SN :: Volume #3

#282: Dragon blood 2

Bang. 嘭。 Lin Sheng scatters the odd person who just braved conveniently, changes into the luminous spot. 林盛随手将一个刚冒出来的怪人打散,化为光点。 Looked continuously for a half hour, the day must shine greatly, could not find again, he has to leave. 连续找了半个多小时,天就要大亮了,再找不到,他就不得不离开。 He has the feeling of instinct, came from in the Rock Dragon Bloodline keen sensation, making him detect, in this building has certainly the trick. 他有种本能的感觉,源自于岩龙血脉的敏锐感知,让他察觉到,这栋楼里一定有着猫腻。 Where these odd people affirm conceals. 那些怪人肯定藏在什么地方。 According to odd person memory that he obtains, here odd person should according to thousand calculate. Impossible, only then such dozens. 按照他得到的怪人记忆,这里的怪人应该是按千数计的。不可能只有这么几十个。 He looks downward from the top layer. Together with the Dungeon Soldier same place, in almost every corner looked. Each slit, examined. 他一路从顶层往下找下来。连同地牢士兵一起,几乎每一层的角落里都找了。每一个缝隙,都查看了。 May not have one, hides odd person who these naked eyes cannot be seeing. 可没有一处,藏着那些肉眼看不见的怪人。 Good black smoke Dungeon Soldier solved all cameras, letting him not to need to be worried that was discovered. 还好黑烟所化的地牢士兵解决了所有摄像头,让他能不用担心被发现。 I can feel why here had the quantity very big soul strength aura probably unable to find!!” “我能感觉到这里有数量很大的魂力气息可为什么就是找不到!!” Lin Sheng licked the lip, speeds up inspecting the speed. 林盛舔了舔嘴唇,加快检查速度。 Was cleaned up two by him continuously, the entire building is clean a odd person not to have. 连续被他清理两遍,整栋大楼已经干净得一个怪人也没了。 That type of soul strength aura, is stimulating the Lin Sheng sensation as before, but he could not find the position. 那种魂力气息,依旧刺激着林盛的感知,但他就是找不到位置。 Toot toot. 嘟嘟。 Downstairs out of the window hears an automobile whistling sound suddenly. 窗外楼下忽然传来一阵汽车鸣笛声。 Under the Lin Sheng half step arrives at the window to go to look. 林盛快步走到窗前往下望。 In building below scrap open parking garage, is driving into two black limousines slowly. 大楼下方一小块露天停车场里,正缓缓驶入两辆黑色加长轿车。 The sedan semblance is brand-new exceptionally, like the mirror, the vehicle door opens brightly and cleanly, walks several company men and women who wear the business suit and professional jumper. 轿车外表崭新异常,光洁如镜,车门打开,走下来几个穿商务西装和职业套裙的公司男女。 Troublesome.” Lin Sheng frowns. “麻烦。”林盛眉头一蹙。 He does not want with the Myriad Grace Cult person directly relative. Must find the odd person who these hid as soon as possible. 他并不想和万恩教的人正面相对。必须尽快找到了那些躲藏的怪人了。 The ghosts know that this Myriad Grace Cult has the method that what he does not know. 鬼知道这个万恩教有什么他不知道的手段。 He in the concealing one's abilities and biding one's time period, has not needed now the coming out wave. 他现在还在韬光养晦时期,没必要出来浪。 Probes. If Ok, knocks down the complete person.” Lin Sheng said in a low voice. “去试探一下。如果可以,就打晕全部人。”林盛低声道。 Understood.” Three Dungeon Soldier black smoke along the access to elevators, flies fast straightly downward. “明白。”三个地牢士兵所化的黑烟飞快沿着电梯通道,笔直往下飞去。 After sending out the manpower, Lin Sheng continues one to examine layer upon layer downward. 派出人手后,林盛继续一层层往下查看。 Soon, getting down Dungeon Soldier then from soul relation, feeds in completes the task the news. 不多时,下去的地牢士兵便从灵魂联系中,传回完成任务的消息。 The following person is only an average person, was knocked down to bundle to hide completely. 下面的人只是普通人,全部被打晕捆起来藏好了。 Lin Sheng lifted the hand to look at the next time, 6 : 30. 林盛抬手看了下时间,六点半。 Looks again for a half hour, if could not find, can only remove.” “再找半小时,如果还找不到,只能撤了。” He does not have the plan and Myriad Grace Cult makes war comprehensively. The side does not have King of Night King of Steel Cardula, his strength is also the 7th Level level, even now Rock Dragon Bloodline strengthen. 他没打算和万恩教全面开战。身边没有夜之王钢之王卡都拉在,他实力也就是七级层面,就算现在岩龙血脉变强了。 