SN :: Volume #3

#289: Tests 3

Margaret is special, is prominent in that side family background, the aptitude is ordinary, will not deliver to his here. 玛格丽特出身不凡,在欧罗那边家世显赫,要不是资质一般,也不会送到他这里来。 Now considers the little fellow face nothing. 现在照顾一下小家伙脸面也没什么。 Thinks of here, his even more satisfied to Lin Sheng. 想到这里,他越发的对林盛满意了。 The talent is excellent, is powerful, the bright situation, knows the onset and retreat, but also is modest, to maintain the collective is harmonious, but hides one's incompetence by remaining silent on own initiative. 天赋过人,实力强大,明形势,知进退,还谦虚,为了维护集体和谐,而主动藏拙。 Such disciple, hits the lantern to be also difficult to look simply! 这样的弟子,简直是打着灯笼也难找! That, this tie.” He makes noise the evaluation. “那么,这场就算平手。”他出声评定。 Lin Sheng and Margaret return to the position respectively, salutes mutually, returns to the seat. 林盛和玛格丽特各自回到站位,相互行礼,回到座位。 Margaret puts down sits in meditation in the position, in the heart that gently does not still like the semblance., 玛格丽特平静坐在位置上,心中并不像外表那么柔和平定。, She very clear defeated. 她很清楚自己败了。 Finally that sword comet sword, is she erupts about half to be able evilly the eruption strikes. 最后那一剑彗星剑,是她爆发出自己近半邪能的爆发一击。 Finally superficially was stopped by the opposite party. 结果还是被对方轻描淡写阻拦下来。 Is initial can achieve 500 top talents really worthily evilly.” Her putting out a hand principle takes care of disorderly long hair, shows the smile once again. “真不愧是初始邪能就达到500的顶尖天才。”她伸手理了理凌乱的长发,再度露出微笑。 Lin Sheng sits nearby her, similarly shows the smiling face. 林盛坐在她一旁,同样露出笑容。 Studies elder sister's swordsmanship is, I almost could not only support. I can evilly the total quantity, although are many, but utilizes is also well below to study the elder sister to be accurate.” “学姐的剑法才是,我只差一点就支撑不住了。我邪能总量虽多,但运用还远远不如学姐精准。” His facial features are sincere, Margaret finally felt wipes the threat feeling, perhaps really has also believed his evil. 他面容诚恳,要不是玛格丽特最后感觉到的一抹威胁感,恐怕还真就信了他的邪。 Margaret displays, is 500 many evils can the value, is similar to Lin Sheng, in such age, she can have such strength, is very powerful. 玛格丽特表现出的,也是500多的邪能数值,和林盛差不多,在这样的年纪,她能有如此实力,已经是非常强悍了。 After all can evilly not like many other systems that preliminary powerful. 毕竟邪能不像很多其他体系那么前期强悍。 The evil energy to the later period, is formidable, is comprehensive. But other systems, the majority arrives at Four Wings Suppression Level, is incapable of proceeding again, to end. 邪能越是到后期,越是强大,也越是全面。而其他体系,大部分走到四翼镇压级,就无力再往前,到了尽头。 He, although is strong, but I also hid about half evil to be able the total quantity, at the total quantity 1000 many values, can fully erupt to kill sword skills. Must begin, I must win.’ ‘不过他虽强,但我也隐藏了近半的邪能总量,以总量1000多的数值,可以全面爆发必杀剑技。真要动手,我必赢。’ The Margaret heart flashes through the thought that the smile on face is even more temperate. 玛格丽特心头闪过念头,脸上的微笑越发温和。 Good. Today tests arrived here, later ranks to announce on the Castle Manor hall midpoint call-board. When everyone passes through the gate will see.” “好了。今天测试就到这里,之后排名会公布在城堡大厅正中央公告板上。每个人进门时都会看到。” Uman Durrat sound said. 乌曼迪拉朗声道。 A student sets out in abundance, today after having finished, tomorrow will be to have a vacation the date. 一众学员纷纷起身,今天结束后,明天就是放假日。 The people discussed how the time arranges. 众人纷纷商量起时间怎么安排。 Has been staying in Castle Manor, daily was scolded is reproven, but also does very intensive medicament to mix the work. 一直在城堡里呆着,天天被骂被训斥,还干着高强度的药剂调配工作。 Is individual wants to rest to relax. 是个人都想要休息放松。 Melissa sits in the position, in mind as before also the recollection in that fought a moment ago. 蜜莉莎坐在位置上,脑海里依旧还在回忆刚才交手的那一幕。 Margaret and Lin Sheng, these two strengths, have been far in excess of the student newborn standard. 玛格丽特和林盛,这两人的实力,已经远远超越了学员新生的水准。 They to can evilly accurate control, is the degree that the average person was unable to imagine. 他们对邪能的精准操控,也达到了一般人无法想象的程度。 Pure evil can the value, unable to be to determine their strength the standard.” Melissa felt itself and between two people the huge disparity. “单纯的邪能数值,已经不能作为判定他们实力的标准了。”蜜莉莎感受到了自己和两人之间巨大的差距。 …… 嘀嘀嘀 Suddenly the cell phone hears the ting. 