SRW :: Volume #9

#851: Country master

Chapter 851 country master 第851章国师 „Does your majesty want to make me inquire country for you trend?” The Eastern aristocrat face of graceful beautiful woman reveals the color of feeling embarrassed: “陛下是想让我替您打探国师的动向?”婉美人的东方贵族脸露出为难之色: Male and female servants are your majesty empress, the leaving the palace countless sufferings and hardships, even if there are your majesty to permit, will leave the palace frequently is still suspected, really could not make the responsibility of surveillance, but the servants have not expected, behind Zheng unexpectedly was the country master.” “臣妾是陛下的后妃,出宫千难万难,即便有陛下允许,频繁出宫也会遭人怀疑,委实做不了监视之责,但臣妾也没料到,郑家背后竟然是国师。” Zhang Yuanqing beckons with the hand: You knows that the information about country told Us in detail, other do not ask.” 张元清摆摆手:“把你知道的,关于国师的信息详细告诉朕,其他的不要多问。” The direct examination, does not conform to Zhao Shun's person to suppose, after all Zhao Shun even/including Guoshi will not forget, is good because of the graceful beautiful woman is the person ready dead, the loyalty explosive table, not because this minor matter will question your majesty. 直接询问,不太符合赵舜的人设,毕竟赵舜不会连国师都忘记,好在婉美人是死士,忠诚度爆表,不会因为这点小事质疑陛下。 Zhang Yuanqing does not have other channel inquiry country master information now, asked others, might as well ask the trusted aide. 张元清现在也没别的渠道打探国师情报,问别人,不如问心腹。 The graceful beautiful woman deeply is loving your majesty empress worthily, really no longer asked, the expression moment, said: 婉美人不愧是深爱着陛下的后妃,果然不再多问,措辞片刻,道: Country masters first emperor confer rank and title, first emperor old age serious illness, longs for the immortal, then posts the bulletin to seek the capable person different gentleman to the world, hopes that can result in the immortal compounded drug, prolongs the life. “国师是先帝册封的,先帝晚年重病,渴望长生,便张贴告示向天下寻求能人异士,希望能得长生丹药,延年益寿。 Outstandingly able person comes responding to a call, the gift first emperor three pills of immortality, said that can prolong life for three years, three years later, he will open the altar/jar approach, to first emperor continue the life three years again. “有一位奇人应召而来,赠予先帝三枚仙丹,说是能延寿三年,三年后,他会开坛做法,为先帝再续命三年。 „Under first emperor takes the compounded drug, the body is really excellent, the emperor's countenance is happy, confers that outstandingly able person for the country master. It is said the country masters not only can refine the immortal compounded drug, but can also observe the person weal and woe, breaks the life dead, commanded the ghosts and gods, as well as prayed for rain.” “先帝服下丹药,身体果然大好,龙颜大悦,册封那位奇人为国师。据说国师不但能炼长生丹药,还能观人福祸,断人生死,喝令鬼神,以及祈雨。” Sounds like the joint entity of bachelor, Nightwalking God and rain, in the ancient times member studied was very mixed, each domain had to browse is also very normal, does not know that the core occupation was anything! The Zhang Yuanqing expression is dignified, this studying member Tyrant level ancient, very several brushes, are not good to cope. 听起来像是学士、夜游神和雨师的结合体,古代修士学的都很杂,各个领域都有涉猎也很正常,不知道核心职业是什么!张元清表情凝重,这种学霸级的古代修士,都很有几把刷子,不好对付。 Afterward, that country master first emperor approach continued the life promisingly.” “后来呢,那位国师有为先帝做法续命吗。” The graceful beautiful woman shakes the head: Three years later, first emperor passed away, the country masters said that this is the divine intervention, going against heaven's will changes the life the natural justice to be intolerable, can not be possible again.” 婉美人摇头:“三年后,先帝驾崩,国师称此乃天意,逆天改命本就天理难容,可以不可再。” So the excuse, does the queen mother and fill toward civil and military tolerates him unexpectedly?” Zhang Yuanqing is puzzled, what this special is acts perversely, before becoming the country masters , the promise can continue the life three years again, after becoming the country masters, is the divine intervention is difficult to disobey. “如此说辞,太后和满朝文武竟能容他?”