SN :: Volume #8

#735: Surprise attack 3

The sky was replaced the giant white wing. 天空被替代成了巨大的白色翅膀。 The innumerable pure white feathers spurt thick fallingly fall. 无数纯净的白色羽毛纷纷扬扬飞洒落下。 Huge white Two Wings short several seconds then covered the most star. 巨大的白色双翼短短数秒便覆盖了大半个星球。 The missile and light beam that in the outer space the crazy fire descends, were prevented by giant white wing(s), embezzle. 太空中疯狂射击降落的飞弹和光束,纷纷被巨大白翼阻挡,吞没。 Sees this, innumerable people are shocking the continuous pray, they are imploring, magnanimous Hope Force converges God Armor, changes into the supernatural power, changes into white wing(s). More white wing(s). 看到这一幕,无数人们在震撼中源源不断的祈祷起来,他们祈求着,海量的愿力汇入神铠,化为神力,化为白翼。更多的白翼。 Giant white wing(s) grows crazily, in an instant then stretches out the star, just like the white great hand, in Eagle of the Stars toward outer space grasps. 巨大的白翼疯狂生长,转眼便伸出星球,宛如白色巨手,朝着太空中的群星之鹰抓去。 The innumerable combatants who in the mechanical platform, should rally together to counter-attack, the innumerable commanders, actually can only at this time the gaze of look delay giant white wing(s) on screen. 机械平台中,原本应该群起反击的无数战斗人员,无数指挥军官,此时却只能眼神呆滞的注视着屏幕上的巨大白翼。 One reverberates near their ears just like the eulogy Saint sound intermittently unceasingly. 一阵阵宛如歌颂般的圣音在他们耳边不断回响。 Sleepy, exhausted, weak, pain, confession, sad, desperate .... 困倦,疲惫,无力,痛苦,忏悔,悲伤,绝望.... The innumerable negative emotions just like the sea, are gazing at the image on screen merely, makes people feel the whole body worn out and aching, loses the courage. 无数负面情感宛如海洋般,仅仅只是注视着屏幕上的影像,就让人感到浑身酸软,丧失勇气。 This is came from in the pure High-Level position standard, to the soul side suppression of low life. 这是源自于纯粹的高等位格,对低等生命的灵魂侧压制。 The entire Eagle of the Stars fleet has the terrifying annihilation star weapon freely , seemed at this moment silent stiffly generally, calmly stopped in the outer space, is waiting for the giant white wing from the both sides gently surrounded them completely. 整个群星之鹰舰队尽管有着恐怖的歼星武器,此时此刻,却仿佛沉默僵硬了一般,静静停在太空中,等待着巨大白翼从两侧轻轻的将他们全部包围。 Everyone, the mysterious form of commander-in-chief including mechanical platform, in this moment, is facing the terrifying soul pressure. 所有人,包括机械平台中最高指挥官的神秘身影,在这一刻,都面临着恐怖的灵魂威压。 Like by the frog that the python observes closely. 就像被巨蟒盯住的青蛙。 By sheep of giant beast gaze. 被巨兽注视的绵羊。 That is .... What!?!” “那是....什么!?!” From trembling of soul, making them not can be popular the least bit resistance consciousness. 源自灵魂的战栗,让他们根本兴不起半点反抗意识。 Silent, two giant white wings from the both sides, wrap gently completely the entire Eagle of the Stars fleet. 无声无息中,两道巨大白翼轻轻从两侧,将整个群星之鹰舰队完全包裹进去。 From the pressure of god, keeping them even from making the resistance. 源自神的威压,让他们甚至连反抗都无法做出。 Shivers soul that trembles, lets lamb that the entire fleet just like treats butchers, until the last minute, cannot make any fierce response. 颤抖战栗的灵魂,让整个舰队犹如待宰的羔羊,直到最后一刻,也没能做出任何剧烈的回应。 No one revolts, no one escapes. Even no one opens the mouth to make noise. 没有人反抗,没有人逃跑。甚至没有人开口出声。 The entire fleet surpasses three ten million people, at this time like crashing into the rock of deep sea, silent thorough annihilation. 整个舰队超过三千万人,此时如同坠入深海的岩石,无声的彻底湮灭。 The giant white wing wraps the fleet slowly, after staying for more than ten seconds, the decomposition dissipates slowly. 巨大的白色羽翼缓缓包裹住舰队,停留十多秒后,才缓缓分解消散。 The huge cold and gloomy terrifying fleet, had just also vanished at this time without a trace. 刚刚还庞大森冷的恐怖舰队,此时已经消失得无影无踪。 