SN :: Volume #3

#287: Tests 1

Bang! Bang bang bang!! 嘭!嘭嘭嘭!! Attack sound in continuously, in field two students fast fight. 连续不断的打击声中,场中两个学员飞快交手。 What a person uses is the short thorn fist, another person continuously sweeps with the leg. 一人使用的是短刺拳,另一人则是用腿连续扫荡。 The fist leg intersection, splutters the green to be able unceasingly evilly the luminous spot. 拳腿相交,不断溅射出绿色邪能光点。 Castle Manor practice ringside. 城堡练习场边。 Uman Durrat sits on the seat, two people who who the look varies stare among are fighting other students sit respectively. 乌曼迪拉坐在座位上,其余学员各自坐成一圈,神色各异的盯着中间交手的两人。 desolate Ling and very Enns is good at slaughtering personal, therefore they will be evil can coverage, utilizes in the body surface, can amplification own explosive force and lethality. “萧翎和忒恩斯都是擅长贴身厮杀,所以他们将邪能的覆盖,运用在身体表面上,可以增幅自身爆发力和杀伤力。 This is also the place that you need to study. Especially in high-velocity process, but can also cover perfectly can evilly in the body surface, this is difficulty. ” 这也是你们需要学习的地方。特别是在高速运动的过程中,还能完美的覆盖邪能在身体表面,这才是最难点。” Uman Durrat introduced simply. 乌曼迪拉简单的介绍。 Melissa sits on the right seat, vision fluttering cannot help but to Lin Sheng. 蜜莉莎坐在右侧座位上,目光不由自主的飘向林盛 Not only she, almost all students can not on own initiative looked that to position that Lin Sheng sits. 不只是她,几乎所有学员都会不自觉的看向林盛坐的位置。 He is sitting right Uman Durrat's side, at this time is with smile on the face, the lower back is stiff, a pure white practicing moral culture/slim fit sportswear, is joined to black hair gold/metal Yan and slightly white skin. 他正坐在乌曼迪拉的身边右侧,此时面带微笑,腰背挺直,一身纯白修身休闲服,配上黑发金眼和微白的皮肤。 A bearing is calm to the person, temperate pleasant feeling. 给人一种气度从容,温和宜人的感觉。 . 噗。 In the field a person falls down finally, the mouth spits a blood, again also not being able to get up body. 场中一人终于摔倒在地,口吐一口鲜血,再也起不来身。 Another person tears off the arm to tie the arms the red turban, is on the forehead. 另一人扯下胳膊上绑着的红巾,系在额头上。 This is the facial features firm and resolute strong male student, he bows toward Uman Durrat distantly, then waiting next. 这是个面容坚毅的强壮男生,他遥遥朝着乌曼迪拉鞠躬,然后等待下一个。 Next tester: Melissa.” In Castle Manor in the midair hikes up gentle female voice, this is the electronic sound of mechanical trial equipment. “下一位测试者:蜜莉莎。”城堡内半空中飘起柔和女声,这是机械测试设备的电子音。 Mind Castle Manor is not being conservative and complacent pure can evilly the organization, but unified the modern sci-tech precise and advanced can evilly the workshop. 心灵城堡并不是固步自封的纯邪能机构,而是结合了现代科技的高精尖邪能工坊。 Melissa stands up, walks in the appearance, opposes with the male student. 蜜莉莎站起身,走到场中,和男生对立。 Two people bow mutually. 两人相互鞠躬。 In all newborn students, desolate Ling physical ability and strength are strongest, Melissa is in the evil energy has the superiority. “所有新生学员中,萧翎的体能和力量最强,蜜莉莎则是邪能量上有优势。 In the beforehand test, the evil of Melissa can the present be 51. Compared with more than 30 many of desolate plume. Whose evil however the actual combat does not look at to be able many on the line. ” 之前的测试中,蜜莉莎的邪能现在是51。比萧翎的30多出不少。不过实战并不是看谁的邪能多就行。” Uman Durrat answered in a soft voice. 乌曼迪拉轻声解释道。 This test, can determine you after basically, needs to hold the post of the position that in the workshop. When as well as will leave the duty in the future, personally to self- localization.” “这次测试,基本可以确定你们之后,在工坊需要担任的位置。以及日后出任务时,个人对自我的定位。” He traces the beard, suddenly resounds said. 他摸了摸胡须,忽然响起道。 