SN :: Volume #3

#283: Dragon blood 3

Lin Sheng has not hesitated, immediately sets out, turns on a plastic switch on wall. 林盛没有丝毫迟疑,马上起身,打开墙上的一个塑料开关。 . 啪。 The entire room one energizes several signal jammers. 整个房间一下通电起数台信号干扰器。 All electromagnetic signals that sends out from here, will be disturbed to confuse completely, is unable to be received to explain. 所有从这里发出的电磁信号,全部会被干扰搅乱,无法被接收解读。 Then on him flutters several black smoke, falls around the room, can condense momentarily changes into Dungeon Soldier, protects the security. 然后他身上飘飞出数道黑烟,落在房间周围,随时可以凝聚化为地牢士兵,守护安全。 First transformed Rock Dragon Bloodline to say again, so as to avoid a long delay usually means many problems!” “先转化成岩龙血脉再说,免得夜长梦多!” Lin Sheng starts to begin decisively. 林盛果断开始动手。 Prints the new ceremony strategy, then places the ground to suspend. Compels golden dragon blood. 重新打印出新的仪式阵法,然后放在地上摆好。逼出金色龙血。 He stands another end of ceremony, the soul strength in mind starts the continuous inflow ceremony. 他站到仪式的另一端,脑海里的魂力开始源源不断的流入仪式。 !! 哧!哧哧哧哧! Silver light beams project, fall on Lin Sheng, in the ceremony strategy the transpiration has a smog. 一道道银色光束射出,落在林盛身上,仪式阵法上蒸腾起道道烟雾。 All smog continuous was absorbed by Lin Sheng. 所有烟雾源源不断的被林盛所吸收。 Rock Dragon Bloodline of his within the body also increases in the continuous strengthening. 他体内的岩龙血脉也在源源不断的强化增多。 Golden dragon blood unceasing increase, starts to influence the Lin Sheng original ordinary blood gradually, corrosion. 金色龙血的不断增多,渐渐开始将林盛原本的普通血液染化,侵蚀。 Clock second hand rotation on wall one after another. 墙上的时钟秒针转动一圈又一圈。 On Lin Sheng fills the light golden trace gradually. Sending out that a faint trace dragon prestige cannot suppress. 林盛身上渐渐弥漫出淡淡金色纹路。一丝丝龙威抑制不住的散发出来。 , Lin Sheng opens the eye slowly, the eye pupil has thoroughly transformed the dark golden vertical pupil. 缓缓的,林盛睁开眼睛,眼瞳已经彻底转化成暗金色竖瞳。 „The blood of this body, has transformed 10% to turn into Rock Dragon Bloodline. Although the soul strength wasted, but this, if can thoroughly transform body “这具身体的血液,已经转化了10%变成岩龙血脉。魂力虽然浪费了点,但这趟如果能彻底改造身体” The Lin Sheng heart is hopeful. 林盛心头充满期待。 Must know that he can entering Dreamland experience dangers, only then this main body. So long as the main body were powerful, in the dreamland, he can the harvest greatly will also certainly enhance. 要知道他能进入梦境历险的,就只有这个主体。只要主体强大了,在梦境里,他能够得到的收获也一定会大幅度提高。 Many strategic places no longer dangerous, certainly, can find the opportunity to take risk the search. 很多险地将不再危险,很多绝地,也能找机会冒冒险进去搜查。 Lin Sheng has gotten back one's composure, feels within the body even more powerful Rock Dragon Bloodline, this bloodlines are even also nourishing to transform his brains. 林盛回过神,感受到体内越发强大的岩龙血脉,这股血脉甚至也在滋养改造他的脑髓。 He can the clear feeling, each organ of body, cheer. 他能清晰的感觉到,身体的每一个器官,都在欢呼雀跃。 The dragon blood absorbs the energy granule from the air, transforms as some mysterious nourishing strength, is all organs provides powerful incomparable nourishing. 龙血从空气中吸取能量粒子,转化为某种神秘的滋养力量,为所有器官提供强大无比的滋养。 Obtains organ that the mysterious strength nourishes, in abundance acceleration mutation evolution. 得到神秘力量滋养的器官,纷纷加速异变进化。 The muscle fiber becomes stronger tenacious, the skeleton becomes even more clear, some functions ** the officer gradually in the original function, starts to breed some new marvelous abilities. 肌肉纤维变得更加强壮坚韧,骨骼变得越发晶莹,一些功能**官逐渐在原本的功能上,开始孕育一些新的奇妙能力。 Come continues!” “来吧继续!” Lin Sheng feels the soul strength to consume, the mind slow was so long, was more comfortable, continues to put out a hand, penetrates the Demonic Ability Saint Light barrier, holds down the third vase. 林盛感受到魂力消耗一空,脑海缓了这么久,也舒服了些,又继续伸手,穿透邪能圣光屏障,按住第三个花瓶。 The magnanimous soul strength floods into again, the innumerable memory fragments come in swarms. 海量的魂力再次涌入,无数记忆残片蜂拥而至。 