SOM :: Volume #6 Unbreakable Machine-Doll (2)

#758: Sold to me to be what kind of?

In school, people who didn't know Rozen didn't exist. 在学院里,不认识罗真的人是不存在的 《Marshal》 that with being listed 1 st fights to a draw, not knowing one's place mysterious transfer student. 与排名第1的〈元帅〉打成平手,不分上下的神秘转学生 Routs Disciplinary Committee, exposes Disciplinary Committee's chairman Felix Kingsfort's crimes school 2nd place. 风纪委员会击溃,揭发风纪委员主委菲利克斯·金斯福特的罪行的学院第2名 Hard anti- famous 《Gram》 on Night Party's battlefield does not drop the wind, even gives 《Kreuzritter》 routs at one fell swoop, but also exposes the matter that Night Party Executive Committee Section Head has been murdered. 夜会的战场上硬抗大名鼎鼎的〈魔剑〉而不落下风,甚至将〈十字架骑士团〉都给一举击溃,还揭露了夜会执行部部长遇害的事情。 These are the facts that the students as well as professors in school are familiar. 这些都是学院里的学生以及教授都耳熟能详的事迹。 In addition, Rozen annihilates entire 《D-Works》 the fact including Bronson this character once closest to the Wiseman's Throne by a person of strength, on the contrary only then extremely minority observant and conscientious person know. 除此之外,罗真以一人之力歼灭包括布朗森这位曾经离魔王之位最近的人物在内的整个〈神之工房〉的事迹,反倒只有极为少数的有心人才知道。 However, even so, Rozen's reputation has also sufficed in school high, even entered the major big powers line of sight. 但是,就算是这样,罗真的名声在学院里亦是已经够高,甚至进入了各大列强的视线。 In such a case, in this school, people who didn't know Rozen didn't exist. 在这样的情况下,于这所学院里,不认识罗真的人是不存在的 But, Io has not confirmed Rozen's status obviously before then, conversely after recognizing 《Setsugetsuka》 says Rozen's true name, this was the unprecedented matter. 可是,伊欧却明显在此之前没有确认罗真的身份,反倒是在认出〈雪月花〉以后才道出罗真的真名,这就是前所未有的事情了。 Rozen blinked, helplessly smiled. 以至于,罗真都眨了眨眼睛,无奈的笑了 Originally you know me, Professor Eliade.” “原来你认识我啊,埃里亚德教授。” Rozen said such somewhat weird words. 罗真就说出这样有些古怪的话来。 it's alright to directly call me Io.” 直接叫我伊欧就行了。” Io does not have the rack was saying, stares at Rozen's eyes actually to emit a more intense brilliance. 伊欧毫无架子的这么说着,盯着罗真的眼睛却放出更加强烈的光彩来。 I already heard, the Loreley-san back non-warranted helpers are Karyuusai-sensei, Automaton of use are Doll of 《Moon (Getsu)》 in 《Setsugetsuka》 series, can therefore resist with all one's strength Magnus-san's Squadron, but the undefeated, making me very much want to see one side you, has not thought that today finally sees.” “我早就听说了,罗雷莱同学背后的赞助者就是花柳斋老师,使用的自动人偶〈雪月花〉系列中的〈月〉之人偶,所以能够力敌马格纳斯同学的战队而不败,让我一直都很想见你一面,没想到今天终于见到了。” Sentimental professor is the same with Rozen, very much wants to see one side the opposite party. 感情这位教授和罗真一样,都很想见对方一面啊。 Moreover, perhaps just like Rozen very clear Io's matter, Io is also knows about the Rozen's inside story clearly, really looks like like that paid attention to Rozen that its said to be very long? 而且,跟罗真非常清楚伊欧的事情一样,伊欧亦是对罗真的内情了解得非常清楚,恐怕真像其所说的那般,已经关注罗真很久了吧? Io then in high spirits making noise. 伊欧便兴高采烈的出声。 What has not thought that you bring in is not only Doll of 《Moon (Getsu)》, including Doll of 《Snow (Setsu)》 and Doll of 《Flower (Ka)》 in your side, famous 《Setsugetsuka》 series by your one hand obtained, is really... Really is... Too enviable...!” “更没想到的是,你带在身边的不仅仅是〈月〉之人偶,连〈雪〉之人偶跟〈花〉之人偶都在你的身边,大名鼎鼎的〈雪月花〉系列被你一手所得,实在是...实在是...太令人羡慕了...!” Here, Io carried is letting brunting that other people yielded and withdrew, gathered in front of Rozen's, is smiling to Rozen. 