SN :: Volume #3

#284: Ambushes 1

Jet black late at night. 漆黑深夜。 In white Kaqu a bar, one dislodges two person's shadows, outward dashes about wildly to flee. 白卡区一处酒吧里,一下撞出两个人影,朝外狂奔逃离。 These two attire is disorderly, one impressively is Melissa together Ferrer. 这两人衣着凌乱,其中一个赫然是和蜜莉莎一起的费勒。 Run!” “快跑!” A bar, two people separate immediately, runs away in two directions. 一出酒吧,两人立马分开,朝着两个方向逃窜。 On somewhat numerous and diverse baking booth night market booth following street in a business area, two people act strange quick, in an instant then submerges in the stream of people to vanish does not see. 循着街面上有些繁杂的烧烤摊夜市摊,两人动作奇快,转眼便没入人流中消失不见。 Two people just ran away, the bar front door was hit once again by robust man of one crowd of red hair. 两人刚刚跑掉,酒吧大门再度被一群红头发的壮汉撞开。 Is the robust man of head has gold/metal earring, the mouth is nipping thumb thick yellow Keyan. In the nostril spouts the white fog unceasingly. 为首的壮汉戴着金耳环,嘴里咬着大拇指粗的黄壳烟。鼻孔里不断喷出白雾。 Person?” “人呢?” Ran toward the two sides.” Muscle grandiose black person hehe said with a smile, “往两边跑了。”身边一个肌肉壮硕的黑人嘿嘿笑道, Found them! The attention do not destroy the treasure. Can contact and see that thing, such selects the person, if that treasure on that little boy, broke to pieces me unable to preserve you.” “去找到他们!注意别打坏宝贝。能接触和看到那东西的,就这么点人,万一那宝贝就在那小小子身上,碎了我也保不住你们。” Leading robust man light say/way. 带头壮汉平淡道。 Yes!” “是!” Several person red hair hurried simultaneous/uniform Qiying the sound, turned around to disperse runs off. 几个人红头发赶紧齐齐应了声,转身分散跑开。 Only leaves behind a leading robust man person to remain same place, looks stream of people that passes through, he deeply has smoked a cigarette. 只留下带头壮汉一个人留在原地,看着走过的人流,他深吸了口烟。 Put out a hand to settle a little thing in the pocket gently. 伸手在衣兜里轻轻安了个小东西。 Invisible electric wave flies to shoot, in an instant submerges in the remote place nighttime sky. 一股无形的电波飞射出去,转眼没入遥远处夜空中。 Completes all these, he turns around to return to bar. Paints the silver-gray wooden door tang one to recoil to close 做完这一切,他转身回到酒吧。漆成银灰色的木门哐嘡一下弹回关上 Ferrer and Selina pant, dashes about wildly in the lane fast. 费勒和瑟琳娜气喘吁吁,快速在巷子里狂奔。 Ran good, including them not to clarify the direction until the surrounding messy and disorderly lane road fork, two talented people stopped slowly, bends the waist to hold the knee big mouth to gasp for breath. 跑了好一阵,直到周围乱七八糟巷子岔口连他们自己都搞不清方向,两人才慢慢停了下来,弯腰扶着膝盖大口喘气。 These people what's the matter!? Suddenly to/clashes to catch us, I responded promptly, now we feared that was hopeless!” Ferrer rested the next cheek to ask sorely. “那些人到底怎么回事!?突然冲进来抓我们,要不是我反应及时,现在咱连怕是都没戏了!”费勒休息了下一脸蛋疼问。 I recognize them, these people, are the people who the odd person will not attack!” Selina gasps for breath said in a low voice. „Before they possibly are us, person who ten thousand graciousness that listens secretly teach.” “我认得他们,那些人,是怪人不会攻击的人!”瑟琳娜喘着气低声道。“他们可能是我们之前偷听到的万恩教的人。” Ferrer gawked, recalls the day before yesterday them secretly with an odd person, went to an agglomeration. 费勒一愣,回忆起前天他们三人偷偷跟着一个怪人,前往了一处聚集地。 That is one abandons the office, inside messy and disorderly all was the gathering past odd person. 那是一个废弃写字楼,里面乱七八糟全是汇聚过去的怪人。 Most makes them amazed, is in the building also has the live person to preside over the ceremony unexpectedly. 最让他们惊诧的,是楼里居然还有活人在主持仪式。 They look at these odd people helplessly, in a small vase by that live person hand, was absorbed, does not revolt. 他们眼睁睁的看着那些怪人,被那活人手里的一个小花瓶,纷纷吸收进去,丝毫不反抗。 Is that time, they listen secretly inside person dialogue, had known ten thousand graciousness teach this name. 就是那次,他们偷听到里面的人对话,得知了万恩教这个名字。 