忽然手机传来铃声。 Melissa has gotten back one's composure, takes out the cell phone to look at the eye. 蜜莉莎回过神,取出手机看了眼。 Unexpectedly is Selina. 居然是瑟琳娜。 She has not put through, but presses the power failure words gently. In eye flood haze. 她没有接通,而是轻轻按掉电话。眼里泛起一丝阴霾。 She gives Selina to remind, if not the extremely important matter, does not want when she attended class calls her. Will have big exposed risk. 她给瑟琳娜提醒过,如果不是什么极重要的事,就不要在她上课时打电话给她。会有很大的暴露风险。 But now, since Selina telephoned, that means that that side had an accident. 而现在,既然瑟琳娜打了电话过来,那就意味着那边出事了。 Her step in a hurry, the good friend Anna's cry should not, run the exit|to speak quickly to mind Castle Manor 她步履匆匆,连好友安娜的叫声也不应,快步跑向心灵城堡的出口 Lin Sheng goes out abandons the factory, planned that exits to relax well. Has a look at ten thousand graciousness to teach that side also to have any good thing not to have. 林盛走出废弃工厂,打算出去好好散散心。看看万恩教那边还有什么好东西没。 Over ten thousand ghosts that ten thousand graciousness teach, give in his memory, does not have an information of foothold. 万恩教的上万冤魂,给他的记忆里,可不是只有一个据点的情报。 But he does not want alone to rush to hostile camp, that chooses weakest sweeps. 只不过他不想单身闯敌营,才挑选的个最弱的去扫。 Finally is a weakest foothold, has given his big pleasant surprise. 结果就是一个最弱据点,也给了他大大的惊喜。 For these days he well completely absorbed these Memory Fragments, and also the use research data, applied itself to be able evilly on. 这几天他可是好好将那些记忆残片全部吸收掉,并且还利用其中的研究资料,应用到了自己邪能上。 Before with that Margaret fought can evilly the crystal, was he uses that by destruction the achievement of research institute, special defensive system that made. 之前和玛格丽特交手的那种邪能晶体,就是他用那个被覆灭的研究所的一个成果,制造出的特殊防御体系。 Now looks like, defends the effect to be very good. 现在看起来,防御效果很不错。 Goes out of the plant gate, outside red Ying Da happen to keeps off on the road which must be taken. 走出工厂大门,外面一辆红色英达正好挡在必经之路上。 Ying Da is in the world also being able to stand in line front row standard bold car(riage) brand, the price lowest basic funds, at least takes 500,000 meters Canadian dollar. 英达是世界上也排得上前列的标准豪车品牌,价格最低的基本款,也至少要500000米加元。 At present this car(riage) looks is not the lowest design. Value not poor. 眼前这辆车一看就不是最低款式。价值不菲。 What is most important, on the vehicle the person of driving sitting, is lets some Lin Sheng surprise the sources. 最重要的是,车上驾驶位坐着的人,才是让林盛有些诧异的源头。 kāchā, the vehicle door opens. 咔嚓一下,车门打开。 The drivers are sideways, takes down sunglasses that wears, reveals pair of attractive almond eyes, observes closely Lin Sheng. 驾驶者侧身下来,取下戴着的墨镜,露出一双漂亮的杏眼,盯住林盛 Is you?” Lin Sheng lives in the footsteps. Recognizes the person status. “是你?”林盛顿住脚步。认出来人身份。 Before this person, that female who he saves. 这人正是之前他救下的那个女子。 At this time this female has changed clothes, a white long skirt of similar cheongsam, the side is opening the mouth, reveals the slender perfectly round thigh. 此时这女子换了身衣服,一身类似旗袍的白色长裙,侧面开着口,露出修长浑圆的大腿。 Sends the temple high high price rate to get up, among features could see to draw the pale makeup, in the hand has been taking a bright purple suitcase. On the face reveals to be calm and self-confident. 发鬓高高盘起,眉目间看得出画了淡妆,手里提着一个亮紫色手提包。脸上流露出镇定和自信。 With that day high noon is incapable delicately completely is two extremes. 和那天正午的柔弱无力完全是两个极端。 Finally found you.” The females go forward one step, shows smile. My name was Feiouna, thank you had saved me on that day!” “终于找到你了。”女子上前一步,露出微笑。“我叫菲欧娜,谢谢你那天救了我!” „Have you defended here?” Lin Sheng strange say/way. “你一直守在这里?”林盛奇道。 Yes, daytime here will wait for one, has not thought that today the luck is so good.” Feiouna vision brilliant is staring at Lin Sheng. “是啊,白天都会在这里等一阵,没想到今天运气这么好。”菲欧娜目光灼灼的盯着林盛 My Feiouna consistently has the graciousness to repay a debt of gratitude, has a grudge to revenge, since the mister has saved me, I want to repay.” “我菲欧娜一向有恩报恩,有仇报仇,先生既然救了我,我就一定要有所报答。” She is resolute, has to plant the flavor that does not allow to disobey. 她语气坚定,有种不容违逆的味道。 Moreover, looks at mister skill of that day, should not be the average person? Does not know to be interested, coming to my company to be the security adviser? “而且,看先生那天的身手,应该不是普通人吧?