SN :: Volume #3

#280: Strength 3

Lin Sheng fast is inspecting eagle holes, his goal is very clear, that found the second black book, found the training technique and fusion technique. 林盛飞快检查着一个个鹰穴,他的目标很明确,那就是找到第二本黑书,找到培养术和融合术。 In the quick, short ten minutes, he then looked for dozens eagle holes. 很快,短短十分钟内,他便找了数十个鹰穴。 This search has not wasted, quick, he then in most peak by a right eagle **, had found the second black book. 这趟搜索没有白费,很快,他便在最顶端靠右的一个鹰**,找到了第二本黑书。 Lamagna central ring training technique ». 拉马尼亚中心轮培养术》。 Is this!” Lin Sheng opens the black book gently, saw inside content title. “就是这个!”林盛轻轻翻开黑书,看到了里面的内容标题。 The content in book and on a depuration technique continues meets. Lin Sheng on the content of this book will already recite to remember, at this time sees this book, very natural association then unifies together. 书中的内容和上一本提纯术是续接的。林盛早已将上本书的内容背诵记忆下来,此时看到这本书,很自然的便联想结合到一起。 In the training technique does not have too many things, only has overlapping, extremely complex triangle method ceremony. 培养术里没有太多东西,只有一个层层叠叠,极其复杂的三角形法阵仪式。 In memory of Lin Sheng absorption, there are few involves law, at this time explained this law effect slightly. 林盛吸收的记忆中,也有极少数是涉及到法阵的,此时稍微解读出了点这法阵的效果。 As if a conversion of energy ceremony he is not skilled in the ceremony. “似乎是一个能量转化仪式”他并不精通仪式。 The type of ceremony, utilization Rune, the trace, the basic lineup, had much are too too many. The ceremony of each category has other day of badly distance. 仪式的种类,运用的符文,纹路,基本阵型,有太多太多了。每一个类别的仪式都有着天差地别的距离。 He only familiar is the summon ceremony of Black Feather City system, that is he is commonly used, but the ceremony system of Black Feather City is independent, with this difference. 他唯一熟悉的就是黑羽城体系的召唤仪式,那是他常用的,但黑羽城的仪式体系是独立的,和这个不同。 Does not dare the delaying time, Lin Sheng starts memory conversion of energy ceremony carefully, some utilization simple mnemonic systems, start to remember forcefully forcefully it. 不敢耽搁时间,林盛仔细开始记忆这个能量转化仪式,强行运用一些简单的记忆法,开始将其硬生生记忆下来。 Memory repeatedly, Lin Sheng as far as possible memorizes by rote it. 记忆一遍又一遍,林盛尽可能的将其死记下来。 When reviews fourth, a familiar second hand sound, resounds near his ear slowly. 直到复习第四遍时,一阵熟悉的秒针声音,在他耳边缓缓响起。 Clatter clatter clatter clatter 嗒嗒嗒嗒 The Lin Sheng present all are slowly fuzzy, he holds the black book, hides in a eagle hole corner/horn, the arm is digging to wall one ruthlessly randomly. 林盛眼前的一切缓缓模糊,他抱起黑书,躲进鹰穴一角,手臂对着墙壁狠狠一阵乱挖。 Hiding that allows his him to hide is in an instant hollow enough, then had been dug by it. 转眼一个足够容他他藏身的隐蔽凹陷,便被其挖了出来。 Lin Sheng hurried rolling up body, has hidden. 林盛急忙蜷缩身体,躲了进去。 Just hid, he at present one black, the consciousness then fell into ignorantly. 刚刚躲好,他眼前一黑,意识便陷入浑噩。 The time winds through slowly. 时间慢慢流过。 Has not known how long, Lin Sheng sobered slowly. 不知道过了多久,林盛缓缓清醒过来。 Opens eyes, he one from bed, arrives at the desk rapidly, extracts the written records, the hand was similar to twitches draws just the ceremony strategy of memory rapidly. 