SOM :: Volume #6 Unbreakable Machine-Doll (2)

#756: Machinart Engineering's school building

Next day. 次日。 Very early in the morning, on the main street of school is filling the student of coming and going, making the entire early morning fill the lively atmosphere. 一大早的,学院的主街上就充满着来来往往的学生,让整个清晨都弥漫着热闹的氛围。 Students in twos and threes accumulation together, each other joke, while has sense of purpose goes in the direction of school front door, the side has not carried Automaton, understood at a glance that is the plan goes out to take to the streets. 学生们三三两两的聚集在一起,一边彼此笑谈,一边非常有目的性的往学院大门的方向而去,身边则没有携带自动人偶,一看就知道是打算外出上街。 Really is the anticipation, does not know that what Automaton can see.” “真是期待啊,不知道能看到什么样的自动人偶。” After all is the European countries Machinart Technology exposition, certainly many high-quality goods?” “毕竟是欧洲各国机巧技术的博览会,一定有很多精品吧?” Senpai that I know pulls out some good components in the previous time exposition, carried on a transformation own Automaton, the performance has drastically promoted, list if by strength can enter the first hundred ranks.” “我认识的一位学长在上次的博览会里就掏到一些非常好的零件,将自己的自动人偶进行了一番改造,性能大幅提升,单论实力的话已经能够进入前百名的行列了。” Senpai lucky that I know, when the auction obtains the fund of back sponsor to provide, the large sum of money pounds down French Automaton, relies on it to advance into real power factions before 50 at one fell swoop, but now 38th place, before has not obtained this Automaton arranges to several hundred beyond.” “我认识的一位学长幸运,在拍卖会的时候得到背后的赞助商的资金提供,重金砸下一具法国的自动人偶,凭借着它一举跻身50名前的实力派,现在可是第38名,在没有得到这具自动人偶之前可是排到数百名以外。” My goal is this time auction, must buy powerful Automaton.” “我的目标就是这次的拍卖会,一定要买下强力自动人偶。” Has not been staring at the this time exposition in Gauntlet Bearer that Night Party enters the stage, either is hopes that can pull out the good components to improve Doll, either planned that buys complete new Doll at the auction.” “很多还没在夜会出场的手套持有者也都盯着这一次博览会,要么是希望能够掏到好的零件来改进人偶,要么是打算在拍卖会上买下一具全新的人偶。” Otherwise, is very difficult to raise one's head on Night Party.” “不这样的话,实在很难在夜会上出头啊。” Who makes now also on the scene is some fearful fellows?” “谁让现在还在场的都是一些可怕的家伙呢?” They also can only send hope at this exposition, hopes that can obtain outstanding Automaton, with 《Fimbulvetr》, 《Tyrant Rex》, 《Sacred Blaze》 and 《Last One》 one high, also results in badly does not lose to 《Surround Roar》 to be good.” “他们也只能寄希望在这次博览会上,希望能得到优秀的自动人偶,和〈芬布尔之冬〉、〈君临之暴虐〉、〈旋转炎剑〉跟〈倒数第一〉一较高下,最不济也得不输给〈多重的轰鸣〉才行。” I look to hang.” “我看悬啊。” The students are then holding the similar discussion, and went to the school front door, entered the avenue. 学生们便进行着类似这样的讨论,并前往了学院大门,进入了大街。 The goal of these people was precisely this time's Automaton Expo. 这些人的目标正是此次的自动人偶博览会 Regarding these Puppet Makers, this exposition is all kinds of colleague mutual competition stage, but regarding Puppeteer, similarly is a time very rare grand feast. 对于那些人偶师们来说,此次博览会乃是与各种各样的同行互相竞争的舞台,而对于人偶使而言,同样是一次非常难得的盛宴。 Can pull out for improving the components of Automaton at the exposition also or buys powerful Automaton, even has including Magic Circuit buys, that wants also to know, Puppeteers is unable to resist such grand feast. 可以在博览会上掏到用于改进自动人偶的零件亦或者是买到强力自动人偶,甚至是连魔术回路都有得买,那想也知道,人偶使们都是无法抗拒这样的盛宴的。 In addition can also see newest Machinart Technology in the conference site of exposition, then, regarding the students of school, this similarly was a study of not bad with the opportunity of opening mind. 再加上于博览会的会场上还可以看到最新的机巧技术,那么,对于学院的学生们来说,这同样是一次不错的学习跟开眼界的机会了。 Therefore, the school approved such activity similarly, and vigorously supports the students to attend Automaton Expo. 因此,学院同样认同了这样的活动,并大力支持学生们出席自动人偶博览会 thanks to this, school several education ministries announced suspending classes, attains the vacation including many professors, this period of time, the school will have many people to take to the streets surely. 拜此所赐,学院好几个学部都宣布了停课,连很多教授都拿到假期,这段时间里,学院必定会有很多人上街。 