SN :: Volume #3

#288: Tests 2

Many many thanks advises the Melissa whole body to tremble. “多多谢指教”蜜莉莎浑身都在发抖。 Just the flash, she completely had not done yes what's the matter, oneself all Demonic Ability silk threads, then completely shut off. 刚刚一瞬间,她完全没搞明白怎么回事,自己所有的邪能丝线,便被全部切断。 Disparity was too big the sighs of some people to sneak in her ear. “差距太大了”有人的叹息声钻进她耳中。 Melissa cannot bear turn head to look to the teacher, the teacher commends wear a look, applauds gently. 蜜莉莎忍不住扭头看向导师,导师面带嘉许,轻轻鼓掌。 But nearby Lin Sheng, is having the smile similarly, but in that pair of golden eye pupil, actually cannot see least bit own shadow. 而边上的林盛,则同样带着微笑,但那双金色的眼眸里,却看不到半点自己的影子。 All is Margaret's exquisite physique. 全是玛格丽特的优美身姿。 Her staggering was being supported by the arm by Anna, until sitting to position, has not gotten back one's composure. 她踉踉跄跄的被安娜搀扶着下来,直到坐到位置上,都没回过神。 Next. Also do some people want to try?” About Voban Tiira looks. “下一位。还有人想要试试么?”乌曼迪拉左右看去。 The student test is the activity that each workshop must be able to engage. 学员测试是每个工坊都必须会做的活动。 Demonic Ability is not the civilian personnel, facing more and more stern bad living environment, they momentarily needs to get ready for action. 邪能者可不是什么文职人员,面对越来越严峻恶劣的生存环境,他们随时需要做好战斗准备。 Therefore no matter who, certain battle efficiency is essential. 所以不管是谁,一定的战斗力是必不可少的。 Nobody went on stage again. 没人再上场了。 Since this has been continuously the Spirit Heart Castle Manor present situation. So long as Margaret comes up, then definitely moves the termination. 这就是一直以来心灵城堡的现状。只要玛格丽特上去,接下来就肯定是活动完结。 Since nobody goes on stage, then Voban Tiira looks to Lin Sheng. “既然没人上场,那么”乌曼迪拉看向身旁的林盛 Lin Sheng, you and Margaret together, demonstrate higher level Demonic Ability fight pattern to everybody, what kind of?” 林盛,你和玛格丽特一起,给大家演示一下更高层面的邪能战斗模式,怎么样?” Lin Sheng sets out to bow slightly. 林盛起身微微鞠躬。 Good teacher.” “好的导师。” He is out gradually, in the Margaret also somewhat anticipated look, slightly bends the waist to salute toward the opposite party. 他缓步下场,在玛格丽特也有些期待的眼神中,朝着对方微微弯腰行礼。 Studies the elder sister to advise.” “学姐请指教。” Line of sight anticipation curious falling on Lin Sheng. 一道道视线期待好奇的落在林盛身上。 Another disciple of Professor Voban Tiira, already with them was not a level, therefore Lin Sheng of same age, became has then presented the object who all students compared. 乌曼迪拉教授的另一位弟子,早已和他们不是一个层次,所以同年龄的林盛,便成了在场所有学员比对的对象。 Lin Sheng in teaching there obtained has given favored treatment massively, but also was allowed to live in Spirit Heart Castle Manor. 林盛在教授那里获得了大量优待,还获准就住在心灵城堡里。 It is said teaches also intends to reconcile him and daughter Miss Mira. 据说教授还有意撮合他和自己女儿米拉小姐。 This makes not rare the Mira male student heart turn sour. 这更是让不少见过米拉的男生心头发酸。 The talent is fierce, but your Voban Tiira but professor! As for such flatters Lin Sheng? 天才是厉害,但你乌曼迪拉可是教授啊!至于这么讨好林盛么? Yes, Voban Tiira is flattering Lin Sheng in many people's eyes. 是的,在不少人眼里,乌曼迪拉就是在讨好林盛 Now two people face-to-face, stand in field. 现在两人面对面,站在场上。 Representative Margaret senior student the highest standards of all people. 玛格丽特代表着老学员在内的所有人的最高水准。 But Lin Sheng represents the highest level in new student. 林盛则代表新学员中的最高层面。 Whom looks at to win who lost/carrying. This is defeats the talent proud good opportunity! 就看谁胜谁负了。