SSAT :: Volume #7

#620: branch establishes

After knowing Dark Sect exists, Jun Changxiao understands the Falling Star Great Continent’s water is very deep, something light from looked outwardly, clarity that not necessarily looks , must therefore establish more perfect intelligence agency, making oneself at least not so blind. 得知暗宗存在后,君常笑明白了星陨大陆的水很深,有些事情光从明面看,未必看的清楚,所以必须建立更完善的情报机构,让自己至少不那么瞎。 Southwest Yang Province any county, and even King City must have my All Times Sect’s branch.” The Jun Changxiao finger/refers on the map, then drew a great-circle. 西南阳州任何一个郡,乃至王城都要有我万古宗的分舵。”君常笑指在地图上,然后画了一个大圈。 Li Luoqiu said: Walks outwardly, walks the hidden place?” 黎洛秋道:“走明面,还是走暗处?” Naturally opens branch open and aboveboard!” Jun Changxiao said. “当然是堂堂正正开设分舵!”君常笑道。 In he forms in one's mind, not only need construct branch, but must construct in the county most Big City, in most High Street, making everyone know, this is All Times Sect opens! 在他构思中,不仅要建分舵,还得建在郡内最大城池,最繁华街道上,让所有人知道,这是万古宗开的! Qingyang City. 青阳城 Sect Master Jun comes personally, oneself will open the idea of branch to inform Xie Guangkun. 君宗主亲自而来,将自己开分舵的想法告知谢广昆 no problem.” 没问题。” City Lord Xie said refreshedly: Best golden section to select casually.” 谢城主爽快道:“最好黄金地段随便挑。” Many thanks!” “多谢!” Jun Changxiao places on Quenching Spirit Pill the table, said: Small intention, inadequate respect.” 君常笑将一颗淬灵丹放在桌子上,道:“小小心意,不成敬意。” He will not make the friend help white/in vain. 他不会让朋友白帮忙的。 Why this is also City Lord Xie and the others wants the kind assistance, because is worth the long-standing and deep-rooted friend! 这也是谢城主等人为何愿意鼎力协助,因为值得深交! Was the old acquaintances, Xie Guangkun has not declined, just pill medicine accepted, said in a low voice: Sect Master Jun, is your pill medicine effect?” 都是老熟人了,谢广昆也没推辞,将将丹药收下,低声道:“君宗主,你这丹药效果是?” „After taking, can quenching spirit energy.” Jun Changxiao said. “服用后可以淬炼灵能。”君常笑道。 The Xie Guangkun look is startled, after packing off him, quickly the pill medicine clothing/taking, when dantian spirit energy became is purer than the past, was the shock said: Was too mysterious!” 谢广昆神色一怔,送走他后,急忙将丹药服下,待丹田灵能变得比以往更精纯,便是震惊道:“太神奇了!” A few days later. 几天后。 The Qingyang City liveliest section, decorates the high-end retail sales to start doing business. 青阳城最繁华地段,一家装饰高端的门市开业。 The many person thinks that is the store and so on, until moving the scarlet cloth of signboard knows, originally this Is All Times Sect branch! 很多人以为是商铺之类,直至掀掉牌匾的红布才知道,原来这是-万古宗分舵 sect gate is powerful, establishing the branch organization is very common, therefore Qingyang City martial artist and unconsciously accident/surprise. 宗门强大,建立分舵机构很普遍,所以青阳城武者并不觉着意外。 Huyang City, Zhengyang City and other cities also open branch one after another. 胡阳城正阳城等城池也陆续开设分舵 The Qingyang Commandery eight cities, all had branch, outside county only opens in the main city, after all covers comprehensively, need more manpower and resources. 青阳郡八座城池,全都有了分舵,外面的郡则只在主城开设,毕竟全面覆盖,需要更多的人力物力。 ...... …… Zhenyang City, Commandery Protector mansion. 真阳城,郡守府。 Zhuo Chaoqun complexion ugly places on letter the table, said: Jun Changxiao must open branch in our Zhenyang Commandery.” 卓超群脸色难看的将书信放在桌子上,道:“君常笑要在我们真阳郡开设分舵。” Commandery Protector.” 郡守。” An adviser knits the brows: Razes to the ground Demon Fiend Sect and Murdering Deity Hall branch, oneself actually open branch in various commanderies, this child feared that has what ambition Ah.” 一名谋士皱眉道:“把魔煞宗弑神殿分舵夷为平地,自己却在各郡开设分舵,此子怕是有什么野心。” Misunderstanding. 误会了。 