SN :: Volume #8

#739: Walks 1

In dark profound starry sky, like fan-shaped iron grey civil military transport ship, slowly drives out of the huge round campylodromous starport exit|to speak. 黑暗深邃的星空中,一艘艘如同扇形的灰白色民用运输舰,正缓缓的从巨大的圆弧状星港出口中驶出。 Entire starport assumes the huge hexagon, large number of military transport ships, then from one side passes in and out unceasingly. 整个星港呈巨大的六边形,大量的运输舰,便是从其中一边不断进出。 In crowded route. And a transportation that marked the red flowers and plants symbol shipboard. 密集的航道中。其中一艘标记了红色花卉符号的运输舰上。 On surface deck, at this time sparse stands is coming out the sightseeing appreciation scenery passenger. 表面甲板上,此时正稀稀疏疏的站着一些出来观光欣赏景色的旅客。 The Red Hero, this was this military transport ship has used more than ten years of names. 红英号,这是这艘运输舰已经使用了十多年的名字。 Captain Dugut is an old-fashioned old man, The Red Hero is his father passes to his family heirloom. Also is only taking advantage that he keeps a family. 船长杜古特是个性格古板的老头子,红英号是他父亲传给他的传家宝。同时也是他养家糊口的唯一依仗。 Can have from Kazilan Star to the long-distance route qualifications of capital star, The Red Hero is the object who many long-distance navigation teams envy the envy. 能够拥有从卡姿兰星到首都星的远程航线资格,红英号一直是不少远程航队羡慕嫉妒的对象。 Recently Kazilan Star nearby Green Lake Star suddenly presented the accident, causes here passenger capacity sharp drop, this makes this envying envy the situation greatly reduce. 只是最近卡姿兰星附近的绿湖星突然出现变故,导致这里的客流量大幅度下降,这才让这种羡慕嫉妒的情况大大减少。 In deck. 甲板上。 The transparent star navigation partition board is protecting in the deck everyone's safety. 透明的星航隔板保护着甲板上所有人的生命安全。 The isolation cosmic radiation, prevents the energetic particle wind to sway, reduces the high radiance, preventing the line of sight to be punctured hurts. 隔绝宇宙辐射,阻挡高能粒子风吹拂,还有降低高光亮度,防止视线被刺疼。 All sorts of functions, let under of star navigation partition board, becomes the best tourist attraction. 种种功能,让星航隔板的下方,成为最佳的观光景点。 Lin Sheng white short sleeve white trousers, fine and vigorous figure, by clothing perfect shows, two meters many height, with whole body strong tight muscle line. Let him attract the surrounding many ladies' attention very much easily. 林盛一身白色短袖白色长裤,匀称而矫健的身材,被衣物完美的展现出来,两米多的身高,和浑身强壮紧绷的肌肉线条。让他很容易的吸引了周围不少女士们的视线。 His coming out, the status from Kazilan Star the ordinary passenger who goes to capital star to travel. 他这趟出来,身份是从卡姿兰星前往首都星旅游的普通旅客。 After the investigation of disciples, the 2nd Level jurisdiction that Star Alliance grasps, has very big possibility, is the hidden in the capital star. 经过圣徒们的调查,星空联盟掌握的二级权限,有很大可能,是隐藏于首都星。 Above 5th Level any jurisdiction, regarding Star Alliance, is absolutely the precious powerful source. 五级以上的任何一个权限,对于星空联盟来说,都是绝对珍贵的强大源泉。 Although Battle Helmet User can only when awakening Battle Helmet, enters origin sea one time. But this time opportunity, the obtained jurisdiction is higher, the obtained advantage and potential are bigger. 虽然战盔士只能在觉醒战盔时,进入始源海一次。但这一次的机会,得到的权限越高,得到的好处和潜力就越大。 Therefore, so long as has the high-level jurisdiction, then Star Alliance can make High Level powerful Battle Helmet User continuously. 所以,只要拥有高级权限,那么星空联盟就能源源不断的制造出高等级的强悍战盔士 Star good attractive...!” A nearby little girl voice interrupted the Lin Sheng mentality. “星星好漂亮...!”一旁的一个小女孩声音打断了林盛的思路。 The little girls are 7 or 8-year-old, ride on the tall and powerfully built father neck, wears the red skirt, is excited is unable to restrain oneself. 小女孩不过七八岁,骑在身材魁梧的父亲脖子上,穿着红裙子,兴奋得不能自已。 She is opening mouth to look forward to the sky, the small hand is wielding, as if somewhat forgets oneself. 她张着嘴巴望着天空,小手挥来挥去,似乎有些忘乎所以。 The father of little girl is somewhat sorry is smiling to Lin Sheng, leading the little girl to get out of the way toward the slightly far point. 