SSG :: Volume #28

#2724: Bottomless trench!

These fruits throughout are the stolen goods, places is hot throughout, Su Hang must hurry to find a safe place disappearing the loot was good, otherwise, Hong true walks, seizes very takes the loot, at the appointed time, even if were the heaven could not find the excuse to protect him. 这些果子始终是赃物,放在身上始终烫手,苏航得赶紧找个安全的地方给消了赃才行,否则的话,洪真找上门来,捉贼拿赃,届时,就算是苍天也找不到借口护他。 But, he also understands mood that don't asked that he was fears a long delay usually means many problems, the Extreme Yang crystal ore acts swiftly to get there first by others, multi- and other moment on many one point of risk. 可是,他也明白莫问的心情,他是怕夜长梦多,至阳晶矿被别人捷足先登,多等一刻就多一分风险。 At this time don't asked that raised this matter, Su Hang was not really good to reject, after all when not ascended the sky, don't asked that but made a move to rescue, Su Hang has owed him the favor. 此时莫问提起这事,苏航实在不好拒绝,毕竟在无上天的时候,莫问可是出手相救过的,苏航算是欠了他人情。 „, We have a look first, if good to do, that conveniently has done, if not good to do, later needs further consideration again!” Su Hang said. “也罢,咱们先去看看,如果好搞,那就顺手搞了,如果不好搞,之后再从长计议!”苏航道。 This was not right!” don't asked that on the face reveals a happy expression, along with, even if with Su Hang, goes in the direction of that Primal Chaos crack. “这不就对了!”莫问脸上露出一丝喜色,随即便和苏航一路,往那混沌裂缝的方向而去。 Not ascends the sky, because Su Hang's bothers, does not know that randomly will become any appearance! 身后,无上天,因为苏航的搅局,不知道会乱成什么模样! This time, has caused trouble, if Hong True Knowledge said that he is also living, Su Hang is not really able to imagine, this matter will evolve any appearance, perhaps will become the blasting fuse of Primal Chaos war! 这一次,真的是闯祸了,如果洪真知道他还活着,苏航实在无法想象,这件事会演变成什么模样,说不定会成为混沌大战的导火索! However, this time Su Hang, absolutely did not have the thoughts to worry these issues, after all, Hong true almost killed oneself, oneself do not take him to select thing, lost face too. 不过,这时候的苏航,已经完全没有心思去顾虑这些问题了,毕竟,洪真都差点把自己弄死了,自己不取他点东西,也太丢人了些。 Su Hang now only then an idea, that wants completely all means that to accumulate the peak own strength, had better be able get up early to surpass the seven colors of the spectrum boundary, when the time comes manages his anything Hong true, a club knocks down! 苏航现在只有一个想法,那就是想尽一切办法,将自己的实力累积到巅峰,最好能早起超过七色境,到时候管他什么洪真,一棒子撂倒! ...... …… Crack abyss. 裂缝深渊。 This arrived here again, that spans the crack in Primal Chaos, as before is such terrifying, the expansion that the crack non-stop again, but, compared to Primal Chaos world that similarly in keeping expanding, this speed wanted too to be slowly many. 再此来到这里,那横亘在混沌之中的裂缝,依旧是那么的恐怖,裂缝再不停的扩张,但是,相对于同样在不停扩张的混沌世界来说,这速度可是要慢了太多。 Gets down?” Su Hang turns head don't that looked at to stand to ask. “下去?”苏航扭头看了看站在旁边的莫问。 Wait!” don't asked that stopped by calling out Su Hang, vigilant about looked, closed one's eyes to release divine sense, searched nearby Space. “等等!”莫问叫住了苏航,警惕的左右看了看,闭着眼睛将神识释放了出去,将附近的空间搜查了一遍。 Walks!” “走吧!” Confirmed that the surrounding over ten thousand light years do not have the formidable existence monitoring, don't to ask then felt relieved, jumped to leap, has jumped in the front terrifying Space crack. 