SAHDA :: Volume #20

#1980: Page boys and choirs

„Do you know? The small circle teacher must invite Xiao thin bamboo and small works as the page boy leisurely.” “你知道吗?小圆老师要请筱筱和小悠悠当花童啦。” Clam? I do not know, small long?” “蛤?我不知道,小悠悠?” Is small long and Xiao thin bamboo.” “是小悠悠和筱筱。” How I heard that is Xiao thin bamboo and Weiwei?” “我怎么听说是筱筱和小薇薇呢?” „It is not right, is not right, is Weiwei and small long.” “不对,不对,是小薇薇和小悠悠。” Is the small plum ~ “是小李子叭~” ...... …… That night, the Little Red Horse Academy rumor rises from all directions, it is said was the small circle teacher invited two children, when her wedding page boy. 这一夜,小红马学园里谣言四起,据说是小圆老师邀请了两个小朋友当她的婚礼花童。 Which two children as for is, has wide divided opinions, to mention just a few. 至于是哪两个小朋友,众说纷纭,不一而足。 The pomegranate pomegranate is busy, wandered everywhere, gathers huddles together saying that the children of intimate conversation listened secretly behind. 榴榴忙啊,到处转悠,凑到一个个扎堆说悄悄话的小朋友们身后偷听。 Listened to one, she is indignant! 听了一圈下来,她气愤啊! Although everyone to whom, when the page boy has different explanations, said whose has, but does not have her name only! 虽然大家对谁当花童说法不一,说谁的都有,但唯独没有她的名字! She also wants to work as the page boy duck! 她也想当花童鸭! She found with, told her who the pony plays chess: „, The small circle teacher has not asked you to work as the page boy! She feels your unlovable duck ~ 她找到正在和小马下棋的都都,告诉她:“都都,小圆老师没有请你当花童呢!她是不是觉得你不可爱鸭~” Is frowning, is racking brains to the present checkerboard, suddenly listened to the pomegranate pomegranate saying that startled, has not known what's the matter. 都都正皱着眉头,对着眼前的棋盘绞尽脑汁,忽然听榴榴这么说,不由愕然,还不知道怎么回事呢。 Therefore the pomegranate pomegranate adds inflammatory details, said to her, and draws is asking the small circle teacher to ascertain. 于是榴榴添油加醋,给她讲了,并拉着都都去找小圆老师问个清楚。 „Under your chess did not have to end ~ pony sees must walk, rushes to make noise to detain. “都都你的棋还没下完呢~”小马见都都要走,赶忙出声挽留。 Yes ~ “是哦~” Under remembers the present chessgame not to end, somewhat must walk hesitant. 都都想起眼前的棋局还没下完,有些犹豫要不要走。 How pomegranate pomegranate this can endure, the person who she must take away how can remain. 榴榴这怎么能忍,她要带走的人怎么能留下来。 Yeah duck this is not the pony, the pony, my defeated, I tidy up you a while. Walks quickly ~ “哎鸭这不是小马嘛,小马,我的手下败将,等会儿我来收拾你。都都,快走~” She drew is walking. 她拉着都都就走了。 Leaves behind the pony in the wind disorderly, the face of air/Qi was red, gazes after the pomegranate pomegranate to go far away unable to speak, walked away until the pomegranate pomegranate, his tone was smooth, gas channel/angrily said: Was you acts shamelessly won me!” 留下小马在风中凌乱,气的脸都红了,目送榴榴远去而说不出话,直到榴榴走远了,他这口气才顺了,气道:“是你耍赖才赢了我!” In order to enhance the self-confidence, his vision looks around, wants to look for several good oppressive rookies, for example Xier. 为了提高自信心,他目光四处搜寻,想要去找几个好虐的菜鸟,比如喜儿。 However pitifully, Xier not here. 但是可惜,喜儿不在这里。 At this moment, the pomegranate pomegranate and goes to look for the small circle teacher to the office, finally approached the discovery, after the office, multi- children, lined up to arrange to the corridor in come. 此刻,榴榴和都都去到办公室里找小圆老师,结果靠近了发现,办公室里后多小朋友唷,都排队排到走廊里来了。 The pomegranate pomegranate brings to proceed to push, saw that in the office the small plum is speaking with the small circle teacher, in the small plum behind, stands in Weiwei slightly, long and the others. 榴榴带着都都往前挤,看到办公室里小李子正在和小圆老师说话,在小李子身后,站在小薇薇、小悠悠等人。 