SOM :: Volume #6 Unbreakable Machine-Doll (2)

#755: Transforms to be quite good

Can invade Automaton's heart directly, and forces to tamper, causes its out-of-control. 能够直接侵入自动人偶的心脏,并强制进行篡改,使其失控。 Such Magecraft, if there is influence entire Machinart City sphere of action sufficiently again with power, that is an extreme terrifying weapon. 这样的魔术,如果再有着足以影响整个机巧都市的作用范围跟力量的话,那可是一个极端恐怖的武器。 Must know, in this world, Machinart, but the mainstream, the army of world big powers basically establishes above the Machinart regiment that Automaton forms, the national strength also entirely depends on the development of Machinart Technology with the progress, once and not on other country, then, when other country Machinart regiment threatens the border, how the fate can be, that is can be imagined. 要知道,在这个世界里,机巧魔术可是主流,世界列强的军队基本都建立在自动人偶形成的机巧军团之上,国家战力亦完全取决于机巧技术的发展跟进步,一旦及不上他国,那么,当他国的机巧军团压境时,下场会是如何,那是可想而知的。 If then, can make all Automaton rampage out-of-control Magecraft appear in this world, that Rozen can affirm, all countries will be crazy. 如此一来,若是有一个能够让所有的自动人偶暴走失控的魔术出现在这个世界上,那罗真可以肯定,所有的国家都会为之疯狂。 Because, this can disintegrate country almost all strengths on behalf of it, making other country is vulnerable. 因为,这代表着它可以瓦解一国几乎所有的战力,让他国变得脆弱不堪。 This radically is nuclear weapon general fearful existence. 这根本就是核武器一般的可怕存在。 Therefore, Rozen thinks... 所以,罗真认为... „That sly fox not necessarily has not only obtained the idea of this Magecraft.” “那只狡猾的狐狸未必就没有得到这个魔术的想法。” How to say again, Headmaster besides is formidable Magus, is an ability excellent politician. 再怎么说,学院长除了是一名强大的魔术师以外,还是一名本领高超的政客。 If can obtain this kind of Magecraft, then by that Headmaster's ability, is not difficult to imagine he to use this Magecraft makes many matter. 如果能够得到这样一个魔术,那以那名学院长的能耐,不难想象他可以利用这个魔术做出多少的事情来。 This Magecraft itself has formidable use effect. 这个魔术本身就有着非常强大的利用效果。 Like the nuclear weapon, significance not solely that has to destroy the enemy, and frightens to be the same for the mutual deterrence, as a politician, definitely the meeting wants to obtain such thing? 就像核武器,存在的意义不单单是为了摧毁敌人,更是为了互相威慑与震慑一样,作为一名政客,肯定会想得到这样的东西吧? Then... 那么... If I can one step find it first, that can handle many matters similarly.” “如果我能够先一步找到它,那同样可以做不少的事情。” At least, has the hand sign that command that Headmaster has been cautious about harming evildoers lest the innocent be hurt. 至少,有了一张令那个学院长投鼠忌器的手牌。 This is the initiative that Rozen refers. 这就是罗真所指的主动权。 Since others plan here the use, that also use this opportunity well, firmly grasps the thing that others want in the hand.” “既然人家打算利用这边,那这边就也好好的利用这个机会,把别人想要的东西牢牢抓在手中。” Also then, can has retaliated that old fox. 如此一来,也能算是回敬了那只老狐狸一把。 Rozen is because decides to discover secret instigation of this event like this. 罗真就是因为这样决定找出这次事件的幕后主使者。 Naturally... 当然... Does not have this matter, I also prepare to find the person.” “就算没有这件事情,我也准备去找人。” Rozen spoke like this towards the three sisters behind him, making three sisters be startled slightly. 罗真向着身后的姐妹三人这般出声,令得姐妹三人微微一怔。 Why?” “为什么?” Inquiry of Yaya doubts. 夜夜疑惑的询问。 Rozen then touches the nose, somewhat embarrassed as opens the mouth. 罗真便摸了摸鼻子,有些难为情似的开口。 Who makes you become such to this Magecraft fear?” “谁让你们对这个魔术害怕成那样啊?” A few words, let Yaya, Irori as well as the Komurasaki three people understand. 