SN :: Volume #8

#736: Hopes 1

No matter he is how fierce, this time falls in the teacher hand/subordinate.” Shelly cannot bear make noise in the one side. “不管他怎么厉害,这次还是在老师手下栽了跟头。”闪离在一旁忍不住出声。 This Aurora Emperor Armor, without the true body does not come.” Lin Sheng has the sound said slowly. “不这个极光帝铠,没有真身过来。”林盛缓缓出声道。 Although this he makes God Armor make a move time, uses magnanimous Hope Force, the eruption god fire, purifies to burn instantaneously all Eagle of the Stars fleets. 尽管这一次他让神铠出手,利用海量的愿力,爆发神火,瞬间净化燃烧掉所有群星之鹰的舰队。 But the consumption is also extremely fearful. 但消耗也是极为可怕。 Complete Hope Force that before God Armor saved, consumed at this time. If meets the next air raid immediately again, perhaps God Armor could not apply. 之前神铠积攒的全部愿力,此时都消耗一空。若是马上再遇到下一次空袭,恐怕神铠也派不上用场了。 However through this test, he also calculates the maximum might that God Armor can play. 不过通过这一次测试,他也计算出了神铠所能发挥的最大威力。 Massive white Hope Force that on God Armor lodges, to his big use, definitely cannot be the disposable weapon eruption use. 神铠上寄宿的大量白愿力,对他并没有多大用处,完全可以作为一次性的武器爆发使用。 This experiment also successfully confirmed this. 这次的实验也成功证实了这点。 Hope Force that the God Armor one breath spends freely, is equivalent to a half god who has magnanimous Hope Force, thoroughly from exploding might. 神铠一口气挥霍掉的愿力,相当于一位持有海量愿力的半神,彻底自爆的威力。 This might durability is not freely high, the destructive power that but creates satisfies him quite. 这份威力尽管持久性不高,但造成的破坏力还是让他颇为满意。 How God Armor supplements Hope Force rapidly, this takes the key that the strategic weapons use God Armor now. 只是,神铠如何迅速补充愿力,这个才是现在将神铠作为战略武器使用的关键。 Does not have the true body to come Holy Son present immediately the heart one cold. “没有真身来”在座的圣子顿时心头一凛。 Emperor Armor most powerhouse really lives up to reputation, in teacher that and other terrors extinguishes the world under sufficiently the offensive, unexpectedly was unable to stamp out the source of trouble. Emperor Armor powerful looks like, not only strength, similarly also has the scheme. 帝铠最强者果然名不虚传,在老师那等恐怖的足以灭世的攻势下,居然还没能斩草除根。帝铠强大的看来并不只是力量,同样也有心计。 In a short time, some people do not dare to disturb us again.” Lin Sheng calmly said. “不过短时间内,是不会有人敢再来打扰我们了。”林盛平静道 Now these days, I want you to collect to make these materials as far as possible.” Lin Sheng finger. “现在这段时间,我要你们尽可能的收集制造这些材料。”林盛手指一点。 Immediately one white Saint Light form slips of paper before numerous human body. 顿时一片白色圣光在众人身前纷纷形成一张张纸片。 On slip of paper clear appears names of all various professions different material. These materials, some treasure extremely, some are quite ordinary, but the ordinary material, the needed quantity is enormous. 纸片上清晰的浮现出一行行不同材料的名字。这些材料,有的极其珍惜,有的则是相当普通,但普通的材料,需要的量却极大。 The material that everyone searches is different. 每个人搜索的材料都有所不同。 Respectfully follows your order.” “谨遵您的命令。” All Holy Son lower the head slightly, expressed respectfully. 所有圣子微微低头,表示恭敬。 Yongli in March 2813. 永历2813年3月。 Star Alliance has the turmoil, the alliance country card Dis graceful kingdom bitter experience Eagle of the Stars terror attack. 星空联盟内部发生动乱,联盟国卡迪斯曼王国遭遇群星之鹰恐怖袭击。 The same time, one of the alliance 31 Armor King, white stone Armor King, comes doubtful finally in Green Lake Star. Later is missing thoroughly, does not know the whereabouts. 同时间,联盟三十一位铠王之一,白石铠王,疑似最后现身在绿湖星。之后彻底失踪,不知下落。 Inferior moon/month on the 1 st. 次月一日。 Green Lake Star declared independence, was separated from the alliance officially. King Nashler starts to liberate the speech. And announced that Saint Light Church is the Green Lake Star national religion. 