说到这里,伊欧携带着让旁人退避三舍的冲势,一把凑到罗真的面前,对着罗真笑着。 Loreley-san.” 罗雷莱同学。” Io jumps for joy saying such a few words. 伊欧雀跃不已的说出这样的一句话。 Can ask you to sell to me 《Setsugetsuka》?” “能不能请你将〈雪月花〉都卖给我呢?” This innately gifted talent professor set such a request unexpectedly. 这位天赋异禀的天才教授竟是提出了这么一个要求。 Sold to you?” “卖给你?” Rozen raised the brow again. 罗真眉头再次一挑 Including somewhat dreads to Io, Doll young girl three sisters of appearance wants to keep at a respectful distance was shocked. 连对伊欧有些畏惧,一副想敬而远之的模样的人偶少女姐妹三人都愣住了。 This... This a little fearful does Elder Sister want to buy us?” “这...这个有点可怕的姐姐想买下我们吗?” Komurasaki somewhat timid was saying. 小紫就有些怯怯的这么说着。 „......” “......” Irori knitted the brows, the expression becomes serious. 伊吕里蹙起眉头,表情变得严肃起来。 Ro... Rozen?” 罗...罗真?” Yaya appears somewhat restless appearance, casts the vision to Rozen's body. 夜夜则显得有些不安的样子,将目光投至罗真的身上 As the Greatest Living Doll Maker in the World highest masterpiece, world's strongest Automaton, until now, wants to buy existence of Yaya, Irori as well as Komurasaki group of three from Karyuusai Shouko's hand and has, even it can be said that has plenty of such people. 作为仿生人偶界第一人最高杰作,世界最强自动人偶,至今为止,想从花柳斋硝子的手中买下夜夜、伊吕里以及小紫一行三人的存在并不是没有,甚至可以说是大有人在。 Other did not say, Japanese Military on more than once wants to take over for use the 《Setsugetsuka》 series three people from Karyuusai Shouko's hand. 别的不说,日本军方就不止一次的想从花柳斋硝子的手中征用〈雪月花〉系列的三人。 Must know, 《Oborozukiyo》 of Karyuusai Shouko manufacture then has change terrain formidable power personally, moreover can display so the performance in the mediocre Puppeteer hand, making Japanese Military start to attach great importance to Automaton, and listed as the highest strength and national secret 《Oborozukiyo》, but 《Setsugetsuka》 was acknowledged by Karyuusai Shouko personally, each one above 《Oborozukiyo》. 要知道,花柳斋硝子亲手制作的〈胧月夜〉便有改变地形的强大力量,而且还是在平庸的人偶使手中都能发挥出如此性能,令日本军方对自动人偶开始重视,并将〈胧月夜〉列为最高战力和国家机密,而〈雪月花〉却是由花柳斋硝子亲口承认,个个都在〈胧月夜〉之上。 Irori has is freezing city Ability easily. 伊吕里拥有着轻而易举冻结一座都市能力 Yaya's defense may be called invincible. 夜夜的防御堪称无敌。 Komurasaki can let all have in the illusion that existence of intellectual falls into unable to extricate oneself. 小紫可以让所有拥有知性的存在都陷入无法自拔的幻境中。 Although, these three sisters power cannot display with ease, not like 《Oborozukiyo》 like that even if mediocre Puppeteer can use with ease, instead is learning 《Eye of the Mind》's power, stands existence in Magus peak can display the true performance, may not display true power, the these three sisters use is noticeable. 虽说,这姐妹三人力量不是能够轻松发挥出来的,不像〈胧月夜〉那般,即使是平庸的人偶使都能轻松使用,反而是只有在习得〈心眼〉之力,站在魔术师顶峰的存在才能发挥出真正的性能,可就算没有发挥出真正的力量,这姐妹三人的用处都是不可忽视的。 For example Irori, even if no Puppeteer to provide Magic Power, initially an energy balance wound arrived at Rozen, three sisters strengths most casually did not say. 比如伊吕里,即便没有人偶使提供魔力,当初都能差点伤到罗真,三姐妹战力最强并不是随便说说的。 Again for example Yaya, even if no invincible Ability, that is also having astonishing defensive power, but can also the 《Kongouriki》 use in Puppeteer's body, it may be said that most suit is used for the bodyguard important Character type. 再比如夜夜,就算没有无敌的能力,那也拥有着惊人的防御力,还能将〈金刚力〉使用在人偶使的身上,可谓是最适合用来护卫重要人物的类型。 Then is Komurasaki, can deceive other people's five feelings, absolutely is the best spy, assassin and agent. 