Lin Sheng felt more and more painful was good because of Rock Dragon Bloodline continuously is nourishing and transformation brains, making his thought even more clear, restores the speed also to speed up. 林盛感觉头越来越痛了好在岩龙血脉源源不断的在滋养和改造脑髓,让他思维越发清晰,恢复速度也在加快。 A kāchā resounding, the third vase disrupts, is fourth fifth. 咔嚓一声脆响,第三个花瓶碎裂,然后是第四个第五个。 Because this Lin Sheng as if the brains are obtaining the dragon blood to nourish continuously, carrying capacity. 这次林盛似乎因为脑髓在源源不断得到龙血滋养,承受力强了许多。 Disposable absorbent three vases, but to memory fragment, were many were more. 一次性吸收了三个花瓶,而冲进来的记忆残片,也多了更多。 His brow tight wrinkle, some complexion blanches. Continuation stands in the ceremony strategy, injects the soul strength downward. 他眉头紧皱,脸色有些发白。继续站在仪式阵法上,往下注入魂力。 The continuous silver mist raises again, was inhaled within the body by him. 源源不断的银色雾气再度升起,被他吸入体内。 Also is several hundred about thousand Units soul strength, was consumed by Lin Sheng. 又是数百近千个单位的魂力,被林盛消耗一空。 Also remains three vases, but he does not dare to absorb again. In the brain like inflated to inflate to the pinnacle balloon, possibly bang one blasts out momentarily. 还剩三个花瓶,但他已经不敢再吸收了。大脑里就像被打气膨胀到极致的气球,随时可能嘭的一下炸开。 The nerve also has the limit. Excessively makes his head ache fiercer exhaustedly. 神经也是有极限的。过度疲惫让他脑袋疼痛愈烈。 „Must first under the rest Lin Sheng go out of the ceremony strategy. “必须必须先休息下”林盛走出仪式阵法。 Another end golden dragon blood with his interrupt ceremony, but the blackening, crushes the innumerable gray luminous spots to dissipate slowly. 另一端的金色龙血随着他的中断仪式,而缓缓黑化,粉碎成无数灰色光点消散。 Sits on the single-seat sofa, Lin Sheng falls into surrounding of soft cotton material completely. 坐在单人沙发上,林盛将自己完全陷入柔软布料的包围中。 The dragon blood of his within the body has reached about 20% proportions, this proportion, in the Black Feather city, has been able to establish the blood relationship family alone. 他体内的龙血已经达到了20%左右的比例,这种比例,在黑羽城,已经能独自建立血缘家族了。 Is same on such as the King of Night family. King of Night ancestry also 100% dragon blood not totally. 就如夜之王的家族一样。夜之王的祖辈也并不是完全的百分百龙血。 Generations was nourished under the transformation by the dragon blood. Arrived King of Night this generation, his body structure happen to agreed with the Shadow Dragon King bloodlines, therefore, the strength of bloodlines erupted finally. 一代代的被龙血滋养改造下。到了夜之王这一辈,他的身体构造正好更契合影龙王血脉,于是,血脉之力终于爆发了。 The pure human body, is impossible fully to achieve 100% dragon blood. The dragon blood can replace human blood part of functions at most, but cannot replace completely. 纯粹的人体,是不可能完全达到百分百龙血的。龙血顶多能取代人血一部分的功能,但不能完全取代。 Therefore although King of Night human form, but he, as soon as were born were more than many extra shadow dragon organ the average man. 所以夜之王虽然还是人形,但他一出生便比常人多了不少额外的暗影龙器官。 Lin Sheng at this time is so. If dragon blood wants to achieve more proportions, his organ will also certainly have the mutation. 林盛此时就是如此。龙血要想达成更多的比例,他身上的器官也必将出现异变。 Replaces powerful small and weakly, the law of the jungle, even the cell level gene level, is still so. 强大取代弱小,弱肉强食,就算是细胞层面基因层面,也是如此。 So long as there are enough many Rock Dragon Bloodline, he gradually Rock Dragon step by step. All weakly in the part of Rock Dragon organ, disassimilation. 只要有足够多的岩龙血脉,他将会逐渐一步步的岩龙化。所有弱于岩龙器官的部分,都将异化。 Turns into half dragon half person thoroughly, is not I wants.” Lin Sheng does not want to be separated from the human society thoroughly, turns into the isolated monster. “彻底变成半龙半人,不是我想要的。”林盛可不想彻底脱离人类社会,变成被人隔离的怪物。 Even if turns into half dragon half person, at least he still needs one type to hide oneself method. 就算变成半龙半人,至少他也需要一种能隐藏自己的手段。 He closes both eyes, starts to exercise Demonic Ability. 他闭上双目,开始锻炼邪能 Present Demonic Ability he wants an exercise, will immediately then stimulate the Saint Force large scale promotion synchronously. 现在的邪能他只要一锻炼,马上便会同步刺激圣力大幅度提升。 