睁开眼,他一下从床上下来,迅速走到书桌边,抽出纸笔,手如同抽搐般迅速画出刚刚记忆的仪式阵法。 The picture ends, checks carefully several, Lin Sheng relaxed. 画完,仔细核对数遍,林盛才松了口气。 Looked up outside the eye piece, was away from the window curtains, outside as before was a darkness. 抬头看了眼窗外,隔着窗帘,外面依旧还是一片漆黑。 Lin Sheng takes up to draw White Paper of ceremony, coils one group it, gradually goes out of the bedroom. 林盛拿起画着仪式的白纸,将其卷成一团,缓步走出卧室。 By starlight, he leaves Spirit Heart Castle Manor rapidly, from the invisible export place of spatial warping exits. 趁着夜色,他迅速离开心灵城堡,从空间扭曲的无形出口处出去。 Daybreak when Miga, has with the Xiling Xilun completely different sceneries. 黎明时的米加,有着和席琳西轮完全不同的风景。 Hengrui Kara as the Miga standard two cities, although cannot compare liveliest these, was the modernized metropolis. 恒瑞卡拉作为米加标准的二线城市,虽然比不上最繁华的那些,也算是现代化的大都市了。 Lin Sheng returns to Adolf for the building of residence room that in it rents rapidly. 林盛迅速回到阿道夫为其租住的居民楼房间内。 Here stored up him various commodities that is used to summon, similarly is also he usually in experiments to rest the best shelter. 这里囤积了他用来召唤的各种物资,同样也是他平日里实验休息最好的隐蔽所。 Turns off the windows and doors, draws in the window curtains, Lin Sheng enlarges with the ceremony strategy that the scanner and duplicator will draw rapidly, prints a bigger strategy. 关好门窗,拉上窗帘,林盛迅速用扫描仪和复印机将自己画出的仪式阵法放大,打印出一个更大的阵法。 The printing with the stitching technique, is divided into many scraps the ceremony, after the scrap enlargement, then merges. Is one biggest. 打印是用拼接技术,将仪式分成很多小块,小块放大后,再合并起来。就是一个最大的。 Spent less than a half hour, a ceremony strategy of appropriate size, then by Lin Sheng familiar and easy incited, placed in the ground. 花了不到半小时,一张合适大小的仪式阵法,便被林盛轻车熟路的鼓捣出来,摆放在地面上。 The test ceremony is very simple. 测试仪式很简单。 Record description of Lin Sheng in according to black book, oneself bites open the finger, squeezes out a drop of blood hardly, in the right blank of ceremony. 林盛按照黑书上的记录说明,自己咬开手指,硬挤出一滴血,在仪式的右侧一个空白处。 Then stands the left blank. 然后自己站到左侧一个空白处。 Without the start language, does not need any other materials. 没有启动语,不需要任何其他材料。 The only need, is Soul Force. 唯独需要的,是灵魂力 Lin Sheng is controlling Soul Force, slowly is similar to the brook, injects the ceremony strategy the connecting point. 林盛控制着灵魂力,缓缓的如同溪流般,注入仪式阵法的接口处。 His other are not many, Soul Force are most. He has estimated probably, if the simple conversion, is equal to over a thousand times of greatness of common average man. 他别的不多,灵魂力最多。他大概估算过,如果简单的换算出来,相当于一般常人的上千倍之巨。 In the ground the crude ordinary ceremony strategy, after injection of Soul Force, the entire strategy started to ascend slowly the light silver smog. 地面上原本简陋普通的仪式阵法,在灵魂力的注入后,整个阵法开始缓缓升腾起淡淡银色烟雾。 These silver smog living creatures seem to be common, has the consciousness in abundance floods into Lin Sheng within the body, but the moment time, Lin Sheng then feels, within the body blood continuous inexplicable increase. 