SRW :: Volume #9

#852: Different camps

Chapter 852 different camps 第852章不同阵营 Looks at present Li Changshi, Zhang Yuanqing first reveals the astonished color, is then joyful: 看着眼前的李常侍,张元清先是露出惊愕之色,而后欣喜道: „Does the world turn over to the fire?” “天下归火?” He has not thought that Li Changshi unexpectedly is a teammate, after all here is the imperial palace, the Zhang Yuanqing instinct thinks the male teammates in the frontline battlefield, or national capital somewhere. 他没想到李常侍竟是队友,毕竟这里是皇宫,张元清本能的以为男性队友都在前线战场,或者国都的某处。 Why as for is the world turns over to the fire, the reason is very simple, the big officials are the hot masters, and guesses correctly his status directly, this wisdom, can only be the world turns over to the fire. 至于为什么是天下归火,理由很简单,大宦官是火师,且直接猜出他的身份,这份智慧,只能是天下归火。 Li often/common waits on the complexion to sink: Bedding, I am the red chicken elder brother.” 李常侍脸色一沉:“铺盖,我是红鸡哥。” „???” Zhang Yuanqing does not believe: How you guess correctly me are Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning.” “???”张元清不信:“你怎么猜出我是元始天尊的。” Was I underestimates the red chicken elder brother's intelligence quotient? 难道是我低估红鸡哥的智商了? Li Changshi, no, a red chicken elder brother face favorite raising chin, just entered the transcription to ask three women to wait on the bedroom, Fu Qingyang and demon eye and Zhaocheng tutelary god of city not near female sexual attractiveness, the world turns over to the fire not to cling to the beauty, except for your Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning, but who can also?” 李常侍,不,红鸡哥一脸得意的昂起下巴,“刚进副本就找了三个女人侍寝,傅青阳、魔眼、赵城隍不近女色,天下归火不贪恋美色,除了你元始天尊,还能有谁?” I have not really underestimated the red chicken elder brother's intelligence quotient. The Zhang Yuanqing corners of the mouth pull out: That three female assassin is our teammates.” 我果然没低估红鸡哥的智商。张元清嘴角一抽:“那三个女刺客是咱们的队友。” Red chicken elder brother in great surprise: That three lowly person, no, are three assassins the teammates? But why they must assassinate you, although I just entered the transcription time, these tommyrots that understands Zhao Shun does/works, thinks very much a Palestinian slap dies he, but my duty is to protect Zhao Shun, but Zhao Shun is you, we are one side.” 红鸡哥大惊:“那三个小贱人,不,三个刺客是队友?可她们为什么要刺杀你,虽然我刚进副本的时候,了解到赵舜干的那些荒唐事,也很想一巴掌扇死他,但我的任务是保护赵舜,而赵舜是伱,咱们是一边的。” No wonder you were so bad to my attitude yesterday, with the personality of hot master, endured for a long time really to press you. Zhang Yuanqing said: 难怪你昨天对我的态度那么恶劣,以火师的性格,忍那么久真是难为你了。张元清道: The reason that I guessed had two, one, the status of unenlightened ruler was special, the difficulty was biggest. Second, transcription pure increases the difficulty for me.” “我猜测的原因有两个,一,昏君的身份特殊,难度最大。二,副本单纯的为我增加难度。” Two points are actually a meaning, because is just an unenlightened ruler, therefore the difficulty rank is high, will therefore have the assassin. 两点其实是一个意思,正因为是昏君,所以难度等级高,所以会有刺客。 The red chicken elder brother is suddenly enlighted „”, has not then gone into seriously again, then said: 红鸡哥恍然大悟的“哦”一声,便没再深究,接着说道: My Main Quest protects the unenlightened ruler five days, the branch duty is to assist the unenlightened ruler discovers the spy. This morning gets up, suddenly the discovery branch duty has been accomplished, did you find the spy?” “我的主线任务是保护昏君五天,支线任务是协助昏君找出间谍。今早起来,突然发现支线任务已经完成,你找到间谍了?” „The matter of transcription plot said later.” Zhang Yuanqing drank tea, „the mechanism of this transcription is to proceed in an orderly way, every time completes a branch task, unties some seals. How many levels are you now? Branch duty change.” “副本剧情的事稍后再说。”张元清喝了一口茶,“这个副本的机制是循序渐进的,每完成一个支线任务,就解开部分封印。你现在是几级?支线任务变更了吗。” My strength restored to 4 levels, but from peak difference first-level. The branch duty has two, one is to protect the unenlightened ruler 72 hours, one is to protect the unenlightened ruler ten days. But I complete Main Quest to walk, felt that ten days of degrees, the difficulty has reached the control level, I remain to be equal to courting death.” The red chicken elder brother said. “我的实力恢复到四级了,但距离巅峰差一级。支线任务有两个,一个是保护昏君72小时,一个是保护昏君十天。但我完成主线任务就走,感觉到了十天的程度,难度已经达到主宰级,我留下来等于找死。”红鸡哥说。 Zhang Yuanqing hiss one, the red chicken elder brother now is 4 levels of saints, in other words, in 72 hours will have the enemy of saint stage to assassinate him. 张元清“嘶”了一声,红鸡哥现在是四级圣者,也就是说,72小时内会有圣者阶段的敌人刺杀他。 But he only restores to the unusual boundary now. 而他现在只恢复到超凡境。 The saints kill unusually, like pinching an ant, my situation has not improved, instead was getting more and more dangerous. According to this rhythm, when I restore to control a standard, the enemy perhaps is eight levels, even higher Zhang Yuanqing looks fierce. 