Although this will also consume the soul strength. But Saint Force can actually make Lin Sheng continue with the will to maintain the physique the key. 虽然这同样会消耗魂力。但圣力却是能让林盛继续以意志维持自身形体的关键。 In the room, Lin Sheng golden color dragon mark was covered by white Saint Light gradually, both halo combines mutually, fuses together gradually. 房间内,林盛身上的金色龙纹渐渐被白色圣光掩盖,两者光晕相互混杂,渐渐融为一体。 The disassimilation of his within the body organ also presents the equilibrium state gradually. 他体内器官的异化也渐渐呈现出平衡态。 After resting a while, Lin Sheng sets out again, puts out a hand to grasp to the new vase. 休息了一会儿后,林盛再度起身,伸手抓向新的花瓶。 Crashes along with three clearly. 伴随着三声清脆碎裂声。 Finally three vases also by his thorough suck dry soul strength. Massive shadow souls were purified the gray luminous spot by Saint Force, dissipates. 最后三个花瓶也被他彻底吸干魂力。大量影魂被圣力净化成灰色光点,消散一空。 What at least absorbed several tens of thousands people of soul strength Myriad Grace Cult to plan?” Lin Sheng this absorption, felt that the aching feeling of brain had alleviated. “起码吸收了数万人魂力万恩教到底在谋划什么?”林盛这次吸收,感觉大脑的疼痛感已经缓解了很多。 Stands again at the ceremony, he supports is maintaining the consciousness to be sober, starts toward meeting the entrance injects the new soul strength. 再一次站到仪式上,他强撑着维持意识清醒,开始往接入口注入新的魂力。 The innumerable pictures, the innumerable information, innumerable memory, glitter in him at present, at his ear sound. 无数的画面,无数的信息,无数的记忆,在他眼前闪烁,在他耳边响动。 Hiss The silver light beam shines, the silver mist ascension fills the air. 银色光束亮起,银色雾气升腾弥漫。 Lin Sheng lowers the head the smog that looks at to flutter slowly, consciousness indistinctly to be somewhat dim. 林盛低头望着慢慢飘飞起的烟雾,意识隐约有些朦胧起来。 Rumble. 咕噜。 A stone rolls in the foot, makes the sound. 一块石头在脚边滚动,发出声响。 The Lin Sheng under foot land does not know when turned into the black. 恍惚间,林盛脚下大地不知道什么时候变成了黑色。 He raised the head, a huge incomparable dark golden big dragon, is lowering the head slowly, is staring at him. 他抬起头,一个巨大无比的暗金色巨龙,正缓缓低头,凝视着他。 The big dragon huge body just like the mountain range, be continuous arrives at the end that the field of vision cannot see vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered. 巨龙庞大的身体宛如山脉,绵延纵横到视野看不到的尽头。 In the darkness, the sky flashes through purple thunder and lightning unceasingly. Occasionally illuminates the big dragon great body. 黑暗中,天空不断闪过一道道紫色雷电。偶尔照亮巨龙伟岸的身体。 The dragon body under electric light, visibles faintly the bloodstain and wound of deep obvious bone. 电光下的龙躯,隐约可见道道深可见骨的血痕和伤口。 The eye of big dragon pollution calmly is gazing at Lin Sheng. It seemed like very old. In amber brown eyeball, already inverted image anything. 巨龙浑浊的眼睛静静注视着林盛。它看上去已经很老了。琥珀色的眼珠里,已经倒影不出任何东西了。 Gave you.” “交给你了。” The old low and deep sound passes to the Lin Sheng heart together. 一道苍老低沉的声音传到林盛心中。 Why does not know, he understands this is the big dragon is speaking. 不知为何,他明白了这是巨龙在说话。 What?” He somewhat stunned is staring at the opposite party. “什么?”他有些愕然的盯着对方。 The big dragon conducts the back tall and slender dragon whisker like the lion long neck hair, flutters with the wind, 巨龙背上细长的龙须如同狮子鬃毛般,随风飘动, It retrocedes slowly, the retreat, the huge body dissolves into to the jet black shadow in gradually. 它缓缓后退,后退,巨大的身躯渐渐隐入到漆黑的阴影中。 All these.” “这一切。” Gave you.” “交给你了。” Lin Sheng opens both eyes fiercely, at present in the midair, is reappearing slowly a being scarred colored crystal. 林盛猛地睁开双目,眼前半空中,正缓缓浮现出一颗伤痕累累的彩色晶体。 A familiar feeling well ups, his putting out a hand, grips the crystal. 一股熟悉的感觉涌上心头,他怔怔的伸出手,握住晶体。 Just old dragon voice also as if reverberated in the ear. 刚刚老龙的声音还仿佛在耳边回荡。 He suddenly has an inexplicable misconception, he and old dragon, as if old king and new king, dead end and new student. 他忽然有种莫名的错觉,他和老龙,就仿佛旧王与新王,末路与新生。
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