张元清不解,这特么的是耍无赖啊,当上国师前许诺能再续命三年,当上国师后,就是天意难违。 Because during three years, the country masters obtain the huge prestige by the hermetic art and qi and huang technique in the government and people up and down, the nobility found the seeking compounded drug, elixir work place that he opens frequently in national capital free giving free medical treatment, was been innumerable by the common people of its kindness, the servants also heard, the drought, the country masters will open the altar/jar to pray for rain each time, the time was the rainstorm was saying like note is saying, in the graceful beautiful woman bronze bell eyes flashed through wipes puzzled, your majesty, you and that country master, was the contact is really dense.” “因为三年间,国师凭借炼丹术和岐黄之术在朝野上下获得巨大声望,王公贵族找到求取丹药,他开设的仙药坊常常在国都无偿义诊,受其恩惠的百姓数不胜数,臣妾还听说,每次旱灾,国师都会开坛祈雨,次次都是暴雨如注”说着说着,婉美人铜铃般的眼睛里闪过一抹困惑,“陛下,您与那位国师,也是往来甚密。” Even if first emperor passed away, the government and people high and low still no one dare to cope with the country master, or is not willing to cope with the country master! Zhang Yuanqing suddenly, then sighed: 所以就算先帝驾崩,朝野上下也没人敢对付国师,或者说不愿意对付国师!张元清恍然,然后叹息道: Graceful beautiful woman, no, the graceful imperial concubine, you are the Royal Mother leave Our trusted aide, We was also open about the facts you. After We am poisoned, the mind is ignorant, will frequently forget some past events.” “婉美人,不,婉妃啊,你是母后留给朕的心腹,朕也就不瞒你了。朕中毒后,头脑浑浑噩噩,经常会遗忘一些往事。” The graceful beautiful woman has a big shock, grasps your majesty small hand, urgently said: Male and female servants this invited the imperial physician to you.” 婉美人大惊失色,一把握住陛下的小手,急道:“臣妾这就给您请太医。” Zhang Yuanqing made making, has not worked loose, is not good to shout that rescuing, has to comfort saying: 张元清挣了挣,没挣脱,又不好喊“救驾”,只好安抚道: Imperial physician said that is the remaining poison is the result not clear, crossing the section date and time is then good, you continued.” “太医说是余毒未清所致,过段时日便好,伱继续说。” The graceful beautiful woman then felt relieved, holds nothing back to reveal information that know, „when your majesty, you, you are young once followed the country master practicing sex manual, and every day will take the strong bone that the country masters refine to make up Yang pill.” 婉美人这才放心,毫不保留的吐露着自己知道的信息,“陛下,您,您年少时曾跟随国师修行房中术,且每日都会服用国师炼制的壮骨补阳丹。” No wonder Zhao Shun day daylight place, the passed by dog must draw to hold two, no wonder in the harem the imperial concubine and palace maids had been visited. Zhang Yuanqing is suddenly enlighted. 难怪赵舜日天日地,路过的狗都要拉过来捅两下,难怪后宫里妃嫔、宫女都被临幸过。张元清恍然大悟。 He finds it strange, Zhao Shun who in the daily life record records, kidney good to inhuman. 他就觉得奇怪,起居录里记载的赵舜,肾好到非人哉。 Originally has practice the sex manual. 原来是修行过房中术。 I am also good to study. 我也好想学. The graceful beautiful woman said: So, you expand the blueprint of harem incessantly are the country masters help you draw up, including the harem geomancy pattern, you Gong in imperial palace the summer palace and sheep outside , is the country masters constructs for you.” 婉美人说道:“不止如此,您扩建后宫的图纸就是国师帮您绘制的,包括后宫的风水格局,您在皇宫外的夏宫和羊宫,亦是国师为您修建.” Graceful beautiful woman, counting of each article, besides the tiring the people and squandering resources construction palace, the country masters also instigates Zhao Shun to establish one to visit a brothel the army, for him in the folk net beautiful woman, does the common people to complain specially. 婉美人一桩桩,一件件的细数,除了劳民伤财的修建宫殿,国师还怂恿赵舜成立一支“寻芳军”,专门替他在民间网罗美人,搞得百姓怨声载道。 A few years ago, Zhao Shun in order to went south to enjoy the beauties of nature, the corvee, commandeered 100,000 labor force excavating canals energetically, making the common people bring the dry rations, because delayed the spring sowing, that year also had a famine. 前些年,赵舜为了能南下游山玩水,大兴徭役,强征十万劳力开凿运河,让百姓自带干粮,因为耽误了春种,那年还闹一场饥荒。 