然后是小紫,能够欺瞒他人的五感,绝对是最佳的间谍、刺客、特工。 Therefore, three sisters comes to see in the national angle is extremely precious power, if not for Karyuusai Shouko has enough Ability, has the relations in the army similarly, that only feared that 《Setsugetsuka》 forcefully was already levied. 因此,姐妹三人在国家角度来看都是极其贵重的力量,若不是花柳斋硝子有足够的能力,在军中同样有关系,那只怕〈雪月花〉早就被强行征收了。 Then, wants to buy the 《Setsugetsuka》 person naturally to have plenty of such people from the Karyuusai Shouko hand , many famous collectors with the artist, either settle on the three sisters shocking peerless semblance, either settled on three people of within the body precious Magic Circuit, also some even the courtesan Eldest Young Master and odd thousand gold (daughter) of evil thought wants to start the 《Setsugetsuka》 three people. 如此一来,想从花柳斋硝子手中买下〈雪月花〉的人自然是大有人在,其中还不乏一些有名的收藏家跟艺术家,要么看中姐妹三人惊艳绝伦的外表,要么看中三人体内贵重的魔术回路,还有一些甚至起了邪心的花柳大少与怪癖千金想入手〈雪月花〉的三人。 Therefore, regarding matter that some people want to buy oneself sisters, Yaya, Irori as well as Komurasaki is not first meeting. 所以,对于有人想买下自己姐妹的事情,夜夜、伊吕里以及小紫已经不是第一次遇见。 Initially, Yaya will be looking down upon human, then could not see the man, and what is more also immersed in own value, despised all Character dispositions, has saying that and had the reason. 当初,夜夜会那么瞧不起人类,那么见不到男人,更甚者还沉浸在自己的价值中,藐视所有人物的性格,不得不说,并不是没有原因的。 Now, three sisters comes across such matter once more, even if Irori and Komurasaki could not be counted is Rozen's possession, but is the same with Yaya, appears is somewhat restless. 现在,姐妹三人再次遇到这样的事情,即使伊吕里和小紫还不能算作是罗真的所有物,但还是跟着夜夜一样,显得有些不安起来。 Rozen under so condition, opens the mouth without hesitation. 罗真就在这般状况之下,毫不犹豫的开口。 Sorry, these are items not for sale, can only be possessed by me for a lifetime, no one can obtain.” “抱歉,这是非卖品,只能一辈子为我所有,谁都不能得到。” Rozen rare categorical saying such words come. 罗真难得斩钉截铁的说出这样的话来。 Rozen...!” 罗真...!” Rozen-sama...!” 罗真大人...!” Rozen...!” 罗真...!” Yaya, Irori as well as Komurasaki three people has felt relieved immediately, and throws the affected look to Rozen. 夜夜、伊吕里以及小紫三人顿时放心了,并对罗真投以感动的眼神。 conversely Io, has somewhat been unforgiving. 反倒是伊欧,有些不依不饶了起来。 But I want the Karyuusai-sensei work very much, let alone was 《Setsugetsuka》, this was once in a thousand years opportunity, you sold to me, do not look at my this, my research budget was very high, paid the prices of your several warships not to have the issue, you sold to me!” “可是我很想要花柳斋老师的作品啊,更别说是〈雪月花〉了,这可是千载难逢的机会,你就卖给我吧,别看我这样,我的研究预算可是很高的,付你数艘军舰的价钱都没问题,你就卖给我吧!” Io has not planned to give up unexpectedly completely, gives back to the astonishing price. 伊欧竟是完全没有打算放弃,还给出了惊人的价格。 However, if 《Setsugetsuka》 series, has this price is also really normal. 不过,如果是〈雪月花〉系列的话,有这种价格也实属正常。 What a pity... 可惜... I said that does not sell does not sell.” “我说不卖就不卖。” Rozen directly stopped the words, tightly is actually regarding Io, so opens the mouth. 罗真直接将话给堵死,却是紧视着伊欧,如此开口。 conversely your research results, I am interested in it, was inferior that you did sell to me to be what kind of it?” 反倒是你的研究成果,我对它非常感兴趣,不如你将它卖给我怎么样呢?” Rozen leisurely words however, made the smile on Io's face stagnate for the first time. 罗真施施然的话语,令得伊欧脸上的笑容第一次滞住了
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