确认周围上万光年都没有强大的存在监控,莫问这才放下心来,纵身一跃,跳进了前方的恐怖空间裂缝之中。 Doesn't Su Hang know whether to laugh or cry, serves a need such to be careful? 苏航哭笑不得,用得着这么小心谨慎么? Immediately, Su Hang was also jumps to leap, has jumped in the crack abyss. 当即,苏航也是纵身一跃,跳进了裂缝深渊。 In the crack, everywhere is the Primal Chaos turbulent flow, terrifying, perhaps this grade of abyss, is king Jing does not dare to enter rashly, the surrounding turbulent flow like one blowing the steel knife of bone, twists the fragment powder the intruder sufficiently instantaneously, divine sense does not save! 裂缝中,处处都是混沌乱流,恐怖至极,这等深渊,恐怕就算是准界王境都不敢贸然进入,周围的乱流就像一把把刮骨的钢刀,足以将入侵者瞬间绞成齑粉,神识不存! This abyss may also want terrifying compared with the black hole, the ray, sound these by smashing easily, sees is the jet black piece, although the surrounding turbulent flow continues, but is much more static. 这深渊可比黑洞还要恐怖,光线,声音在这其中都被轻易的粉碎,入目皆是漆黑一片,虽然周围乱流不止,但却是静得可怕。 Turns over to fearfully fearfully, regarding king Jing two people, the intensity of this abyss, but also is not enough to threaten them, divine sense explores the way, congealing sound to become string, does not affect the exchange. 可怕归可怕,对于界王境的二人来说,这深渊的强度,还不足以威胁到他们,神识探路,凝声成线,并不影响交流。 The bottomless abyss, more downward walks, more felt that this abyss fearfulness, under is ceaseless, is dark, does not know where is a end. 无底的深渊,越往下走,越感觉这深渊的可怕,下方无休无止,只有黑暗,不知何处是个尽头。 How you think, rushes to here to look for the Extreme Yang crystal ore?” Su Hang doubts was asking to don't asks. “你怎么会想到,跑到这儿来找至阳晶矿?”苏航疑惑的对着莫问问道。 don't asked pushes to the front, to surpass the speed of light not to know that many ten thousand times of speeds, rapid submersion in abyss, heard Su Hang's to send greetings, smiled, how your leave alone I found, in any case, the crystal ore in this abyss very great quantity, later saw, you may whatever happens|10 million should not be surprised!” 莫问一马当先,以超出光速不知道多少万倍的速度,在深渊中飞速下沉,听到苏航的传音,笑了笑,“你别管我是怎么找到的,反正,这深渊中的晶矿十分的巨量,待会儿见到了,你可千万不要惊讶!” Su Hang has smiled, my anything scene has not seen, the 1~2 conglomerate ore, I do not believe that can shock me!” 苏航笑了,“我什么场面没见过,一两堆晶矿,我可不相信能震惊到我!” In not ascends the sky, that 8000 many day fragrant fruits, feared that is not 1~2 piles the Extreme Yang crystal ore to compare? Su Hang has experienced some magnificent scenes, thinks that the bearing capacity was very at heart strong! 在无上天,那八千多颗天香果,怕不是一两至阳晶矿能够比拟的吧?苏航还是见识过一些大场面的,自认为心里承受能力已经很强! don't asked the indifferent say/way, was quick you to see, but, hopes that you can keep one's word, when the time comes 2~8 divided up money, do not act shamelessly!” 莫问淡然道,“很快你就能看到了,不过,希望你能言而有信,到时候二八分账,你可别耍赖!” Do not be bad, reaches an agreement 2~8 that I look to divide up money, I will not want your point, so long as do not act shamelessly on the line!” Su Hang shakes the head the forced smile. “别把我看的那么坏,说好二八分账,我不会多要你一分,只要你别耍赖就行了!”苏航摇头苦笑。 