SFC :: Volume #6

#7: Space-Time Hub!

Time Dragon illusory shadow by the empty revolutions reality, a formidable dragon prestige is covering this region at present gradually, as if the time and space were isolated, turned into the void place beyond world here. 时光龙虚影在眼前逐渐由虚转实,一股强大的龙威笼罩着这片区域,似乎就连时间和空间都被隔绝,将这里变成了世界之外的虚空之地。 Time Dragon is extremely special Dragon. 时光龙是一种极为特殊的巨龙 He can the strength of turnover time, own growth pure need long the time like other Dragon not accumulate. Time Dragon growing stage is unstable, their growth cycles are random, usually need some turning points to transform to the next stage, survived 20,000 years of Time Dragon and may not survive 10,000 years of Time Dragon more formidable than one, regarding Time Dragon this race decided what their status height is the current life stage. Also is Dragon form inside wyrmling stage, very young dragon stage, adult stage and mature stage wait/etc., although Time Dragon in wyrmling stage is ultra-large build Dragon. 祂可以吞吐时光的力量,自身的成长也不像其他巨龙那样单纯需要漫长的时间去积累。时光龙成长期并不稳定,祂们的成长周期是随机性的,往往需要一些契机才能够蜕变到下一个阶段,一头存活了20000年的时光龙并不一定会比一头存活了10000年的时光龙强大,对于时光龙这个种族来说决定他们地位高低的是当前所处的生命阶段。也就是巨龙形态里面的雏龙期幼龙期成年期、壮年期等等,虽然时光龙雏龙期就已经是超大体型的巨龙 According to the induction ability that own Time Dragon dragon vein brings, Steven can judge present Time Dragon to be in the mature stage. 根据自身时光龙龙脉带来的感应能力,史蒂芬可以判断出来眼前的时光龙处于壮年期。 challenge-level 69. 挑战等级69。 Sufficiently scary challenge-level, even if Greater Divine Power Deity adds on Divine Spark, Divine Portfolio and God's Kingdom strength also just with his 5/5 to open aspect. 一个足以吓死人的挑战等级,即便是强大神力神灵加上神格神职神国的力量也只不过是跟祂五五开的局面。 By the Steven current strength, facing such enemy, only then less than three points of odds of success. 史蒂芬当前的实力,面对这样的敌人只有不到三分的胜算。 „The time path of this world was revised.” The Time Dragon look as if saw the remote future, said slowly: myriad spirits expressed to your sense of gratitude. If you want, now can Divinization in this world.” “这个世界的时间轨迹被修正了。”时光龙的眼神仿佛是看到了遥远的未来,缓缓道:“万灵表达了对你的感激之情。如果你愿意的话,现在就可以在这个世界里面封神。” planet flooded consciousness is spirit assembled together body. 星球泛意识就是灵的聚合体 Steven can also peep at the future similarly, after all he is skilled in Divination, although he little uses this ability. The future is flowing River of Time, any skidded the destiny the strength to change the path in this river sufficiently, Diviner Ankara initially chose be outspoken assists Steven, was because she saw was shattered greatly future, since Ankara can divination to some pictures of future, then present Time Dragon naturally. Even, he can also enter in River of Time, shuttled back and forth in the future that can touch and in the past, this ability Steven has felt, because he grasped Temporal Regression through the Time Dragon dragon vein strength. 史蒂芬同样也可以窥视未来,毕竟他本身就精通预言法术,虽然他自己很少去使用这种能力。未来是一条流淌的时间之河,任何足以撬动命运的力量都有可能改变这条河的轨迹,预言者-安卡拉当初选择毫无保留地辅助史蒂芬,就是因为她看到了一个‘大破灭’的未来,既然安卡拉都可以预言到未来的一些画面,那么眼前的时光龙自然也可以。