小女孩的父亲有些抱歉的对着林盛笑了笑,带着小女孩朝稍远一点走开。 Do not affect the Big Brother rests, your voice was too loud.” “不要影响到大哥哥休息,你声音太大了啊。” But I cannot bear, good attractive...” “可我就是忍不住嘛,好漂亮...” Wants polite, outside wasn't the reaching an agreement listening father's words?” “要有礼貌,在外面不是说好的听爸爸的话了么?” Father and daughter two walk away slowly. 父女两个慢慢走远。 Lin Sheng visits two people to leave, the corners of the mouth cannot help but bring back a curve slightly. 林盛看着两人离开,嘴角不由得微微勾起一丝弧度。 The warm scene always lets the person to relax. 温馨的情景总是让人能放松心情。 , He noticed from afar that two father and daughter return to side a floating transparent white skirt female, their three seem like the family of three. 远远的,他看到那两父女回到一个漂亮白裙女子身边,他们三个似乎是一家三口。 But with three people, facial color chilly high selects the black hair young girl together. 而和三人一起的,还有一个面色清冷的高挑黑发少女。 The black hair young girl clothes seem like the student uniform/subdue of some school, seeming like is also and three people are a whole family. 黑发少女穿着打扮像是某个学校的学生制服,看起来似乎也是和三人是一家人。 Perhaps is the elder sister or the sister-in-law/little aunt and so on status. 或许是姐姐或者小姨之类的身份吧。 Lin Sheng heart guess. 林盛心头猜测。 The relaxed travel, lets his train of thought optional radiation cannot help but. 轻松的旅行,让他的思绪不由自主的随意发散。 Quick, looked at the warm interaction of a while family, the line of sight of Lin Sheng shifted. 很快,看了一会儿这一家人的温馨互动,林盛的视线又转移开。 Acting difficult that deck right centered on him, a pair of young lover is exchanging flattery and favors. 甲板以他为中心的右侧,一对年轻情侣正在拉拉扯扯的闹别扭。 The girl is saying what/anything angrily, in the surface seems like wants to walk, but in fact walked for quite a while to remain same place, let the groom's family diligently apology plea. 女孩气鼓鼓的说着什么,表面上看起来想走,但实际上走了半天还是留在原地,让男方努力的道歉恳求。 In nearby not far away of lover, a facial features handsome young men, a formal dress, the makings are mature, wear the gold-edged eyeglasses, gentle and mild static raising head is looking at the scenery. 在情侣的一旁不远处,一个面容英俊的青年男子,一身正装,气质成熟,戴着金边眼镜,正平静的仰头望着景色。 Toward the , two silver-haired old people are snuggling by again in the same place, sits is looking at the sky speech on the bench. 再往边上,两个白发苍苍的老人正依偎靠在一起,坐在长椅上望着天空说话。 The Lin Sheng line of sight looks toward the nearby again. Actually stops slightly. 林盛视线再往边上看。却是微微一停。 In behind bulge metal back plate by deck, in corner. 被甲板上凸起的金属挡板后面,角落里。 Skin somewhat is white glaring black long hair girl, is wearing the ear plug, the expression indifferent closing right up against railing listens to music. 一个皮肤白得有些晃眼的黑色长发女孩,正戴着耳塞,表情冷漠的靠着围栏听歌。 This girl wears grey even/including Maoyi, the tight-fitting black trouser and brown kinky boot. In hand listens to music, while also apply Tuxie on a circular drawing board. 这女孩穿着灰色连帽衣、紧身黑色长裤和棕色长皮靴。手里一边听歌,一边还在一块圆形的画板上涂涂写写。 The surface seems like, this seems to be very ordinary travel girl. 表面看上去,这是个似乎很普通的旅行女孩。 Except for cold, other are not worth caring. 除了冷了点,其余没什么值得在意的。 But in the Lin Sheng eye, on this girl is sending out the light soul glow. 但在林盛眼里,这女孩身上散发着淡淡的灵魂辉光。 That is Soul Force inborn as powerful as the certain extent, halo that can send out. 那是灵魂力天生强大到一定程度,才能发出的光晕。 In human Main Association often appearance 1-2 outstanding people.” Lin Sheng heart sigh. “人类里总会不时的出现1-2出类拔萃之人。”林盛心头叹息。 Meets by chance to person of the powerful soul, this probability is not too big. 偶遇到一个强大灵魂之人,这几率不算太大。 He goes out casually, unexpectedly immediately ran upon. 他只是随便外出一趟,居然马上就撞上了。 However also like this, the soul of opposite party is also a time of many average man level. He turns away , to continue to appreciate outside starry sky. 