Ten thousand graciousness teach definitely is this messy and disorderly cults is being up to mischief, we now what to do? Returns to the school?” Helpless Ferrer said. “万恩教肯定是这个乱七八糟邪教在搞鬼,我们现在怎么办?回学校么?”费勒无奈道。 Selina shakes the head. 瑟琳娜摇头。 Other people cannot see the odd person, returns to the school we is also the danger numerous, must look for not to have the place of odd person.” “其他人看不见怪人,回学校我们也是危险重重,必须找个没有怪人的地方。” Does not have the place of odd person our school teacher to have the small mystical place, the high-quality workshop establishes in the small mystical place. Or, we asked Melissa “没有怪人的地方我们学校导师有小秘境,高级工坊都是建立在小秘境里面的。要不,我们拜托蜜莉莎 Ferrer thinks suddenly, Miss Melissa, not only apex study tyrant, simultaneously one of the school strongest workshops, the student in Spirit Heart Castle Manor. 费勒忽然想到,蜜莉莎大小姐,不只是顶尖学霸,同时还是学校最强的工坊之一,心灵城堡中的学员。 Small mystical place do not trouble Elder Sister Melissa, our other finds the place to hide well. Ten thousand graciousness teach not to dare really unscrupulous optional bursting.” “小秘境吗还是不要麻烦蜜莉莎姐姐了,我们另外找地方躲一躲就好。万恩教也不敢真的肆无忌惮的随意乱闯。” The Selina heart had the idea indistinctly. 瑟琳娜心头隐约有了主意。 Comes with me, I think of a good place.” “跟我来,我想到一个好地方。” She pulls up Ferrer half step to leave the lane 她拉起费勒快步离开巷子 Ten thousand graciousness taught to have anything, Lin Sheng does not know, had no free time to pay attention. 万恩教发生了什么,林盛不知道,也没空理会。 After he since that night obtained that doubtful dragon crystal's thing, then with concentration hides in the rented room. 他自从那天晚上得到了那枚疑似龙晶的东西后,便潜心藏在出租屋里。 On the one hand studies the thing that this presents inexplicably. 一方面是研究这颗莫名出现的东西。 On the other hand, exercises Demonic Ability once again , to promote Saint Force. 另一方面,是再度锻炼邪能,提升圣力 Soul strength in eight vase, he digested completely, transforms Rock Dragon Bloodline. 八个花瓶里的魂力,他全部消化,转化成了岩龙血脉 Since that he in full vigour arrived at the extreme, consecutively for three days, does not have the meaning that any wants to sleep. 自从那之后,他精力旺盛到了极点,连续三天,都没有任何想睡觉的意思。 Rock Dragon Bloodline in within the body is absorbing the outside energy continuously, nourishes to transform his within the body tissues and organs. 体内的岩龙血脉源源不断的吸收着外界能量,滋养改造他体内组织器官。 This transformation makes him energetic, is vigorous. 这种改造让他精力充沛,精神旺盛。 But similarly, Lin Sheng also feels, summoned the body of King of Night to be the same with initially him. 而同样的,林盛也感觉到,和当初他召唤出夜之王的躯体一样。 After he body after transformation, is also letting his soul, obtains to nourish. 他经过改造后的躯体,也在让他的灵魂,得到更多滋养起来。 Cannot fall asleep, Lin Sheng then uses the complete spirit on exercising Demonic Ability. 不能入梦,林盛便将全部精神用在锻炼邪能上。 But concrete strength, because has not referred to the object, he not clear were in any degree. 而具体实力,因为没有参考对象,他也不清楚自己到了什么程度。 After all Rock Dragon Bloodline unifies Saint Force and Demonic Ability, can erupt the strong might unclear. 毕竟岩龙血脉结合圣力邪能,能爆发出多强的威力并不清楚。 He only knows, present, on the mortal body body, the overall qualities in various aspects, turned simply did not know many times. 他只知道,现在的自己,在肉身躯体上,各方面的综合素质,简直翻了不知道多少倍。 The rock dragon inborn in the formidable lifeform that in defense and strength grow perceptibly, is different from the King of Night shadow dragon, similarly is also different from the flame dragon that King of Steel excels at the flame. 岩龙天生就是在防御和力量上见长的强大生物,和夜之王的影龙不同,同样和钢之王擅长火焰的炎龙也不同。 Compared with King of Steel, Lin Sheng Rock Dragon Bloodline is good at defending. 比起钢之王,林盛岩龙血脉才是更擅长防守。 Naturally, the concrete might, he also needs to ask an appropriate match to survey. 当然,具体威力,他还需要找个合适的对手测量一下。 