Sect Master Jun is the pure development intelligence agency. 君宗主就是单纯的发展情报机构。 Zhuo Chaoqun did not speak. 卓超群不语。 At this moment, he is puzzled, oneself allow, is the rejection? 此刻,他非常纠结,自己到底是准许,还是拒绝? Thinks of that fellow, can be oppressive including half Saint Level other powerhouse, Commandery Protector Zhuo can only heave a deep sigh, said: „The this child wing is abundant, must with it singing an opposing tune be good not.” 想到那家伙,连半圣级别的强者都能虐,卓郡守只能长叹一声,道:“此子羽翼已丰,还是莫要与之唱反调为好。” Instigated, compromise. 怂了,妥协了。 A few days. 没几天。 All Times Sect branch establishment of Zhenyang City. 真阳城万古宗分舵成立。 Short for half a month. 短短半个月。 Southwest Yang Province each county, each lord city, All Times Sect branch braves like mushrooms after a spring rainfall. 西南阳州各个郡,各个主城,万古宗分舵如雨后春笋般冒出来。 The branch function is not only inquires the collection information, but can also train martial cultivator of some non- sect gate disciples , to promote the strength. 分舵作用不仅仅是来打探搜集情报,还可以培养一些非宗门弟子的武修,来提升自身实力。 Nothing but is- I draw cash to raise you, you help me work. 无非就是-我拿钱养你,你帮我做事。 ...... …… Heavenly Edict King City. 天谕王城 Originally ordinary a day, becomes especially lively. 原本普普通通的一天,变得格外热闹。 The reason does not have him, the All Times Sect minute did in the west district liveliest section license establishes. 原因无他,万古宗分作在西区最繁华地段挂牌成立了。 Sect Master Jun, congratulations, congratulations!” 君宗主,恭喜,恭喜!” Patriarch Chu leads the servant, conducts the back the generous gift to celebrate. 楚家主带着仆人,背上厚礼来贺。 Afterward, Huo Family, Zhong Jia and other respected family spiders kiss also congratulate personally. 随后,霍家、钟家等大家族蜘蛛亲也是亲自来贺喜。 Heavenly Edict Academy and Authentication Lodge also sent. 天谕学府认证馆也派人来了。 Important, nature or city lord Mu Changhong. 最具分量的,自然还是城主沐长虹 Suddenly. 一时间。 All Times Sect branch gathers the many King City honored and popular great person. 万古宗分舵汇聚很多王城有头有脸的大人物。 Watching the fun martial artist sighed all secretly, just rose All Times Sect in Jianghu, big of energy, was above the imagination! 看热闹的武者无不暗叹,刚刚崛起于江湖中的万古宗,能量之大,超乎想象! ...... …… Because is the local influence, All Times Sect establishes branch in Southwest Yang Province, naturally has no issue. 因为是本地势力,万古宗西南阳州建立分舵,自然没什么问题。 However, developed to outside was a little troublesome, the many county city to the alien influence, set up branch in own domain, definitely had the contradiction. 但是,向外面发展就有点麻烦了,很多郡城对外来势力,在自家地盘设立分舵,肯定心存抵触。 However many city, because dreaded that in the All Times Sect’s strength, can only compromise for the general interest, allows to open branch under own nose. 不过很多城池,因为忌惮于万古宗的实力,只能委曲求全,准许在自己眼皮底下开设分舵 Northwest He Province, King City. 西北贺州,王城 Ye Xingchen just here martial cultivator oppressive, in a while, All Times Sect branch established. 夜星辰刚把这里的武修虐一顿,没过多久,万古宗分舵就建立了。 Opened no one to congratulate on that day. 开设那天没人来道喜。 Passed by martial artist, so long as saw is hanging the sign surface, the vision exuded the dislike. 路过武者只要看到挂着的牌面,目光泛起厌恶。 What most show is, on this street, Demon Fiend Sect and Murdering Deity Hall place in Northwest He Province two branch. 最骚的是,这条街上,还有魔煞宗弑神殿安置在西北贺州的两个分舵 Intentionally!” “故意的!” Certainly is intentionally!” “一定是故意的!” Two branch branch master are mad reddens all over the face. 两个分舵舵主气得满脸通红。 Who does not know, All Times Sect just the Southwest Yang Province two evil sect branch ends, opens branch under others noses a short time ago now, absolutely in intentionally exasperating! 谁不知道,万古宗前不久刚把西南阳州两个邪宗分舵端了,如今在人家眼皮底下开设分舵,绝对在成心气人! Right. 对。 Air/Qi you. 就是在气你们。 