不过也就这样了,对方的灵魂也就是一倍多的常人水准。他移开视线,继续欣赏外面的星空。 This coming out, his primary purpose is to collect the 2nd Level jurisdiction, found Unlimited Turntable. 这趟出来,他的根本目的是收集二级权限,找到无限转盘 The secondary goal is to come out to relax. 次要目的是出来散散心。 If in the ordinary day, runs into such talent. He may not be able to bear its income under. 如果是平日里,遇到这样的人才。他可能会忍不住将其收入麾下。 But now, allowed nature to take its course. 但现在,顺其自然了。 He does not care, the distant place wears the black hair girl of earphone, actually knits the brows slightly, as if felt that some people are gazing at her. 他不在意,远处戴着耳机的黑发女孩,却是微微一皱眉,似乎感觉到有人在注视她。 She took down about the earphone to take a fast look around, has not discovered what issue. 她取下耳机左右扫视了下,没发现什么问题。 Shasha, what's wrong?” A girl of not far away brown long hair approached the doubts to ask. What are you looking at?” “莎莎,怎么了?”不远处一个棕色长发的女孩走近了疑惑问。“你在看什么?” No.” Shasha shakes the head. “没什么。”莎莎摇头。 Take care, do not take a chill, in you are we roll the lead dancer, if the body goes wrong really troubles.” The steamed rice dumpling sends the girl to urge. “注意身体,别受凉了,你可是我们团里的领舞,要是身体出了毛病就真的麻烦了。”粽发女孩叮嘱道。 Knows knew.” On Shasha's chilly face reveals a helplessness slightly. “知道了知道了。”莎莎清冷的面孔上略微流露出一丝无奈。 As one of the Kazilan Star one medium level dance theater, Mekosha this following manager, was invited to go to the capital star to conduct the dance show of small scale. 作为卡姿兰星一个中等层次舞蹈团的一员,梅可莎这趟跟着经纪人,受邀前往首都星进行小规模的舞蹈表演。 But except the status of dancer beyond, she also has other unknown status. 但除开舞蹈演员的身份外,她还有一个另外的不为人知的身份。 This goes to the capital star, also has other goal. 这趟前往首都星,也同样是有着另外的目的。 The military transport ship navigated roughly quite a while the time in the profound starry sky, stopped a small little while in an outer space harbor. 运输舰在深邃的星空中航行了约莫半天时间,在一个太空港口停了一小会儿。 Quick one group of people embark. 很快又有一批人上船。 After this time embarks, passengers on The Red Hero were also much many. The sentiment was also gradually more exuberant. 这次上船后,红英号上的旅客人数也多了不少。人气渐渐也旺盛了很多。 The person who in the deck comes out to go sightseeing even more were also many. 甲板上出来观光的人也越发的多了。 Lin Sheng stays in oneself as before every day chooses the good position. 林盛依旧每天都呆在自己选好的位置。 That Shasha, same every day hides behind the back plate rests, looks for her until some people specially. 那个莎莎,也一样每天都躲在挡板后面休息,直到有人专门来找她。 However Lin Sheng notices, this Shasha, the guest after this stay, then starts the often attention surrounding passenger. 不过林盛注意到,这个莎莎,在这次停留上客之后,便开始不时的注意周围的旅客。 She seems to be observing what/anything, in the look has the tense feeling indistinctly. 她似乎在观察着什么,神色里隐约有着紧张感。 Lin Sheng has no interest in paying attention to others 's business of these little fellows, he somewhat liked this peaceful feeling. 林盛也没兴趣理会这些小家伙的闲事,他有些喜欢上了这种安静的感觉。 A person stands in the deck is looking at the starry sky, no one disturbs, does not need to be worried about Black Tide. Is his time merely alone. 一个人站在甲板上望着星空,没有人干扰,不用担心黑潮。仅仅只是独属于他一个人的时间。 Such time has lasted for three days. 这样的时间一直又持续了三天。 Fourth day, Lin Sheng has had the lunch, again when coming up deck. 第四天,林盛吃过午餐,再度上来甲板时。 Actually is saw his liking has stood in the position, when does not know, were many a person. 却是看到他一直喜欢站在的位置,不知道什么时候,多了一个人。 Wears the white ritual skirt, the manner lazy pretty woman. 一个穿白色礼裙,神态慵懒的漂亮女人。 This woman as if the common passenger is different. On her passes one share to let the Lin Sheng familiar sharp feeling. 这女人似乎和一般的旅客不同。她身上透着一股子让林盛熟悉的尖锐感。 Like one blade that is at the sharpest condition. Dangerous and beautiful. 就像一把处于最锋利状态的刀。危险而美丽。
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