SN :: Volume #8

#738: Hopes 3

Float in dark hall. 悬浮在暗厅内。 Lin Sheng puts out a hand, glove model communication that on the back of the hand wears springs the projection light screen automatically. 林盛伸出手,手背上佩戴的一个手套式样通讯器自动弹出投影光幕。 The white light screen interweaves a rectangular illuminant shield in front of Lin Sheng. 白色的光幕在林盛面前交织成一个长方形光屏。 Teacher.” In the illuminant shield appears ferocious-looking board inch head man facial features. “老师。”光屏内浮现出一个满脸横肉的板寸头男子面容。 According to your instruction, has the coordination of King Nashler, all work well. All mech factories buried your blessings completely sacred core. “按照您的吩咐,有纳什特勒国王的配合,一切进行得很顺利。所有机甲工厂全部埋入了您赐福过的神圣核心。 Moreover, the fight armor that first you design, completed finally. Do you need to glance personally? ” 另外,第一具您设计的战斗铠甲,终于完成了。您需要亲自过目么?” This disciple named Xifeng, is in Lin Sheng all disciples, develops the believer and follower ruthless person ranked the second. 这个弟子名叫西逢,是林盛所有弟子中,发展教徒和信徒排名第二的狠人。 What is most essential, he is completely different from the merchant style of other disciple. 最关键的是,他和另外的弟子的商人风格完全不同。 Xifeng came from the starry sky free mercenary soldier group, the manner is cruel and merciless, before to become the Lin Sheng disciple, in his surface is a merchant, but in fact has several battle efficiency aggressive commission army corps secretly. 西逢出身于星空自由佣兵团体,为人心狠手辣,在成为林盛弟子之前,他表面上是商人,但实际上暗地里有着数支战斗力凶悍的佣兵团。 Therefore believer who he develops, mostly is the battle efficiency aggressive powerful mercenary soldier. The strength is astonishing. 所以他发展的教徒,大多都是战斗力凶悍的强悍佣兵。实力惊人。 But sacred core that he said that is actually Lin Sheng conveniently manufacture small Saint Force Pond. 而他所说的神圣核心,其实就是林盛随手制造的小型圣力池 These Saint Force Pond, later will be used in the mass manufacture of special mech, causes material under the immersion of Saint Force Pond, becomes favors proselytizes Saint Force. 这些圣力池,之后会用于特殊机甲的大批量制造,使其中的材料在圣力池的浸泡下,变得更利于传道圣力 The engineer in Lin Sheng Zzanka Dis graceful kingdom, completely according to the blueprint that he gives, starts to make the personal single fight armor. 林盛让卡迪斯曼王国的工程师,全部按照他给出的设计图,开始制造贴身型的单人战斗铠甲。 From the beginning because the production line cannot adjust, therefore the output is extremely low. 一开始因为生产线没能调整过来,所以产量极低。 However these days adjustment forms to be completed, according to the first armor of Lin Sheng design, completed finally. 不过这段时间的调整组建完成,按照林盛设计的第一具铠甲,终于完成了。 Delivers.” Lin Sheng calmly said. “送过来吧。”林盛平静道 Regarding armor that first he designs, he somewhat is also curious can be what level. 对于第一具他设计的铠甲,他也有些好奇能够达到什么层次。 Understood.” Xifeng should rapidly under. “明白。”西逢迅速应下。 After the moment, the front door of dark hall was opened by the invisible strength slowly, four stature strong men, are protecting the middle blue long hair female, enters the dark hall rapidly. 片刻后,暗厅的大门被无形的力量缓缓打开,四个身材强壮的男子,护卫着中间一名蓝色长发女子,迅速走进暗厅。 The females wear the white research robe, in the hand are raising a black box of small suitcase size. 女子身穿着白色研究袍,手里提着一个小型旅行箱大小的黑箱子。 She puts down the box, then respectful bows toward Lin Sheng of dark hall deep place. 她放下箱子,然后恭敬的朝着暗厅深处的林盛鞠躬。 Teacher, the first fight armor that this successfully finishes. According to your meaning, it is named as 1st Generation Saint Armor.” blue-haired woman lowering the head respectful say/way. “老师,这就是成功完工的第一具战斗铠甲。按照您的意思,它被命名为一代圣铠。”蓝发女子低头恭敬道。 Since Lin Sheng acts, completely after solving Eagle of the Stars, the entire church members including all Holy Son, regards as the god him, to its has the incomparably frantic worship. 自从林盛出手,彻底解决群星之鹰后,包括所有圣子在内的整个教会成员,都将他视为神,对其有着无比狂热的崇拜。 Its performance how?” Lin Sheng asked. “它的性能如何?”林盛问。 Without injecting Saint Force, is equivalent to the ordinary miniature mech defensive power, can conduct the ground war and short time's space control operation. Has from the entrapped bubbles system of circulation. “在不注入圣力的情况下,相当于普通微型机甲的防御力,可以进行地面战和短时间的太空战。