2~8 divides up money, to Su Hang, is white collect, the crystal ore is don't asks the discovery after all, but needs not to have the cauldron to refine, will therefore draw in Su Hang, otherwise, let alone 2~8, Su Hang feared that is an advantage does not fish! 二八分账,对苏航来说,已经算是白捡的了,毕竟晶矿是莫问发现的,只不过需要无相鼎来提炼,所以才会拉上苏航,否则的话,别说二八,苏航怕是一点好处都捞不到! , Su Hang said with a smile, listened to them saying that you were very hard to deal with, in Primal Chaos first hard to deal with, but, now looks like, you were not bad, at least also made a move to save me, perhaps, we can also become friends!” 顿了顿,苏航笑道,“听他们说,你很难缠,混沌第一难缠者,不过,现在看来,你也不算坏,至少还出手救过我,或许,我们还能交个朋友!” Yes?” don't asked that turned head to look at Su Hang one, do not readily believe excessively others' good, I, did not like becoming friends, must be the friend of mine, must have by my pit!” “是么?”莫问扭头看了苏航一眼,“还是不要过分轻信别人的好,我这个人,不喜欢交朋友,要做我的朋友,少不了被我坑!” hē hē!” Su Hang heard that said hā hā to smile, „, let alone, you were very interesting!” 呵呵!”苏航闻言哈哈一笑,“别说,你这人还挺有趣的!” Interesting? I did not think.” don't asked shook the head, they said right, my this person was very hard to deal with, not only hard to deal with, but also bore a grudge, therefore, do not walk with me was too near, waits this time to take the advantage, our bridge turned over to the bridge, the road return avenue, used temporarily as has not seen.” “有趣么?我不觉得。”莫问摇了摇头,“他们说的没错,我这人是挺难缠的,不仅难缠,而且还记仇,所以,你也别和我走的太近,等这次拿了好处,咱们桥归桥,路归路,权当没见过吧。” This don't asked that but also is really eccentric, Su Hang listened to his words, is not cracking a joke likely, secret shaking the head, like the person of disposition, is very indeed difficult the friend. 这个莫问,还真是一个怪人,苏航听了他的话,不像是在开玩笑,暗暗的摇了摇头,像这样性格的人,的确是很难有朋友的。 Also no wonder he can be acting alone, otherwise, by his strength, perhaps already in the big influence by Primal Chaos won over. 也难怪他会是个独行者,否则,以他的实力,恐怕早就被混沌中的大势力拉拢了。 Bang......” “轰……” A scalding hot air wave, from the under abyss turbulently, looks like the volcanic eruption, almost gave the Su Hang's eyebrow. 一股灼热的气浪,从下方深渊底部汹涌而起,就像是火山喷发,差点把苏航的眉毛都给冲了。 more downward, is the high temperature, is hot the Su Hang's body slightly had some perspiration, in the Su Hang heart has been flabbergasted secretly, this depth, perhaps is the place that king realm is unable to hope to attain. 越往下,越是高温,热得苏航的身体都微微的出了些汗,苏航心中暗暗咋舌,这深度,恐怕已经是准界王境界都无法企及的地方。 The bulge giant platform, appears together during Su Hang's divine sense surveyed, don't asked that brought Su Hang to fly toward that platform directly. 一块凸起的巨大平台,出现在了苏航的神识探测之中,莫问带着苏航直接往那平台飞了过去。 Finally conscientious, had not inquired with enough time, Su Hang all around the divine sense observation, this platform is in the abyss closes right up against one of the abyss wall to break out first, the place is not very big, but, little said that over a hundred million square kilometers, just like was a small mainland. 终于脚踏实地,未来得及询问,苏航神识观察四周,这片平台是深渊中靠着深渊壁的一处突起,地方并不算很大,但是,却也少说有上亿平方公里,俨然就是一片小型的大陆了。 The edge in platform, still deeply does not see the bottom downward the abyss, deeply actually cannot see this crack. 平台的边缘,向下依然是深不见底的深渊,根本看不到这裂缝究竟有多深。
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