SN :: Volume #3

#281: dragon blood 1

In the morning. Henrikara white Kaqu. 清晨时分。恒瑞卡拉白卡区。 On street as before crowded, the nightlife rich crowd step in a hurry, no one is willing in early morning stay outside. 街道上依旧人来人往,夜生活丰富的人群步履匆匆,谁也不愿意在凌晨时分停留在外。 The air chilly passes a faint trace to fry in oil the meats the fragrance, does not know that is flavor where fast-food restaurant floats. 空气清冷中透着一丝丝油炸肉类的香气,不知道是哪里快餐店飘来的味道。 Lin Sheng tightened the windproof coat, obstructs the face under the hat, the half step walks toward a building of dead ahead more than ten story-high. 林盛紧了紧风衣,将脸遮在帽子下,快步朝着正前方的一栋十多层高的大楼走去。 The building peak is shining the giant neon light, one line of blue characters flow slowly. 大楼顶端亮着巨大的霓虹灯,一行蓝色的字缓缓流动。 Tomorrow is happy, today hopes, yesterday puts behind.’ ‘明日幸福,今日希望,昨日忘却。’ By the floor has the white searchlight to strafe upwards, the signboard lamp of opposite Gia Duc big supermarket chain shines, catches pale red in this building surface. 楼层两侧有着白色探照灯在朝天扫射,对面的嘉德大型连锁超市的招牌灯映照过来,在这栋大楼表面染上一层淡红。 Lin Sheng extends the right hand, the fingertip feels outside the ice-cold air, immediately makes his spirit inspire slightly, was slightly more sober. 林盛伸出右手,指尖感受到外面冰冷的空气,顿时让他精神微微一振,稍微清醒了些。 Just consumed idle Soul Force, the blood of Rock Dragon in the complete transformation adult seethed with excitement, Lin Sheng also the condition of that whole body one's blood bubbles up to the brim relaxes at this time. 刚刚消耗了闲余灵魂力,全部转换成体内沸腾的岩龙之血,林盛此时还没从那种浑身热血沸腾的状态缓和过来。 He raised the head slightly, locks the good entrance to walk toward the building. 他微微抬头,朝着大楼锁好的入口走去。 Upper right the entrance is pressing a camera, bang a light sound. 入口右上方按着一个摄像头,嘭的一声轻响。 The camera is suddenly stave, the superficial green light flashes. 摄像头骤然破碎,表面绿光一闪。 Lin Sheng takes back the Demonic Ability silk thread of release, the hand according to the high-strength glass door of closure. 林盛收回释放的邪能丝线,手按在关闭的高强度玻璃门上。 kāchā. 咔嚓 The gate separates toward the both sides slowly, reveals inside dark entrance. 门缓缓朝两侧分开,露出里面黑乎乎的入口。 Looks toward from the entrance, left side of a building hall, is flashing the row of elevator of red light. Right, is the empty white service desk. 从入口往里望去,一楼大厅左侧,是闪着红灯的一排电梯。右侧,是空空荡荡的白色服务台。 The hall, sets up a circular pillar/backbone, the pillar is pulling out the spatial hole, inside suspended some black vase same widgets. 大厅正中间,立着一根圆形支柱,柱子内部被掏空一个洞,里面摆了一些黑色花瓶一样的装饰物。 Hiss in the ground also has the white propaganda unlined quilt wind in broken bits to blow curls up the glide. 嘶地面上还有细碎的白色宣传单被风吹得卷起滑动。 Lin Sheng enters the glass door gradually, took a fast look around an audience, without inducing odd person. 林盛缓步走进玻璃门,扫视了一遍全场,没有感应到怪人。 He has not continued the elevator, but goes out from the secret channel place, along stair hall upward. 他没有继续走电梯,而是从安全通道处出去,沿着楼梯间一路往上。 On the stair hall wall is drawing the blood red strange symbol everywhere. 楼梯间墙壁上到处都画着血红色怪异符号。 Some seem like carelessly the scratch of doodle, some seem like the letter, some are the strange smiling face ugly faces, the cartoon monster of abnormal size. 有的像是胡乱涂鸦的划痕,有的像是字母,有的则是怪异笑容的鬼脸,还有畸形大小的卡通怪物。 Under the green emergency night light illumination, the trace on wall looks like blood writing, some to terrify people. 在绿色的应急夜间灯光照射下,墙壁上的痕迹就像是用血书写的一样,有些瘆人。 Lin Sheng is stepping on the staircase, step by step upward. 林盛踩着楼梯,一步步往上。 