绿湖星宣布独立,正式脱离联盟。国王纳什特勒开始解放演讲。并宣布圣光教会绿湖星国教。 The supporting rate achieves astonishingly 97%. 其民意支持率达到惊人的百分之九十七。 It seems like to respond Green Lake Star, the turbulence big triangle red Ling galaxy has also declared independence. 似乎是为了响应绿湖星,早已动荡不已的大三角红玲星系也同时宣布独立。 Altogether 13 Wang Guoxing jointly signs to be separated from the alliance agreement. Community that establishes the named red Ling federation. 一共十三个王国星共同签署脱离联盟协议。重新建立名为红玲联邦的共同体。 Hence, peaceful over a hundred years of Star Alliance, falls into the civil disturbances again 至此,和平了上百年的星空联盟,再度陷入内部动乱 Khesra star Star Alliance capital star. 凯斯拉星星空联盟首都星。 Merely the Khesra stars of common planet half of size, are the most beautiful planets that the entire Star Alliance deserves. 仅仅只有一般行星一半大小的凯斯拉星,是整个星空联盟当之无愧的最美行星。 It has the colored planet belt/bring to surround all around. Also has three size even consistent satellites, carrying/sustaining the mission that protects the planet, rotates unceasingly. 它有着起彩色的行星带环绕四周。还有着三颗大小均匀一致的卫星,承载着守护行星的使命,不断转动。 In its all around four directions, in less than one light year range, but also has four huge space warfare fortresses to guard respectively. 在其四周的四个方向,在不到一光年的范围内,还各自有着四座庞大的空间战争堡垒驻守。 The four grand marshals in empire guard respectively in these four war fortresses. Leads the respective subordinate regiment, surrounds and protects the capital star. 帝国的四大元帅分别驻守在这四座战争堡垒中。率领各自的麾下军团,拱卫首都星球。 At this moment, the highest mountain range of Khesra star. 此时此刻,凯斯拉星的最高山脉内部。 A depth in several kilometers underground rock layer, has a tremendous circular alloy space. 深达数千米的地下岩层内,有着一个巨大的圆形合金空间。 The number by the alliance military officer and researcher of ten million idea, the accumulation here, is conducting the exchange of information with massive alliance kingdoms every time. 数以千万计的联盟军官和研究学者,聚集在这里,每时每刻都在与大量的联盟王国进行信息交换。 The alloy space most core place, was one just like the ancient temple giant temple. 合金空间最核心处,是一座宛如古代神殿般的巨大庙宇。 The temple float in a special region of zero gravity, among the arrangement has altogether 149 alliance country seats. 庙宇悬浮在一片无重力的特殊区域里,其内布置有一共一百四十九个联盟国席位。 But at this moment, an alliance country seat of scrap, forever dim getting down, no longer blooms special halo that can contact. 而此时此刻,其中一小块的联盟国席位,永远的黯淡下去,不再绽放可以联络的特殊光晕。 All seat centers, are five platoons become the special position of triangle. 所有席位中心,是五个排成三角形的特殊位置。 This is the alliance four grand marshals, with place that the alliance speakers sit. 这是联盟四大元帅,和联盟议长所坐的地方。 At this time most seats had sat the pale blue fuzzy human form. This is by the ultra long-distance range information transmission, virtual image that condenses. 此时大部分席位都已经坐了淡蓝色的模糊人形。这是由超远距离信息传输,凝聚出的虚拟影像。 But four grand marshal positions, then also presents four pale blue fuzzy human form. 而四大元帅位置,则是同样出现四道淡蓝色模糊人形。 It is not the technology cannot achieve photograph clear, but to prevent information information divulging, the condition of alliance intentionally design. 不是技术达不到人像清晰化,而是为了防止信息情报泄露,联盟故意设计的这种状态。 At this time in the entire temple just like the food market, a chaos, the major alliance kingdom representatives on seat, want to speak in abundance, tried to clarify exactly had what/anything. 此时整个庙宇里犹如菜市场,一片乱糟糟,席位上的各大联盟王国代表,都纷纷想要发言,试图弄清楚到底发生了什么。 Green Lake Star situation what's the matter?” 绿湖星的情况到底怎么回事?” Just stilled the extraterrestrial influence hundred years, before can the indestructible alliance, present the crack firmly?” “才刚刚平定外星势力百年,之前牢不可摧的联盟关系,就要出现裂纹了么?” „Will Eagle of the Stars arrive in Green Lake Star unexpectedly suddenly, the galaxy defensive system? We invest the large amounts of funds the galaxy defense strengths, such helplessly looks?” 