SQRIJWTFIP :: Volume #5

#426: Time press

Chapter 427 time press 第427章时间紧迫 What is strangest is, everyone unexpectedly has not discovered the secret doors in these spirit plant to exist. 最奇怪的还是,大家竟然都没发现这些灵植中的暗门存在。 This situation is actually very common in the present Blue Star. 这种情况其实在现在的蓝星十分常见。 Progress that as the spiritual energy recovers, in the market mobile spirit plant are getting more and more, grasps spirit planter of producing technique is also getting more and more. 随着灵气复苏的进展,市面上流动的灵植越来越多,掌握培育技术的灵植师也越来越多。 Except for having spirit planter of deep inheritance, generally the sect gate or studies spirit planter of technology, matter that does not want to leave the way open for a retreat. 除了有深厚传承的灵植师,一般宗门或者自行研究技术的灵植师,都不会去想留后门的事情。 Or in their mind simply has not had similar idea. 或者说,他们的脑海中根本没有冒出过类似的想法。 After all to them, cultivating several spirit plant is not very easy, goes to think other again, really somewhat does not need. 毕竟对他们来说,培育出几株灵植已经很不容易了,再去想其它的,实在有些没必要。 At present gathers in spirit planter of imperial capital research institute, was Deng Wenbo found, had complete spirit plant inheritance spirit planter, in spirit plant that these people manufactured, more or less left leeway the back door. 目前汇聚在帝都研究所的灵植师,都是邓文博找到的,具有完整灵植传承的灵植师,这些人制作出来的灵植中,都或多或少留有后门。 If this spirit plant that does not have the back door appears in stall that in ordinary spirit planter sells, these senior spirit planter will not feel that strange, after all the current mainstream trend is so. 如果这种没有后门的灵植出现在普通灵植师售卖的摊位中,这些资深灵植师不会感到一点奇怪,毕竟目前的主流趋势就是如此。 But if this spirit plant that does not have the back door is Qingmu Sect sells, has to cause them to be vigilant. 但如果这种没有后门的灵植青木宗售卖的,就不得不引起他们警惕了。 Qingmu Sect has the complete inheritance, must understand the back door technology.” 青木宗拥有完整传承,不可能不懂后门技术。” Deng Wenbo knows certainly the ideas in these person of hearts, forestalling opponent by a show of strength eliminated leaving things to chance in people heart. 邓文博当然知道这些人心中的想法,先声夺人的打消了众人心中的侥幸心理。 The remaining several people of complexions are not quite attractive, some people start to speak but hesitate, but swallows back the words finally, tacitly approved Deng Wenbo view. 剩下几人脸色不太好看,有人欲言又止,但最后还是将话咽了回去,默认了邓文博的说法。 .” “呼。” An old man sighed: Therefore we cannot look, because of us and Qingmu Sect spirit plant technology, differed.” 一个老者叹了口气:“所以我们看不出来,是因为我们和青木宗灵植技术,相差了许多。” Although does not want to accept this answer, but rules out other options, most likely this answer. 虽然很不想接受这种答案,但排除其余选项,最有可能的还是这个答案。 In the people heart pressed the stone to be the same probably, felt some suffocated. 众人心中好像压了石头一样,感到了些许窒息。 Everyone does not need so to disparage itself.” Some old men looked that the atmosphere is not right, comes out to mediate hastily, under have not started the back door, everyone self-confident was attacked not to have by the person on one's own side. “大家也不必如此贬低自己。”有老者看现场的氛围不对,连忙出来打圆场,别还没开始下后门,大家的自信都被自己人打击没了。 We, lay aside the method and position of back door have the difference respectively, if I have not guessed that wrong, everyone should have the method of pressure bottom not to use, Qingmu Sect is truly thorough in the research of spirit plant domain enough, but can it really involve comprehensively? I look not necessarily.” “我们这些人,放置后门的手段和位置各有不同,而且如果我没猜错的话,大家应该都有压箱底的手段没有使用出来,青木宗灵植领域的研究确实够深入,但它就真的能够全面涉及到吗?