Moreover, father of Consort, first household section Shangshu, because discontented Zhao Shun is extravagant and wasteful, wasteful profligate, submits a written statement to angrily rebuke, Zhao Shun flies into a rage, consults the country master, country master says: Does not know the official who shows solicitude for the king, does remain what uses? 另外,德妃的父亲,前户部尚书,因为不满赵舜铺张浪费,奢靡放荡,上书怒斥,赵舜勃然大怒,请教国师,国师曰:不知体恤君王的臣子,留之何用? virtue imperial concubine entire family whole families confiscate and behead. 德妃全家满门抄斩。 Zhang Yuanqing hear of scalp tingles, are used to the child, if kills the child, this country master wants the rhythm that Zhao Shun banishes to the lowest hell, moreover consumed Southern Dynasty's national destiny. 张元清听的头皮发麻,惯子如杀子,这国师是想把赵舜打入十八层地狱的节奏,而且还耗损南朝的国运。 The feudalism biggest weakness is this, the king is sagacious, the national strength will progress day by day, but once the king is muddle-headed, the entire national rapid trend will be feeble. 封建制度最大的弱点就是这个,君王贤明,国力就会蒸蒸日上,可一旦君王昏聩,整个国家会迅速走向衰弱。 What is most fearful, the country masters are not only the jester and disloyal subject, because he understood sets up the prestige and reputation very much in the folk. 最可怕的是,国师绝不只是弄臣、奸臣,因为他很懂得在民间树立威望和名声。 Ruins the reputation of monarch, while sets up the virtuous name for oneself. 一边败坏国君的口碑,一边为自己树立贤名。 Attentive dangerous. 用心险恶。 But why can the country masters support Zheng? Zhao Shun this emperor, is through the ages the disloyal subject long-awaited king of all powerful minister, jester, may be called the white moonlight. 但国师为什么要扶持郑家?赵舜这种皇帝,是古往今来所有权臣、弄臣、奸臣梦寐以求的君王,堪称白月光。 Killed Zhao Shun, supports Zheng not to have the advantage to him, Zheng is definitely more astute than Zhao Shun. 杀了赵舜,扶持郑家对他没有好处啊,郑家肯定比赵舜要精明。 Perhaps is good, but I do not know, after investigation, draws the conclusion. Zhang Yuanqing draws in the train of thought that coughs: Graceful beautiful woman, you rests tonight in Our resting palace.” 也许是有好处的,只是我不知道,得调查后再做结论.张元清收拢思绪,咳嗽一声:“婉美人,今晚你就歇在朕的寝宫.” The words have not said, he saw graceful beautiful to shed the skirt. 话没说完,他就看见婉美褪裙了。 You, you why Zhang Yuanqing with no trace moved moving the buttocks outward. “你,你干嘛”张元清不着痕迹的把屁股往外挪了挪。 Male and female servants wait on the bedroom.” The bronze bell eyes of graceful beautiful woman are glittering charmingly. “臣妾侍寝啊。”婉美人的铜铃眼闪烁着娇媚。 Zhang Yuanqing sinking sound said: Our remaining poison is not clear, received frightening, the urgently needed training, graceful beautiful does not need eagerly for a while.” 张元清沉声道:“朕余毒未清,又受了惊吓,急需修养,婉美不必急于一时。” The graceful beautiful woman whole face is disappointed, is thick the throat to ask: „Do the servants rest?” 婉美人满脸失望,粗着嗓子问:“那臣妾睡哪?” Does not need to rest, is defending Us.” Zhang Yuanqing grasps the big hand of beautiful woman, the look is gentle: Has you, calmness and steadiness that We can rest.” “不用睡,守着朕。”张元清抓起美人的大手,神色温柔:“有你在,朕才能睡的安稳。” The high-end player, must understand all resources in use transcription, Gou Jian can steel oneself for revenge, Han Xin can endure the shame of crotch, why not today revered to sacrifice the appearance. 高端玩家,要懂得利用副本里的一切资源,勾践能卧薪尝胆,韩信能忍胯下之辱,本天尊牺牲一下色相有何不可。 Becoming important matter to not bother about trifles! 成大事者不拘小节! The graceful beautiful woman was moved, feels extremely flattered: Your majesty, the servants later is defending you daily.” 婉美人感动了,受宠若惊:“陛下,臣妾以后日日守着您。” Be not necessary! Zhang Yuanqing makes an effort to nod, lay down about the clothes, turns over, gave a graceful beautiful woman back of the head. 大可不必!张元清用力点头,合衣躺下,翻个身,给了婉美人一个后脑勺。 