Was right, the words of single view student, the school has all -round strength ranking, one is the official ranking, if you are confident, can participate. “对了,单论学员的话,学校是有个综合实力排行榜的,一个是官方排行榜,如果你们有信心,可以去参加。 The positions of different period, can obtain the coordinated resources reward of school. 不同阶段的名次,可以得到学校的对等资源奖励。 One the strength list that is students elects, has not rewarded, if can advance into certain position, after you develops, has very big help. ” 还有一个是学生们自己推选出来的实力榜,没奖励,不过如果能跻身进一定名次,也会对你们以后发展,有很大帮助。” Two rankings? Teacher, does the list why student arrange have the advantage?” A student asked curiously. “两个排行榜?导师,为什么学生自己排的榜单也有好处?”一个学员好奇问。 Uman Durrat when does not involve the workshop medicament manufacture, is very temperate. 乌曼迪拉在不涉及工坊药剂制造的时候,还是很温和的。 Because many students do not have qualifications to participate in the official strength list. For example, has committed a crime student.” Uman Durrat answered. “因为不少学员是没有资格参加官方实力榜的。比如,犯事了的学生。”乌曼迪拉解释道。 The people understand clearly. 众人了然。 At this time in the field Melissa and desolate Ling started to fight. 此时场中蜜莉莎和萧翎已经开始交手了。 Two people battle way and entire close combat was just different. 两人争斗方式和刚刚全近战不同。 Melissa lifts the hand is green silk threads, is similar to the sharp thorn flies to shoot, the air on the scene puts on to scratch the wailing sound. 蜜莉莎抬手就是一道道绿色丝线,如同尖刺般飞射出去,在场中空气里穿擦出尖啸声。 The silk thread compels desolate Ling unceasingly left Shanyou to hide, from the beginning somewhat is then in an extremely difficult situation. 丝线逼得萧翎不断左闪右躲,一开始便有些狼狈不堪。 It is not careful, he acted to be slightly slower, is scratched the shoulder by the silk thread immediately together, the left shoulder is delimited a blood-stained mouth immediately. 一个不小心,他动作稍慢了些,顿时被一道丝线擦中肩膀,左肩顿时被划出一道血口。 Is painful he to scoff at the tooth to grin, turns over/stands up to withdraw from more than ten meters. 痛得他嗤牙咧嘴,翻身退出十多米。 Comes again!” “再来!” His sharply to/clashes, runs the S route, avoids several to be able one after another evilly the silk thread. On the arm gathers one group of bright green halos, hits ruthlessly toward Melissa. 他一个急冲,跑出s型路线,接连躲开数道邪能丝线。手臂上聚集起一团灿烂的绿色光晕,狠狠朝着蜜莉莎打去。 Bullet fist!” “子弹拳!” Fist bang, suddenly acceleration. A speed violent increases the several fold, must pound Melissa shortly. 拳头嘭的一下,骤然加速。速度一下暴增数倍,眼看着就要砸中蜜莉莎 . 噗。 The critical moment, the insulating layer that becomes by the green silk screen knitting, accurate reappearing before the Melissa body. 关键时刻,一层由绿色丝网编织而成的隔离层,精准的浮现在蜜莉莎身前。 Blocks desolate Ling bullet fist firmly. 牢牢挡住萧翎的子弹拳。 A silk screen revolution, the surface extends the massive green sharp thorns suddenly, must fly to shoot. 丝网猛然一转,表面延伸出大量绿色尖刺,就要飞射而出。 I admit defeat!” “我认输!” desolate Ling hurries the loud say/way. 萧翎赶紧大声道。 Uman Durrat somewhat accidental/surprised looked at Melissa. 乌曼迪拉有些意外的看了眼蜜莉莎 This little fellow talent seems to be good, making him somewhat hold in high esteem. 这小家伙似乎天赋还不错,让他有些刮目相看。 Next.” Performance of his heart to desolate plume has hit a minute, then continues the sound said. “下一个。”他心头对萧翎的表现打了个分,便继续出声道。 Under the field is somewhat peaceful, everybody line of sight as centralized as two people on. 场下有些安静,大家视线都集中到了两个人身上。 Sits in Uman Durrat's Lin Sheng. 一个是坐在乌曼迪拉身边的林盛 , Sits gentle a golden hair female student another side of Lin Sheng. 还有一个,是坐在林盛另一侧的一名柔和的金发女生。 Golden hair female student named Margaret. 金发女生名叫玛格丽特。 The foreign student from, is in Uman Durrat hand/subordinate all students, closest disciple status, most receives to appreciate and student of love. 