SOM :: Volume #13 Tokyo Ravens (2)

#2031: Compared with quantity? Has not feared!

Bang!” “嘭!” On avenue that falls into the turmoil, as 《Fire Realm Magic》 spell resounds, Fire Energy such as is the same from the underground eruption, spurted from Rozen's foot, changes to the raging flame, rolls up and pushes along in all around. 陷入动乱的大街上,随着《火界咒》咒文响起,火气如从地底喷发一样,从罗真的脚下喷了出来,化作熊熊烈火,卷动在四周 Roaring flame like wave, fluctuates, while expands, like the fiery red avalanche, charged into attack the direction of Shikigami group. 烈焰如浪,一边波动,一边扩张,如同火红的雪崩,冲向了来袭的式神群的方向。 Emperor and Yaksha that one crowd underwent the special transformation were similar to under the foot plate installed pulley, at an exceptional pace skidded to come, the front surface hit to curling when fire wave, the formation changed suddenly. 一群经过了特别改造的仁王夜叉便如同在脚板之下装设了滑轮似的,以惊人的速度滑动而来,迎面撞向卷来的火浪时,阵型骤然改变。 As lightweight Defensive Type, Yakshas one by one is full of retreat of order. 身为轻量级的护法式,夜叉们一一饶有秩序的后退 But was heavyweight Defensive Type, Emperors actually like made up the Yakshas position instantaneously, slid to the front, and set up in an array. 而身为重量级的护法式,仁王们却是像瞬间补足了夜叉们的位置一样,滑向前方,并且一字排开。 In their hands, endured the build shield that compared them to be giant then to be lifted. 在它们的手中,一面面堪比它们巨大的体型的盾牌便被举了起来。 On the shield carves to fill spell, glittering the dim light, formed quite unique technique/spell, making the front of shield launch the barrier, protected Emperor. 盾牌上刻满着咒文,闪烁着幽光,形成了一个相当独特的术式,让盾牌的前方展开了屏障,护住了仁王 on the weapon used by the Shikigami, unexpectedly is existence of also barrier. 在式神使用的武器上,竟是还有结界的存在。 Audience Emperors by the specific formation charge, is then putting up the shield, opens barrier, crashed in fire wave, unexpectedly fire wave washing out. 一众仁王们便以特定的阵型冲锋,架着盾牌,张开结界,冲进了火浪里,竟是将火浪给冲散了。 A... amazing...!” 好...好厉害...!” Saw this, Kyouko is shocked. 看到这一幕,京子被震慑住了。 Even Rozen raised the brow, was somewhat interested. 罗真眉头一挑,有些感兴趣了起来。 This was interesting.” “这就有趣了。” Originally, Shigeoka Shunsuke can operate so many Defensive Type, that has made one hold in high esteem to it sufficiently, now can also launch unexpectedly is full of the formation and special type Divinity of order like this can come, proved the opposite party's under fully painstaking effort in this domain. 本来,兹岳俊辅能够一口气操纵这么多的护法式,那就已经是足以让人对其刮目相看,现在竟是还能展开这样饶有秩序的阵型和特殊的式神性能来,证明了对方在这个领域里下足了苦功。 It is not able on direct frontline National First-Class Onmyouji in order to apply, concentrates on a strength in Shikigami the appearance on operation, it won in Spiritual Power of average man only also obtained the full utilization, making it be able operation such many Defensive Type. 无法直接上前线的国家一级阴阳师就为了能够派上用场,将一身实力都专注在式神的操纵上的样子,其唯一胜于常人的灵力也得到了充分的运用,令其可以一口气操纵如此之多的护法式 Now, built Emperors of barrier and shield washed out 《Fire Realm Magic》's Fire Energy, making behind was being sheltered Yakshas one by one jump to jump, just like wild beast only, plunged Rozen. 现在,架起结界和盾牌的仁王们就冲散了《火界咒》的火气,让身后被庇护着的夜叉们一一纵身跃起,如同一只只的野兽一样,扑向了罗真 In the hand of Yakshas, carve to fill magical mark, formed quite unique technique/spell club then to be lifted by them. 夜叉们的手中,一根根同样刻满着咒纹,形成相当独特的术式的棍棒便被它们举了起来。 Rozen only shot a look at that technique/spell to know that was can make Shikigami operate Metal Energy to conduct the style of attack. 罗真只是瞥了一眼那个术式就知道,那是可以让式神操纵金气进行攻击的样式。 By that words of club in sweeping, with was hit no difference by several tons truck to direct. 被那棍棒给扫中的话,和被数吨重的大卡车给正面撞到没什么区别。 It seems like, in order to copes my such vicious magical criminal, our 《Colonel》 made fully the preparation.” “看来,为了能够对付我这么一个凶恶咒术犯罪者,我们的《大佐》做足了准备啊。” In order to cope with Rozen, Shigeoka Shunsuke seemingly made two transformations to own Shikigami group, making their performance be specialized. 