Passed several double-hour again on the dawn, survived 24 hours of branch duties to complete, found the duty of spy also to complete, properly speaking, after enduring the initial crisis, the transcription will have relieved my seal, making me restore to cultivate/repair is, the mortal was the not possible entry control level transcription 再过几个时辰就天亮了,存活24小时的支线任务完成,找到间谍的任务也已经完成,按理说,熬过初期的危机后,副本已经会解除我的封印,让我恢复修为,凡人是不可能通关主宰级副本的 „Do not disclose Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic status the limit should also relieve, this limit increases the difficulty for the initial period, since endured the initial crisis, hid the identity not to have the significance again. “不得透露灵境行者身份”的限制应该也会解除,这个限制是为了初期增加难度,既然熬过了初期的危机,再隐瞒身份就没有意义了。 Therefore, tomorrow morning, I should be able to recognize each other with the teammate, then resisted the enemy in transcription together. 所以,明天早上,我应该可以和队友相认,然后一起对抗副本里的敌人了。 During the thought twinkles, Zhang Yuanqing heavy goes off. 念头闪烁间,张元清沉沉睡去。 Has not known how long, he is awakened by the Spirit Territory prompt sound that the ear transmitted: 不知过了多久,他被耳边传来的灵境提示音惊醒: Ding! Congratulates you to complete the branch task: Survives for 24 hours.】 【叮!恭喜您完成支线任务:存活24小时。】 Ding! Congratulates you to complete the branch task: Discovers the spy of ambush in palace.】 【叮!恭喜您完成支线任务:找出潜伏在宫中的间谍。】 Ding! Duty reward, unlocking unusual boundary spirit strength and goods.】 【叮!任务奖励,解锁超凡境灵力和物品。】 Ding! The branch duty activates, survives for 72 hours.】 【叮!支线任务激活,存活72小时。】 Note: Please keep firmly in mind that your status is Zhao Shun.】 【备注:请牢记您的身份是赵舜。】 The forehead black full moon mark appears, the strength of pure moon pours into the body, the Zhang Yuanqing being stranded intent and weary condition empties instantaneously, becomes full of energy. 额头黑色圆月印记浮现,精纯的太阴之力灌入身体,张元清的困意和疲态瞬间清空,变得精神抖擞。 The strength came back, although unusual stage. 力量回来了,虽然只有超凡阶段。 After the black moon/month mark vanishes, Zhang Yuanqing turns over/stands up to sit up, turns on the property panel, examines the duty. 待黑月印记消失后,张元清翻身坐起,打开属性面板,查看任务。 Repels the Northern Dynasty army or preserved Southern Dynasty national capital Main Quest has not changed, obtained popular sentiment the branch duty has not changed, discovered spy the duty was accomplished. “击退北朝军队或保住南朝国都”的主线任务没有变,“获得民心”的支线任务也没变,“找出间谍”的任务完成了。 Survived for 24 hours to turn survived for 72 hours. 存活24小时变成了存活72小时。 Light from duty change, does not have too many prompts, the goal is not clear, but no matter, the enemy in national capital has found out. Then nothing but collects the information, actual situation that verifies the enemy.” “光从任务变更情况来看,没有太多的提示,目标也不清晰,不过无所谓,国都的敌人已经摸清楚了。接下来无非是收集情报,探明敌人的虚实.” Note reminded me, must keep firmly in mind that own status, was the meaning the status of monarch is very important? But has not limited the status of Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic again, I should be able to recognize each other with the teammate.” “备注提醒我,要牢记自己的身份,意思是国君的身份很重要?但没再限制灵境行者的身份,我应该可以和队友相认了。” First calls the teammates, un, person who in the imperial city division may have Zheng, I cannot call the teammate on own initiative, this was too obvious, must think that means make the teammates not need to see me, actually knows my status.” “先把队友们都召集过来,嗯,皇城司里可能会有郑家的人,我不能主动召集队友,这样太明显了,得想个办法让队友们不需要见我,却又知道我的身份。” What Zhang Yuanqing takes the lead to think is the crossing over special-purpose cipher: strange Bianou is invariable, the symbol looks at the quadrant. 张元清率先想到的是穿越者专用暗号:奇变偶不变,符号看象限。 Changes mind thinks, in the teammate has to study the dregs, not necessarily knows this cipher, moreover changes the cipher and background is incompatible, is not good to propagandize. 转念一想,队友里还是有学渣的,不一定知道这个暗号,而且改暗号与时代背景格格不入,不好宣传。 Zhang Yuanqing got a sudden inspiration, had the idea. 张元清灵机一动,有了主意。 He looked that to depending to sit in the bedside, the graceful beautiful woman of lowering the head snoring. 他看向靠坐在床边,垂头呼噜的婉美人。 