我看就未必。” Everyone so many methods, a method is Qingmu Sect has not always studied, so long as there is a success, that is our victories.” “大家如此多的手段,总有一种方法是青木宗没有研究过的,只要有一种成功,那就是我们的胜利。” Right, is so.” “没错,就是如此。” Deng Wenbo nods, very approves, this is he convenes the reason that the people come. 邓文博点了点头,十分认同,这就是他召集众人前来的原因。 Three shoemakers can also go against a Zhuge Liang, spirit planter of their so many different school, how may lose to Qingmu Sect that inherits solely. 三个臭皮匠还能顶过一个诸葛亮呢,他们这么多不同流派的灵植师,怎么可能会输给只有单一传承的青木宗 Good, was dry!” “好,干了!” Good that said that Qingmu Sect is absolutely impossible to involve the aspects.” “说的好,青木宗绝对不可能涉及到方方面面。” My this method was the ancestry under various accidents of sorts found that the usual channel was impossible to discover the loophole, I did not believe Qingmu Sect to discover.” “我这手段是祖辈在各种机缘巧合之下发现的,正常途径根本不可能发现漏洞,我就不信青木宗可以发现。” Right, I have also been hiding one actually, is my inheritance school the secret of not passing on, this method, since being created, had not been looked by a person, Qingmu Sect is no exception absolutely.” “没错,我其实一直还藏着一手,是我这个传承流派的不传之秘,这种手段,自从被创出来之后,还没被一个人看出来过,青木宗绝对也不例外。” , The enthusiasm of people was stimulated in a few words. 三言两语间,众人的积极性就被激发了起来。 Had a powerful enemy, several people even also learned the cooperation, this has been higher than various sect gate spirit planter that goes against the vision, is a very odd matter. 有了一个强大的敌人,几人甚至还学会了合作,这对一直眼光高于顶的各宗门灵植师而言,一直是一个很离谱的事情。 During several people of cooperation, leaves behind spirit plant of subsequent hand with various methods, was made successfully. 在几人的交流合作之中,用各种手段留下后手的灵植,被成功制造了出来。 Leaves the research institute to arrange the time of subsequent hand is not many. 留给研究所布置后手的时间不多。 On faces with Qingmu Sect trades this matter, urged is very tight, wants to complete the transaction as soon as possible, obtains spirit plant that helps break through. 上面对和青木宗交易这件事,催的很紧,都想尽快完成交易,得到更多有利于突破的灵植 Martial arts third-order, now is a matter that almost the nation pays attention. 武道三阶,现在已经是几乎全国都关注的一件事情。 Once the third-order road is unable the sustainability to exist, to Super Administration Bureau and official prestige, is an enormous attack. 一旦三阶之路无法可持续性存在,对超管局以及官方的威信,都是一个极大的打击。 Practicing of martial arts compared with immortal rapid, goes directly to the third-order time interval in both paths, a little men of great vision know slightly, in the future surely will be the world of martial arts. 武道的修行比仙道迅速,在两条道路都直达三阶的这个时段,稍微有点远见的人都知道,未来必定是武道的天下。 Only is present imperial capital Super Administration Bureau, the third-order martial arts member, has achieved five people, these people just broke through, but also needs to adapt some time, the Super Administration Bureau strength will be huger. 光是现在的帝都超管局,三阶武道修士,就已经达到了五人,要不是这些人刚突破,还需要一段时间适应,超管局的实力还会更加庞大。 However these martial arts cultivator, although achieved third-order, but also was only the boundary arrived, other methods did not have forming a complete set that corresponded. 不过这些武道修炼者,虽然达到了三阶,但也只是境界到了,其它手段都没有相对应的配套。 With third-order technique law and third-order strategy of immortal third-order correspondence. And compared with the life weapon refinement of correspondence, third-order martial arts cultivator, does not have a thing in the world simply. 