这是个打垮天才骄傲的好机会! Perhaps everybody wants to look, is some talent many skills, has the qualifications naturally accepts giving favored treatment of these many professors!” “或许大家想看的,是天才到底有多少本事,有没有资格理所当然的接受这么多教授的优待!” Melissa Anna cannot bear said in a low voice. 蜜莉莎身边的安娜忍不住低声道。 Melissa also slightly buoys up, she is only has not expected herself to defeat such quickly, is so miserable. 蜜莉莎也稍微振作起来,她只是没料到自己败得这么快,这么惨。 She thinks, after oneself and Margaret at least can also several moves, then does not beat to be defeated. 原本她以为,自己和玛格丽特起码还能过几招后,再不敌落败。 Has not thought of the result such 可没想到结果这么 This to the pride of her heart of hearts, is not a small attack. 这对她的内心深处的骄傲,也是一次不小的打击。 Do not be worried, Margaret studied elder sister to be about to graduate. She is counted this year, stayed for four years in Spirit Heart Castle Manor, has such strong strength is also natural.” Anna comforts to say. “别担心,玛格丽特学姐已经快毕业了。她今年算上,已经在心灵城堡呆了四年,有这么强的实力也是理所当然。”安娜安慰道。 Is all right I am only the two people in Melissa raising the head careful staring field. “没事我只是”蜜莉莎抬头仔细凝视场中的两人。 Her also somewhat anticipated, anticipated Margaret ruthlessly like defeating oneself, defeats Lin Sheng. 她也有些期待,期待玛格丽特狠狠的像击败自己一样,击败林盛 But her heart of hearts, was anticipating indistinctly Lin Sheng defeats Margaret. 但她内心深处,又隐约期待着林盛击败玛格丽特。 After all Lin Sheng is the goal that he has pursued, she does not think that oneself goal such easily was defeated. 毕竟林盛是他一直追赶的目标,她不想自己的目标就这么轻易被人击败。 Lin Sheng is the disastrous defeat, will be appears she will be more incompetent. 林盛越是惨败,也会越是显得她无能。 At this time in field. 此时场中。 Lin Sheng is weaponless, has not taken any weapon. Smile looks at opposite Margaret. 林盛手无寸铁,没有拿任何武器。只是微笑的看着对面玛格丽特。 Studies the elder sister to invite first.” “学姐先请。” Margaret restrains the smiling face, the sword blade refers to slantingly. 玛格丽特收敛笑容,剑身斜指。 Whiz! 嗖! Before her moves sideways to/clashes, the body changes into Remnant Shadow, lifts sword Breakthrough Thrust! 她一个闪身前冲,身体化为残影,抬剑突刺 !! 哧!! Straight sword image is a silver wire, in less than 1 seconds, surmounts 78 meters distance, appears in the Lin Sheng chest front. 笔直的剑影像是一条银线,在不到1秒的时间里,跨越78米距离,出现在林盛胸前。 This sword is not ordinary human can erupt to obtain obviously. 这一剑明显不是普通人类能够爆发得出的。 Margaret borrowed Demonic Ability to stimulate oneself, erupted the formidable speed and strength. 玛格丽特借用了邪能刺激自身,爆发出强大的速度和力量。 Moreover use of this Demonic Ability fewer but better, can thus make her have a more lasting endurance. Also can reduce the damage of Demonic Ability to body. 而且这种邪能的使用少而精准,从而可以让她拥有更持久的耐力。还能减少邪能对身体的损伤。 What a pity, when this sword soon moves the Lin Sheng clothes surface, rhombus green crystal accurate reappearing, blocks the sword to be sharp. 可惜,这一剑快要触碰到林盛衣服表面时,一颗菱形绿色水晶精准的浮现而出,挡住剑尖。 Ding! 叮! The cross sword is suddenly curving, almost assumes 90 degrees. 十字剑骤然弯曲,几乎呈90度。 Margaret had not planned a sword ended the fight. 玛格丽特本就没打算一剑结束战斗。 Her elbow green light flashes, the cross sword vanishes in an instant fuzzily. 她手肘绿光一闪,十字剑刹那间消失模糊。 Cross star flashes!” “十字星闪!” Cruciform silver light shines together suddenly before the Lin Sheng body, crushes straightly toward him. 一道十字型银光骤然在林盛身前亮起,笔直朝着他压倒过去。 This move is Margaret's commonly used linking up kills certainly. 这一招才是玛格丽特常用的连贯绝杀。 In the past match, many people can catch her first move of Breakthrough Thrust, but flashes in the Breakthrough Thrust later cross star, is actually nobody can respond kills certainly. 在以往对手里,有不少人都能接住她的第一招突刺,但在突刺之后的十字星闪,却是没人能反应过来的绝杀。 