一句话,让夜夜伊吕里以及小紫三人都明白了。 Rozen-sama plans such to do for us?” 罗真大人是为了我们才打算这么做的吗?” Irori is astonished. 伊吕里讶异而起。 Is such a matter. 就是这么回事。 In seeing Yaya, Irori as well as Komurasaki group of three feels to the appearance of this Magecraft restless after fear, Rozen decided that must look for this Magecraft. 早在看到夜夜伊吕里以及小紫一行三人对这个魔术的出现感到的不安跟畏惧以后,罗真就决定要将这个魔术找出来。 even if can't use, that destroys also well, like this regarding all Automaton is a good thing.” 即使不能利用,那摧毁掉也好,这样对于所有的自动人偶来说都是一件好事。” Rozen hits is such idea. 罗真打得就是这样的主意。 Perhaps, regarding human, this is just relates to the benefit and power and so on matter, may regarding Automaton, this actually sufficiently transform own mind, was turned into the unknown existence fearful thing by oneself. 或许,对于人类来说,这只不过是一件关系到利益、力量之类的事情,可对于自动人偶而言,这却是足以改造自己的心灵,让自己变成不知名的存在的可怕东西。 Rozen does not want to see that Yaya, Irori as well as the Komurasaki three people have felt alarmed and anxious for this reason, does not know when turns into the stranger who oneself do not know. 罗真可不想看到夜夜伊吕里以及小紫三人一直为此担惊受怕,更不知道什么时候就变成自己不认识的陌生人。 Therefore, Rozen already decided that must investigate well this matter. 因此,罗真早已决定要好好调查一下这件事情。 Rozen...” 罗真...” Knows Rozen's train of thought, Yaya is moved wants to throw toward Rozen's body. 得知罗真的想法,夜夜就感动得想往罗真的身上扑。 What a pity, Yaya slow one step. 可惜,夜夜慢了一步。 You are really good! Rozen!” “你真好!罗真!” Komurasaki then throws behind Rozen, closely grasps his neck, happy smiling, while is rocking the hanging two small feet, is much happier. 小紫便扑到罗真的背后,紧紧的抱住他的脖子,一边欢乐的笑着,一边晃动着悬空的两只小脚丫,开心得不得了。 Komurasaki ~ ~ ~ 小紫~~~ Slow has caused first to go crazy by own Little Sister Yaya envy lamentation. 慢了一步而导致被自己的妹妹抢先的夜夜嫉妒悔恨得发狂。 Rozen-sama...” 罗真大人...” Closely is gazing at Rozen including Irori, in the eyes full is grateful. 伊吕里都紧紧的注视着罗真,眼中满是感激。 Regarding many people, Automaton is actually item, weapon and even Item, although will have the person to have the sentiment to this kind of thing, will regard as family member general existence own Automaton like Char and Frey, but that eventually only minority. 对于很多人来说,自动人偶其实就是道具、武器乃至物品,虽然不是没有人会对这一类的东西产生感情,像夏露芙蕾就都将自己的自动人偶视作家人一般的存在,可那终究只是少数。 Can truly take seriously Automaton, and treats as the important thing Automaton with the person who the friend regards, in fact is very few. 能够真正重视自动人偶,并且将自动人偶当做重要的事物跟朋友来看待的人,实际上是少之又少的。 Rozen can attach great importance to 《Setsugetsuka》 three sisters, this impossible does not make others be moved. 罗真能够如此重视〈雪月花〉姐妹三人,这不可能不让人家感动。 Good... Good! Do not visit me with this look!” “好...好了!别用这种眼神看我!” Rozen was filled to be moved by three sisters with the happy look looks at the whole body to itch, immediately hastily awkward making noise extremely. 罗真就被姐妹三人充满感动和开心的眼神看得浑身发痒,当下连忙尴尬万分的出声。 Hurries to make the proper business, then has busily, let alone is Yaya, will be Irori and Komurasaki my without hesitation instruction you will work Oh? “赶紧做正事,接下来可是有得忙,别说是夜夜,就是伊吕里和小紫我都会毫不犹豫的指示你们做事哦? Rozen's these words, trades is actually a three sisters happier smiling face. 罗真的这番话语,换来的却是姐妹三人更加开心的笑颜。 Rozen's matter is Yaya's matter, please freely tell, even if waits on the bedroom......” 