That also at most is eight levels, converts the real world, is equivalent compared with Three Wings peak. But actually does not arrive at Four Wings Suppression Level. 那也顶多是八级,换算成现实世界,也就相当于比三翼顶峰强。但却不到四翼镇压级 The strength of this level, high not high and low is not low, is somewhat awkward. 这个层面的实力,高不高低不低,有些尴尬。 Lin Sheng does not lose heart , to continue to seek in the floor. 林盛不死心,继续在楼层里寻找。 What a pity, a half hour passed by. 可惜,半小时又过去了。 Besides finding some immaterial company human affairs materials, other what/anything harvests does not have. 除了找到一些无关紧要的公司人事资料外,其余什么收获也没。 But, he can only go downstairs straightly, returns to a building. 无奈之下,他只能笔直下楼,回到一楼。 Enters a building hall, in ground lying this way and that lay down ten to come individual, all was the company staff member who these days Dungeon Soldier knocked down. 走进一楼大厅,地面上横七竖八的躺了十来个人,全是这段时间地牢士兵打晕的公司职员。 Lin Sheng swept a ground, had not detected that has what extraordinary aura. 林盛扫了眼地面,没察觉到有什么超凡者气息。 Looking was so long, had not found. 找了这么久,还是没找到。 He can only go out of a building hall, leaves the building entrance quickly. Returns along the street sidewalk. 他只能走出一楼大厅,快步离开大楼入口处。沿着街边人行道返回。 He just left. In vase in the building hall column, the surface forms white eyes again, looks from afar in the Lin Sheng direction. 他刚刚离开。一楼大厅圆柱内的花瓶上,表面再度形成一只只白色眼睛,远远朝着林盛方向望去。 A lot of eye corners of the eye slightly curved, probably in strange smiling. 大量的眼睛眼角微弯,像是在诡异的笑。 Em!?” Goes out of hundred meter/rice Lin Sheng to live in the foot fiercely. What thing??” “恩!?”走出百来米的林盛猛地顿住脚。“什么东西??” He has turned head, looks distantly to that building, stopped under. 他回过头,遥遥望向那栋大楼,停顿了下。 zi. 嗞。 His steps turn around, quietly sprint, speed strange quick flushes away toward the building hall. 他一下踏步转身,悄然冲刺,速度奇快的朝着大楼大厅冲去。 Hundred meters are about five seconds then. 百米不过五秒便到。 Bang! 嘭! The glass door of hall entrance was shoved open ruthlessly, the Lin Sheng big striding walks goes, first sees is also in strange smiling, vase eye that has not closed with enough time. 大厅入口的玻璃门被狠狠推开,林盛大踏步走进去,第一眼看到的便是还在诡异的笑,没来得及闭上的花瓶眼睛。 Ha! Is you!! Found!” The Lin Sheng great happiness, the big hand extends, grasps straightly to the vase. “哈哈哈!就是你!!找到了!”林盛大喜,大手一伸,笔直抓向花瓶。 I make you smile!” Lin Sheng palm of the hand Saint Light according to coming up. “我让你笑!”林盛一巴掌圣光按上去。 Hiss!! 嘶!! The vase sends out the innumerable dense and numerous pitiful yells, sends out massive gray luminous spots to float off. 花瓶发出无数密密麻麻惨叫,散发出大量灰色光点浮起。 The massive Saint Light rapid consumptions, Lin Sheng actually instead reveals the joyful color, the magnanimous black threads dense and numerous rapidness swamp into his palm. 大量圣光飞速消耗,林盛却反而露出愉悦之色,海量的黑线密密麻麻的飞速涌入他手心。 black threads submerges the chest along the palm, brings thousands of a lot of memory fragments. 黑线沿着手心没入胸膛,带来数以千计的大量记忆残片。 He consolidates the spirit, releases Saint Force, while immediately meditation Ash Seal. 他稳固精神,一边释放圣力,一边马上冥想灰印 Studies Saint Force, is he discovered that can reduce one of the memory information influence methods. 修习圣力,是他发现的,能减轻记忆信息影响的方法之一。 However although like this cannot see the absorption the memory information, actually when can significantly weaken absorbs the memory fragment the load of brain. 不过这样虽然看不到吸收的记忆信息,却能大大削弱吸收记忆残片时大脑的负荷。 In an instant more than ten seconds passed by. 转眼十多秒过去了。 Vase kāchā, the disruption disperses. Lin Sheng hurries to grasp the second vase. 一个花瓶咔嚓一下,碎裂散开。林盛赶紧又去抓第二个花瓶。 Massive shadow souls were purified by Saint Light, dense and numerous black threads swamp into the Lin Sheng mind fast. 大量影魂被圣光净化,密密麻麻的黑线飞快涌入林盛脑海。 Gradually, even if with Ash Seal meditation, he somewhat could not insist. 渐渐的,就算是用灰印冥想,他也有些坚持不住了。 