为了对付罗真,兹岳俊辅貌似就对自己的式神群进行了二次改造,让它们的性能得到特化。 Such being the case, that looks everywhere.” “既然如此,那就来比比看吧。” Rozen also came the interest all of a sudden, took out one pack of talisman. 罗真也是一下子来了兴致,取出了一叠符篆 That similarly is ceremonial talisman. 那同样是式符 Shikigami Creation.” 式神生成。” Rozen pours into huge Magical Power toward ceremonial talisman, and sprinkles them. 罗真式符中注入庞大的咒力,并将它们洒出。 The next second, ceremonial talisman some fly the midair, changes to the translucent dark green swallow, some fall on the ground, changes to the translucent big cat. 下一秒钟,式符有的飞上半空,化作半透明的苍燕,有的落在地面,化作半透明的大猫。 Impressively is Mystical Investigators love to use Binding Type Shikigami ———— 《W-1 Swallow Whip》 as well as 《WA2 – Cat Bandage》. 赫然便是咒搜官们爱用的束缚式式神————《wA1·燕鞭》以及《wA2·猫索》 Goes.” “去。” Before Rozen operates the Shikigami group is rushing, making the Swallow Whips collective drag the meteor path to fly to the front, Cat Bandages is also one by one changes to the light beam to run out. 罗真操纵着式神群冲上前,让燕鞭们集体拖着流星般的轨迹飞向前方,猫索们亦是一一化作光束冲出。 By the performance, as Binding Type Swallow Whip and Cat Bandage naturally compares the non- upper body is Defensive Type Emperor and Yaksha. 以性能而言,身为束缚式燕鞭猫索自然是比不上身为护法式仁王及夜叉的。 Swallow Whip and Cat Bandage existence significance arrests and fetters the opponent, Emperor and Yaksha are actually used to assist the practitioner fight, even was utilized on purification of Spiritual Disasters, by the performance, the nature compared with the former, let alone here Emperor and Yaksha after specialization of massive transformation, was much more powerful than general Emperor and Yaksha, at all is not trivial Binding Type can do. 燕鞭猫索的存在意义是将对手逮捕并束缚,仁王夜叉却是用来辅助术者战斗,甚至被运用在灵灾的修祓上,论性能,自然比前者强了许多,更别说这里的仁王夜叉都是经过大量改造的特化型,比一般的仁王及夜叉强大得多,根本不是区区束缚式能够奈何得了的。 But, Rozen's manipulation, let Swallow Whip and Cat Bandage transforms castoffs into delicaties. 可是,罗真的操纵,却让燕鞭猫索化腐朽为神奇了。 Sees only, innumerable Swallow Whip first plunder to Yaksha that one by one jumped high, facing club that carrying rich Metal Energy is wielding, they like arrangement in groups a band of light to be the same unexpectedly, incomparably flexible plundering opens, then entangled on the club, changed to magical binding, bound the club. 只见,无数的燕鞭先是掠向了一个个高高跃起的夜叉,面对携带着浓郁金气挥下的棍棒,它们居然有如成群结队的排列成一条光带一样,无比灵活的掠开,再缠到了棍棒上,化作咒缚,绑住了棍棒。 While this time, other Swallow Whip one by one plundered, similarly connected bands of light, either twined Yaksha's arm, either twined Yaksha's thigh, tied hands one by one Yaksha completely, the complete capture, making Yakshas completely fall to the ground, pounds on the ground, aroused one to thunder intermittently. 趁着这个时候,其余的燕鞭一一掠出,同样连接成一条条的光带,要么缠绕住夜叉的手臂,要么缠绕住夜叉的大腿,将一个个夜叉全部五花大绑,全部捕捉,让得夜叉们全部落地,砸在地面上,激起一阵阵轰鸣。 Meanwhile, Cat Bandage only also charged into Emperors flexibly, facing barrier as well as serious dashing that Emperors builds, they do not pay attention completely, only one by one plunged their heads, together with launching the barrier same place, entire fetters Emperor, and knocks down. 与此同时,一只只的猫索也灵活的冲向了仁王们,面对仁王们架起的结界以及沉重的冲撞,它们完全不予理会,只是一一扑向了它们的脑袋,连同展开的结界一起,将仁王给整个束缚住,并扑倒在地。 In an instant, all Yaksha and Emperor on completely fell on the ground, give to tie down by one crowd of Swallow Whip and Cat Bandage, moves completely seriously. 转眼间,所有的夜叉仁王就全部倒在了地面上,被一群燕鞭猫索给缠住,完全动弹不得了。 What?” “什么?” Has on an avenue of very far distance to here, in compartment that subordinates in the Exorcism Bureau's transport vehicle, is tying hand seal, the operation of closing one's eyes Shikigami Exorcism Officer is opening the eye. 离这里有一段很远的距离的大街上,一辆隶属于祓魔局的运输车的车厢里,正结着手印,闭着眼睛的操纵着式神祓魔官睁开眼睛了。 