拥有自循环的内部空气系统。 After pouring into Saint Force, the armor in extremely in a short time, through the meter that you design formal and special circuit, has large scale enhancement to the armor many miniature systems 在注入圣力后,铠甲会在极短时间内,通过您设计的仪式符阵和特殊回路,对铠甲多处微型系统产生大幅度增强” Said the data directly.” Lin Sheng does not have the time to listen to these generating processes, breaks her sinking sound said. “直接说数据。”林盛没功夫听这些运转过程,打断她沉声道。 Yes. According to the unification that you give measures Units. “是。按照您给出的统一计量单位 After pouring into Saint Force, 1st Generation Saint Armor can the amplification clothing 64 naps in a big way carries a heavy load, in one second the toggle speed is raised to 791 meters. The maximum dashing strength increases 1371 naps additionally. 注入圣力后,一代圣铠增幅穿戴者六十四盹的最大负重,一秒内启动速度提升到791米。最大冲撞力额外增加一千三百七十一盹。 The data that after this is the ordinary believer dresses, tests. The pulpit of higher level has not started to test. ” 这是普通教徒穿戴后测试的数据。更高层次的圣职者还没开始测试。” The blue-haired woman rapid mouth sent out a series of data. 蓝发女子迅速嘴里报出一连串数据。 Although before Lin Sheng, had expected that this armor can promote to the terrifying degree. 尽管林盛之前已经预料到这个铠甲会提升到恐怖的程度。 After all unified the top science and technology of this world, and top Rune science and technology of Holy Spirits palace. 毕竟是结合了这个世界的顶尖科技,以及圣灵宫的顶尖符文科技。 The science and technology and mysterious union, can erupt the powerful strength absolutely. 科技和神秘的结合,绝对能爆发强大的力量。 But he has not thought can unexpectedly powerful to this degree. 可他也没想到居然能强大到这个程度。 The maximum dashing strength can be over a thousand tons, what concept is this? 最大冲撞力能达到上千吨,这是什么概念? One second of toggle speed can be about 800 meters 还有一秒启动速度能达到近八百米 This is more than two times of speeds of sound 这都已经是两倍多音速了 This means that so long as a casual ordinary believer, on the clothing this set of Saint armor, hits a fist casually, can destroy a skyscraper with ease. 这意味着,只要一个随便的普通教徒,穿戴上这套圣铠,随便打一拳,就能轻松摧毁一栋摩天大楼。 „The consumption of Saint armor to Saint Force is big, a general believer use, can only support for three minutes.” blue-haired woman continues to say. “不过圣铠对圣力的消耗非常大,一般的教徒一次使用,只能支持三分钟。”蓝发女子继续道。 Three minutes were also enough. Can use the hybrid power, embed Saint crystal on armor as principal energy source consumption. Unavoidablily when uses clothing own Saint Force of again.” “三分钟也足够了。可以采用混合动力,在铠甲上镶嵌圣晶作为主要能源消耗。不得已时再使用穿戴者自己的圣力。” Lin Sheng calmly said. 林盛平静道 Saint crystal?” blue-haired woman does not know that the Saint crystal is what/anything, since the teacher proposed, that means that certainly has the solution. “圣晶?”蓝发女子并不知道圣晶是什么,不过既然老师提出了,那就意味着一定有解决方法。 „After Saint crystal, I will give you sample, you design one suitable energy system to attach on the Saint armor.” Lin Sheng told. “圣晶之后我会交给你样品,你们设计一套适合的能源系统附加在圣铠上。”林盛吩咐。 Yes.” “是。” Takes the Saint armor, the group leave the dark hall rapidly. 带上圣铠,一行人迅速离开暗厅。 Lin Sheng looks the illuminant shield that in front of oneself projects, will shut down. 林盛看着自己面前投影出来的光屏,正要关闭。 Teacher, just obtained an important news.” Xifeng received the micro computer that a person hands over from the right suddenly. “老师,刚刚得到一个重要消息。”西逢忽然从右侧接过一个人递来的微型电脑。 Origin sea jurisdiction that requests to seek for about you, we from a Dark Armor spy of surrender, obtained the vital clue.” “关于您要求寻找的始源海权限,我们从一个投诚的暗铠间谍身上,得到了重要线索。” Lin Sheng stares slightly, making the disciple seek for the origin sea jurisdiction, order that but he told at will. 林盛微微一愣,让弟子去寻找始源海权限,只是他随意吩咐下去的命令。 From starting him has not held what/anything to hope. After all this origin sea jurisdiction relates to Battle Helmet User. The level is very high. 从开始他就没抱什么希望。毕竟这个始源海权限关系到战盔士。层次很高。 Now unexpectedly has not thought was really checked a clue by them. 现在居然没想到真的被他们查到点线索。 