和仙道三阶对应的三阶术法、三阶阵法.以及对应的本命武器炼制相比,三阶武道修炼者,简直就是一无所有。 They now are only a empty shell, when with third-order immortal cultivator to, disparity compared with second-order insists previous some time. 他们现在只是个空壳,一旦和三阶修仙者对上,差距只是比二阶时多坚持上一段时间。 However the boundary arrived, so long as to these person of enough time, the necessary method can be studied quickly. 不过境界到了,只要给这些人充足的时间,配套的手段很快就可以被研究出来。 But now, most lacks is the time. 但现在,最缺的就是时间。 Gods World, various types emerge one after another incessantly, interior gradually powerful different space, facing these different space invasions, once human is unable to put out the sufficient fight strength, the seat of honor surface will fall into enemy hands quickly. 神灵世界,还有各种层出不穷,内部逐渐强大的异度空间,面对这些异空间入侵,一旦人类无法拿出足够的战斗力量,主位面很快就会失守。 Human will become other races food or the slaves shortly. 人类会顷刻间成为其余种族的食物或者奴隶。 Several channels that the Gods World channel and military third-order guard, the opposite may be the powerful world, this Gods World channel falls into enemy hands, had given the warning to the upper layer. 要知道,神灵世界的通道以及军方三阶镇守的几个通道,对面可都是强大的世界,这次神灵世界通道失守,已经给上层敲响了警钟。 Third-order! Third-order! Third-order! 三阶!三阶!还是三阶! Facing these powerful enemies, the pursue quantity constantly does not have the significance, to the powerhouse, the weak one seems the ants to be the same. 面对这些强大的敌人,一味的追求数量已经没有了意义,对强者而言,弱者就好似蝼蚁一般渺小。 The third-order powerhouse, can resist the invasion of dystopia surface. 只有三阶强者,才能抵挡住异位面的入侵。 Therefore saved although several points of spirit plant that heart that probes Qingmu Sect is but used to trade mostly, does not have the back door. 所以尽管存了几分试探青木宗的心但大多数用来交易的灵植,还是没有后门的。 Above full play, efficiency very high. 上面全力运转起来,效率非常之高。 Scratches open the head in research institute several spirit planter, establishes the back door later second day, all spirit plant for transaction, was transported out Qingmu Sect. 在研究所几个灵植师挠破脑袋,建立完后门之后的第二天,所有用于交易的灵植,就被运送到了青木宗门外。 The commodity is extremely really precious, third-order two people of Zhou Yuquan and military escort personally. 物资实在太过珍贵,周玉泉和军方的一个三阶两人亲自护送。 This foreign affairs, are certainly solved by the Heaven Wood Daoist. 这种外务,当然由天木道人解决。 „The Heaven Wood fellow daoist, I am trade, altogether 26 spirit plant, I think 13 different type spirit plant, exchanges one respectively.” 天木道友,我是来交易的,一共二十六株灵植,我想十三种不同种类灵植,各兑换一株。” Since Qingmu Sect can the infinitude supply, Zhou Yuquan also save several points of thoughts that goes back to plant. 既然青木宗可以无限量供应,周玉泉也存了几分回去种植的心思。 Lin Yi did not mind, by the Super Administration Bureau so-called modern spirit plant research, duplicate/restores carves the first-order spirit plant 0% more than ten probabilities, if wants duplicate/restores to carve these second-order spirit plant, has not known when must arrive. 林易也不介意,以超管局所谓的现代灵植研究,复刻个一阶灵植都只有百分之十几的几率,要想将这些二阶灵植都复刻出来,还不知道要到什么时候。 Second-order spirit planter cannot study, without the direction, without the original product, by spirit plant thinks that counter pushes its beforehand evolutionary step, and its forward duplicate/restores carves, that is really dream of a fool. 二阶灵植师也研究不出来,没有方向,没有原产品,凭借一株灵植就想逆推其之前的进化步骤,并将其正向复刻出来,那真的是痴人说梦。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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