The life and death looks pale, refuses to accept to do! 生死看淡,不服就干! The sect gate overall strength is increased, the Sect Master Jun wainscot supported straight. 宗门整体实力提升上去,君宗主腰板挺得更直了。 ...... …… sect master.” 宗主。” Li Luoqiu walks into the main hall, said: 26 branch have established completely.” 黎洛秋走入大殿,道:“二十六个分舵已经全部成立。” Un.” “嗯。” The Jun Changxiao nod said. 君常笑点头道。 26 branch need 26 branch master, temporarily is taken the post by the Drizzle Hall member. 二十六个分舵需要二十六名舵主,暂时由细雨堂成员出任。 sect master.” 宗主。” Li Luoqiu said: My Drizzle Hall reassigned many manpower, you must assign a disciple to be good.” 黎洛秋道:“我细雨堂抽调了不少人手,你还得多分配过来点弟子才行。” This.” “这样吧。” Jun Changxiao considers slightly, said: New disciple who every month recruits, your Drizzle Hall first chooses.” 君常笑稍作考虑,道:“每月招募的新弟子,你细雨堂先挑选。” Ok.” “可以。” Li Luoqiu satisfied departure. 黎洛秋满意的离开了。 A few days later. 几天后。 The All Times Sect inspection gauge establishes, quarries a mountain to recruit the disciple for the second time. 万古宗考核规建立,第二次开山招募弟子。 The news transmits in various commanderies one after another, many martial cultivator knew, joining All Times Sect must experience the inspection, therefore makes a long and wearisome journey to catch up, having a look at oneself to achieve. 消息陆续在各郡传递,很多武修得知,加入万古宗需经历考核,于是长途跋涉赶来,看看自己能不能做到。 This time the registration are many, has 6,000-7,000 people fully. 此次来报名不少,足有6,000-7,000人。 Can through the first pass/test inspection, reaches the summit only have more than thousand also truly merely. 真正能通过第一关考核,登上山顶的也仅仅只有千余名。 Finally, in cultivating the martial skill inspection, over 500 entrants successfully pass, becomes the official apprentice. 最后,在修炼武技考核中,共有五百多名报名者顺利通过,成为了入门弟子。 This recruiting disciple mode, Sect Master Jun has not participated, all have full authority and responsibility for by several elders, he can do is listens respectfully to the population and wonderful sound of contribution value increase. 这种招募弟子模式,君宗主没参与,一切由几名长老全权负责,他能做的就是聆听人数和贡献值提升的美妙声音。 New official apprentice, will be responsible for arranging by Li Qingyang et al . 就连新入门弟子,也会被李青阳等人负责安排。 The waving the arms about storekeeper, is just round the corner! 甩手掌柜,指日可待! sect gate, major sect, sect master definitely cannot do it yourself particularly, this type develops mode to be inevitable, is most reasonable. 一个宗门,尤其是大宗门,宗主肯定不能事事都要亲力亲为,这种发展模式是必然的,也是最合乎情理的。 The disciple who the inspection recruits, the advantage also gradually manifests. 考核招募的弟子,好处也逐渐体现出来。 A month ago the basic several hundred people, gradually adapt to the sect gate cultivation system, the growth is fast. 一个月前入门的几百人,逐渐适应宗门修炼体系,成长速度非常快。 Has the potential after the disciple of screening without doubt, the Martial Way resources that gradually, saves must of course be huge. 经过筛选的弟子无疑具备潜力,久而久之,节省下来的武道资源必然也会非常庞大。 Obviously compared with the confirmation look, or conducts the simple inquiry to recruit the disciple to be stronger. 明显要比确认眼神,或进行简单的询问招募弟子要强。 The words of shortcoming, are the elimination rate are too high. 缺点的话,就是淘汰率太高。 Jun Changxiao was not worried, one month can recruit 200-300 people, one year gets down also much. 君常笑倒不担心,一个月能招募200-300人,一年下来也不少呢。 Let alone, even if no sect gate member to limit, recruits the full 100,000 disciples , without the sufficient resources to train, still but is wasting the time. 更何况,就算没宗门成员限制,一口气招募满10万弟子,没足够资源去培养,也只是在浪费时间。 Might as well this type recruits slowly, allowing nature to take its course that slowly develops. 还不如这种慢慢招募,慢慢发展来的顺其自然。
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