On the fluid arm rest even lived completely the rust, the ground sprinkled is not knowing that was the liquid of blood or paint. 流体扶手上甚至都生满了铁锈,地上洒落着不知道是血还是漆的液体。 According to these odd person memory that he absorbs, this building is this piece of region Myriad Grace Cult den. 按照他吸收的那些怪人记忆,这栋大楼就是这片区域万恩教的老巢。 If wants to obtain many soul strength, directly soaring here is the simplest way. 所以要想获得更多魂力,直奔这里是最简单的方式。 From memory, Lin Sheng has the great understanding of this building probably, the personnel distribution of, even the general strength level, his heart have several. 记忆里,林盛已经大概对这个大楼有了不浅的了解,其中的人员分布,甚至大概的实力层次,他都心头有数。 In the conformity of these odd person memory, in everyone to this building, has the impression of remembering with eternal gratitude. 那些怪人记忆的整合里,对这栋大楼里的每一个人,都有着刻骨铭心的印象。 Especially here person does not garrison to the odd person, the talk chatted what/anything was shelterless. Even whatever they flutter everywhere randomly. 特别是这里的人根本对怪人不设防,谈话聊天什么的都毫无遮掩。甚至任由他们到处乱飘。 Perhaps is they cannot see the odd person, perhaps is they thinks that the odd person is impossible to leak. But no matter which type. 或许是他们也看不见怪人,或许是他们认为怪人不可能泄密。但不管哪一种。 This was more convenient the Lin Sheng understanding information, after all no one can think, he can absorb the soul memory fragments of lots of odd person unexpectedly. 这都更方便了林盛了解情报,毕竟没人能想到,他居然能吸收大量怪人的灵魂记忆残片。 Noses to check.” “去查探核对一下。” Lin Sheng upward, before standing gradually the second secret channels, told. 林盛缓步往上,站到第二层安全通道们前吩咐道。 ! 哧! His side flutters automatically black smoke, condenses changes into Dungeon Soldier. 他身旁自动飘飞出黑烟,凝聚化为一名地牢士兵 Yes.” “是。” The soldiers lower the head slightly, draws out the sword shield in a soft voice, enters second. 士兵微微低头,轻声拔出剑盾,走进第二层。 Lin Sheng slightly paused, follows. 林盛稍微顿了顿,也跟着进去。 First is to receive and camouflage uses, is some average people, only then from second start, breeds the level. The place of cultivation shadow soul “第一层是接待和伪装用,全是些普通人,只有从第二层开始,才算是养殖层。养殖影魂的地方” Lin Sheng follows slowly Dungeon Soldier. The body sends out several black smoke again. 林盛缓缓跟着地牢士兵。身上再度散发出数道黑烟 black smoke falls to the ground, changes into several Dungeon Soldier, did not say a word, raises the sword shield then to disperse to inspect. 黑烟落地,化为数名地牢士兵,纷纷一言不发,提起剑盾便分散检视起来。 „It is not right, they cannot see these odd people.” Lin Sheng knits the brows suddenly. Dead ahead looks up. “不对,他们看不见那些怪人。”林盛忽然皱眉。抬头看着正前方。 The young woman of there wear white jumper, calmly stands in the corner, two Dungeon Soldier look but not see her, scrapes past. 那里一个穿着白色套裙的年轻女子,正静静站在角落里,身旁两名地牢士兵对她视而不见,擦身而过。 A female mild-mannered long hair, is thin, the hair blocks from most facial features, can only see the pale pointed chin. 女子一头柔顺长发,身材消瘦,头发将大部分面容遮住,只能看到苍白的尖下巴。 The Lin Sheng heart moves, all Dungeon Soldier transformation are the black smoke shapes, more covert nosing building. 林盛心头一动,所有地牢士兵转化为黑烟形态,更隐蔽的查探大楼。 He proceeds to nose carefully. 他自己则往前仔细查探。 . 哧。 When passed by the female, has not waited for the opposite party to howl, his right arm found out like lightning, pressed on his shoulder. 路过女子时,没等对方吼叫,他右臂闪电般探出,在其肩膀上一按。 A white light like the electric arc, flees in all directions to vanish on the female. 一点白光如电弧般,在女子身上流窜消失。 The females one disperses, changes into the gray luminous spot to vanish, leaves behind black threads to fly into the Lin Sheng chest. 