SFC :: Volume #6

#8: Ring City( second)

Steven felt that oneself entered in a fearful domain range. 史蒂芬感觉到自己进入了一片可怕的领域范围内。 That feeling probably was entered Earth Elemental Plane most deep place, placed in close void place obviously, but Steven actually discovered self-perception the gravity was increasing unceasingly, gravity factor from one time to five times, then rapidly rose dramatically ten times, 50 times, 100 times, 1000 times, finally this nearby gravitational field stable about 1000 times, even if felt a pressure by his present physical quality. If the average person, perhaps was approaches here dead, must be the body has energization of certain extent to resist this fearful gravitational field, but he also felt more terrifying gravitational field in the front most deep place. 那种感觉就好像是自己进入了土元素位面的最深处,明明是身处于接近虚空的地方,可是史蒂芬却发现自身感受到的重力正在不断地增加,重力系数从一倍到五倍,然后迅速飙升到了十倍,50倍,100倍,1000倍,最终这附近的重力场稳定在了1000倍左右,即便是以他现在的身体素质都感觉到了一丝压力。如果是普通人的话,恐怕是靠近这里就已经死亡了,必须是身体有一定程度的能量化才能对抗这种可怕的重力场,而在前方的最深处他还感觉到了更加恐怖的重力场 That is Overseer.” Time Dragon has aimed at distant place one gloomily seems absorbs luminously any is having the good just like a Golem's body person's shadow to say. “那就是看守者。”时光龙指向了远处一尊灰暗的仿佛是在吸收任何光亮的拥有好似魔像般躯体的人影道。 He uses gently tone said: Space-Time Hub belongs to Lord of Space-Time at first.” 祂用平缓地语气道:“时空枢纽最初属于时空之主。” Known universe is most ancient one of the most formidable existences, he has created present Space-Time Hub, manages present Multiverse with Pantheon of the Gods together, but is dark in bright one. After Elder God Era had finished, Pantheon of the Gods gradually has also left uncultivated, after Lord of Space-Time vanishes, our crowd of Time Dragon have taken over control of this place, and defers to the arrangement of Lord of Space-Time to seek for these appropriate Protector.” “已知宇宙最古老最强大的存在之一,祂创造了如今的时空枢纽,跟万神殿一起管理现在的多元宇宙,只不过一个在明一个在暗。古神时代结束后,万神殿也渐渐荒废了,在时空之主消失后,我们这群时光龙接管了这个地方,并按照时空之主的安排寻找那些合适的守护者。” Overseer is the servant who he keeps.” 看守者便是祂留下来的仆人。” Lord of Space-Time? 时空之主 Steven had a somewhat unable to believe it expression, muttered: Vanished? Haven't you gone to seek for him? How does such existence possibly baseless vanish?” 史蒂芬表情有点难以置信,喃喃道:“消失了?你们没有去寻找祂吗?这样的存在怎么可能凭空消失?” Has looked.” Time Dragon shakes the head sighed, said: But we looked everywhere entire Multiverse not to discover his trail again, even to seek for his my person of father's generation also take risked to enter River of Time, shuttled back and forth in past and future that can touch.” “去找过。”时光龙摇头叹息道:“但是我们找遍了整个多元宇宙也没有再发现祂的踪迹,甚至为了寻找祂我的父辈还冒险进入时间之河,穿梭于可以触及的过去和未来。” But.” “但是。” We looked the entire 50,000 years, does not have any harvest as before.” “我们找了整整50000年,依旧没有任何的收获。” To...... We had found the Ring City place, had discovered there us a little segment mark that space and time notch keeps!...... But we as before do not have any clue!......” “一直到……我们找到了一个名叫环城的地方,在那里我们发现了时空刻痕留下来的一小段印记!……可是我们依旧没有任何的线索!……” There is only an unusual space.” “那里只是一个奇特的空间。” Is having the connection innumerable plane front doors, as well as a special woman, we do not want to look.” “拥有着连接无数位面的大门,以及一位特殊的女士,并没有我们想找的。” Ring City? 