No wonder has not seen these people in the classroom, originally arrived here. 难怪在教室里没看到这些人呢,原来都来到这里了。 The pomegranate pomegranate raises up the ear to listen, knows that these children come to volunteer services to work as the page boy to the small circle teacher. 榴榴竖起耳朵听了听,才知道这些小朋友都是来向小圆老师毛遂自荐当花童的。 The pomegranate pomegranate was more anxious, brings to proceed to push, forces one's way. 榴榴更急了,带着都都往前挤,挤了进去。 The Xiao Li child just spoke, sees is she, cold snort/hum, left arrogantly tenderly. 小李子刚好说完话了,看到是她,冷哼了一声,傲娇地离开了。 Your spirited anything duck you! I also ate the small plum yesterday.” The pomegranate pomegranate refuses to accept to say. “你神气什么鸭你!我昨天还吃了小李子呢。”榴榴不服道。 „Does pomegranate pomegranate you ask me to have the matter?” The small circle teacher asked. “榴榴你找我有事吗?”小圆老师问。 The pomegranate pomegranate showed the bright smile immediately, the eyeball transferred the revolutions, drew, said: Thinks, when your page boy.” 榴榴立即露出灿烂的笑容,眼珠子转了转,把都都拉到跟前,说:“都都想当你的花童。” Stayed, although she had not said wants to work as the page boy, but if makes her work as, she will not reject. 都都呆了呆,虽然她没说过想当花童,但是如果让她当的话,她不会拒绝。 The small circle teacher said: Wedding that thank you, you really care about the teacher......, but had invited small long and Xiao thin bamboo works as the page boy , you must attend my wedding when the time comes , I and little white Xiaomi said that when the time comes please the horse orchid choir sing two songs, does not know that your has had free time to participate?” 小圆老师说:“谢谢你们啦,你们真关心老师的婚礼呀……但是已经请了小悠悠和筱筱当花童呢,不过呢,到时候你们一定要来参加我的婚礼哦,还有哦,我和小白小米说了,到时候请你们马兰花合唱团唱两首歌,不知道你们有没有空参加呢?” This saying said that before listening half, discouraged, after listening the half, unexpectedly found a way out, is delighted beyond measure. 这话说的,听了前半截,气馁不已,听完了后半截,绝处逢生,喜不自胜。 Participates ~ “参加~” The pomegranate pomegranate and said with one voice. 榴榴和都都异口同声道。 Strove for the duty of singing, the pomegranate pomegranate sat two to look at one, but also wanted to embrace to work as the heavy responsibility of page boy. 争取到了唱歌的任务,榴榴坐二望一,还想要揽下当花童的重任。 However the small circle teacher still turned down. 但是小圆老师依然婉拒了。 Leaves, the pomegranate pomegranate is unwilling, inquired to the day: Why duck! Why duck! Why does not make me work as the page boy, my fierce duck-” 离开的时候,榴榴不甘心,对天询问:“为什么鸭!为什么鸭!为什么不让我来当花童,我多厉害鸭-” Gives the pomegranate the pomegranate analysis. 都都给榴榴分析。 Was you is too certainly fat.” “一定是你太胖了。” The pomegranate pomegranate is amazed, stops the footsteps, the shock said: „Was I too fat?” 榴榴惊诧,停下脚步,震惊道:“我太胖了?” You were too fat.” Nods. “你太胖了。”都都点头。 Pomegranate pomegranate: Fat you of its duck must to I apologize!” 榴榴:“它鸭的胖都都你要向我道歉!” Shakes the head: I did not apologize, why I must apologize!” 都都摇头:“我不道歉,我为什么要道歉!” You said that I was too fat, you are fat, you are fat.” “你说我太胖了,你才胖呢,你是胖都都。” You are the fat pomegranate pomegranate.” “你是胖榴榴。” Fat, you have a look at your cheek, has a look at your small arm, has a look at your small buttocks, is the meat meat ducks! ~ “胖都都,你看看你的脸蛋,看看你的小胳膊,看看你的小屁股,都是肉肉鸭!~” How fat pomegranate pomegranate you do not have a look at your cheek, has a look at your small arm, has a look at your small buttocks, is the meat meat duck ~ “胖榴榴你怎么不看看你的脸蛋,看看你的小胳膊,看看你的小屁股呢,都是肉肉鸭~” This quarrelled to the plastic two beautiful sisters, heavy of respective air/Qi. 这对塑料姐妹花争吵了起来,把各自气的都不轻。 Until Xier looks. 直到喜儿找来。 