Native regiment remnant army that only leaves behind wreckage. 只留下一片残骸的本土军团残军。 .............. .............. .............. .............. Bang! 嘭! Damn! Damn damn damn!!” “该死!该死该死该死!!” In a remote galaxy. 遥远的一处星系中。 A drift in the silver battleship in meteorites. 一艘漂流在陨石群里的银色战舰里。 One of Dark Armor four emperors, Aurora Emperor Armor Lofest breaks the nearby decorative vase, both hands deep insertion hair. 暗铠四帝之一,极光帝铠洛菲斯特一把砸碎边上的装饰花瓶,双手深深的插入头发。 His whole body cold sweat, recalled just through the lifeform that broad that clone to see. 他浑身冷汗,一回忆起刚刚通过生物分身看到的那恢宏一幕。 His soul then transmits trembles the caution unceasingly. 他的灵魂便不断传来战栗般的警示。 As if simple has a liking for one, can make him feel the pain. 似乎就连简单的看上一眼,也能让他感到痛楚。 My Eagle of the Stars .... Didn't have??” “我的群星之鹰....就这么没了??” His dark blue long hair made an effort to pull by both hands, the thorn sore feeling that as if the scalp transmits, can help that terrifying one that he suppressed just to see. 他深蓝色的长发被双手用力拉扯着,似乎头皮传来的刺疼感,能帮他压制住刚刚看到的那恐怖一幕。 Since sitting imperial throne, he then never has this to be rude. 从坐上帝位以来,他便从未有过这等失态。 Lost own huge regiment, simultaneously lost a precious biological split. 失去了专属于自己的庞大军团,同时失去了一具珍贵的生物分体。 Most importantly, facing giant white wing(s) who that blocks the sky, he is not even able to raise the consciousness of resistance. 最重要的,是面对那遮天蔽日的巨大白翼,他甚至连反抗的意识都无法升起。 Green Lake Star .... 绿湖星....” Lofest gets hold of the fist, controls the palm that are shivering diligently. 洛菲斯特握紧拳头,努力控制着自己颤抖的手掌。 He after all once was by the 4th Level jurisdiction enters the origin sea the powerhouse, the huge soul and tenacious will, let restrain gradually from the pressure of god he tried hard. 他毕竟是曾经以四级权限进入始源海过的强者,自身庞大的灵魂和坚韧的意志,让他努力的渐渐克制住了源自神的威压。 Such strength... should not exist in the world!” “那样的力量...不该存在于世!” Returned to normal reluctantly shivering of body, Lofest set out, in the delicate and pretty facial features revealed deep dreading. 勉强平复了身体的颤抖,洛菲斯特直起身,俊美的面容上流露出深深的忌惮。 Is only to resist that unknown existence, must first find to resist the means of this spiritual force field suppression!” “只是要想对抗那个未知的存在,必须要先找到对抗这种精神力场压制的办法!” Regardless of otherwise has the powerful weapon, even launches radically cannot achieve.” “否则无论持有再强大的武器,也根本连发射也做不到。” .............. .............. .............. .............. Green Lake Star. 绿湖星 When flies from the sky the missile and laser that innumerably shoot to come, when dense and numerous landing land. 当无数从天空飞射而来的导弹和激光,密密麻麻降落大地时。 The entire star most human agglomeration was shelled. 整个星球大半的人类聚集地遭到轰击。 Fen City of card Dis graceful kingdom also suffers this grade of treatment. 迪斯曼王国的芬城也同样遭受这等待遇。 Is the air defense system of city to raise automatically, the crazy launch air defense light beam and air defense missile, intercept the missile and laser that the raindrop drops. 属于城市的防空系统自动升起,疯狂的发射防空光束和防空飞弹,拦截雨点般落下的导弹和激光。 The residents under the grating aviation warning, go all out to run toward various air-raid shelter refuge shelters. 市民们纷纷在刺耳的航空警报下,拼命朝着各处防空洞避难所跑去。 Just held elder sister's Ducaente to raise the head fiercely, looks to breaking open the innumerable missiles and light beams of cloud layer. 才刚刚抱起姐姐的杜卡恩特猛地抬头,望向破开云层的无数飞弹和光束。 The explosion and fireworks of big piece bloom unceasingly, in an instant then entire Fen City changes into a duskiness sky over. 大片的爆炸和烟花不断绽放,转眼便将整个芬城上空化为一片灰蒙蒙。 