群星之鹰居然会突然抵达绿湖星,星系防御体系呢?我们投入大量资金的星系防御力量,就这么眼睁睁的看着?” Compared with the initiative rebellion, I am willing to believe, Green Lake Star was compelled under the despair instead!” “比起主动叛乱,我个人更愿意相信,绿湖星是在绝望之下被逼反!” Or well-meaning or malicious guesses, reverberate in the temple unceasingly. 一个个或善意或恶意的猜测,不断在庙宇内回荡。 Sits four grand marshals and alliance speakers in middle position, actually as before silent, seems waiting till the fermentation of this information. 坐在中间位置的四大元帅和联盟议长,却依旧沉默不语,似乎在等到这条情报的发酵。 This being noisy condition, continued for enough a half hour, ceases slowly. 这种闹哄哄的状态,持续了足足半个多小时,才慢慢停息下来。 Sits in the middle four grand marshals, similarly also only then pale blue virtual human. 坐在中间的四大元帅,同样也只有淡蓝色的虚拟人型。 At this time four people silent. 此时四人都沉默不语。 What's wrong? Treats Green Lake Star, with treating the big triangle red Ling galaxy, what has to distinguish differently? Similarly is the rebellion, similarly is the independence.” Sits said in the seat of honor alliance speaker in a low voice. “怎么了?对待绿湖星,和对待大三角红玲星系,有什么区别不同?同样是叛乱,同样是独立。”坐在主位的联盟议长低声道。 Although the sound is low and deep, but under the special design, his sound spreads over the entire space as before with ease. 尽管声音低沉,但在特殊的设计下,他的声音依旧轻松传遍整个空间。 Four grand marshals separately are representing behind a big corresponding influence. 四大元帅分别代表着背后一大片的对应势力。 The northern marshal successor pegu of, regretted at this time wear a look of, returns in a soft voice said. 其中的北一元帅继承人北古,此时面带惋惜,轻声回道。 In my opinion, Green Lake Star is independent, the big triangle red Ling galaxy is independent, was inferior that true Armor King falls from the sky grievedly.” “在我看来,绿湖星独立,大三角红玲星系独立,都不如一位真正的铠王陨落来得让人心痛。” Entire alliance for these years, only then 31 Armor King, actually fall from the sky now suddenly. This regarding the attack of entire alliance, is more than independent event.” “整个联盟这么多年来,就只有三十一位铠王,如今却突然陨落一位。这对于整个联盟的打击,更甚于独立事件。” Although his words are coarse, but also is everyone heart common idea on the scene. 他的话虽然难听,但也是在场的所有人心头共同的想法。 Truly, seems like that two domains are noisy, has a great influence, but in fact Green Lake Star and area of big triangle red Ling galaxy adds, is 1% of entire Star Alliance. 确实,看似两块地盘闹独立,影响很大,但实际上绿湖星和大三角红玲星系的面积加起来,也不过是整个星空联盟的百分之一不到。 But once Armor King equips to annihilate the star module, might that can erupt, even not under one huge extinguishes the starship team. The starry sky territory that can develop continues this. 而一位铠王一旦装备上歼星模块,所能爆发的威力,甚至不下于一支庞大的灭星舰队。能够开拓的星空领土远不止这点。 Therefore Armor King is the entire alliance most precious wealth strength. 所以铠王才是整个联盟最宝贵的财富战力。 That, in view of mysterious disappearance of white stone Armor King, everyone felt, what countermeasure I and others should make?” Sits inquired in the seat of honor speaker slowly. “那么,针对白石铠王的神秘失踪,大家觉得,我等应该做出什么对策?”坐在主位的议长缓缓询问。 Can solve a Armor King strength silently, is not the common people. Green Lake Star compared with big triangle red Ling, the risk is higher.” “能够无声无息解决一位铠王的力量,绝不是泛泛之辈。绿湖星比起大三角红玲,危险性更高。” Blue polar star marshal who in four grand marshals, is responsible for resisting the peripheral star space extraterrestrial influence, critical appraisal. 四大元帅中,负责对抗外围星宇外星势力的蓝极星元帅,中肯评价。 I think is the extraterrestrial strength infiltrates. However after the investigation, does not have the extraterrestrial influence the unique known signal.” “原本我以为是外星力量渗透。不过经过探查,并没有外星势力所特有的已知信号。”
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