little white shouted you, you went quickly, I must inform journey journey, harnessed ~ ~ drop drop ~ “小白喊你们呢,你们快去叭,我还要去通知程程呢,驾~~咯滴咯滴~” A Xier incarnation small red horse, the drop the drop continues to notify. 喜儿化身一匹小红马,咯滴咯滴继续去报信。 In her pocket, drills a furry small head, the wind blows the small beard, the small orange cat is narrowing the eye, high-spirited. 在她的衣兜里,钻出一颗毛茸茸的小脑袋,风吹小胡须,小橘猫眯着眼睛,意气风发。 The horse orchid children's choir members got together, little white told everyone, the small circle teacher must invite them to sing the blessing song at the wedding. 马兰花儿童合唱团成员齐聚了,小白告诉大家,小圆老师要邀请她们在婚礼上演唱祝福歌曲呢。 First an issue is, when the time comes sang what song. 首先一个问题是,到时候唱什么歌曲。 The pomegranate pomegranate does not have the idea, but actually likes the first speech. 榴榴没有想法,但是却喜欢第一个发言。 She holds up the small hand high, speaking of the time sang «This solitary one Formidable». 她高高举起小手,说到时候就唱《孤勇者》。 This is they sings soon song, still remembers the lyrics while the time short, uses at the wedding. 这是她们才唱不久的歌曲,趁着时间短还记得歌词,就用在婚礼上叭。 little white has not spoken, nearby millet has rejected, said that this song is inappropriate, does not do for the occasion. 小白还没说话呢,一旁的小米已经拒绝了,说这首歌不合适,不应景。 The pomegranate pomegranate does not approve, she said: How not to do for the occasion, the small circle teacher must marry the little light Elder Brother, needs very big courage duck-” 榴榴不认同,她说:“怎么不应景啦,小圆老师要嫁给哐哐哐的小光哥哥,需要很大的勇气鸭-” This saying falls, that everyone brushes, looked completely to the pomegranate pomegranate. 这话一落,大家刷的一下,全部看向了榴榴。 Retrocedes two steps, draws a line with the pomegranate pomegranate. 都都后退两步,和榴榴划清界限。 „Did I, the children, I speak incorrectly?” The pomegranate pomegranate is not self-confident. “我,小朋友们,我说错了吗?”榴榴也不自信了。 Xin Xiaoguang at the scene, has not heard this saying otherwise, must spit blood three rises. 辛晓光没在现场,要不然听到这话,要吐血三升吧。 In any case finally is, «This solitary one Formidable» that the pomegranate pomegranate proposed was overruled. 反正最后就是,榴榴提议的《孤勇者》被否决了。 Everyone you said my one, spoke freely, finally designated two songs. 大家你一言我一句,畅所欲言,最终选定了两首歌。 Then must practice, is good because of also several days, they can every night arrive at the music work room in next door to practice. 接着就要练习了,好在还有好几天的时间,她们可以每天晚上到隔壁的音乐工作室练习。 Wraps the package, you must invite your mother come.” Slightly spoke in vain. “包包,你要请你妈妈来哟。”小白说。 history Baobao takes responsibility on oneself: Does not have the issue, my mother will certainly come.” 史包包大包大揽:“没问题,我妈妈一定会来的。” The pomegranate pomegranate and looks at each other one, approached to history Baobao as if by prior agreement, surrounded him accidentally one on the left and other on the right. 榴榴和都都对视一眼,不约而同地向史包包靠近了一些,无意中把他一左一右包围了。 The horse orchid children's choir now is also known, generally looks like wedding situation to invite them, the expense is not low, what is most essential, does not have the city valuably, which little friend seems like invites? 马兰花儿童合唱团现在也是小有名气,一般像婚礼这种场合要邀请她们,费用不低,最关键的是,有价无市,哪个小朋友看起来是好请的? However for small circle teacher and Xin Xiaoguang's wedding, everyone very positive, invests. 然而为了小圆老师和辛晓光的婚礼,大家十分的积极,一个个十分投入。 The wedding of Xin Xiaoguang and small circle teacher decides in Four Seasons Hotel that Tan Jiner is, sent a car(riage) to come the small red horse to meet the choir and page boy especially, to demonstrate to their attaching great importance. 辛晓光和小圆老师的婚礼定在谭锦儿所在的四季酒店,特地派了一辆车来小红马接合唱团和花童,以显示对她们的重视。
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