SOM :: Volume #5 Tokyo Ravens

#590: War of being ready to be set off

The Magical Arts attack of hysterical/frenzy slowly subsides, making Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth and other all kinds of Spiritual Energy vanish here, makes all kinds of Magical Arts phenomena that Five Elements Spiritual Energy causes vanish into thin air. 狂乱的咒术攻击缓缓的平息下来,让金、木、水、火、土等各种各样的灵气消失在这里,亦让五行灵气导致的各种各样的咒术现象烟消云散。 "Ah..." “啊...” Wū... 呜... one by one launched the attack Mystical Investigator to lie down to Rozen completely everywhere, cannot complete was standing, even knocked rear area has opened the barrier companion, fell on the ground, sent out depressed wails together. 一个个罗真发起攻击的咒搜官全部躺了一个满地,没有一个能够完好的站着,甚至撞翻了后方张开结界的同伴,一起倒在地面上,发出一声声苦闷的哀鸣。 Float Rozen in midair then looks at this, in the heart likes secretly. 悬浮在半空中的罗真便看着这一幕,心中暗自欢喜。 Has not thought that the Golden Crow Magical Arts resistance is so high, unexpectedly that massive Magical Arts will give to rebound.” “没想到金乌咒术抗性这么高,居然将那么大量的咒术都给反弹回去了。” This is really an enormous pleasant surprise. 这着实是一个极大的惊喜。 Golden Crow as the Magical Tool effect and Raven's Wing nothing different. 金乌作为咒具的效果和鸦羽没有什么两样 After all, both by Shikigami that the same method develops, Ability naturally cannot be different. 毕竟,两者都是以相同的方法开发出来的式神,能力自然不会不同。 in other words, Golden Crow's Coat is having flying ability, spontaneous Magical Arts and physical attack, automatic defense, counter-attack function as well as to Magical Power assistance strengthening and other 『External』 Ability. 也就是说,金乌大衣拥有着飞行能力、自发咒术、物理攻击、自动防卫、反击机能以及对咒力的辅助强化等「对外」能力 Shikigami that just, Raven's Wing only copy Golden Crow develops, with main bodies, although Ability is the same, but Ability Level naturally impossible in one level. 只不过,鸦羽只是仿造金乌开发出来的式神,和本体之间虽然能力相同,但能力等级自然不可能一个层次 Even if Rozen was unable to display Golden Crow all power now, even if is now, the Golden Crow's Coat Ability effect be higher than a not just rank compared with Raven's Wing, not only the flying speed is much higher than Raven's Wing, spontaneous Magical Arts and might of physical attack is higher than Raven's Wing many similarly, even is extremely high including protection Ability, even if facing the magnanimous Magical Arts attack, as well as rebounded it completely, thus it can be seen Golden Crow's Coat protection Ability actually how. 即使罗真现在还不能发挥出金乌的所有力量,但哪怕是现在,金乌大衣能力效果都要比鸦羽高出不止一个级别,不仅飞行速度远远高于鸦羽,自发的咒术与物理攻击的威力同样高出鸦羽许多,甚至连防护的能力都极高,即使面对海量的咒术攻击,以及将其全部反弹了回去,由此可见金乌大衣的防护能力究竟如何。 Moreover, Rozen can also feel, after putting on Golden Crow's Coat, Magecraft and Magical Arts that might oneself exercise was increased not saying that exercised the consumption of Magecraft and Magical Arts continually reduced much, this was really an enormous pleasant surprise. 不仅如此,罗真还能感觉到,穿上金乌所化的大衣以后,自己行使的魔术咒术的威力都提升了不说,连行使魔术咒术的消耗都减少了不少,这着实是一个极大的惊喜。 However this is I not the condition that Golden Crow's power displays completely.” “而这还是我没有将金乌的力量完全发挥出来的状况。” If Rozen can display completely Golden Crow's power, at the appointed time, Ability of this coat high to what degree? 如果罗真能够将金乌的力量完全发挥出来,届时,这件大衣的能力又会高到什么程度呢? So long as thinks slightly, Rozen thought anticipated. 只要稍微想一想,罗真就觉得期待起来了。 Naturally, Jade Rabbit takes the Magical Tool effect also and Full Moon not anything difference, similarly has to induce Ability, mental interference and Spiritual Body protection, curse resistance as well as to Illusion Technique independent rebound and other 『Internal』 Ability, only is the same with the Golden Crow condition, the Ability effect be higher than much compared with the replica. 