这些银色烟雾仿佛活物一般,纷纷有意识的涌入林盛体内,不过片刻功夫,林盛便感觉到,体内鲜血正在源源不断的莫名增加。 Should not have the issue!” He anchors injection of Soul Force rapidly. “应该没问题了!”他迅速停住灵魂力的注入。 The ceremony separates to stop immediately. 仪式立马断开停下。 Just the one who he used the ceremony to train is own ordinary blood, through the input soul strength, transformed the blood, produced in within the body directly. 刚刚他利用仪式培养的是自己的普通鲜血,通过输入魂力,转化成鲜血,直接在体内生成。 The effect is easy and feasible, was the price is big. Except that he estimated that nobody dares to use. 效果简单易行,就是代价大了点。除了他估计没人敢用。 He can absorb the soul, does not dare such casually to spend freely. The soul spent freely, once were incomplete, that was meets the brain to be remnant 他要不是能吸收灵魂,也不敢这么随便挥霍。灵魂挥霍多了,一旦残缺,那是会脑残的 Tests again several times, has a look to have any issue “再测试几次,看看有没有什么问题” Lin Sheng some did not feel relieved, this and depuration technique is different, present Rock Dragon Bloodline has deputed a very thick degree. 林盛有些不放心,这个和提纯术不同,现在的岩龙血脉已经提纯到了一个很浓的程度。 What is most important was the quantity becomes too few. Only then little, once trains the failure, that will lose the bloodlines. 最重要的是数量变得太少了。只有一点点,一旦培养失败,那可是会损失血脉的。 Therefore is beyond control he not to be careful. 所以由不得他不小心。 Lin Sheng cautiously drops the blood once again, has tested under the ceremony working condition. As well as tested the soul strength to train oneself blood, between component proportion. 林盛小心翼翼的再度滴血,重新测试了下仪式运转情况。以及测试出了魂力培养自己鲜血,之间的份量比例。 Summoned the soul strength of soldier, after the consumption, can train about one kilogram blood. 一个召唤士兵的魂力,消耗后,可以培养出一公斤左右鲜血。 The conversion rate is very low, simply can be said as waste. 转化率很低,简直可以说是浪费。 But Lin Sheng has no alternative, this is he is only, can the hope that the bloodlines strengthen. 林盛别无选择,这是他唯一的,能将血脉强化的希望。 The bloodlines strengthen, is the key. 血脉强化,是钥匙。 Once strengthens successfully, the body intensity will enhance, but after the body intensity enhances, then can promote the Saint Force rank. 一旦强化成功,身体强度会提高,而身体强度提高后,便又能提升圣力级别。 A snap ring point. By that time, Lin Sheng own strength speed-up will achieve an extremely exaggerating the degree. 一环扣一环。到那时,林盛自己的实力增速将达到一个极其夸张的程度。 Checked under the ceremony strategy once again, Lin Sheng looked under on the wall the wall clock, 5 : 43. 再度核对了下仪式阵法,林盛看了下墙上挂钟,5:43。 Starts.” He stands once again in the ceremony position. closes/obstructs eye. “开始吧。”他再度站到仪式位上。闭目。 Lifts the finger, he hangs it to another blank of ceremony, within the body Rock Dragon Bloodline passes rapidly. 抬起手指,他将其悬到仪式的另一空白处,体内岩龙血脉急速流转。 Under the Saint Force master, golden same blood, seeps out from the fingertip slowly, drops. 圣力的帮主下,一滴黄金一样的血液,缓缓从手指尖渗出,滴落。 . 啪。 The golden blood falls on the flash of ceremony blank. 金色鲜血落在仪式空白处的一瞬间。 Lin Sheng injects the soul strength suddenly. 林盛陡然注入魂力。 The magnanimous soul strength as if river, swarms from the strategy meets the entrance to push. 海量的魂力仿佛大河,蜂拥从阵法接入口挤入。 !! 