是来自欧罗的留学生,同时也是乌曼迪拉手下所有学员中,最接近弟子身份,最受欣赏和宠爱的学员。 „Did nobody get up?” Uman Durrat looks to Margaret. „Do you come up to demonstrate to everybody?” “没有人上了么?”乌曼迪拉看向玛格丽特。“你上去给大家演示一下?” Good teacher.” Margaret sets out, raises the skirt toward Uman Durrat slightly, then walks in the appearance gradually. “好的导师。”玛格丽特起身,朝着乌曼迪拉微微提裙,然后缓步走到场上。 Her pure-white colored safari suit short skirt, first half wears wears the silver mail-armor and helmet, the lower part reveals the slender clear perfect both legs, on the leg is dressing silver leg armor. 她一身纯白色猎装短裙,上半身穿戴着银色甲胄,下半身露出修长圆润的完美双腿,腿上穿戴着银色腿甲。 His waist is hanging slender cross sword, among the golden long hair is also a diamond swirl. 其腰间悬挂着纤细十字剑,金色长发之间还系着一条钻石发饰。 Melissa, was careful.” She said with a smile. 蜜莉莎,小心了。”她微笑道。 Melissa could not bear and glanced Lin Sheng, gets back one's composure hastily, nods. 蜜莉莎忍不住又瞟了眼林盛,连忙回神过来,点点头。 Please study the elder sister to direct.” “请学姐指点。” Her five fingers, has a mind to the teacher to prove itself, simple one uses full power. 她五指一张,有心想要向导师证明自己,干脆一下用出全力。 !! 哧哧哧哧!! Several can the silk thread fly to shoot evilly from his hand, assumes the arc to charge into opposite Margaret. 数道邪能丝线从其手中飞射出去,呈弧线冲向对面玛格丽特。 Death screw!” “死亡螺旋!” The Melissa arm raises. 蜜莉莎手臂一扬。 Several that departs can the silk thread, split ten silk threads evilly in an instant, blots out the sky to charge into the opposite from the multiple perspectives. 那飞出的数道邪能丝线,转眼间分裂成十多道丝线,从更多角度铺天盖地冲向对面。 Other surroundings students cannot bear send out shout lowly. 周围其他学员纷纷忍不住发出低呼。 Their average evils can the value also be about 20-30, but at present this type can evilly the fine control, has surpassed the course that now they study. 他们平均的邪能数值也就是二三十左右,而眼前这种邪能的精细化操控,已经远超现在他们学习的教程了。 This degree, does not have over 50 evil energies, is impossible to use.” “这种程度,没有50以上的邪能,根本不可能使用出。” Relates a good female student student Anna with Melissa, cannot bear look the excited color. 蜜莉莎关系不错的一个女生学员安娜,忍不住面露兴奋之色。 She usually and Melissa relates well , helping this young lady deal with the daily trivial matters frequently. 她平日里和蜜莉莎关系最好,经常帮着这个大小姐应付日常琐事。 At this time sees this, her heart powerful was also happy for the good friend. 此时见到这一幕,她心头也在为好友实力强大而高兴。 Margaret studies the elder sister is not the ordinary student! Although Melissa is very strong, but somewhat advanced recklessly.” Another side male student shakes the head. “玛格丽特学姐可不是普通学员!蜜莉莎虽然很强,但有些冒进了。”另一侧的一名男生摇头。 Sure enough. 果不其然。 Has not waited for Anna to refute, in the field the situation develops rapidly after a sudden turn. 没等安娜反驳,场上形势急转直下。 Margaret slightly jumps the step, just accurate avoids all can evilly the silk thread wrapping place. 玛格丽特一个小跳步,刚好精准的避开所有邪能丝线包裹处。 Before she is smiling to/clashes, the cross sword comes out of the sheath suddenly. 她微笑着一个前冲,十字剑骤然出鞘。 Clang!! 锵!! The silver flash flashes passes. 银色闪光一闪即逝。 All can the silk thread total break scatter evilly, changes into the luminous spot to vanish. 所有邪能丝线全数断裂散落,化为光点消失。 Margaret several sprints, then arrived suddenly nearly have placed, grasped the sword only, was pointing at the Melissa forehead. 玛格丽特几步冲刺,眨眼便到了近身处,单手持剑,指着蜜莉莎额头。 Victory and defeat already difference. 胜负已分。 The surrounding student was the silencing has flickered first, immediately erupted to shout and cheer suddenly lowly. 周围学员先是静寂了一瞬,随即陡然爆发出低呼和喝彩。
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