理所当然,玉兔作为咒具的效果也和月轮没什么不同,同样拥有感应能力精神干涉灵体防护、诅咒抗性以及对幻术的自主反弹等「对内」能力,只是金乌的状况一样,能力效果都要比仿制品高出不少。 Like the present, is discharging Illusion Technique Mystical Investigator technique/spell completely to be given the immunity situated in the rear area to Rozen by Jade Rabbit's Ring, even was rebounded, made that several Mystical Investigator delay there, lost all responses. 像现在,位于后方对着罗真施放幻术咒搜官术式就全部都被玉兔之戒给免疫,甚至被反弹,令得那数名咒搜官呆滞在那里,失去了所有的反应。 In such a case, Rozen also discovered, under the Jade Rabbit's Ring amplification, own 《Spirit Vision》, 《Heavenly Eye》 and even 《Eye of the Mind》 wait/etc. for inducing Ability in aspect upgraded several ranks. 在这样的情况下,罗真还发现,在玉兔所化的戒指的增幅下,自己的〈灵视〉〈天眼〉乃至〈心眼〉等用于感应方面的能力都提高了数个级别。 In addition, Jade Rabbit's Ring as if also strengthens mind/energetic with the stable mind, even was similar to once Saichou with the Hanachou same warning effect. 除此之外,玉兔所化的戒指似乎还有强化精神跟安定心灵,甚至是如同曾经的彩蝶花蝶一样的示警效果。 These two Magical Tool foreign, internal, and effect is much higher. 这两个咒具一个对外,一个对内,并且效果都高得出奇。 Had these two Magical Tool, later I want injured with am attacked am difficult.” “有了这两件咒具,以后我就是想受伤和被袭击都难了。” Is feeling Golden Crow and Jade Rabbit to the help that oneself bring, Rozen's mood appears somewhat rouses. 感受着金乌跟玉兔给自己带来的帮助,罗真的心情都显得有些振奋起来。 Those who make Rozen happy is their Ability could not have reached the limit by far, so long as Rozen continues to strive itself, their effects will also keep improving, is getting bigger and bigger to the Rozen's help. 更让罗真开心的是它们的能力还远远达不到极限,只要罗真继续精进自己,它们的效果也会越变越好,对罗真的帮助越来越大。 Although to complete these two Magical Tool, Rozen once fell into extremely weak Status/condition, even causes him to be arrested by Onmyou Agency, was detained the prison, may feel their effect, Rozen only has an idea. 虽然为了完成这两件咒具,罗真一度陷入极其虚弱的状态,甚至导致其被阴阳厅逮捕,被押进大牢,可感受到它们的效果,罗真只有一个想法。 Value.” “值了。” No wonder that many people pursue the god. 难怪那么多人追求神。 No wonder that many people think Divine Descent. 难怪那么多人想降神 This is power of god.” “这就是神的力量。” Rozen is nearly infatuated with. 罗真险些为之陶醉。 But after a while, in Rozen's eyes restored clear and bright. 一会以后,罗真的眼中又恢复了清明 Since obtained such power rarely, that use well.” “既然难得得到了这样的力量,那就得好好的使用。” This is Rozen and difference of Souma Takiko and the others, although will pursue, will not actually lose, will not be swallowed and enticed, is persevering own bottom line with the principle, all to do right by oneself, do right by other people. 这就是罗真相马多轨子等人的不同,虽然会追求,却不会迷失,更不会被吞噬和诱惑,坚守着自己的底线跟原则,一切皆为了对得起自己,对得起他人。 Now goes to Natsume and Suzuka rescues, asked you, Golden Crow, Jade Rabbit.” “现在就去将夏目铃鹿救出来,拜托你们了,金乌,玉兔。” Rozen's words, what trades is the body coat is the response waves likely, sprinkles massive fire powder, refers to the fine ring is also circulation excessively gorgeous radiance, very beautiful. 罗真的话语,换来的是身上的大衣像是回应般舞动,洒出大量的火粉,指间的精致戒指亦是流转过绚丽的光华,非常的美丽。 Then, Rozen's figure once more danced in the air, plunders in the direction that its induces, the speed was fast simply likely is a round of bullet, making fire powder fall gently, pleasant of anomaly kept from the midair. 然后,罗真的身形才再次飞舞了起来,往其所感应到的方向掠去,速度快得简直都像是一发子弹了,让火粉都从半空中不停的飘落下来,异常的赏心悦目。 On the way, Mystical Investigator from have welled up as in all directions. 途中,一名名的咒搜官依旧从四面八方涌了出来。 Halts!” “站住!” Stops!” “停下!” Stops to me!” “给我停下!” Mystical Investigator emanation loud shout one after another, immediately or throw talisman in make a move, puts forth talisman technique, or chants spell, puts forth Magical Arts, even some people call oneself Shikigami, attacks Rozen. 