SQRIJWTFIP :: Volume #5

#425: Gambling

Chapter 426 gambles 第426章博弈 Very early in the morning again movement, refreshing. 大清早再次运动了一番,神清气爽。 Considered first day joins Super Administration Bureau, cannot be late, two people continual motion in the room for three days and three nights were not the major problem. 要不是考虑到第一天加入超管局,不能迟到,两人在房间里连续运动个三天三夜都不是什么大问题。 Eliminated smell, reorganized the luggage, two people who when were eased separated for probably dozen minutes to appear when the Zhou Yuquan front, even he of old say/way, has not discovered among two people the trick. 消除了身上的气味,整理好了行装,当一身轻松的两人先后隔了大概十几分钟出现在周玉泉面前时,即使是老道的他,都没发现两人之间的猫腻。 Naturally, what is most important is, Mo Jiaying the vision too is usually high, no matter what people cannot have a liking. 当然,最重要的还是,莫嘉颖平时眼光实在太高,不管什么人都看不上。 Subconscious makes Zhou Yuquan think that two people have no chance. 下意识的就让周玉泉认为两人没有希望。 But he had not realized, the Mo Jiaying vision is truly high, but Shi Feiguang condition, is the high oddness, the so young third-order member, is powerful, there is a noble moral integrity, the appearance is very handsome charming. 但他没意识到,莫嘉颖眼光确实高,但施飞光的条件,也是高的离谱,如此年轻的三阶修士,实力强大,又有高尚的节操,长相还无比英俊帅气。 Moved the Mo Jiaying heart all of a sudden, lets Mo Jiaying this 30-year-old youth young girl, first feeling of realizing the love. 一下子就打动了莫嘉颖的芳心,让莫嘉颖这个30多岁的青春少女,第一次体会到了恋爱的感觉。 Flying, your background is only clean, moreover now when is the personnel, I did not waste the time to conduct these long backgrounds to verify to you.” “飞光,你背景干净,而且现在又是用人之际,我就不浪费时间对你进行那些冗长的背景审核了。” Zhou Yuquan smiles was saying to Shi Feiguang, on his face brings genially, probably trusts very general Shi Feiguang. 周玉泉笑眯眯的对着施飞光说道,他的脸上带着和善,好像对施飞光十分信任一般。 However frankness and uprightness that his surface said that is actually main, was when initially common Shi Feiguang, he has made people check the Shi Feiguang background upside down. 不过他表面说的光明正大,其实最主要的,还是早在当初寻常施飞光时,他就已经让人将施飞光的背景查了个底朝天。 Appears in this side world towering, without a beforehand trace, merit law and technique law of cultivation very complete, absolutely is member sect gate without doubt. 突兀出现在这方世界,没有以前的一点痕迹,修炼的功法和术法都十分的完备,绝对是宗门修士无疑。 Moreover appears from Shi Feiguang, never has line of illegal matters, established sect gate of named quiet sect, the honest and serious nest has practiced on the mountain top, is like the member painstakingly. 而且自施飞光出现,从来没有行不轨之事,创立了一个名为清静宗的宗门,一直老老实实、本本分分的窝在山头上修炼,跟个苦修士一样。 So moral character, in addition Shi Feiguang, uses the damage potential without hesitation the deeds of mystique pursuit Spiritual God incarnation, joins Super Administration Bureau absolutely not to have the issue. 如此品性,再加上施飞光之前毫不犹豫使用损伤潜力的秘法追击神灵化身的事迹,加入超管局绝对没有问题。 Like this, your speed is fast, troubles you to be responsible for the domestic different space fusing the later support issue, how?” “这样,你速度快,就麻烦你负责国内异度空间融合之后的支援问题,如何?” Zhou Yuquan asked that for fear that Shi Feiguang thought that this is a pain lives, immediately met one in behind: Naturally has the reward, all you have supported region, I can take responsibility, making you have first choice space internal the power of harvest.” 