SSG :: Volume #28

#2718: The effect of day fragrant fruit!

Also does not know that affected sores, the Su Hang brow wrinkled the wrinkle gently, you how here?” 也不知是不是牵动了伤处,苏航眉头轻轻的皱了皱,“你怎么在这里?” Meng cedar hears word, smiles, bit a fruit to get into the stomach, chews Palestinian two, said, you haven't been looking for me? What's wrong? Sees me, shouldn't happy?” 孟楠闻言,轻轻一笑,咬了一口果子下肚,嚼巴两口,道,“你不是一直在找我么?怎么?见到我,不应该高兴一点?” The Su Hang facial skin twitches slightly, is, „you have saved me?” 苏航脸皮微微抽搐,顿了顿,“是你救了我?” If other other here people, should not be.” The Meng cedar shrugs, very replied one indifferently. “如果这里没有其他别的人了的话,应该算是吧。”孟楠耸了耸肩,十分淡然的回答了一句。 Su Hang deeply inspired, why do you save me?” 苏航深吸了一口气,“你为什么救我?” The Meng cedar moved the buttocks, somewhat accidental/surprised looks at Su Hang, words said that shedding bitter tears that at this moment, you should not to move, even prepares by the body permits? What's wrong? You thought that I did save you to rescue mistakenly?” 孟楠挪了挪屁股,有些意外的看着苏航,“话说,此时此刻,你不应该是要感动的痛哭流涕,甚至准备以身相许的么?怎么?难道你觉得我救你救错了?” Su Hang stagnates, the forehead emits several points of heavy line, hastily to Meng Nangong cupping one hand in the other across the chest, many thanks the graciousness of Meng Daoxiong life-saving.” 苏航一滞,额头冒出几分黑线,连忙对着孟楠拱了拱手,“多谢孟道兄救命之恩。” The Meng cedar beckoned with the hand, thanked does not need, I also heard king blood has watered the day fragrant fruit wanted the taste more beautiful, for a while cannot bear curiously, came with you conveniently, this flavor, speaking of that was much better compared with before.” 孟楠摆了摆手,“谢就不必了,我也只是听说界王血浇灌过的天香果要味美一些,一时忍不住好奇,顺手拿你过来,这味道,你还别说,真比之前好多了。” Saying, Meng Nan takes off a fruit from the tree conveniently, lost toward Su Hang directly, you also taste.” 说着,孟楠随手从树上摘下一颗果子,直接往苏航丢了过来,“你也尝尝。” Su Hang received conveniently, is looking at the fruit in hand, the forced smile, formerly by Hong true severe wound, may flow many blood, indeed was used for the pouring fruit by the Meng cedar? 苏航随手接过,看着手中的果子,不禁苦笑,先前被洪真重伤,可流了不少的血,敢情都被孟楠用来浇果子了么? „Is here a day of fragrant orchard?” Su Hang asked one. “这里是天香果园?”苏航问了一句。 „Isn't this idle talk?” The Meng cedar has smiled one, you also want to ask me, why hides here? The answer is obvious, steals the fruit, this not ascends the sky, can make me be have a liking for the eye, on these hagberry.” “这不是废话么?”孟楠笑了一句,“你是不是还想问我,为什么躲在这儿?答案显而易见,偷果子罢了,这无上天,能让我看得上眼的,也就这几树果子罢了。” Su Hang is crazy, looks at the fruit in hand, admitted the mouth to chew one directly. 苏航狂汗,瞧了瞧手中的果子,也直接放进嘴里嚼了一口。 Fragrance, delightful, Su Hang could not find any word to describe that completely the delicacy of this fruit, that fruit pulp melts in the mouth, looked like must melting was the same the tongue, changed into the fine wine, following the throat, almost then circulated whole body beautiful instantaneously really did not make sense. 馨香,甜美,苏航完全找不到什么词来形容这果子的美味,那果肉在口中化开,就像是要把舌头给融化了一样,化为琼浆玉液,顺着喉咙而下,几乎是瞬间便流通全身美的真是不像话。 A strange energy, gathers before Su Hang injured the sores, formerly had been repaired the bits and pieces chest crack by the Su Hang reassignment mortal body strength, has given birth to the brand-new flesh rapidly. 一股奇异的能量,汇聚在苏航之前受伤的伤处,先前已经被苏航调动肉身力量修复了个七七八八的胸口破洞,迅速的生出了崭新的血肉。 Su Hang is astonished however, this is the king mortal body, the strength of this fruit, can unexpectedly the restore king mortal body. 苏航讶然,这可是界王肉身,这一颗果子的力量,居然能够修复界王肉身。 Chews Palestinian two busily, a fruit by getting into the stomach that he wolfs down, in residual the juice including the hand has not hated to let off. 忙又嚼巴两口,一颗果子被他狼吞虎咽的下肚,连手上残留的汁水都没舍得放过。 A fruit, the flesh wound restores, Su Hang also felt the vitality that unexpectedly loses also restored several points, on the face bloody is thicker, surprised color in a pair of pupil is strong. 一颗果子,外伤全部恢复,苏航竟还感觉损耗的气血也恢复了几分,脸上血色更浓,一双眸子中的惊讶之色更是浓重。 „Is flavor very good, can no longer come several?” At this time, Meng Nanmi eye was smiling, has planted one after several other fruits, has thrown toward Su Hang. “味道是不是很不错,要不再来几个?”这时,孟楠眯着眼睛一笑,陆续又栽了几个果子,向着苏航扔了过来。 Su Hang meets in the hand, naturally cannot be polite, is similar to Zhu Bajie eats Human Ginseng Fruit to be the same, wolfing down. 苏航接在手中,自然不会客气,就如同猪八戒人参果一样,一通的狼吞虎咽。 