一名名的咒搜官相继的发出高声的呐喊,随即或是掷出手中的符篆,使出符术,或是咏唱咒文,使出咒术,甚至有人唤出自己的式神,对罗真进行攻击。 Facing these, Rozen begins not to need to begin radically, Golden Crow independent initiates the attack and protection, or rebounds completely Magical Arts, a matter will approach Shikigami that comes with the coat suspends sweeping flies, making all attacks fly back without any results. 面对这些,罗真根本连动手都不需要动手,金乌自主的就发起攻击和防护,或是将咒术给全部反弹回去,回事将逼近而来的式神用大衣的一摆给扫飞,让所有的袭击都无功而返。 As for attack that these cannot see, for example Illusion Technique, Spirit Language and even curse, then completely by Jade Rabbit blocking, has not injured to Rozen is tiny bit. 至于那些看不见的攻击,例如幻术言灵乃至诅咒,则全部都被玉兔给拦了下来,没有伤到罗真一丝一毫。 Rozen so has then disregarded the attacks of all Mystical Investigator, plunders in the direction that oneself induce. 罗真便这般无视了所有的咒搜官的袭击,往自己感应到的方向掠去。 Reason that only has Mystical Investigator, does not have Exorcism Officer, should because of Exorcism Bureau not in Onmyou Agency, but relations in other place? 而之所以仅有咒搜官,没有祓魔官,应该是因为祓魔局并不在阴阳厅内,而是在别的地方的关系吧? However, along with distance near of more and more, Rozen feeling gradually oneself and contract relation between Natsume, Suzuka becomes more and more clear. 不过,随着距离的越来越近,罗真渐渐的感觉到自己和夏目铃鹿之间的契约联系变得越来越清晰。 In front?” “就在前面吗?” In the Rozen heart moves, lets the Golden Crow's Coat fluttering of body, plunders a spacious winding corridor. 罗真心中一动,让身上金乌大衣翻飞,掠进一条宽敞的回廊。 At this moment... 就在这时... ———— Om surimari mamarimari susuri sowaka ———— ————唵·修利摩利·摩摩利摩利·修修利·娑婆诃———— chilly imposing sound suddenly resounds, making barrier that compared with beforehand Mystical Investigators uses firmer much, the scale huge many Magical Arts barrier such as the light wind has also raided the entire winding corridor, gave to cover the entire winding corridor. 一个冷冽又凛然的声音陡然响起,让一层相比较起之前的咒搜官们所使用的结界坚固得多,规模亦庞大的多的咒术屏障如光似风般的袭过整一条回廊,将整个回廊都给笼罩了起来。 हूं! 哞! The next second, is simple and fast Seed Syllable changes to the essence power, is similar to the Magical Power lightning is together ordinary, impact of heavily in Rozen's body. 下一秒钟,一个即简单又快速的种子字化作实质的力量,如同一道咒力的闪电一般,重重的冲击在罗真的身上 Bang!” “嘭!” Grazes Rozen in midair to stagnate figure immediately quite the same as, body Golden Crow's Coat sticks out suddenly automatically, the lower hem changes to wall barrier, the Magical Power lightning that will attack striking to fly. 飞掠在半空中的罗真顿时浑然滞下身形,身上金乌大衣更是自动暴起,衣摆化作壁障,将来袭的咒力闪电给击飞了出去。 Qiāng! 呛! At this time, powerful incomparable Magical Power slash cuts the midair together, brings sword sound that may hear clearly, plundered to Rozen's direction. 这时,又是一道强力无比的咒力斩击划破半空,带着清晰可闻的剑音,掠向罗真的方向 This time, Rozen has not let the Golden Crow independent counter-attack, but by the attack of 《Eye of the Mind》 seeing through attack, making Golden Crow downward fall, has avoided attack slash. 这次,罗真没有让金乌自主反击,而是凭借〈心眼〉勘破来袭的攻击,让金乌往下落,避开了来袭的斩击 !” “哒!” Rozen finally once more conscientious. 罗真终于再次脚踏实地。 But in its front, three forms walked slowly. 而在其面前,三道身影缓缓的走了过来。 Yo, met, smelly little rascal.” “哟,又见面了啊,臭小鬼。” Inserts Kagami Reiji dissolute smiling both hands in pocket. 将双手都插在口袋里的镜伶路放肆的笑着。 Watches the good deed that you do!” “看你干的好事!” Yuge Mari meticulously projected scolded. 弓削麻里则一丝不苟的投出了责难。 „...... Too was really regrettable, Akimiru-kun.” “......真是太遗憾了,秋观君。” Kogure Zenjirou is gripping tightly the divine blade, facial expression sank. 木暮禅次郎紧握着神刀,面沉如水 Three Independent Exorcism Officer arrive in light of this. 三名独立祓魔官就此降临。
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