周玉泉问了一句,生怕施飞光觉得这是个苦活,马上在后面接了一句:“当然不是没有报酬,所有你支援过的区域,我都可以做主,让你有优先挑选空间内部的收获的权力。” Actually this does not live tired, after all the defensive matter of many different space channel, local Super Administration Bureau and military can be solved, really wants you to intend to help, is a few.” “其实这个活不累,毕竟很多异度空间通道的防守事由,当地超管局和军方都可以自行解决,真要你出手帮忙的,还是少数。” Before Zhou Yuquan had part time, dry/does was this living. 之前周玉泉有一部分时间,干的就是这种活。 At that time entire Super Administration Bureau only then his third-order, opponent who once the different space presented the third-order strength, everyone first thought was he. 当时整个超管局只有他一个三阶,一旦异度空间内部出现三阶实力的对手,所有人首先想到的就是他。 This also makes him run on the whole country once for a while, ten divert attention tired. 这也让他时不时就全国各地跑,十分心累。 Ok.” The Shi Feiguang brow selects, without many hesitates, complies directly. “可以。”施飞光眉头一挑,没有多少犹豫,直接答应下来。 The resources in different space are many and varied, the world does not have, on Lin Yi several easy-to-use spirit plant, harvest in the different space on hand. 异度空间内的资源多种多样,很多还是当今世界没有的,林易手头上好几株好用的灵植,就是在异度空间之中收获的。 First power of choice, means that he can attain the first-hand different space spirit plant resources. 优先挑选的权力,也就意味着他可以拿到第一手的异度空间灵植资源。 This type is listening exactly, although tired, but harvests absolutely big, therefore Shi Feiguang complied without hesitation. 这种活听着虽然累了点,但收获绝对不小,所以施飞光毫不犹豫的答应了下来。 Good, is really the backbone of our Super Administration Bureau!” “好,果然是我们超管局的骨干!” Zhou Yuquan was very happy: Flying light/only this grasping the nettle, the spirit of being through thick and thin, being worth studying.” 周玉泉十分高兴:“飞光这种迎难而上,不畏艰险的精神,值得我们所有人学习。” Saying, him is also urging: Other different spaces are good, once meets to be similar the previous Spiritual God channel, must tell us immediately, do not show off ability.” 说着,他又叮嘱道:“其它的异度空间还好,一旦遇到类似之前的神灵通道,一定要马上告诉我们,不要逞能。” Can incur to is competent, has the so obedient subordinate, Zhou Yuquan let alone some were happy. 能招到能力强,有如此听话的下属,周玉泉别说有多开心了。 My meeting.” “我会的。” Shi Feiguang nods. 施飞光点了点头。 Then, Zhou Yuquan has not led personally, but makes Mo Jiaying do for somebody, is getting Shi Feiguang understanding imperial capital Super Administration Bureau each department, various facilities. 接下来,周玉泉没有亲自带领,而是让莫嘉颖代劳,领着施飞光认识帝都超管局各个部门,各项设施。 Looks the good-looking man pretty girl who goes far away, in the eye of Zhou Yuquan appears to wipe the color of planning. 看着远去的俊男靓女,周玉泉的眼中浮现出一抹算计之色。 In Shi Feiguang this heart has outstanding Heaven's Chosen of principle of righteousness, he regards as important, although now he joined Super Administration Bureau, but is only this, this relation is extremely frail. 施飞光这种心中有大义的优秀天骄,他十分看重,现在虽然他加入了超管局,但只是这样,这联系还是太过脆弱。 If can make Mo Jiaying tie up Shi Feiguang, such relation, is stabler. 要是能让莫嘉颖拴住施飞光,那样的联系,才稳固许多。 Mo Jiaying is absolute Super Administration Bureau direct descendant, has this bridge, Shi Feiguang cannot escape from his palm absolutely. 莫嘉颖是绝对的超管局嫡系,有她这个桥梁在,施飞光绝对逃不出他的手掌心。 What a pity 可惜 After Zhou Yuquan has not seen two people go out, Mo Jiaying looked that is full of the dependence to Shi Feiguang that the look. 周玉泉没看到两人出门之后,莫嘉颖看向施飞光那充满依恋的眼神。 Beats a dog with the meat dumpling, was counting on the meat dumpling brings the dog to come back, possibly some extremely took for granted. 