Kimberley similarly is one of them, as the Machinart Physics Department professor, her curriculum comprehensively stops, lets Rozen also obtains the rare vacation. 金伯莉同样是其中之一,作为机巧物理学部的教授,她的课程就全面停止,让罗真亦是得到难得的假期。 However, when the students in school take to the streets, the Rozen on the contrary adverse current the line, does not have an school, but also goes toward the deep place of school. 然而,在学院里的学生都上街去的时候,罗真却反倒逆流而行,没有出学院,还往学院的深处而去。 „Is here Machinart Engineering's school building?” “这里就是机巧工学的校舍吗?” Before Rozen arrives at a school building. 罗真就来到一栋校舍之前。 That is a construction of gothic style, is having the thick outward appearance with just like the Cathedral dignity, has the imposing manner school building grandly. 那是一栋哥德式的建筑,拥有着厚实的外观跟宛如大圣堂般的威严,非常宏伟有气势的校舍。 Like Rozen said that here was Machinart Engineering's school building. 就像罗真所言的一样,这里是机巧工学的校舍 This is one is mainly to study Automaton's body, the content of research is being worthy of the reputation the knowledge of 『Machinart』, can be said as the compound Machinart basis with Machinart Physics, one studies the external structure of Automatons, namely existence of 『Hardware』, one studies the Magic Circuits of Automatons, namely part of 『Software』, in most important two education ministries for school, thus is also listed as the compulsory two divisions/disciplines. 这是一门主要为研究自动人偶的躯体,研究的内容乃是名副其实的「机巧」的学问,与机巧物理学可以说是并列机巧魔术的根本,一个研究自动人偶的外部构造,即「硬件」的存在,一个研究自动人偶的魔术回路,即「软件」的部分,为学院内最重要的两个学部,因而也被列为必修的两门学科。 The student in Machinart Academy must a division/discipline elects for compulsory, another division/discipline can elect to take as an elective, coordinates other divisions/disciplines again, is carrying on the full study. 机巧学院内的学生就必须将其中一门学科选为必修,另外一门学科则能选为选修,再配合其余的学科,进行着充分的学习和研究。 Initially, when Rozen admittance has filled in Machinart Physics in the declaration of enrollment as the compulsory subjects, thus became Kimberley's student. 当初,罗真入学时就在入学申请书上填写了机巧物理学作为必修科目,从而成为了金伯莉的学生 After all, compared with the part of hardware, Rozen the accomplishment is higher to the Magecraft and other software, in the mind is having the massive Magecraft knowledge and Magical Arts knowledge, does not enter Machinart Physics Department quite to be strange. 毕竟,比起硬体的部分,罗真魔术等软体的素养更高,脑海里拥有着大量的魔术知识与咒术知识,不进入机巧物理学部才比较奇怪。 However, regarding Machinart Engineering, Rozen has the least bit understanding similarly. 不过,对于机巧工学,罗真同样不是没有半点了解。 How to say again, result of Rozen in scholarship is extra-superior, in the entire school only then Magnus can test the perfect score with him, including was swept away by him as Greatest Living Doll Maker in the World Karyuusai's book collection, in the mind, has the full understanding regarding the hardware part of Automaton completely similarly, even if the Faculty of Engineering professors uncertain and on Rozen. 再怎么说,罗真在学力方面的成绩都是超一流的,整个学院里只有马格纳斯能够和他一起考得满分,连作为仿生人偶界第一人花柳斋的藏书都被他一扫而空,全部记在脑海里,对于自动人偶的硬体部分同样有着充分的了解,即便是工学部的教授都不一定及得上罗真 Now, Rozen arrived at Machinart Engineering Department's school building. 现在,罗真就来到了机巧工学部的校舍 It is not attended class, but is moves. 不是来上课,而是来行动。 Yaya, Irori as well as Komurasaki three people follows in behind Rozen. 夜夜、伊吕里以及小紫三人就跟在罗真的身后 „Does that use tamper with the Magecraft criminal really here?” “那个使用篡改魔术的犯人真的就在这里吗?” Komurasaki then looks at Machinart Engineering Department's school building, while curious saying these words. 小紫便一边看着机巧工学部的校舍,一边好奇的说出这番话来。 Yes. 是的。 Reason that Rozen's entire group will come here , because wants to find that use to tamper with the Magecraft criminal. 罗真一行人之所以会来到这里,就是因为想找到那个使用篡改魔术的犯人。 only... 只是... it's not clear whether the criminal is here.” 犯人是不是在这里还不清楚。” Rozen is looking at the present school building, was saying. 罗真望着眼前的校舍,这么说着。 „The words that but, according to Hinowa's Divination, we comes to here, should be able to find some clues.” “但是,根据日轮的占卜,我们到这里来的话,应该可以找到一些线索。” Yesterday, in Hinowa there, Rozen obtained Divination message. 