The fruit gets into the stomach, Su Hang sits cross-legged to sit on the ground, static has controlled one's breathing the moment, finally has opened both eyes, in the sharp pupil emits the unusual ray clear, just likes first wisp of brilliance that Heaven and Earth inaugurates. 果子下肚,苏航盘腿坐在地上,静静的调息了片刻,终于睁开了双眼,锐利的眸子中彰放出异样的光芒,恍如那天地初开的第一缕光辉。 The flesh wound healing, the vitality fully restores, a such short small little while, several fruits, really have such effect, Su Hang open both eyes, looked to that full tree fruit, the mouth kisses/intimate has left behind the saliva that did not control self. 外伤痊愈,气血完全恢复,就这么短短的一小会儿,几个果子而已,竟然有如此的功效,苏航睁开双眼,看向那满树的果子,嘴里亲不自禁的留下了口水。 Limelight table manners, the good and evil is also a Lord, revering of king, how can make several fruits shaking the mind.” At this time, Meng Nandao. “注意点吃相,好歹也是一宗之主,界王之尊,怎能让几颗果子给撼动了心神。”这时候,孟楠道。 Su Hang recovers, feels somewhat awkwardly, oneself just that appearance, should unable to withstand very much. 苏航回过神来,也感觉有些尴尬,自己刚刚那模样,应该是很不堪吧。 Examined own body, although this fruit also has the effect of accumulated god, but, the effect has not restored the vitality to be tangible, therefore, must restore the god to create, but must spend on to select Time. 查看了一下自己的身体,这果子虽然也有蕴神的功效,不过,效果并没有恢复气血明显,所以,要修复神创,还得花上点时间 Looks up Meng Nan, what situation formerly was, but also asked Meng Daoxiong to dispel doubt?” 抬头看着孟楠,“先前是个什么情况,还请孟道兄解惑?” The injury restored the general idea, after rejoicing of being saved from death, the Su Hang nature has had the suspicion to the matter that formerly had, how Meng does Nan rescue own? Why also to bring itself to come to here? 伤势恢复了大概,死里逃生的庆幸之后,苏航自然对先前发生的事情产生了怀疑,孟楠是如何救下自己的?又缘何带自己来了这儿? Must know, but here day fragrant orchard, the restricted area of unsurpassed faction, even if Meng Nan the hand of root Daoist has rescued itself from Hong true and, but can also go into a day of fragrant orchard to steal the fruit to eat splendidly? 要知道,这里可是天香果园,无上派的禁地,就算孟楠从洪真和根儿道人的手上救了自己,还能堂而皇之的跑到天香果园里来偷果子吃? This Meng does Nan, have such big ability? Hong can true allow some people to enter his orchard to steal food casually? 这个孟楠,有这么大的能耐么?洪真能允许有人进他果园随便偷吃? Perhaps is looked that Su Hang's was worried, Meng Nan smiled, said, you did say just now? Just now some people want to save you with the law of substitute person, was a pity, the law of substitute person is extremely shoddy, I really cannot tolerate, therefore made a move to optimize, for came you......” 或许是看出来苏航的担心,孟楠笑了笑,道,“你说方才?方才有人想用替身之法救你,不过可惜,那替身之法太过拙劣,我实在看不过眼,所以出手优化了一下,把你替了过来……” „The law of substitute person?” Su Hang has gawked, below realizes then, has thought of a person. “替身之法?”苏航愣了一下,下意识到便,想到了一个人。 don't asked, the law of substitute person is the unique skill that don't asked that in other words, when lost the consciousness a moment ago, don't asked that also had has lent a hand to assist. 莫问,替身之法便是莫问的绝技,也就是说,在刚才自己失去意识的时候,莫问也有过出手相助。 I also admire you, just entered king Jing, what the clear strength has not been, unexpectedly dares with seven colors of the spectrum realm the king begins, I thought that you disliked the life to be too long.” “我也是佩服你,刚刚才进入界王境,尚未清楚力量为何物,居然就敢和七色境界的界王动手,我看你真是嫌命太长了。” But, you can feel at ease now temporarily, Hong true has Liu Feiji to cope, your I can have no more worries, enjoys in this orchard willfully......” “不过,现在你可以暂时安心了,洪真有刘飞机对付,你我可以高枕无忧,在这果园里任意享用……” Is listening to Meng Nan finished speaking, Su Hang is somewhat stunned, Liu Feiji? Who?” 听着孟楠说完,苏航有几分错愕,“刘飞机?谁?” How to brave Liu Feiji? Listens not to hear . Moreover, is this personal name? Sounds strangely? 怎么又冒出来一个刘飞机?听都没有听说过,而且,这是人名么?怎么听起来怪怪的? „, Has almost forgotten, you called his Liu Laogen.” Meng cedar is eating the fruit, while replied. “哦,差点忘了,你们叫他刘老根儿。”孟楠一边吃着果子,一边回答。 , Su Hang felt that was given to choke by what, root Daoist? Isn't he old name Liu Shouyin?” 噗,苏航感觉被什么给呛了一下,“根儿道人?他不是原名刘守银么?” Meng cedar, „? Yes? What did I forget his old name to call?” 孟楠顿了一下,“哦?是么?我都忘了他原名叫什么了?” Here, Meng Nan shook the head, defended the silver not to be of pleasant to hear, was too vulgar, called Liu Feiji more elegant.” 说到这儿,孟楠摇了摇头,“守银不好听,太粗俗,还是叫刘飞机文雅些。”
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