It is not nobody expects, but is this move of might is too big. 不是没人预料到,而是这一招威力太大。 After Breakthrough Thrust, the violent increases about three times of explosive forces suddenly. 突刺之后,突然暴增近三倍的爆发力。 The attack range big were too many. 攻击范围还大了太多。 Even if match of Demonic Ability above her, some defeats under one move that this is caught off guard much. 就算邪能在她之上的对手,也有不少败在这措手不及的一招下。 But was a pity, she was doomed in this time to be disappointed. 但可惜,她注定要在这一次中失望了。 The sword light of cruciform prints like lightning in the Lin Sheng body first several centimeters place, float in midair, is unable to proceed to move again. 十字形的剑光闪电般印在林盛身前数厘米处,悬浮在半空,再也无法往前移动。 Dense and numerous one green rhombus crystals appear, similarly forms the cruciform, accurate blocks all sword light. 密密麻麻的一片绿色菱形晶体浮现而出,同样形成十字形,精准的挡住所有剑光。 Lin Sheng stands in same place motionless, is only the vision by the sword light and crystal, looks to Margaret. 林盛站在原地一动不动,只是目光透过剑光和晶体,看向玛格丽特。 Please continue.” “请继续。” The Margaret look is dignified. 玛格丽特眼神凝重起来。 Footsteps one wrong, the whole person disappears in same place, in an instant appears in the Lin Sheng body side. 脚步一错,整个人消失在原地,刹那间出现在林盛身侧。 Nebula.” “星云。” !! 哧哧哧哧!! The dense and numerous sword light empty shadow simultaneously appears around the Lin Sheng side. 密密麻麻的剑光虚影同时出现在林盛身旁周围。 Ding!! 叮叮叮叮!! Flash dozens impact noises blast out. 一瞬间数十下撞击声炸开。 All sword light empty shades, were blocked by the green rhombus crystal completely accurate, do not have an omission. 所有剑光虚影,全部被绿色菱形晶体精准挡住,没有一个遗漏。 Comet sword!” “彗星剑!” A Margaret slippery step, surrounds Lin Sheng to rotate rapidly. 玛格丽特一个滑步,环绕着林盛急速转动起来。 In her hand the cross sword gathering innumerable green lights, blast out suddenly, shine are similar to the comet tail flame, hits ruthlessly in Lin Sheng behind the vest place. 她手中十字剑汇聚无数绿光,猛然炸开,亮起如同彗星般的尾焰,狠狠撞在林盛身后背心处。 Bang! 嘭! The sword was blocked by a green crystal sharp unexpectedly once again accurately. 剑尖居然再度被一枚绿色晶体准确挡住。 Margaret is just about to continue to attack, suddenly the corner of the eye split vision saw that Lin Sheng lifts the hand slowly. 玛格丽特正要继续攻击,忽然眼角余光看到林盛缓缓抬手。 An extremely dangerous threat feeling well ups. 一股极度危险的威胁感涌上心头。 Her heart alarm bell writings, the form changes into the empty shadow, rapidly after leaps, withdraws from more than ten meters distance to stand firm. 她心头一阵警铃大作,身影化为虚影,急速后跃,退出十多米距离站定。 Many thanks study the elder sister shows mercy.” “多谢学姐手下留情。” Lin Sheng smiles the sound said. 林盛微笑出声道。 Two people fight too quickly, does the green crystal of Lin Sheng use have blocks the sword light perfectly, only then two people are clear. 两人交手太快,林盛使用的绿色晶体到底有没有完美挡住剑光,只有两人自己清楚。 Because these crystals are too really small, each even only then fingernail size. 因为那些晶体实在太小,每一颗甚至只有指甲盖大小。 If study the elder sister continues to attack, I perhaps because Demonic Ability will control, but by the severe wound, this was studies the elder sister to win.” Lin Sheng looks to nearby Voban Tiira. “要是学姐继续进攻,我恐怕会因为邪能控制不及,而被重伤,这场算是学姐赢了。”林盛看向一旁的乌曼迪拉 Voban Tiira naturally cannot be the same with the student, has not clarified two people victory and defeat. However his clear Lin Sheng even better, actually does not know that he wins many. 乌曼迪拉自然不会和学员一样,没弄清两人胜负。不过他清楚林盛更胜一筹,却不知道他胜出多少。 That is even.” “那就算平手吧。” He nods. 他点头。
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