甚至,祂还能够进入时间之河内,穿梭于可以触及的未来和过去,这种能力史蒂芬已经感受到了,因为他已经通过时光龙龙脉掌握了‘时间回溯’的力量。 This strength can let his oneself , is only restricted in oneself, returns instantaneously probably the conditions within beforehand ten minutes. 这种力量可以让他自身,也仅限于自身,瞬间回到大概之前十分钟以内的状态。 I think that I adopted the test.” Steven calmly said. “我想我已经通过了考验。”史蒂芬平静道 Didn't regret?” Time Dragon swung huge dragon head, said slowly: If you want Divinization, quick can become Greater Deity of this world.” “不后悔?”时光龙摇了摇巨大的龙首,缓缓道:“如果你愿意封神的话,很快就可以成为这个世界的强大神灵。” Steven shook the head, solemnly said: Leads me to go to Space-Time Hub.” 史蒂芬摇了摇头,沉声道:“带我去时空枢纽吧。” My very curious that is what kind of place.” “我很好奇那是一个怎么样的地方。” On the present Time Dragon face exposed a trace of a happy expression, he stretched out huge incomparable dragon claw, is a finger has Steven to be so big merely, dragon claw gently on the shoulder of Steven, the next moment their forms then vanished on the spot, the nearby completely also vanished by the close space, as if returned in the reality from void. 眼前的时光龙脸上露出来一丝笑意,祂伸出了巨大无比的龙爪,仅仅是一根手指头就有史蒂芬那么大,龙爪轻轻地点在了史蒂芬的肩膀上,下一刻他们的身影便消失在了原地,附近完全被封闭的空间也消失,仿佛是从虚空内重新回到了现实中。 Passing of time seemed slowed down. 时间的流逝仿佛被放缓了。 Steven once again entered once that not good condition, that type fluttered the condition in Space-Time Turbulent Flow, the definition of time and space is blurred, felt passing of any time completely, but this time he is many to have protected oneself strength, that was coming from the Time Dragon Draconic Sorcerer strength. 史蒂芬又再度进入了曾经所处的那种糟糕状态,那种飘荡在时空乱流中的状态,时间与空间的定义都被模糊了,完全感觉到任何时间的流逝,只不过这一次他多了一层保护自己的力量,那是来自于时光龙龙脉术士的力量。 The chaotic time no longer affects in his body, he needs to resist the space the strength to be enough merely. 混乱的时间不再作用于他的躯体,他仅仅是需要对抗空间的力量就足够了。 The time speed of flow in Space-Time Turbulent Flow is extremely strange, he personally saw one to flutter the object in Space-Time Turbulent Flow suddenly is seeming passes through for several hundred over a thousand years became completely decayed. 时空乱流内的时间流速是极为诡异的,他亲眼见过一个飘荡于时空乱流内的物体在一刹那间好似经过了数百上千年般变得完全腐朽了。 Possibly is the flash, possibly is the extremely long time. 可能是一瞬间,也可能是极为漫长的时间。 When Steven fully restored self- perception, his form appeared in strange void, this void probably is the solid incomparable ground, the under foot is piece of radiant stars, but the top of the head is one by innumerable stars constitution galaxy, is standing erect a grand incomparable construction in his dead ahead, the contour looks like probably is a giant hour glass, the upper layer is flowing innumerably close sends out the light luminous sand, just like surrounds all around the construction to flow visionally blurredly, but the lower level is one huge seems the prison architectural complex, in addition also has many him. It is not able to distinguish the function construction object. 史蒂芬完全恢复了自我感知时,他的身影已经出现在了一片奇异的虚空中,这虚空就好像是坚实无比的地面,脚下是一片璀璨的繁星,而头顶则是一条由无数星辰构成的银河,在他的正前方屹立着一座宏伟无比的建筑,外形看起来就好像是一个巨大的沙漏,上层流淌着无数细密的发出淡淡光亮的沙子,宛若梦幻般迷离环绕着建筑四周流动,而下层则是一个巨大的好似监狱般的建筑群,除此之外还有许多他。