SSG :: Volume #28

#2716: Crush!

Such ruthless? In the Su Hang eye pupil flashes through a cold light, Hong Jiewang, you, although is seven world of beings with form kings, but by your present strength, can fight to a draw with heaven Zhenren at most, if you kill me, did not fear that starts the Primal Chaos war, making you not ascend the sky ten thousand destruction?” 这么狠?苏航眼眸中闪过一丝冷光,“洪界王,你虽然是七色界王,但是以你现在的实力,顶多能和苍天真人打个平手,你若杀我,难道就不怕掀起混沌大战,令你无上天万界覆灭么?” Hong true hears this words, suddenly hā hā has laughed, to be honest, I had not feared really, ten thousand boundary/world destroys, at the worst starts over from the beginning, all return to Primal Chaos, everybody starting from nothing, that is also good, said that this fear should be dark green genius is right, should he not give up his laborious management the Heavens Beyond Heaven ten thousand destruction? As for you, heaven, although settles on you, but, you also left yourself too attractively, the heaven may not be possible for you, to tear to pieces the facial skin with my Hong.” 洪真听得此话,突然哈哈大笑了起来,“老实说,我还真不怕,万界毁灭,大不了从头再来,一切回归混沌,大家都从零开始,那也挺好的,说起来,该害怕的应该是苍天才对,他应该舍不得他辛苦经营的天外天万界覆灭吧?至于你么,苍天虽然看中你,不过,你也别太好看了自己,苍天可不一定会为了你,与我洪某人撕破脸皮。” Su Hang deeply inspired, closely has shut closing one's eyes, as if in subsiding the disturbed mood, just now opens the eye for a long time, the sharp look looks at Hong true, I am the life disciple, how you are seven world of beings with form kings, the destiny will consistently stand me, you could not kill me!” 苏航深吸了一口气,紧紧的闭了闭眼,仿佛在平息自己忐忑的心情,许久方才睁开眼睛,锐利的眼神看着洪真,“我是命徒,你是七色界王又如何,命运始终会站在我这边,你杀不了我!” Hong Zhenlian one black, listens to your this tone, isn't willing to make this to trade with me? Do you choose dead?” 洪真脸一黑,“听你这口气,是不愿意和我做这笔交易了?你选择死?” Su Hang light say/way, „, since you destroy completely the Nüwa entire clan time, your I then am an enemy, is impossible to have the opportunity of any cooperation transaction again, Hong true, must fight, then fights......” 苏航淡淡的道,“从你灭掉女娲氏全族的时候,你我便是敌人,不可能再有什么合作交易的机会,洪真,要战,便来战吧……” Headache!” “头疼!” Hong true putting out a hand has hammered forehead, right, you are the life disciple, the body also has a destiny, my destiny halo as if cannot play the too major role before you . Moreover, although I kill you to be easy, but you , if reckless, begins to destroy my this, blue Quanshan feared that must suffer the great misfortune, oh, worries the person...... Has other means?” 洪真伸手锤了锤脑门,“对啊,你是命徒,身上还有个命运,我的天命光环在你面前似乎起不了太大的作用,而且,我虽杀你容易,可你要是不顾一切,动手毁灭我这一界,碧泉山怕是得遭大劫,唉,愁人……有没有其他办法呢?” Had!” “有了!” Hong true seems like was thinking aloud, suddenly likely is anything that thinks, has been showing a somewhat cruel smiling face to Su Hang, I have thought of a more wonderful idea suddenly!” 洪真像是在自言自语,突然像是想到的什么,对着苏航露出了一个有些残忍的笑容,“我突然想到了一个更妙的主意!” Also did not wait for the Su Hang question saying that under Hong Zhenbian stamped the feet the tower top, Liu Old Daoist, this compared with the business, I and you did!” 也不等苏航疑问多说,洪真便跺了跺脚下的塔顶,“刘老道,要不,这比买卖,我和你做吧!” Said?” inside the tower has broadcast the root Daoist sound quickly. “怎么说?”塔里很快传来了根儿道人的声音。 