Graceful beautiful woman!” “婉美人!” Snoring, snoring “呼噜,呼噜” Graceful beautiful woman!” “婉美人!” Snoring, snoring “呼噜,呼噜” Zhang Yuanqing sighed, high sound said: Proclaimed the graceful beautiful woman to wait on the bedroom!” 张元清叹了口气,高声道:“宣婉美人侍寝!” The graceful beautiful woman regains consciousness instantaneously: Your majesty ~ 婉美人瞬间苏醒:“陛下~” Zhang Yuanqing reproved: We deliver to you lives and properties, you actually sleep soundly in the bedside, the graceful beautiful woman, you disappointed Us.” 张元清训斥道:“朕把身家性命交予你,你却在床边酣睡,婉美人,你辜负了朕啊。” We must reduce to the common people you, expels the harem. 朕要把你贬为庶人,逐出后宫。 The graceful beautiful woman is greatly anxious, quickly kotows: Your majesty forgives, your majesty forgives.” 婉美人大急,急忙叩首:“陛下恕罪,陛下恕罪。” „, We show tender affection, is not willing to punish the beautiful woman.” Zhang Yuanqing has brought, in the graceful beautiful woman grateful vision, said: “罢了,朕怜香惜玉,不愿责罚美人。”张元清一笔带过,在婉美人感激的目光中,说道: We dreamed of constellation governing scholars and literary people Monarch last night, he said that Our natural talent overflows, has the talent of foremost person in the field.” “朕昨晚梦见了文曲星君,他说朕天资横溢,有状元之才.” The words have not said, the graceful beautiful woman breaks indignantly: Your majesty is 95 revering, real dragon heavenly child, this constellation governing scholars and literary people Monarch dares to dirty your majesty.” 话没说完,婉美人气愤打断:“陛下乃九五之尊,真龙天子,这文曲星君竟敢埋汰陛下。” Do not care about these details.” Zhang Yuanqing coughs, said: We also really dreamed of a poem last night, is in the constellation governing scholars and literary people Monarch dream teaches, you listened: Spring sleeps understands unconsciously, hears Tiniao, the night the wind and rain sound, the flower falls everywhere knows many.” “不要在意这些细节.”张元清咳嗽一声,道:“朕昨晚还真梦见一首诗,乃文曲星君梦中传授,你听好了:春眠不觉晓,处处闻啼鸟,夜来风雨声,花落知多少。” The poetry conforms to the time, and is easy to understand, even if the elementary school diploma has also listened to this popular spring day dawn. 诗词符合时代,且通俗易懂,哪怕小学文凭也听过这首脍炙人口的春晓。 Singlish, good poem.” The graceful beautiful woman said. “朗朗上口,好诗。”婉美人说。 Zhang Yuanqing satisfaction nods: We also feel the good deed, is quite self-satisfied, but We am 95 revering, disdains to make Granny Wang, indulged in self-glorification, the graceful beautiful woman orchid heart fine qualities, understood Our meaning.” 张元清满意点头:“朕也觉得是好事,颇为得意,但朕是九五之尊,不屑做王婆,自卖自夸,婉美人兰心蕙质,明白朕的意思了吧。” The graceful beautiful woman understood, under hint of Zhang Yuanqing, hastily leaves the resting palace. 婉美人懂了,在张元清的示意下,匆匆离开寝宫。 Zhang Yuanqing calls the palace maid to take care of putting on clothes, sits outside hall in resting palace enjoys the sumptuous breakfast, discovered keenly the palace maids become especially silent. 张元清唤来宫女服侍穿衣,坐在寝宫的外厅享用丰盛的早餐,敏锐的发现宫女们变得格外沉默。 The officials look at your majesty emperor's countenance once for a while, reveals the puzzled color. 宦官则时不时的看一眼陛下的龙颜,露出困惑之色。 The palace maids thought that I aesthetically changed, was worrying that own future, the officials start to suspect own was aesthetic. Restores to cultivate/repair for Zhang Yuanqing unusually is crystal clear. 宫女觉得我审美变了,在担忧自己的未来,宦官则开始怀疑自己的审美了.恢复超凡修为的张元清洞若观火。 Oh, only Zhao Shun is worth praising aesthetic was also ruined by me, ok, in any case is an unenlightened ruler. 唉,赵舜唯一值得称道的审美也被我败坏了,算了,反正是昏君。 Zhang Yuanqing enjoys the breakfast earnestly. 张元清认真享用早餐。 Eating 78 was full, he makes the palace maid withdraw food, lies down rests on the soft cot of resting palace, waits for the teammates to have an audience with. 吃了七八分饱,他让宫女撤去食物,躺在寝宫的软榻上小憩,等待队友们觐见。 The teammates have not waited, waited for Li Changshi. 队友没等来,等来了李常侍。 Zhang Yuanqing is just about to open the mouth, then listens to this temple gray senior officials to ask low voice: 张元清正要开口,便听这位鬓角花白的老宦官小声问道: You are Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning!” “你是元始天尊吧!”
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