不知道有没有兴趣,来我的公司担任安全顾问? You are my savior, salary will not treat unjustly you absolutely, every year 1 million base pay, if there is matter temporarily, the reward calculates in addition, how? ” 您是我的救命恩人,薪资方面绝对不会亏待你,每年1000000基本工资,若是临时有事,报酬另算,如何?” Lin Sheng looked, this woman repaid a debt of gratitude is empty, tried to gather him real. 林盛看出来了,这女人报恩是虚,试图招揽他才是真的。 1 million income? 1000000收入? The teacher gives his study resources one day more than 1 million. 导师给他的修习资源一天都不止1000000。 Sorry, I Lin Sheng shake the head the plan to leave. “抱歉,我”林盛摇头打算离开。 2 million!” Feiouna is sideways to block , to continue to say. “2000000!”菲欧娜侧身挡住,继续道。 I very busy 3 million!” “我很忙3000000!” Feiouna opens the mouth once again, on the face shows the look that wins. 菲欧娜再度开口,脸上露出志在必得的神色。 3.001 million years, before do not forget you, injure excellently, help without me, you know the consequence. “3001000年,别忘了你之前才打伤过人,没有我帮忙,你知道后果。 The court, Police Department, the lawsuit, the high quota compensation, can your foreign student, withstand the consequence? ” 法院,警局,诉讼,高额赔偿,你一个留学生,承受得了后果?” The thing that her Feiouna wants, will not always let slip! 她菲欧娜想要的东西,从来都不会失手! Lin Sheng was silent 林盛沉默了 Originally is a non- loyal son he does good rarely one time, finally also runs into a non- loyal son “原来是个不孝子”他难得做好事一次,结果还遇到个不孝子 „??” Feiouna is slightly vacant, does not know that he was saying anything. “??”菲欧娜微微茫然,不知道他在说什么。 I have the sincerity really very much.” Her sincere earnest say/way. “我是真的很有诚意。”她正色认真道。 That person that „ you injure, is the local most famous pharmacy group elasis. His family influence is also quite abundant. “你打伤的那人,是本地最有名气的制药集团董事会成员。他本身的家族势力也相当雄厚。 Helps without me, as soon as you will exit to be discovered that was seized, takes into Police Department. In the future wants to come out is very difficult again. ” 没有我帮忙,你一出去就会被发现,然后被抓捕,带进警局。日后再想出来就很难了。” Her manner sincere expression , to continue to say. 她一副态度诚恳的表情,继续道。 Because I considered for you, you have saved me, therefore my Feiouna in any event, will protect you full power, does not make them prevail! “因为我是为你考虑,你救了我,所以我菲欧娜无论如何,也会全力护住你,不让他们得逞! I know that you can hit very much, but your being victorious police? Being victorious army? You think that a person does resist the judicial organ? 我知道你很能打,但你打得过警察?打得过军队?你想一个人对抗司法机关? Takes advantage of opportunity but for is the correct path. You do not need because of that scum, but resistance entire interest group. Unworthy. ” 顺势而为才是正道。你没必要因为那个人渣,而对抗整个利益集团。不值得。” You said very of pleasant to hear.” Lin Sheng smiled. But this cannot change you are the non- loyal son's essence.” “你说得很好听。”林盛笑了。“可这改变不了你是个不孝子的本质。” He counts on the fingers a ball. 他屈指一弹。 The finger falls on the Feiouna forehead immediately, will catch up. Actually hesitant under. 手指顿时落在菲欧娜额头上,正要发力。却还是犹豫了下。 Although his mood is not feeling well, but wants, for this minor matter kills people, does not need. 虽然他心情不爽,但真要为了这点小事就杀人,没必要。 Lin Sheng has stopped, receives the evil energy, but ordinary comes up with the finger/refers strength ball. 林盛停顿了下,收回邪能,只是普通的用指力弹上去。 . 嘣。 Feiouna has not wanted to understand that these words are any meaning, by a finger ball in the forehead, the head one buzz was said. 菲欧娜还没想明白这句话是什么意思,就被一指头弹在额头,脑袋一下嗡鸣起来。 The time minutes and seconds pass. 时间分秒流逝。 When she has gotten back one's composure, at present did not have the Lin Sheng trace. 等到她回过神,眼前已经没有了林盛的踪影。 She touches the forehead, in the eye reveals a richer desire. 她摸了摸额头,眼里流露出更加浓郁的欲望。 Unusualness may be unusualness extremely! I have not guessed wrong! Just wait, even if unusualness, so long as is the person, has the weakness, has the desire!” “超凡者极有可能是超凡者!我没猜错!等着吧,就算是超凡者,只要是人,就有弱点,就有欲望!” That circle is she has wanted to get close to. 那个圈子是她一直想要接近的。 But now, meets this obviously is unusualness of good person, this is she best opportunity. 而现在,遇到这个明显是好人的超凡者,这正是她最好的机会。 Her Feiouna, most excels, controls such good person. 她菲欧娜,最擅长的,就是掌控这样的好人。
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