哧!! Each trace of silver ray from ceremony strategy bright, the massive silver smog transpiration flutters, fast charges into the Lin Sheng body. 银色光芒从仪式阵法上的每一条纹路亮起,大量银色烟雾蒸腾飘出,飞快冲向林盛身体。 ! 哧! ! 哧! ! 哧! !! 哧!! Silver light beams project from strategy rapidly, accurate falling center the Lin Sheng chest. 一道道银色光柱从阵法之中急速射出,精准的落在林盛胸膛正中。 Rock Dragon Bloodline of Lin Sheng within the body suddenly as if obtained some active strengthening, start fast swallows the silver smog to expand. 林盛体内的岩龙血脉一时间仿佛得到了某种活性强化,飞快的开始吞噬银色烟雾壮大起来。 This strength speed is not fast. 只是这种壮大速度并不算快。 Lin Sheng is controlling injection of soul strength with rapt attention, he has oneself warning line, must guarantee the soul mechanical load that King of Night wait/etc. commanded is enough. 林盛凝神控制着魂力的注入,他有着自己的警戒线,必须要保证夜之王等统领的魂力负荷足够。 Except that command the soul load, he can also consume more than 30 to summon the soldier Units soul strength. 除开统领们的灵魂负荷,他还能消耗30多个召唤士兵单位的魂力。 The soul strength is consuming continuously, the ceremony strategy transforms the magnanimous silver mist crazily, injects into Lin Sheng within the body. 魂力源源不断的消耗着,仪式阵法疯狂转化出海量银色雾气,注入林盛体内。 His within the body the blood of Rock Dragon Bloodline gold, is growing at a naked eye obvious speed. 他体内的岩龙血脉黄金之血,正以一个肉眼可见的速度增长着。 Before he through the purification, Rock Dragon Bloodline after depuration condensed completely, only then pitiful five drops. 之前他通过纯化,提纯后的岩龙血脉全部凝聚起来,也只有可怜的五滴。 But at this time, injects the transformation along with a Units Units soul unceasingly, the blood of five drops of gold are growing at a slow speed. 而此时,随着一个单位一个单位的灵魂不断注入转化,五滴黄金之血正以一个缓慢的速度增长。 Five drops. 五滴。 Six drops. 六滴。 Seven drops. 七滴。 Eight drops 八滴 After ten minutes, the blood of gold achieves 16 drops, Lin Sheng opens the eye slowly, the eyeground flashes through golden color. 十分钟后,黄金之血达到16滴,林盛缓缓睁开眼睛,眼底闪过一丝金色。 Insufficiently by far insufficient!” “不够远远不够!” He looks silver light screen that periphery gets down dimly. 他看着周围黯淡下去的银色光幕。 I need more souls more!” “我需要更多的灵魂更多!” He feels bloodlines that within the body is seething with excitement, if before half dragon change/transform, can let him below 6th Level, jumps the ranks to the war. 他感受着体内沸腾的血脉,如果说之前的半龙化,能够让他在六级以下,越级对战。 Then present he, half dragon at least increased about three times of explosive forces compared with before, the skin tenacity is also simultaneously strong to be too many. 那么现在的他,半龙化起码比以前增加了近三倍的爆发力,同时皮肤坚韧性也强出太多。 He even suspected after own present half dragon, depending on the strength and defense of this body, can achieve five levels of even 6th Level. 他甚至怀疑自己现在半龙化后,光凭这具身体的力量和防御,就能达到五级甚至六级了。 Body intensity increases . Moreover, can also promote Saint Force Lin Sheng to receive the ceremony strategy, turns around to leave the room. “身体强度增加,另外,又可以提升圣力了”林盛收起仪式阵法,转身离开房间。 As for the soul, that so-called ten thousand graciousness teach to give his good pleasant surprise. 至于灵魂,那个所谓的万恩教或许会给他不错的惊喜。
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