女子一下散开,化为灰色光点消失,留下一丝黑线飞入林盛胸膛。 Lin Sheng is without turning a hair , to continue toward other floor place nosing. 林盛面不改色,继续朝着楼层其他地方查探。 Here is the Myriad Grace Cult allocated area den, according to memory of odd person, here should have massive shadow souls to be bred, even special shadow soul monster. 这里是万恩教分区老巢,按照怪人的记忆来看,这里应该是有大量的影魂被养殖的,甚至还有特殊的影魂怪物。 He passes through, continuously across several stretches of office districts, although also intended to kill several odd people, the quantity of but with him imagining, differing was too big. 他一路走过,连续穿过几片办公区,虽然也出手干掉了几头怪人,但和他想象的数量,相差太大了。 Two do not have, Lin Sheng continues toward third. 二层没有,林盛又继续往第三层。 Third also empty. 第三层也空空荡荡。 On his fourth. Fifth 他紧接着上第四层。第五层 Speeds up rapidly, the odd person who Lin Sheng runs into also increases gradually, but arrived at roof 15. 一路飞速加快,林盛遇到的怪人也渐渐增多,只是足足到了楼顶十五层。 The odd person who he altogether destroys completely also only has thirty. 他一共灭掉的怪人也才只有三十几个。 But Dungeon Soldier have not discovered any live person here, the gate guard security that even is on duty does not have. 地牢士兵们也没有在这里发现任何活人,甚至连值班的门卫保安也没。 The sky shone slowly. 天慢慢亮了起来。 Lin Sheng unwilling, there are from top to bottom , to continue to start to inspect 林盛不甘心之下,有从上往下,继续开始检查 A building hall. 一楼大厅。 In the central column, altogether eight black vase widgets, entered flash after the secret channel in Lin Sheng a moment ago, shines the faint blue light. 中心圆柱内,一共八件黑色花瓶装饰物,就在刚才林盛走进安全通道后的一瞬间,亮起幽幽蓝光。 What is strange, in the jet black hall, this blue light actually as if not exist to be the same, a point cannot illuminate the vase surrounding area. 怪异的是,漆黑的大厅内,这蓝光却仿佛不存在一样,一点也照不亮花瓶周围的面积。 Eight vases look like some living creature, the jar surface detail flows slowly. 八件花瓶就像是某种活物,瓶子表面花纹缓缓流动。 If some people can examine carefully with the magnifying glass, can discover, these patterns unexpectedly all are comprised of the dense and numerous thousands of white villains. 如果有人能用放大镜细看,就能发现,这些花纹居然全是由密密麻麻数以千计的白色小人组成。 These white villains, if some people enlarge again looked, will discover, each is throwing over the white clothes, the facial features radically are the city missing lots of average people. 这些白色小人,如果有人再放大看,就会发现,他们每一个都披着白色衣服,面容根本就是市内失踪的大量普通人。 In these average people, some are the recent years is missing, some were a earlier time is missing. 这些普通人里,有的是最近几年失踪的,有的则是更早时间就失踪了的。 Also some even no one knows the origin radically, they as if exist in these vases from the beginning. 还有的甚至根本没人知晓来历,他们似乎从一开始就存在于这些花瓶里。 These origin unclear white clothing villains, the quantity occupied 90%. 这些来历不清的白衣小人,数量占据了90%。 They are unemotional, the skin is pale, is throwing over the cape same white clothing, arranges the team. 他们面无表情,皮肤惨白,披着斗篷一样的白衣,排列成队。 Some people even have very for a long time very long beforehand hairstyle, does not know that is the person of what age. 一些人甚至还留着很久很久以前的发型,不知道是什么年代的人。 These magnanimous white villains, as if were restricted the soul in vase, they compose white lines, but the line composes white eyes. 这些海量的白色小人,仿佛是被拘束在花瓶里的灵魂,他们组成一根根白色线条,而线条又组成一只只白色眼睛。 These eyes stare at the direction that Lin Sheng is leaving, corner of the eye slightly curved, silent dispersing slowly, returns to the original condition. 这些眼睛盯着林盛离开的方向,眼角微微一弯,无声无息的缓缓散开,恢复原状。
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