying that Primal Chaos corner each has gone. 混沌之大,真是无奇不有,就算是界王境的超级强者,也不敢说混沌的边边角角每一处都去过。 Extreme Yang crystal ore that you said?” Su Hang surprise looks at don't to ask. “那,你说的至阳晶矿?”苏航诧异的看着莫问。 don't asked that light smiling, you have not felt, here is very hot?” 莫问淡淡的笑了笑,“你没感觉到,这里很热么?” Su Hang has raised the claiming mouth, indeed is very hot, was hot he to perspire, you meant, Extreme Yang crystal ore here?” 苏航提了提领口,的确是很热,热得他都出汗了,“你的意思是说,至阳晶矿在这儿?” About looked, Su Hang actually cannot see a reason why. 左右看了看,苏航却看不出个所以然来。 Comes with me.” “跟我来。” don't asked that has been cancelling the finger to Su Hang, pushes to the front directly, is thinking the platform deep place walks. 莫问对着苏航勾了勾手指,直接一马当先,想着平台深处走去。 Said is the platform, actually this platform is not smooth, this is a stretch of over a hundred million square kilometers surrounding area region, compared to giant abyss crack perhaps not worthy of mentioning, but regarding two ordinary people, this piece of Space is very huge, on this piece of Earth God, the height fluctuates, is towering the innumerable great mountain dangerous mountain peaks. 说是平台,其实这片平台并不平整,这是一片上亿平方公里方圆的区域,相对于巨大的深渊裂缝来说或许微不足道,但是对于两个普通的人来说,这片空间还是十分巨大的,在这片土地上,高低起伏,耸立着无数的巨山险峰。 …… …… This place, looks like strange.” Su Hang is sizing up front this large expanse of great mountain, has composed any natural array power likely faintly, but at once, Su Hang actually cannot see any positive result. “这地方,看起来好古怪。”苏航打量着面前这成片的巨山,像是隐隐的组成了一个什么天然的阵势,但一时之间,苏航却又看不出什么名堂。 Stands in summit of the great mountain, don't asked that here had the great rocky mountain 360 50,000 place, each was the Extreme Yang crystal ore that formed naturally.” 站在其中一座巨山之巅,莫问道,“这里有巨石山三百六十五万座,每一座都是天然形成的至阳晶矿。” „? You said, these mountains do take advantage of a situation the Extreme Yang crystal ore?” Su Hang feels some surprise, the 360 50,000 place, this is not a small number. “哦?你说,这些山就势至阳晶矿?”苏航感觉有些诧异,三百六十五万座,这可是一个不小的数目。 …… …… 360 50,000, 20%, that also has 73 ten thousand, is not a small number.” Su Hang sighed one, immediately also said that „, but, specifically how must look at the quality, can refine any quality the essence of Extreme Yang.” 三百六十五万,两成,那也有七十三万座,是个不小的数目啊。”苏航叹了一句,随即又道,“不过,具体还得看成色如何,能提炼出什么成色的至阳之精。” This place, can the quality lower? The air/Qi of Extreme Yang is so rich, must be highest class!” don't asked that has referred to the front million mountain, formerly I thoroughly had searched several times, Extreme Yang essence that this 360 50,000 mountain, can refine, absolutely may be called huge volume, Su Hang, this, does not owe!” “这地方,成色能低?至阳之气如此浓郁,必是极品!”莫问指了指前面的百万大山,“先前我已经深入探过几次,这三百六十五万座大山,能炼出的至阳精华,绝对堪称海量,苏航,这一趟,不亏!” Hope such as you said!” Su Hang nods slightly, does not have caring extremely, how I must do now, directly with not having the cauldron received this million mountain, refines the Extreme Yang essence?” “希望如你所说吧!”苏航微微颔首,却也没有太过的在意,“我现在要怎么做,直接用无相鼎把这百万大山收了,提炼至阳精华?” In principle is this, but is best you on the spot to prospect, so as to avoid said my pit you!” don't asked. “原则上来说是这样,不过最好你自己还是实地勘察一下,免得说我坑你!”莫问道。 Su Hang thinks, don't asked has spent such big boundary, is always impossible to do mishap, to play tricks on oneself, where also needs that anything prospects, immediately then must put out not to have the cauldron info clerk million mountain. 苏航想了想,莫问费了这么大的境,总不可能搞个乌龙,就为了戏弄自己,哪里还有什么勘察的必要,当下便要拿出无相鼎收纳百万大山。 