On Hong true face is hanging the light smile, Liu Old Daoist, between you and me does not have what bitter hatred, I want your divine merit secret book, but you, you seized this boy surnamed Su before, then must take the destiny main body, what a pity muddleheaded had gone bad the good deed by several of us!” 洪真脸上挂着淡淡的微笑,“刘老道,你我之间并没有什么深仇大恨,我只是想要你的神功秘籍,而你,你之前捉了这姓苏的小子,便是要取了命运本体,可惜被我们几个给稀里糊涂坏了好事!” Su Hang as if knows that Hong true wanted to say anything, the fist closely has grasped, a face was black to trickle likely black ink. 苏航似乎知道洪真想要说什么了,拳头紧紧的握了一下,一张脸黑得像是要滴下墨来。 At this time, Hong true then said that „, since your I have striven, was inferior that you helped me, I helped you, you gave me the true Luo Tian profound merit, I put you to come out, moreover with you together, has killed this boy, when the time comes, I with my merit law, you such as your destiny, how you looked!” 这时候,洪真接着道,“既然你我都有所求,不如你帮我,我帮你,你把真正的罗天玄功给我,我放你出来,而且还和你一起,杀了这小子,到时候,我拿我的功法,你如你的天命,你看如何!” Has saying that this is really an excellent suggestion. 不得不说,这真的是一个绝佳的建议啊。 Su Hang heart thump, if Hong true does him with Liu Old Daoist cooperation, he will fall into a more passive aspect, Hong true on the crush he, adds on root Daoist sufficiently again, perhaps sufficiently Su Hang instakill. 苏航心头咯噔了一下,如果洪真和刘老道合作一起搞他,他将陷入更加被动的局面,一个洪真就足以碾压他,再加上一个根儿道人,恐怕足以将苏航秒杀 Good, finalized, puts me to exit quickly!” Root Daoist almost does not have any hesitation, then promised Hong true to propose. “好,成交,快放我出去!”根儿道人几乎没有任何的犹豫,便答应了洪真的提议。 The special code, this with one another does not have the moral integrity, just also asked Su Hang to put him, this little while turned the head selling Su Hang unexpectedly, the direct selection and Hong true cooperated. 特码,这厮真的毫无节操,刚刚还求苏航放了他,这会儿居然转头就把苏航给卖了,直接选择了和洪真合作。 Su Hang that called a depression, but changing positions thinks, if he were Liu Old Daoist, will make this choice without hesitation, after all, cooperated with whom advantageously, wants to be able to imagine with the thumb. 苏航那叫一个郁闷,不过换位想想,如果他是刘老道,也会毫不犹豫的做此选择,毕竟,和谁合作最有利,用大拇指想都能想像得到。 One hear of Daoist comply, on Hong true face showed the little smiling faces, the vision fell on that exquisite stone of Su Hang under foot. 一听根儿道人答应,洪真的脸上露出了几许笑容,目光落在了苏航脚下的那颗玲珑石上。 In Su Hang heart one tight, with the change that root Daoist stands in line, the circumstance also had the change, just he still in hesitant must rescue Daoist, now cannot rescue, not only cannot rescue, was unable to make Hong true rescue. 苏航心中一紧,随着根儿道人站队的变化,情势也发生了变化,刚刚他还在犹豫要不要救根儿道人,现在是万万不能救了,不仅不能救,还不能让洪真去救。 Who strikes the first blow has the advantage! 先下手为强! At this moment, Su Hang cannot hesitate, waited unable to change the passive fact again, moreover becomes passive, immediately took out the Great Immortal stick in the hand, went toward Hong Zhensha directly. 此时此刻,苏航不能再犹豫,再等下去也改变不了被动的事实,而且还会变得更加的被动,当下取出大仙棍在手,直接往洪真杀去。 The imposing manner is vigorous, is outspoken, Su Hang must have a look but actually, this so-called seven world of beings with form kings, actually strong to any situation. 气势雄浑,毫无保留,苏航倒要看看,这个所谓七色界王,究竟强到了什么地步。 