SAHDA :: Volume #20

#1981: The ritual becomes

„, You are really lovable ~ “哇,你们真可爱呀~” You are really lovable.” “你们真可爱。” Pinches to me, haha ~ “给我捏捏,哈哈~” ...... …… Two young page boys were surrounded by other children, pinch the face and finding the clue make. 两个小花童被其他的小朋友围观,捏脸、摸头。 Who called them smallest. 谁叫她们最小只呢。 The young page boy is a guest performer by small long and Xiao thin bamboo, the clothing is the specific clothing, is the white princess skirt, that called an attractiveness, graceful. 小花童是由小悠悠和筱筱客串的,穿戴是特定的服装,都是白色的公主裙,那叫一个漂亮,飘飘欲仙。 Go away ~ go away ~ ~ do not pinch me!” “走开~走开~~不要捏我!” Xiao thin bamboo is a violent temper, to pinching the big hands of her cheek hits completely, is impolite. 筱筱是个暴脾气,对捏她脸蛋的大手们全部打走,绝不客气。 But slightly leisurely dull, who must pinch pinches, she does not meet happily, but will not expel the small hand who these do evil. 而小悠悠则呆呆的,谁要捏就捏吧,她只是会不高兴,但不会打跑这些作恶的小手。 The wedding person has not come, they are earliest one batch of coming. 婚礼现场的人还没怎么来,她们算是来的最早的一批。 Everyone arrives, directly soars the place that the bride is, shouting to see the bride. 大家一到,就直奔新娘子所在的地方,嚷嚷要去看新娘子。 What a pity the small circle teacher has not arrived, but also beauty outside putting on make-up room. 可惜小圆老师还没到呢,还在外面的化妆室里美妆。 When the wedding host became engaged initially that was the acquaintance, invited great-aunt welcome come up to the stage the children, must grasp the time dress rehearsal launching-crew-training. 婚礼现场的主持人就是当初订婚时的那位,算是熟人了,请姑奶奶似的把小朋友们请到舞台上去,要抓紧时间彩排合练。 Especially the choirs, need to come on the spot. 尤其是合唱团们,需要现场来一遍。 As for two page boys, how has the special staff to tell them to do. 至于两位花童,有专门的工作人员告诉她们应该怎么做。 The scene made the best use of the time to train, the time entered quickly 11 : 00 am, the guest were getting more and more, Xin Xiaoguang and bride also came. 现场抓紧时间演练了一遍,时间快进到了上午11点,现场的客人越来越多,辛晓光和新娘子也来了。 The young waiting in vain person ran to see the bride especially, was rolled and best man by the huge bridesmaid rolls frightening, because these fellows surrounded them, moreover wants to pinch their cheeks, coped with Xiao thin bamboo like them and small long. 小白等人特地跑去看了新娘子,然后被庞大的伴娘团与伴郎团给吓出来了,因为这些个家伙围观她们,而且还想捏她们的脸蛋,就像她们对付筱筱和小悠悠一样。 The bridesmaids roll and in the best man group majority are the acquaintances, for example Xiaoman teacher, Wu-style clever, Yang Xiaoxue, Yang Bingyi, either is the young teacher of small red horse, either is the artists in little red horse cartoon work room. 伴娘团和伴郎团里大部分是熟人,比如小满老师、吴式颖、杨小雪、杨冰怡,要么是小红马的小老师,要么是小红马漫画工作室里的画师们。 But in the best man group, there is Liu Xiangsheng, slow Qizhe, once Ting and the others, was in the little red horse cartoon work rooms. 而伴郎团里,有刘相生、徐启哲、曾厅等人,也都是小红马漫画工作室里的。 Especially those who let Xin Xiaoguang have the face is, Zhang Tan and the others arrivals, as well as likely more well-known stretch/open Lengyan in common people, Li Yuxiao, Orchestra and the others. 让辛晓光格外有面子的是,张叹等人的到来,以及像在老百姓中更知名的张堎严、李雨潇、达达乐队等人。 The star light is it may be said that bright. 可谓星光熠熠。 The horse orchid and Bai Jianping also came, they were also invited, Xin Xiaoguang will not naturally fall their. 还有马兰花和白建平也来了,他们也受到了邀请,辛晓光自然是不会落下他们的。 Naturally, the host introduced the horse orchid children's choirs especially grandly. 当然啦,主持人格外隆重地介绍了马兰花儿童合唱团们。 The scene crash-bang breaks out the warm applause, discusses spiritedly. 现场哗啦啦的响起热烈的掌声,议论纷纷。 