At this time, don't asked that actually suddenly opened the mouth to speak, does not know that you noted not to have, time came to here from my first, then faintly felt, this 360 50,000 mountain, has formed array power probably faintly, but careful looked, actually could not see a reason why came!” 这时候,莫问却又突然开口说到,“不知道你注意到没有,从我第一次来这里,便隐隐感觉,这三百六十五万座大山,好像隐隐形成了一个阵势,但仔细一看,却又看不出个所以然来!” Su Hang knitting the brows head, don't asked slightly right, he just also had such a strange feeling. 苏航微微皱了皱眉头,莫问说的没错,他刚刚也有这么一种奇怪的感觉。 360 50,000, this number agrees without consultation the number of circulatory cycle, rather also too fortunately!” Su Hang is surprised the different way. 三百六十五万,这数暗合周天之数,未免也太凑巧了!”苏航诧异道。 don't asked nodded, „, too fortunately, if were not the natural formation, some that people were intentional mostly, that in other words, if this crystal ore were really array method, had possibility here to hide a bigger secret very much!” 莫问点了点头,“是啊,太凑巧了,如果不是天然形成,那多半是有人有意为之,那也就是说,倘若这晶矿真是一个阵法,那么,很有可能此处隐藏着更大的秘密!” Su Hang has hesitated the moment, nod of slightly, indeed has this possibility!” 苏航迟疑了片刻,微微的点了点头,“的确有这个可能!” don't asked that was a pity, I have come several times, has prospected several times, has not actually looked at any flaw, such big writing skill, secret of hidden, that......” 莫问道,“可惜,我来过几次,也勘察过几次,却并没有瞧出任何的破绽,这么大的手笔,隐藏的秘密,那……” The words do not have finished speaking, the meaning of but in the words expressing, very straightforward, if here had concealed thing, that absolutely was the huge secret! 话没有说完,但话中所表达的意思,非常的直白,如果这里有藏东西,那绝对是天大的秘密! What can you see?” don't asked that looks at Su Hang. “你能看出点什么么?”莫问看着苏航 Su Hang shook the head, separates is too far, the light investigates with divine sense, cannot find out any fishy!” 苏航摇了摇头,“隔的太远,光用神识探查,查不出个什么蹊跷!” don't asked thinks, that we did not need for a while, to investigate thoroughly anxiously first said again, so as to avoid has missed any chance, lost in a big way because of small!” 莫问想了想,“那咱们也不用急在一时,先查个清楚再说,免得错过了什么机缘,因小而失大!” Is reasonable, Su Hang nod of slightly, asked with don't is the same, front million mountain, he more looked that thought strange on more. 有道理,苏航微微的点了点头,和莫问一样,面前这百万大山,他是越看就越觉得古怪。 Walks, goes to take a look!” “走吧,进去瞧瞧!” don't asked throws down a few words, along with, even if with Su Hang together, penetrated in that million mountain. 莫问丢下一句话,随即便和苏航一道,深入那百万大山之中。 The bare giant rocky mountains, under the impact of Primal Chaos turbulent flow, motionless do not swing, does not know that has preserved many years! 光秃秃的一座座巨大的石山,在混沌乱流的冲击之下,不动不摇,也不知道已经保存了多少岁月! According to my observation, this million mountain, but also looks like is really array power under artificial arrange/cloth, these appearance of the mountain trends, many are natural, but is not difficult the trace that sees carves artificially . Moreover, you look at the front that several mountains, was moved the position obviously artificially . Moreover, Time will not be long......” “根据我的观察,这百万大山,还真像是人为布下的阵势,这些山势走向,多为天然,但也不难看出人为雕琢的痕迹,而且,你看前面那几座山,明显是被人为挪动了位置,而且,时间不会很久……” Here, Su Hang, in the heart thump, fierce turning head toward don't asked that looked. 说到这儿,苏航顿了顿,心中咯噔了一下,猛的回头往莫问看了过去。 don't asked that stands behind him probably 20 meter a place, is staring at him to look. 莫问站在他背后大概二十米的地方,正盯着他看。 …… …… Su Hang is black a face to look at don't to ask, at this time he responded, array power of this million mountain, he can look trace that carves artificially, the idle talk said that is don't asked that he can unable to see a fishy? 苏航黑着一张脸看着莫问,这时他才反应过来,这百万大山的阵势,他都能看出来人为雕琢的痕迹,更遑论说是莫问,他能看不出一点蹊跷? …… ……
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