用肉包子去打狗,指望着肉包子带着狗回来,可能还是有些太过想当然了。 The imperial capital research institute, Deng Wenbo and several facial colors are old, the hair or the blanch, or half bare old man, gathers together, is discussing anything mutually. 帝都研究所,邓文博和几个面色苍老,头发或发白,或半秃的老者,聚在一起,相互讨论着什么。 But in these people, then chocked up from various each region Super Administration Bureau and military or taking advantage of spirit plant that or adjusts. 而在这些人中间,则摆满了从各地超管局以及军方或借或调过来的各种灵植 For these can increase the martial arts gold/metal pill success ratio spirit plant, Super Administration Bureau had gotten down the initial capital. 为了那些能增加武道金丹成功率的灵植,超管局已经下了血本。 „Is the above meaning, makes us keep a subsequent hand above, pit Qingmu Sect?” “上面的意思,是让我们在上面留点后手,坑一把青木宗?” Has the old man vision brilliant looks to ground hill general second-order spirit plant, could not bear swallow saliva. 有老者目光灼灼的看向地上小山一般的二阶灵植,忍不住咽了一口唾沫。 He in own sect gate, although expensive/noble is the spirit plant hall owner, but so many type second-order spirit plant, but also is really his first seeing. 他在自身宗门中虽然贵为灵植堂堂主,但如此多种类的二阶灵植,还真是他第一次见。 He has tried to control oneself body, but his hand, cannot bear in that direction is ready to make trouble. 他已经尽全力在控制自己的身体,但他的手,还是忍不住朝那个方向蠢蠢欲动。 Opponent who yes, we gamble, is that is called Lin Yi of youngest Grandmaster spirit plant by the folk, naturally, has possibility incessantly Lin Yi very much, his back Qingmu Sect.” “是的,我们博弈的对手,是那个被民间称为最年轻灵植大师的林易,当然,很有可能不止林易,还有他背后的青木宗。” Deng Wenbo tone, intense also has some anticipations. 邓文博的语气,紧张中又带着些许期待。 Since the imperial capital research institute has started to study spirit plant, has been under the Qingmu Sect shadow, Qingmu Sect spirit plant, they are unable to decode, Qingmu Sect leaves behind the dark hand, they cannot look, this lets the huge talent and Deng Wenbo of financial support, is very discontented. 自从帝都研究所开始研究灵植以来,就一直处于青木宗的阴影之下,青木宗灵植,他们无法破解,青木宗有没有留下暗手,他们又看不出来,这让有庞大人才和资金支持的邓文博,真的十分不满。 However the spirit plant technology, truly has the vast gap, this, Deng Wenbo are also very clear. 不过灵植技术,确实存在巨大差距,这点,邓文博自己也十分清楚。 After all Qingmu Sect inherited so many years, but the imperial capital research institute, just started to study spirit plant few years. 毕竟青木宗传承了那么多年,而帝都研究所,刚开始研究灵植没几年。 Therefore, he looked for the foreign aid very decisively. 所以,他十分果断的找起了外援。 spirit plant that Qingmu Sect sells, I have bought one, has not seen has what back door.” 青木宗售卖的灵植,我都买过一份,没看出其中有什么后门。” Speaking of this, an old man stood: This explanation, they have not thought either the matter of leaving the way open for a retreat, either, before is I and Qingmu Sect, there is a very big disparity.” 说到这,其中一个老者站了出来:“这说明,要么他们没想过留后门的事情,要么,就是我和青木宗之前,有十分大的差距。” I have also studied, has not looked at anything.” “我也研究过,没看出来什么。” Frankly, I also all bought, moreover thought that does not have the issue.” “实不相瞒,我也全买了,而且觉得都没问题。” A person inspires, the following several people also said similar words. 一个人启发,后面的几人也说出了类似的话语。 Everyone discovered surprisedly, originally everyone on the scene, studies spirit plant that Qingmu Sect has sold. 大家惊奇的发现,原来在场的所有人,都研究过青木宗售卖的灵植 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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