The opposite party wear just like the military uniform against barrier sweatshirt, wears the army cap, complexion is dreary, seems like a severe general. 对方身穿宛如军服般的防障绒衣,头戴军帽,面色阴郁,看起来像个严厉的将军。 precisely is called 《Colonel》 Independent Exorcism Officer ———— Shigeoka Shunsuke. 正是人称《大佐》独立祓魔官————兹岳俊辅 In Spiritual Disaster purify most effective Independent Exorcism Officer as entire Exorcism Bureau, is called Shigeoka Shunsuke of Exorcism Officer model after receiving the Onmyou Agency's notice immediately sends out Garuda, first rushes to the scene, compared with who quick arrival Rozen's location. 作为整个祓魔局灵灾修祓最有效率的独立祓魔官,被称为祓魔官楷模的兹岳俊辅就在接到阴阳厅的通知以后立即派出迦楼罗,第一时间赶往现场,比谁都快的抵达罗真的所在地 Naturally, Shigeoka Shunsuke does not want to arrest Rozen. 当然,兹岳俊辅没想逮捕罗真 National First-Class Onmyouji as great talent matures slowly, Shigeoka Shunsuke is very clear, since even Miyachi Iwao, Yuge Mari and Kogure Zenjirou these colleague make a move do not have the means to take this magical criminal together , oneself make a move, is impossible completes this Quest even. 身为大器晚成的国家一级阴阳师,兹岳俊辅很清楚,既然连宫地盘夫弓削麻里木暮禅次郎这些同僚一起出手都没办法拿下这个咒术犯罪者,那么,就算自己出手,亦是不可能完成这项任务 Shigeoka Shunsuke then requests itself by anyone strictly, and prudent severe, impossible will handle the matter that does not consider resources bite off more than can chew. 兹岳俊辅便以谁都严格要求自己,并慎重严厉,不可能会做自不量力的事情。 Therefore, Shigeoka Shunsuke's train of thought wants first to tie down Rozen by own Shikigami group, the protracted time, when other 《Twelve Divine Generals》 arrive coordinates other people to arrest Rozen again together, takes this victory. 因此,兹岳俊辅的想法是想先靠自己的式神群来缠住罗真,拖延时间,等到其余的《十二神将》抵达再配合其余人一起逮捕罗真,拿下这场胜利。 Therefore, Shigeoka Shunsuke did not mind methodical conducts the arrangement and waiting. 为此,兹岳俊辅不介意有条不紊的进行布置和等待。 Who once thinks, own Shikigami group, was one puts in an appearance unexpectedly, is almost given the solution by the opposite party with one crowd of Binding Type. 谁曾想,自己的式神群,竟是一个照面差不多,便被对方用一群束缚式给解决了。 Hmph! 哼! Shigeoka Shunsuke coldly snorted, stimulates to movement Magical Power immediately, making Garuda lower from the midair, sprinkles massive ceremonial talisman again, produces new Emperor and Yaksha, joins the fight. 兹岳俊辅立即冷哼了一声,催动咒力,让迦楼罗从半空中降下,再次洒下大量的式符,生成新的仁王及夜叉,加入战斗。 Only pitifully... 只可惜... Compared with quantity? I have not feared!” “比数量?我还从来没怕过!” Rozen looked that does not look at one, sprinkles one pile of ceremonial talisman directly, making them change to Swallow Whip and Cat Bandage entirely, charges into new Emperor and Yaksha. 罗真看都不看一眼,直接洒出一堆式符,让它们通通化作燕鞭猫索,冲向新的仁王及夜叉 That scene, may be called thousand soldiers and ten thousand horses, made dense and numerous innumerable Swallow Whip and Cat Bandage forms. 那场景,堪称千军万马,令得密密麻麻无数的燕鞭猫索都成形了。 The former grazes in sky, the latter runs in the land, scene exceptionally huge. 前者在天空中飞掠,后者在大地上奔走,场面异常浩大 Emperor and Yaksha that new student/life becomes this time were given to submerge by innumerable Shikigami directly, even the shadow looks to disappear. 新生成的仁王夜叉这次就直接被无数的式神给淹没,连影子都看不见了。 This...” “这...” Shigeoka Shunsuke thorough stunned. 兹岳俊辅彻底愕然了。 Kyouko also looks at dumbstruck, has not thought completely Rozen can the production and operates such many Shikigami. 京子同样看得目瞪口呆,完全没想到罗真可以一口气生成并操纵如此之多的式神 Even that only Binding Type, general Mystical Investigator can only operate four and five is the limit. 即使那只是束缚式,一般的咒搜官都仅能操纵四、五只便是极限了。 Binding Type of Rozen operation actually may be called millions , the number are countless. 罗真操纵的束缚式却堪称千千万万,数都数不尽。 However, this only appetizer forget it/that's all. 然而,这只是开胃菜罢了 Soon, people will experience, as Summoner Rozen's skill, is actually what. 不久以后,人们就会见识到,身为召唤师罗真的本事,究竟是什么样的。
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