This choir I know, is the cute children.” “这个合唱团我知道,都是可爱的小孩子。” „The «This solitary one Formidable» good fire, is they sings.” “《孤勇者》好火的,就是她们唱的。” „Does the little girl who that love smiles name?” “那个爱笑的小女孩叫什么名字?” Middle that called little white probably, the daughter of small light boss.” “正中间的那个好像是叫小白吧,小光老板的女儿。” ...... …… This warm popularity, making the young waiting in vain person especially proud. 这热烈的受欢迎程度,让小白等人格外骄傲。 Only then sits under horse orchid complexion a little black, but her complexion has been black, therefore everyone cannot see. 只有坐在底下的马兰花脸色有点黑黑的,不过她脸色一直比较黑,所以大家也看不出。 I want to urinate ~ “我想尿尿~” The page boy little friend Xiao thin bamboo set the request suddenly, nearby bridesmaid little Teacher willow is startled, asked that she can insist a while. 花童小朋友筱筱突然提出要求,一旁的伴娘小柳老师吃了一惊,问她能不能坚持一会儿。 Xiao thin bamboo shakes the head, said: I cannot insist ~ 筱筱摇头,说:“我坚持不住啦~” little Teacher willow rushes to hold her hand, is almost slightly runs to go to the bathroom, because the bride must enter the stage quickly. 小柳老师赶忙牵着她的手手,几乎是小跑去卫生间,因为新娘子很快就要出场啦。 Quickly, quickly, we a bit faster ~ “快,快,我们快点~” little Teacher willow fed in Xiao thin bamboo the bathroom, lets her a bit faster. 小柳老师把筱筱送进了卫生间里,让她快点。 Xiao thin bamboo: You said that I cannot urinate.” 筱筱:“你这么说我尿不出来呢。” little Teacher willow: „......” 小柳老师:“……” Passed the little while, Xiao thin bamboo came out finally, little Teacher willow pulls her to rush to put, just a appearance, saw stood in the bride who outside the banquet hall waits for following shoving open the front door, entered the hall in the crowding around. 过了会儿,筱筱终于出来了,小柳老师牵着她又赶忙放回去,刚一出现,就看到原本站在宴会大厅外等候的新娘子顺着推开的大门,在簇拥中走进了大厅。 Quick ~ “快~” little Teacher willow pulls Xiao thin bamboo to further speed up, soon caught up. 小柳老师牵着筱筱进一步加快,快要赶上了。 Zhang Tan stands outside waits for them, rushes to give Xiao thin bamboo the basket of flowers. 张叹站在外面等候她们,赶忙把花篮递给筱筱。 Xiao thin bamboo on quick, with bride, with the small long same place.” “筱筱快上,跟着新娘子,和小悠悠一起。” Knows ~ “晓得啦~” Xiao thin bamboo is raising the basket of flowers, ran the banquet hall, pursued in the bride behind, under big crowd of people, must catch up shortly, finally actually fell a tumble. 筱筱提着花篮,一路小跑进了宴会厅,追在新娘子身后,大庭广众之下,眼看就要追上了,结果却摔了一跤。 The scene resounds pulling down screams. 现场响起一片压低的惊呼声。 Xiaoman teacher in bridesmaid group is quick of eye and hand, held her, really feared that she will cry. 伴娘团里的小满老师眼疾手快,把她扶了起来,真怕她会哭呀。 I do not cry, Xiaoman teacher I will not cry ~ “我不哭,小满老师我不会哭的~” She works loose the hand of Xiaoman teacher, caught up tightly catches up slowly caught up with the bride finally, panted, the small hand grasped toward the basket of flowers, scattered flower ~ ~ ~ ~ 她挣脱小满老师的手,紧赶慢赶终于追上了新娘子,气喘吁吁,小手往花篮里抓了一把,撒花~啦啦啦~~~ The scene broke out the sporadic applause, the quick applause the piece, everyone was cheering for the young page boy continually. 现场响起了零星的掌声,很快掌声连成了片,大家都在为小花童鼓掌加油呢。 In the stage, the horse orchid children's choir is singing to welcome the bride to appear, what sang is Zhang Tan «Must Marry My to You who they prepared especially Today». 舞台上,马兰花儿童合唱团正在唱歌欢迎新娘子出现呢,唱的是张叹特地给她们准备的《今天你要嫁给我》。 The people under stage the first time are heard this song, listened is very earnest, as the melody beckons with the hand. 台下的人都是第一次听到这首歌,听的很认真,随着旋律摆手。 Zhang Tan envies looks at history Baobao in stage, said with a smile to Li Yuxiao: Your family hold/container hold/container steps onto the life peak today.” 