Xifeng continues saying: „ According to obtaining information, Dark Armor now in Battle Helmet User 3rd Level jurisdiction of large-scale seeking losing, and as if also relates to a thing named Unlimited Turntable. 西逢继续道:“按照得到的情报,暗铠现在在大规模的寻找遗失的战盔士三级权限,并且似乎还关系到一个叫无限转盘的东西。 The authenticity of this news can guarantee, the Dark Armor spy who because we surrender, the real status is the Dark Armor internal Armor King one's own heir. ” 这个消息的真实性可以保证,因为我们投诚过来的这个暗铠间谍,真实身份是暗铠内部一位铠王的亲生子嗣。” Unlimited Turntable?” Lin Sheng came the interest immediately. 无限转盘?”林盛顿时来了兴趣。 Yes, according to the opposite party said that our pointed investigations Unlimited Turntable material. “是的,按照对方所说,我们针对性的调查了无限转盘的资料。 Discovered that this is from a top treasure of myth, it is said has to make human move toward the god great power from the mortal. ” Xifeng continues to say. 发现这是源自于一则神话的顶级宝物,据说是有着让人类从凡人走向神祗的强大力量。”西逢继续道。 Can determine why Dark Armor does invade one's territory Green Lake Star suddenly?” Lin Sheng relates high and low, immediately makes noise to ask. “能确定暗铠是为什么突然来犯绿湖星么?”林盛联系上下,顿时出声问。 Has determined, after that spy surrenders the report. To complete the Unlimited Turntable final two puzzles.” “已经确定了,根据那个间谍投诚后的汇报。是为了完成无限转盘的最后两块拼图。” „A young spy, can the child of Armor King, know so many even?” Lin Sheng spoke thoughtlessly to ask. “一个小小的间谍,就算是铠王之子,能知道这么多?”林盛随口问。 Disciple also asked this question.” Xifeng replied, that person of answer was, Unlimited Turntable in Dark Armor, was not the too big secret, because it was very very big. His father had guarded Unlimited Turntable.” “弟子也问了这个问题。”西逢回答道,“那人的答案是,无限转盘暗铠内部,并不是太大的秘密,因为它很大很大。他的父亲曾经就看守过无限转盘。” Moreover, we also obtain other news. After the teacher you makes a move to extinguish Eagle of the Stars, there are lots of nearby star robbers to come to surrender, has as a Battle Helmet User star robs the chieftain. “另外,我们还得到另外的一个消息。在老师您出手全灭群星之鹰后,有大量的附近星盗前来投诚,其中就有身为战盔士的一名星盗头目。 From his there, we knew, Star Alliance and Dark Armor, have the origin sea 2nd Level jurisdiction that you are saying respectively one. ” 从他那里,我们得知,星空联盟和暗铠,分别持有着您所说的始源海二级权限各一份。” 2nd Level jurisdiction?” 二级权限?” In the Lin Sheng eye flashes through an obscure ray. 林盛眼中闪过一丝晦涩的光芒。 He hesitated a while, opens the mouth to say. 他沉吟了一会儿,开口道。 Transmitted orders. Starts to do missionary work to nearby star comprehensively. Moreover, ordering all factories to start to produce in a hurry No. 9 rune/symbol array.” “传令下去。对附近星球开始全面传教。另外,命令所有工厂开始赶制九号符阵。” „No. 9 rune/symbol array?” Xifeng is startled slightly, although the heart is somewhat puzzled, but receives an order as before. “九号符阵?”西逢微微一怔,尽管心头有些不解,但依旧领命下去。 The communication light screen one extinguishes. 通讯光幕唰的一下熄灭。 In the dark hall the weak ray shines on the Lin Sheng profile, reflects indistinct gloomy and cold and happy expression. 暗厅中微弱的光线映照在林盛侧脸上,反射出隐约的阴冷和笑意。 Star Alliance and Dark Armor Green Lake Star has God Armor to assume personal command, will come Eagle of the Stars not to have the issue again time. “星空联盟和暗铠绿湖星神铠坐镇,再来一次群星之鹰也不会有问题。 It seems like that was the time goes out to relax. 看来,是时候出去散散心了。 Since arrives at this world, has not had a look here scenery carefully. ” 自从来到这个世界,还没仔细看看这里的风景。” Lin Sheng anticipated. 林盛对此非常期待。 In the darkness, he on the cape dense and numerous innumerable Protection Bead shine the fluorescence behind. 黑暗中,他身后斗篷上密密麻麻的无数守护珠亮起荧光。 After the desperate pure hope, that is the scenery that he most likes 绝望之后的纯净希望,那是他最喜欢的风景 Limitless City. 无限城 At first city. 最初之城。 The person's shadow that the combustion flame tower peak, in the golden flame ring, rolls up together opens a golden eye slowly. 燃烧的火焰高塔顶端,金色火焰圆环内,一道蜷缩的人影缓缓睁开一丝金色的眼睛。 I saw “我看到了” The weak soul shake spreads from the person's shadow mouth. 微弱的灵魂震荡从人影口中传出。
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