Crash-bang. 哗啦。 The second vase gives way shatter. 第二个花瓶破碎垮掉。 Lin Sheng looks to the other six vases, takes off the windproof coat rapidly, several, then wrap a back all vases completely, turns around to run. 林盛看向剩余的六个花瓶,迅速脱掉风衣,唰唰几下,便将所有花瓶全部包起来一背,转身就跑。 Runs out of the building, he dashes about wildly along the street near. 冲出大楼,他沿着街道边上一路狂奔。 A cleaner who pushed the trash to push a cart just put down the broom, the feeling a flower, gust has blown at present, swept the same place a moment ago the withered leaf, immediately was blown off. 一个推着垃圾推车的清洁工刚刚放下扫帚,就感觉眼前一花,身旁一阵风吹过,刚才才扫到一起的枯叶,顿时又被吹散。 After more than ten minutes . 十多分钟后。 A red race car stops rapidly in the building entrance, the young women of two tight-fitting white leather clothing appearance jump out of the car(riage), crashes in the hall quickly. 一辆红色跑车急速停在大楼门口,俩个紧身白皮衣打扮的年轻女子跳下车,快步冲进大厅。 Sees the staff member who faints everywhere, and business hall, in empty column. 一看到满地晕厥的职员,以及大厅中央,空空荡荡的圆柱里。 Two people facial color immediately changes. 两人面色顿时一变。 Soul Artifact?!” 魂器呢?!” They rush to the column vacancy to examine rapidly, but inside has been empty, only remains the ground fragment. 她们冲到圆柱空处迅速查看,但里面早已经空无一物,只剩地上碎片。 Except for us, should no one be able to detect that Soul Artifact is right! Who!? Who is!?!” Another person gets angry the sound low roar. “除了我们,应该没有人能察觉到魂器才对!谁!?到底是谁!?!”另一人怒声低吼。 Immediately informs the archbishop! Unexpectedly some people can detect existence of Soul Artifact! Other Soul Artifact must protect immediately!” “马上通知大主教!居然有人能察觉到魂器的存在!其余魂器必须马上保护起来!” Here what to do?” “这边怎么办?” I will send people to investigate! Must find the person! Otherwise your I must die!” “我会派人调查!必须找到人!否则你我都得死!” Two people look at each other one, sees to be frightened with frightened from the opposite party eyes 两人对视一眼,都从对方眼中看出惊惶和恐惧 Rents in the housing. 租住屋内。 The Lin Sheng class did not go on, telephoned to ask for leave with the teacher, said oneself were sad, wants to relax outside, rests for day. 林盛课也不去上了,打电话和导师请了个假,说自己心情不好,想在外面散散心,休息一天。 This oblique reason, changes into other teachers to be hopeless completely certainly. 这种完全毫无诚意的理由,换成其他导师是铁定没戏。 But Voban Tiira here, this professor did not reprove him not only, but also inquired after the well being, telephone that in one one minute can finish, towed forcefully for 20 minutes. 但在乌曼迪拉这里,这位教授不光不训斥他,还一阵嘘寒问暖,把一通一分钟内可以结束的电话,硬生生拖成了二十分钟。 Puts down the cell phone, Lin Sheng looked again to at present by him six vases that use Demonic Ability to cover to wrap. 放下手机,林盛再度看向眼前被他用邪能覆盖包裹住的六个花瓶。 In order to isolate other signals, Lin Sheng still covered light Saint Force outside. Then outside Saint Force, covers Demonic Ability. 为了隔绝其他信号,林盛还在外边覆盖了一层薄薄的圣力。然后又在圣力外,盖上一层邪能 Even if braves to expose the Saint Force risk, he will not make these vases be robbed absolutely. 就算是冒着暴露圣力的风险,他也绝对不会让这些花瓶被抢走。 Only attracted two vases, got so far as several hundred Units soul strength this to go to Myriad Grace Cult is really goes right!” “光是吸了两个花瓶,就弄到数百单位的魂力这趟去万恩教真是去对了!” Although Lin Sheng some dizziness, this is the memory fragment of absorption too causes. In the short dozens seconds, he absorbed in the minimum over ten thousand vases the shadow soul. 林盛虽然还是有些头晕,这是吸收的记忆残片太多导致。短短数十秒内,他吸收了起码上万的花瓶内影魂。 The soul strength that these shadow souls provide has few much, and non-uniform. It seems like the age is too remote mostly, the soul strength is very weak, but a few die, then the soul strength is much stronger. 这些影魂提供的魂力有多有少,并不均匀。大部分似乎是年代太久远,魂力很弱,而少数才死的,则魂力强得多。 Therefore meets quantity so many, soul strength Units selects. 所以才会数量这么多,魂力单位才这么点。
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