环城 Sigil? 印记城 Lady of Pain? 痛苦女士 In Steven memory, only then a place has the connection innumerable plane front doors, initially Highest Arcane Council went to other plane then to seek help across Space-Time Turbulent Flow the Sigil strength. 史蒂芬记忆里面,只有一个地方才拥有连接无数位面的大门,当初最高奥术议会穿过时空乱流前往其他的位面便曾经求助过印记城的力量。 Is there has some relation with Space-Time Hub? 那里是跟时空枢纽存在着某种联系? Paces back and forth in Lady of Pain as if very repugnant Deity of that world? Does she refuse Deity to enter oneself world? 徘徊于那个世界的痛苦女士似乎很讨厌神灵?她拒绝神灵进入自己的世界? As if Space-Time Hub can't Protector be Deity? 似乎时空枢纽守护者也不能是神灵 What has to relate? 这其中有什么联系吗? Right! 对了! Steven remembers that Ring City has Time Dragon, this is the Highest Arcane Council secret. 史蒂芬记得环城就有一头时光龙,这是最高奥术议会的机密。 At that time when his first time saw at present this Time Dragon, is can't help thinking Sigil that Time Dragon, because that Time Dragon as if has dealt with Highest Arcane Council. 当时他第一次见到眼前这头时光龙时,便是不由想到了印记城的那一头时光龙,因为那头时光龙似乎是跟最高奥术议会打过交道。 In the heart of Steven has many doubts, but Time Dragon as if regarding this does not want to discuss, but is shifts the topic: Do not approach Overseer easily, do not enter the prison, there is the entire Space-Time Hub most dangerous place.” 史蒂芬的心中有许多疑惑,可是身边的时光龙似乎对此不想多谈,而是转移话题道:“不要轻易靠近看守者,更不要进入监狱内部,那里是整个时空枢纽最危险的地方。” Most dangerous place? 最危险的地方? Steven eyes closed has opened own perception network, the next moment he is complexion is then pale, as if received psychic impact retreated one step. 史蒂芬闭目张开了自己的感知网,下一刻他便是脸色惨白,仿佛是受到了精神冲击后退了一步。 This!...... This inside is closing what monster is?......” Steven muttered. “这!……这里面关着的都是什么怪物?……”史蒂芬喃喃道。 Is perception of flash, he then felt the incomparable terrifying evil intention, as well as the countless pain shouted wail the pitiful yell, a battle scene end illusion almost drew in which him. 仅仅是一瞬间的感知,他便感受到了无比恐怖的恶意,以及数不尽的痛苦嘶吼哀嚎惨叫,一副尸山血海般的末日幻象几乎将他拖入其中。 distorted monster that Deity and on the Elder God that corpse Abomination and Elder Hatred, fall insanely is born......” 神孽上古憎恶、疯掉的神灵古神尸体上诞生的扭曲怪物……” Time Dragon said slowly: These we are unable to eliminate, after or elimination, monster that will resurrect.” 时光龙缓缓道:“那些我们无法消灭,或者消灭后会重新复活的怪物。” We have shut here them.” “我们将祂们关进了这里。” Overseer will suppress them in inside, can never run away.” 看守者会将祂们镇压在里面,永远也逃不出去。” Time Dragon as if is in itself not willing to approach the prison, in a front door several hundred meters outlet: Later you catch Elder Hatred that was unable to eliminate, can give here Overseer him.” 时光龙似乎本身也不愿意靠近监狱,在大门数百米外道:“以后你们抓到了无法消灭的上古憎恶,可以将祂交给这里的看守者。” "Oh, right." “对了。” I forgot you to be different from other Protector, you as if had to eliminate some Elder Hatred abilities.” “我忘了你跟其他的守护者不同,你似乎拥有消灭一些上古憎恶的能力。” „Was that the death strength?” “那是死亡的力量吧?” „It is not right!” “不对!” „The strength of life.” “还有生命的力量。” In brief uses on you that to come from the Pantheon of the Gods strength well!......” “总之好好利用你身上那来自万神殿的力量吧!……” The Deity source is Pantheon of the Gods. 