Soul strength consumption is clean, cannot transform Saint Force, is somewhat troublesome Lin Sheng to sit on the sofa, takes the chopsticks to pick clamps the instant noodles to force in the mouth. “魂力消耗干净,也不能转化圣力,有些麻烦啊”林盛坐在沙发上,拿着筷子夹起一夹方便面塞进嘴里。 For these days he by this earning a living. 这几天他都是靠这个过活。 In the instant noodles also added 45 eggs. Some dehydrated vegetables, look like the color are riotous, making the person quite have the appetite. 方便面里还加了45个鸡蛋。一些脱水蔬菜,看起来颜色缤纷,让人颇有食欲。 It seems like all roots, soul strength Lin Sheng was not the light was idling for these days, except exercising Demonic Ability and contemplated outside Saint Force, he was still doing a matter. “看来一切的根源,还是魂力”林盛这几天也不是光闲着,除开锻炼邪能和冥想圣力外,他还在干一件事。 That is absorbs that over ten thousand people of soul fragments the memory. 那就是吸收那上万人灵魂残片的记忆。 Over ten thousand people! 上万人! What concept is that? 那是什么概念? Even if a person leaves his memory, only then a movie selects, must watch over ten thousand movies, Lin Sheng does not have the means thorough absorption to be clean in a short time. 就算一个人留给他的记忆只有一部电影那么点,要看上万部电影,林盛短时间里也没办法彻底吸收干净。 He can only use the keyword means that useful some screens, unification absorption. 他只能用关键词的办法,将其中有用的部分筛选出来,统一吸收。 First is various languages remembers. 首先是各种语言记忆。 Because has studied the reason of Demonic Spirits language, Lin Sheng has the special favorable impression to the linguistics. 因为学习过邪灵语的缘故,林盛对语言学有特殊的好感。 He believes indistinctly, if language language obtains certain altitude, can inspire world all energies. 他心里隐约认为,语言文字如果得到一定高度,是能引动世间一切能量的。 This aspect Rune actually is also a language. Many symbols are also one of the language. 这方面符文其实也是一种语言。很多符号也算是语言的一种。 Therefore he from these Memory Fragments, the combination screens, reorganizes the merge, caused 11 foreign languages. 所以他从这些记忆残片里,组合筛选,整理合并,弄出了11种外语。 Except that beyond some insignificant small language classifications, these 11 foreign languages, are the utilization are all widespread, around the world the big subjects of many audience. 除开一些无意义的小语种外,这11种外语,全是运用广泛,在世界范围内有不少受众的大主语。 The languages in some soul memories, look like the age are too long, was abandoned by Lin Sheng, the foreign language that he can have a good command are many. 要不是一些灵魂记忆中的语言,看起来年代太久,被林盛摒弃掉,他能掌握的外语还要多。 However these, have sufficed him to absorb a lot of time. 不过就这些,就已经够他吸收不少时间了。 Only has the memory to be insufficient, but must utilize, the practice, can fuse the main body, turns into own part. 光有记忆是不够的,还要运用,练习,才能融合进本体,变成自己的一部分。 Lin Sheng estimated that also requires several days, can digest thoroughly. 林盛估计还需要好几天的时间,才能彻底消化。 After the foreign language, his second reorganizes, is the precise and advanced major division/discipline knowledge experiences. 外语之后,他第二整理出的,是高精尖的各大学科知识经验。 In over ten thousand people of soul fragments that yes, he absorbs, there are few, in certain division/discipline attainments very deep scholars. 是的,他吸收的上万人灵魂残片中,有极少数,是在某些学科造诣很深的学者。 Although does not have the influence giant top scholar scientist, but the knowledge system is complete, studies diligently the profound researcher to have. 虽然没有影响力巨大的顶尖学者科学家,但知识体系完备,钻研精深的研究员还是有的。 Because is Memory Fragments, is not a person complete memory, therefore Lin Sheng can only piecing together of division/discipline division/discipline remember. 因为是记忆残片,不是一个人完整的记忆,所以林盛只能一个学科一个学科的拼凑记忆。 Is good are many because of the population enough, but also was pieced together many basic subject knowledge by him actually. 好在人数够多,还硬是被他拼凑出不少基础学科知识。 The basic chemical, the fundamental physics wait/etc., these many souls have studied the content, conformed with by Lin Sheng, complete absorption. 基础化学,基础物理等等,这些很多灵魂都学过的内容,被林盛整合出来,完整吸收。
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