罗真的事情就是夜夜的事情,请尽管吩咐,就算是侍寝......” Does not need!” “不需要!” That makes me wait on the bedroom, others have also grown up, does not believe you to look...” “那就让我来侍寝吧,人家也已经长大了,不信你看...” don't take off the clothes! Komurasaki!” 别脱衣服小紫!” T-th-th-thi-this humble girl has no talent...! Also also also please...!” 小小小小小女子不才...!还还还还还请...!” Irori do not take seriously! Do not kneel! The finger do not suspend the triangle! Aah...! You have sufficed really...!” 伊吕里你也别当真!别跪下来!手指别摆成三角形!啊啊...!你们真是够了...!” Rozen suddenly discovered, these three sisters gives others to transform to be quite good. 罗真突然发现,这姐妹三人还是去给人家改造一下比较好。 Such one, perhaps these three people become normally, that also perhaps. 那样一来,或许这三个人就会变得更正常一点,那也说不定。 ............ ............ Since decided that must find the person, first naturally must have the clue. 既然决定要找人,首先自然是得有线索。 At present, Rozen only knows that the criminal may very much in the school, and also possibly is the person in school, but the school is so big, which should go to look, similarly is an issue. 目前,罗真仅知道犯人很有可能就在学院里,并且还有可能就是学院中的人,可学院那么大,到底该去哪找,同样是一个问题。 It is not such words, Headmaster does not need to use Rozen and Magnus. 不是这样的话,学院长根本不需要利用罗真跟马格纳斯 Grasped the old fox of school heavy power unable to find including that Rozen wants to find the opposite party, must result in some clues to be good. 连那位掌握着学院重权的老狐狸都找不到,那罗真想找到对方,必须得有一些线索才行。 Which should this clue go to look? 这个线索该去哪找呢? Very simple. 很简单。 Makes Hinowa help my again Divination one time.” “让日轮帮我再占卜一次吧。” This is only the effective method. 这是唯一有效的方法。 Although, Divination is not Omnipotent, itself has many limits, but Rozen currently also has no other alternative. 虽说,占卜并不是万能的,本身就有着很多限制,可罗真目前也别无他法。 So long as on method with 《Senji Ryakketsu》 promotes Hinowa's Divination Ability, that is bad can also obtain some clues.” “只要用《占事略决》上的法门来提升日轮的占卜能力,那再不济也能得到一些线索。” Otherwise, Rozen has not known that really should start from where. 否则,罗真还真不知道该从何处下手。 Therefore, Rozen is bringing 《Setsugetsuka》 three sisters together cottage that goes to Hinowa to be. 于是,罗真就带着〈雪月花〉姐妹三人一起前往日轮所在的别房 After there, Rozen has first encountered creating obstacles of Subaru full of anger, was taunted by Mutsura again, becomes including Hinowa eyes brimming with tears, almost cries. 到了那里以后,罗真首先遭到了昴的火气十足的刁难,再被六连挖苦,连日轮都变得眼泪汪汪,差点就哭出来。 The performance of front two people is very easy to understand, who lets Hinowa because recently family that side matter became busy, at this time, Rozen also visited, let alone was temperament not good Subaru can get angry, appearance that was Mutsura is heaving a sigh. 前面两人的表现很容易理解,谁让日轮最近因为家族那边的事情变得忙碌不已,在这个时候,罗真还上门来,别说是脾气不好的会发火,就是六连都是一副唉声叹气的模样。 Was better to understand as for Hinowa. 至于日轮就更好理解了。 Rozen-sama...! Woman who where that comes...!?” 罗真大人...!那又是哪里来的女人...!?” Hinowa by the appearance of Irori and Komurasaki stimulating. 日轮就被伊吕里和小紫的出现给刺激到了。 Tried every means to persuade, Rozen finally has stood firm these three people, let these three people, even if were dissatisfied, complied to help his as before. 好说歹说,罗真才总算是稳住了这三人,让这三人即使感到不满,依旧还是答应帮他一把。 Finally, closes right up against Rozen's assistance and support, Hinowa's Divination draws a charge smoothly. 最终,靠着罗真的辅助和支援,日轮的占卜顺利出炉。
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