神灵的源头便是万神殿 Although Steven itself does not have Divinization, but has actually studied Scroll of Death, simultaneously has some special relation with Tree of Life. Source that in the known universe may track down is Pantheon of the Gods, perhaps now can also add on Space-Time Hub. 史蒂芬虽然本身并没有封神,可是却研究过死亡之卷,同时跟生命之树存在着某种特殊的联系。已知宇宙内可追寻的源头便是万神殿,也许现在还可以加上一个时空枢纽 That side is great library.” “那边是大图书馆。” Inside has some books that Lord of Space-Time keeps, naturally are more is we looks when the roaming space and time.” “里面有时空之主留下来的一些书籍,当然更多都是我们在漫游时空时找回来的。” What you as if track down is the Arcane path.” “你似乎追寻的是奥术的道路。” Has the books that we collect from Arcane Empire in great library's third floor. Then, once Protector then from Arcane Empire, what a pity he finally fell from the sky.” “在大图书馆的第三层有我们收集的来自奥术帝国的书籍。说起来,曾经有一位守护者便是来自奥术帝国,可惜他最后陨落了。” Steven hearing this is silent. 史蒂芬闻言沉默不语。 If Space-Time Hub copes is really Deity such enemy who Elder Hatred and Abomination, fall insanely, then in the middle of Protector some people fall from the sky do not make one be surprised, because Steven can defeat Star of a Trillion Deaths to reply on the strengths of too many person finally, if no help of these people, perhaps his oneself does not have many odds of success. 如果时空枢纽对付的真的是上古憎恶神孽、疯掉的神灵这样的敌人,那么守护者当中有人陨落并不令人感到意外,因为史蒂芬最终能够战胜死兆之星借助了太多人的力量,如果没有这些人的帮助,恐怕他自身也没有多少的胜算。 Here is the Protector hall.” “这里是守护者大厅。” Here is the Spectator hall.” “这里是观察者大厅。” Can lead to the Space-Time Hub upper layer from here, but I did not suggest that you attempt now, because is very dangerous.” “从这里可以通往时空枢纽的上层,但是我不建议你现在尝试,因为很危险。” Steven looks at present one float the steps in void, asked curiously: What upper level Space-Time Hub has?” 史蒂芬看着眼前一座悬浮于虚空中的阶梯,好奇问道:“时空枢纽上层有什么?” Throne.” Time Dragon said slowly: Above is a little similar to Pantheon of the Gods.” “王座。”时光龙缓缓道:“上面有点类似于万神殿。” But Overseer will not allow you to enter the throne.” “但是看守者不会让你进入王座。” Overseer incessantly? 看守者不止一个? Steven thinks that Overseer has taken to own terrifying pressure, feels regarding the Space-Time Hub inside story extremely surprisedly! 史蒂芬想起来了那个看守者带给自己的恐怖压力,对于时空枢纽的底蕴感到万分惊讶! other people?” Steven transferred a great-circle, has almost not seen anybody. 其他人呢?”史蒂芬转了一大圈,几乎没有看到任何人。 Time Dragon brought Steven to move toward a giant light gate, shook the head saying: Almost nobody is willing to live in Space-Time Hub, here is only a contact point, if other Protector do not have the duty, part of life in oneself world, part settle down in Ring-shaped City.” 时光龙带着史蒂芬走向了一座巨大的光门,摇头道:“几乎没有人愿意在时空枢纽内生活,这里只是一个联络点,其他的守护者如果没有任务的话,一部分生活在自己的世界,一部分定居于环形城。” Comes with me.” “跟我来吧。” Here can lead to Ring-shaped City.” “这里可以通往环形城。” The Time Dragon form changed to expression was serious middle-aged Scholar, bringing Steven to enter in that light gate. 时光龙的身影化作了一个表情严肃的中年学者,带着史蒂芬进入了那座光门内。 In Space-Time Hub is covering an incomparably depressing aura, very big degree sends out from the prison, if Steven he is not willing to live here, because he does not want is the neighbor with Elder Hatred and Abomination of troop. 时空枢纽内笼罩着一股令人无比压抑的气息,很大程度都是从监狱那边散发出来的,如果是史蒂芬他也不愿意在这里生活,因为他可不想跟一大群的上古憎恶神孽做邻居。 .................. ………………
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