Also without he had responded, white light screen from underground shoots up to the sky suddenly, then sweeps across instantaneously decomposes the innumerable fires that the sky descends. 还没等他有所反应,骤然间一道白色光幕从地下冲天而起,瞬间便席卷分解掉天空降落的无数炮火。 Then is the Saint Light church underground, the sacred armor of raising, launches Two Wings one in the sky. 紧接着便是圣光教堂地下,升起的神圣铠甲,在天空中展开双翼的一幕。 The innumerable residents in that moment, all look up to the sky, prayed unceasingly devotionally. 无数市民在那一刻,全都仰望天空,不断虔诚祈祷。 When facing disaster, people regarding can save their existence, hope and expectation of holds, often is purest. 在面对灾难时,人们对于能够挽救自身的存在,所抱有的希冀和期望,往往是最纯粹的。 Ducaente stands on the street, the bosom is holding elder sister Ducanila , is Rerat and Kenhardt two elder sisters' members. 杜卡恩特站在街道上,怀里抱着姐姐杜卡妮拉,身后则是雷拉和肯哈特两个姐姐的队员。 Four people are rare not person who goes to the air-raid shelter to seek asylum. 四人是少有的没有前往防空洞避难的人。 Terrifying wing that the dull looking up to sky, just that blocked the sky at this time, to the present also deep stay in four people of impressions. 他们此时正呆呆的仰望天空,刚刚那遮天蔽日的恐怖羽翼,到现在还深深的停留在四人印象里。 Just .... What is that??” Kenhardt dull asked makes noise. He somewhat hoarse voice, in the grating anti-aircraft alarm sound, appearing is somewhat dry and funny. “刚刚....那是什么??”肯哈特呆呆的问出声。他有些嘶哑的声音,在刺耳的防空警报声里,显得有些干燥而滑稽。 He lived for thirty years, this is the first time that saw this indescribable magnificent scene. 他活了三十几年,这还是第一次见到这种无法形容的壮观场景。 Is... some special air defense facility?!” Rerat voice is also withered and hoarse. No matter what who can listen to shivering and anxiety that in her voice contains at this time. “是...某种特殊的防空设施?!”雷拉声音同样干枯而嘶哑。而且任谁也能听出此时她嗓音里包含的颤抖和不安。 Ducaente begins supinely, looks at the white luminous spot that the sky is sprinkling slowly. 杜卡恩特仰起头,望着天空缓缓洒落下来的白色光点。 Not...” “不...” He puts out a hand to catch a luminous spot, this is only then the pulpit and has the Saint Force luminous spot that the talent of Spirit Vision can see. 他伸手接住一个光点,这是只有圣职者和拥有灵视之人才能看到的圣力光点。 That is a god.” “那是神。” He pinches gently, the luminous spot breaks immediately, changes into the innumerable pure white granules, fans into the air. 他轻轻一捏,光点顿时破碎,化为无数纯白粒子,散入空气。 God of response hope.” “回应祈求的神。” ............ ............ ............ ............ Yinshi Building. 银狮大厦。 Except Ducaente, obtains the duty with several other ahead of time, leaves Holy Son of conference site. 除开杜卡恩特,和另外几名提前得到任务,离开会场的圣子 In Holy Son that leaves behind, including Shelly, Sutan and the others, altogether eight people. 留下的圣子中,包括闪离,苏纳塔等人在内,一共八人。 Eight Holy Son, the positive/direct belt/bring is frantic at this time and gaze of respect their teachers. 八位圣子,此时正面带狂热和崇敬的注视着他们的老师。 Pure white fine armor that sits well in the hall end place. 一具端坐在大厅尽头处的纯白精致铠甲。 This coming fleet, from Dark Armor Eagle of the Stars, his director commander subordinates of under Aurora Emperor Armor Dark Armor four big Emperor Armor the influence.” “这次前来的舰队,是源自暗铠群星之鹰,其指挥司令官是隶属于暗铠四大帝铠之一的极光帝铠麾下势力。” The Sutan Masaro sound reports the information that was just collecting to obtain. 苏纳塔正朗声汇报着刚刚收集得到的情报。 Aurora Emperor Armor is one of the Dark Armor four big most powerhouses, once the most magnificent score, was one's effort annihilated the extraterrestrial three big landing regiments. The body most excels at the land landing operation. The body defense system is in Dark Armor four big Emperor Armor strongest one.” 极光帝铠暗铠四大最强者之一,曾经最辉煌的战绩,是一己之力歼灭外星三大登陆军团。其机体最擅长陆地登陆战。机体防御系统是暗铠四大帝铠中最强的一个。”
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