无法分辨出作用的建筑物体。 That is Sand of Time.” The Time Dragon form appears, he extremely huge body walks in void, said slowly: Do not approach it by your present strength.” “那是时间之沙。”时光龙的身影浮现,祂极为巨大的身躯行走于虚空之中,缓缓道:“以你现在的实力不要靠近它。” It in a flash will possibly make you senile 1000 time.” “它可能会一瞬间让你衰老1000年的时光。” Steven hearing this slightly frowned, looking pensive said: I have seen this type of sand!...... It seems only one type can discharge Time Stop wondrous item!......” 史蒂芬闻言微微皱眉,若有所思道:“我见过这种沙子!……它似乎只是一种可以施放【时间停止】的奇物!……” Time Dragon said very much lightly: Sometimes Sand of Time meets the accident/surprise to wander about destitute the outside.” 时光龙很平淡道:“时之沙有时候会意外流落到外界。” In outside it is only wondrous item, here what it represents is River of Time, we must be able to shuttle back and forth with the aid of its strength in past and future.” “在外面它只是一种奇物,但在这里它代表的是时间之河,我们必须借助它的力量才能穿梭于过去和未来。” River of Time? 时间之河 In the past and in the future? 过去与未来? Steven can't help but looked with rapt attention to the vast desert that circles at present, shortly afterwards his line of sight falls in the vast desert in strange black hole, that black hole was not obvious in the vast desert, but all around approached its Sand of Time seems lost luminously. 史蒂芬不由凝神望向了眼前盘旋的沙海,紧接着他的视线就落在了沙海中一个诡异的黑洞内,那个黑洞在沙海中并不算明显,但是四周靠近它的时之沙都好似失去了光亮。 What is that?” Steven asked. “那是什么?”史蒂芬问道。 Time Dragon turned the head to look at a that place, then sighed, said: Dusk of the Gods.” 时光龙转头望了一眼那处,接着叹息道:“诸神黄昏。” „An end time node.” “一个终结的时间节点。” We once tried to restore it, but failed. Space-Time Hub lost three Space-Time Protector.” “我们曾经试图修复它,但是失败了。时空枢纽失去了三位时空守护者。” "Oh, right." “对了。” This is your present new status.” “这是你现在的新身份。” Dusk of the Gods? 诸神黄昏 Steven deeply frowns saying: „Does Dusk of the Gods exist really?” 史蒂芬眉头紧锁道:“诸神黄昏真的存在?” That was a past world.” Time Dragon continues, said slowly: Deity of that world welcomed finally, after World Tree withers all welcomed were disillusioned greatly, the chaotic time and space were swallowing there, we also can only avoid affecting other plane its seal.” “那是一个过去的世界。”时光龙继续前行,缓缓道:“那个世界的神灵已经迎来终焉,在世界树枯萎后一切都迎来了大破灭,混乱的时间和空间正在吞噬那里,我们也只能将它封印起来避免波及到其他的位面。” Time Dragon seems not willing to raise, before continuing , the profession regarding this: Currently Space-Time Hub altogether has eight guardians.” 时光龙对此似乎不愿意多提,继续前行道:“目前时空枢纽一共有八位守卫者。” You are ninth.” “你是第九位。” Walks. I lead you to see Overseer.” “走吧。我带你去见一见看守者。” Then, Time Dragon toward that piece huge seems the prison architectural complex walks. 说完,时光龙朝着那片巨大的好似监狱般的建筑群走去。 This place as if has many secrets, but present Time Dragon had many matters not to be willing to say. Steven curiously sizes up all around all the way, the attention is attracted by this incomparably grand giant prison gradually at present. 这个地方似乎存在着许多的秘密,而眼前的时光龙有许多事情都不愿意多说。史蒂芬一路上好奇地打量着四周,注意力逐渐被眼前这座无比宏伟巨大的监狱所吸引。 .................. ………………
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