张叹羡慕地看着舞台上的史包包,对李雨潇笑道:“你家包包今天走上了人生巅峰。” Li Yuxiao smiles is especially bright , «Today Do not marry My» in the male voice almost wrapped by history Baobao a person completely, this fellow takes advantage, so many young female students sing today me to marry you. 李雨潇笑的格外灿烂,可不是吗,《今天你要嫁给我》里的男声几乎全部由史包包一个人包了,这家伙占了大便宜,那么多小女生唱着“今天我要嫁给你”。 Sometimes little white will also join to history Baobao the singing sound, after all, she has played Xu Xian. 有时候小白也会加入到史包包的歌声中,毕竟,她是演过许仙的。 Zhang Tan is staring at little white especially, feared that this little fellow cannot bear provoke the pomegranate pomegranate. 张叹特地盯着小白,就怕这小家伙忍不住撩拨榴榴。 Rehearsal time, she sang the male voice time, will always provoke looks to the pomegranate pomegranate, the time annoys to act crazy the pomegranate pomegranate. 排练的时候,她唱男声的时候,总是会挑衅地看向榴榴,次次把榴榴惹发飙。 Is good she has not gone to look at the pomegranate pomegranate because of today. 好在今天她没有去看榴榴。 With today you must marry me singing sound, the bride surrounded by that the bridesmaid rolls, took the stage. 伴随着“今天你要嫁给我”的歌声,新娘子在伴娘团的簇拥下,走上了舞台。 The small circle teacher is really attractive today. 小圆老师今天真漂亮啊。 The happy pair took place, the host invited Kamibutai the chief witness at a wedding ceremony. 新郎新娘子就位了,主持人把证婚人请上舞台。 Zhang Tan set out, puts in order put in order black western-style clothes, took the stage, stood between the bride and bridegroom, received the microphone, said: „The happy today's two surnames marry, concludes a treaty, the predestined match will tie forever, matches with calling. Looks at this day peach blossom brilliant, the family harmony, the divination his year melon small melon is continuous, your prosperous blazing. Sincerely by making of old age, book to great wild goose notepaper, good the pledge of red leaves, stipulates the mandarin duck spectrum!......” 张叹起身,整了整身上的黑色西服,走上舞台,站在新娘子和新郎中间,接过话筒,说道:“喜今日两姓联姻,一堂缔约,良缘永结,匹配同称。看此日桃花灼灼,宜室宜家,卜他年瓜瓞绵绵,尔昌尔炽。谨以白头之约,书向鸿笺,好将红叶之盟,载明鸳谱!……” Xin Xiaoguang and small circle teacher also passed through quite long love experience, two people personality is congenial, the small circle teacher is the good woman who can manage a household, Xin Xiaoguang, although likes playing, but the manner is credible, two people all are the predestined matches. 辛晓光和小圆老师也是走过了比较长的恋爱经历,两人性情相投,小圆老师是个能持家的好女人,辛晓光虽然爱玩,但是为人靠谱能干,两人皆是良缘。 The wedding conducts according to the established procedure/program, the bride and bridegroom exchanged the ring, the ritual becomes. 婚礼按照既定程序进行中,新娘子和新郎交换了戒指,礼成。 Carried the young page boys of basket of flowers to be able finally the stage, the choirs also sat before the big table, must serve a meal. 拎着花篮的小花童们终于可以下来舞台了,合唱团们也坐在了大餐桌前,要开饭了。 The children discuss spiritedly, is excited, to many of them, this is the first time that attended the wedding, is sacred and lively, was too simply fun. 小朋友们议论纷纷,神情激动,对她们中的很多人来说,这是第一次参加婚礼,又神圣又热闹,简直太好玩了。 Xier looks repeatedly to sitting in the elder sister of next door table, today attended the wedding of small circle teacher, she elder sister's marriage worried, =( *))) Oh, worried the ghost the youngest sister. 喜儿频频看向坐在隔壁桌的姐姐,今天参加了小圆老师的婚礼,她更为自家姐姐的婚姻着急了,=(*)))唉,愁煞了小妹妹。 A pair of rookie comes to propose a toast, Xin Xiaoguang does not wait for the children to carry the wine glass, said: Ha, I must first inspect your wine glass, has the drink in inside?” 一对新人前来敬酒,辛晓光不等小朋友们端起酒杯,说道:“哈哈哈,我要先检查一下你们的酒杯,有没有饮料在里面?” Proposed a toast he to recognize with the drink, but must prevent certain little friend spatial cups to propose a toast! 用饮料敬酒他认了,但是一定要防止某些个小朋友空杯来敬酒!
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