昨天,在日轮那里,罗真就得到了一条占卜讯息 ———— hall of magic essence, study of magic essence, body of magic essence, person of magic essence ———— ————魔性之堂,魔性之学,魔性之体,魔性之人———— Irori slowly read Divination's content. 伊吕里缓缓的念出占卜的内容 Actually is this what meaning?” “这究竟是什么意思呢?” Yaya is full of the doubts. 夜夜则充满着疑惑。 Actually, this Divination is not unreadable. 其实,这则占卜并不难以理解。 If I have not understood the mistake, so-called 『hall of magic essence』 refers to is Magic Society's Sacred Hall, is this Magic Society's highest school, Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart.” “如果我没有理解错误,所谓的「魔性之堂」指的就魔术界的圣堂,即为这所魔术界的最高学府,华尔普吉斯皇家机巧学院。” Rozen is explains finally. 罗真终于是解释出来。 According to this understanding, that 『study of magic essence』 finger/refers naturally is each knowledge in school, in which 『body of magic essence』 is also suggested that this knowledge is related with the body of magic essence, then, we can this Divination content understanding for " in Magic Society's Sacred Hall, related to the knowledge of magic essence body, have person of magic essence that you must seek for " such content.” “根据这个理解,那「魔性之学」指的自然就是学院中的各个学问,其中的「魔性之体」又是暗示这门学问和魔性的躯体有关,如此一来,我们就能将这则占卜内容理解为「在魔术界的圣堂中,涉及魔性躯体的学问里,有着你们要寻找的魔性之人」这样的内容了。” These contents have aimed at Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart's Machinart Engineering Department. 这些内容就指向了华尔普吉斯皇家机巧学院的机巧工学部 Has the person who we must find in Faculty of Engineering of school, this perhaps is Divination's result.” “在学院的工学部里有我们要找的人,这或许就是占卜的结果。” Rozen then turned toward behind three sisters to say. 罗真便向着身后姐妹三人说着。 Therefore, the opposite party is the Faculty of Engineering person I do not know, is not clear here me, but can find some clues surely here, so long as Hinowa's Divination has not made a mistake.” “所以,对方是不是工学部的人我不知道,在不在这里我也不清楚,但必定能够在这里找到一些线索,只要日轮的占卜没有出错的话。” Is for this reason, Rozen will come here. 就是因为这个原因,罗真才会来到这儿。 What to do should we then?” “那我们接下来该怎么办呢?” The Yaya very discrete inquiry, making Irori and Komurasaki raise up the ear to listen attentively. 夜夜非常谨慎的询问,让伊吕里和小紫都竖起耳朵来倾听。 Rozen hesitated for a moment, opens the mouth immediately. 罗真沉吟了一会,随即开口。 In brief, we have a look advanced, asks when inside person tampered with the Magecraft function yesterday does here have to have anything with other place different anomaly, if present, that was we continuously in the clue of looking.” “总之,我们先进去看看,问问里面的人昨天篡改魔术作用时这里有没有发生什么和别的地方不一样的异常,如果有,那就是我们一直在找的线索了。” hearing this, three sisters simultaneously nodded. 闻言,姐妹三人同时点下了头 We a bit faster go in! Others also very much want to visit!” “那我们就快点进去吧!人家也很想去参观一下呢!” Komurasaki impatient said that and also directly flushes away in the direction of school building. 小紫迫不及待的这么说了,并且还直接往校舍的方向冲去。 Komurasaki! Runs slowly!” 小紫!跑慢点!” Irori worried immediately, without hesitation overtakes goes. 伊吕里立即操心了起来,毫不犹豫的追上前去。 Onee-sama and Komurasaki are really, does not make people relieved.” 姐姐大人小紫真是的,一点都不让人放心。” Yaya was scolding own sisters, actually also similarly ran. 夜夜数落着自己的姐妹,却也同样跑了上去。 Sees that Rozen cannot help but laughs in spite of trying not. 见状,罗真不由得失笑。 Always thought that since Irori and Komurasaki came, although Yaya on the mouth complained unceasingly, in fact also very much enjoyed this condition, became is usually livelier than much. 总觉得,自从伊吕里和小紫来了以后,夜夜虽然嘴上抱怨不断,实际上也很享受这种状况,变得比平时活泼不少。 Is once for a while will have the unfathomable mystery sense of crisis, wants to drill person bedding this point to have a headache to the evening.” “就是时不时的会产生莫名其妙的危机感,一到晚上就想钻人被窝这一点让人头疼。” Rozen's laughs in spite of trying not to transfer helpless, immediately also followed. 罗真的失笑转为无奈,随即也跟了上去。 At this moment... 就在这时... Aiya!” 哎呀!” In Faculty of Engineering, the Komurasaki screams and painful call have simultaneously made a sound. 工学部里,小紫的惊呼声与痛呼声同时响了起来。
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