A Hong true brow wrinkle slightly, imposing manner raises suddenly, surrounding Space sealed firm, has prevented the strength leak of fight instantaneously, must know king Jing the fight, even if a strength reveals, sufficiently destroys entire not ascends the sky! 洪真眉头微微的一皱,身上的气势陡然升起,瞬间将周围的空间封固了起来,防止战斗的力量外泄,要知道界王境的战斗,哪怕是一丝力量泄露,都足以毁灭整个无上天! Facing full power a stick that Su Hang that is outspoken, the complexion has not changed, even has not moved including the footsteps, the direct right hand finds out slightly, the air/Qi wall of arc presents in together instantaneously in front of palm. 面对苏航那毫无保留的全力一棍,脸色未变,甚至连脚步都没有移动一下,直接右手微微探出,一道弧形的气墙瞬间出现在的手掌面前。 Su Hang only felt that this stick, was similar to hits on the iron wall, did not get the little advance! 苏航只感觉这一棍,如同打在了铁墙上,不得寸进! Hong true held the Su Hang's big club, looks like big pincers, stick stubbornly grips, Su Hang enters is not, draws back is not, only in the strength, this moment Su Hang has then realized and between the formidable disparity Hong true! 洪真一把抓住了苏航的大棒子,就像是一把大铁钳子,将棍子头死死的夹住,苏航进也不是,退也不是,单是在力量上,此刻苏航便意识到了和洪真之间的强大差距! Really breakthrough king Jing!” Hong true looks at Su Hang lightly, in the pupil flashes before unusual look, Primal Chaos in history, you are first one not by destiny to seal/confer Shang, but achievement king, no wonder, you are the life disciple, actually does not know any idea of destiny hitting, was a pity, you should sunder!” “果然突破界王境了!”洪真淡淡的看着苏航,眸子里闪现一丝异色,“混沌有史以来,你是头一个未受命运封赏而成就的界王,也难怪,你是命徒,却不知命运这次打的什么主意,不过可惜,你该陨落了!” The voice falls, Hong true palm ray flashes, immediately, Su Hang then felt that a terrifying strength transmits from the Great Immortal stick! 话音落,洪真掌心光芒一闪,随即,苏航便感觉到一股恐怖的力量从大仙棍上传来! That strength, completely has been above the Su Hang's imagination, although he uses to try to control the Great Immortal stick, but, all are the futile efforts. 那种力量,完全超乎了苏航的想象,尽管他用尽了全力想要控制住大仙棍,但是,一切皆是徒劳。 Bang!” “轰!” The Great Immortal stick was shot by the terrifying strength, the pestle in his chest, pierced his whole person instantaneously! 大仙棍被恐怖的力量弹了回来,杵在了他的胸口,瞬间将他整个人洞穿! !” “噗!” Causes heavy losses instantaneously, puts out an old blood, the whole person like is hit by the missile, was similar to the kite of broken line has flown upside down. 瞬间重创,吐出一口老血,整个人就像被导弹击中,如同断线的风筝倒飞了出去。 Bang!” “轰!” Numerous falling in the debris under tower, the chest are inserting the Great Immortal stick, bloody, the ache raids, Su Hang several want to faint! 重重的摔在塔下的碎石堆里,胸口插着大仙棍,血流如注,疼痛袭来,苏航几欲晕厥! Hong Zhenzhan in the tower top, the losing party both hands, looks at Su Hang under tower, do not think that you broke through king Jing, can be my match, do you also fall far short? I must kill you, a move of foot!” 洪真站在塔顶,负者双手,看着塔下的苏航,“不要以为你突破了界王境,就能做我的对手,你还差得远呢?我要杀你,一招足矣!” !” “噗!” Su Hang lies down in the stone pile, puts out an old blood, looks up to Hong true, this move already caused heavy losses to him, under the severe pain, the consciousness somewhat is lax, in the pupil Hong true form somewhat blurred! 苏航躺在石堆里,吐出一口老血,抬头看向洪真,这一招已然将他重创,剧痛之下,意识都有些涣散,眸中洪真的身影都有些模糊了!
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