圣者杀超凡,就像捏死一只蚂蚁,我的处境并没有变好,反而越来越危险了.按照这个节奏,等我恢复主宰位格,遇到的敌人恐怕是八级的,甚至更高张元清龇牙咧嘴。 The A level transcription of control stage, the S level transcription is more difficult than he has met. 主宰阶段的A级副本,比他遇到过的S级副本还要难。 At this time, outside the palace transmitted shouting loudly of officials: 这时,宫殿外传来宦官的高呼: Elegant madame ~ “雅夫人到~” Zhang Yuanqing and red chicken elder brother look together to the palace gate, the former shows really such expression, he speculated according to the daily life record five empress, majority is the Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic. 张元清和红鸡哥一起看向殿门,前者露出果然如此的表情,他根据起居录推测出的五位后妃,大部分都是灵境行者。 Those who are only indefinite is Consort, because Consort does not resist the limbs contact, but the desolate attitude conforms to the role background. 唯一不确定的是德妃,因为德妃不抗拒肢体接触,而冷淡的态度又符合角色背景。 The palace gate was shoved open, the female who wears the vegetarian white palace clothing stepped over the threshold, step graceful walks. 殿门被推开,一位穿着素白色宫装的女子迈过门槛,步伐盈盈的走来。 Her year approximately 30, the five senses are beautiful, makings cold Pianjing, the black hair plate becomes a ghost to the chignon, is inserting the gold hairpin jade ornamental hairpin, a pair of autumn waters pupil is chilly. 她年约三十,五官秀丽,气质偏冷偏静,青丝盘成精致的发髻,插着金簪玉钗,一双秋水般的眸子清清冷冷。 The elegant madame stops outside the hall, said in a soft voice: 雅夫人停在外厅,轻声道: Male and female servants hear your majesty assassination, in the heart the hindrance, visits especially.” “臣妾听闻陛下遇刺,心中挂碍,特来探望。” Zhang Yuanqing knits the brows, he induced puzzled, vacant and dignified from the mood of elegant madame, when this did not seem like with the teammate recognizes each other condition. 张元清皱了皱眉,他从雅夫人的情绪里感应到了困惑、茫然和凝重,这不像是和队友相认时的状态。 Isn't the elegant madame a teammate? Really visits the emperor, discovers him to be vivid, therefore the mood is bad? 雅夫人不是队友?是真的来探望皇帝,发现他生龙活虎,所以情绪糟糕? He restrains the happy expression, is staring the elegant madame who has the mature graceful bearing, the smile said: 他收敛喜色,凝视着极具成熟风韵的雅夫人,微笑道: Beautiful woman had a mind, the beautiful woman, does not need to go back today, stays in Our resting palace, We had several days is not intimate with you.” “美人有心了,美人啊,今日就不必回去了,留在朕的寝宫里,朕有几天没与你亲热了。” He does not forget to maintain the unenlightened ruler person to suppose. 他不忘维持昏君人设。 Elegant madame unemotional standing in hall, the voice is light: 雅夫人面无表情的站在厅中,嗓音淡淡: Male and female servants listened to the palace the servant girl saying that your majesty resulted in constellation governing scholars and literary people Monarch to hold the dream last night, wore poem one, can have this matter?” “臣妾听宫中婢子说,陛下昨晚得文曲星君托梦,著诗一首,可有此事?” Yes.” Zhang Yuanqing maintains composure replied. “是的。”张元清不动声色的回答道。 Male and female servants here also poem, but only half, does not know whether your majesty can complement.” The elegant madame probes to say. “臣妾这里也有一首诗,但只有半首,不知陛下能否补全。”雅夫人试探道。 Mentioned listens!” “说来听听!” The elegant madame hesitates for several seconds, hoe standing grain day high noon, perspiration drop standing grain earth.” 雅夫人沉吟几秒,“锄禾日当午,汗滴禾下土。” The elegant madame also is really a teammate, that mood what's the matter? Zhang Yuanqing trades one type to highlight the status the way to return to the covered passageway: „The person who hoed the standing grain day were too many.” 雅夫人还真是队友啊,那刚才的情绪是怎么回事?张元清换一种更能凸显身份的方式回复道:“锄禾日的人太多了。” Expression one second of elegant madame defrosts, in the foreheads reveals joyfully, the quick steps walk into the resting palace, looks to sit in Zhang Yuanqing of soft cot, the smile said: Is I, small circle.” 雅夫人的表情一秒解冻,眉宇间露出喜悦,疾步走入寝宫,看着坐在软榻的张元清,微笑道:“是我,小圆。” Zhang Yuanqing also shows the smile: Comes at once with Us is shifty!” 张元清也露出笑容:“速来与朕翻云覆雨!” hears word, the nearby red chicken elder brother said ill-humoredly: Guan Ya is not, your such wave?” 闻言,边上的红鸡哥没好气道:“关雅不在,你就这么浪?” In Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning one crowd ambiguous is unclear in the woman, the red chicken elder brother is partial to Guan Ya, after all everyone is fights side-by-side together several months teammate. 元始天尊一群“暧昧不清”的女人里,红鸡哥还是偏向关雅的,毕竟大家是一起并肩作战数月的队友。 Zhang Yuanqing is slanting his eyes: „Do you want to be forked go out?” 张元清斜他一眼:“你是不是想被叉出去?” The red chicken elder brother shrugs: You are an unenlightened ruler, you biggest.” 红鸡哥耸耸肩:“你是昏君,你最大。” Has red chicken elder brother being in the way, Zhang Yuanqing and small circle can only stop in ceremony/etiquette, inviting her to come the soft cot to take a seat, exchanged the respective duty formally. 有红鸡哥这个碍事的在,张元清和小圆只能止乎于礼,邀请她来软榻入座,正儿八经的交流了各自的任务。 My branch duty is to assassinate the unenlightened ruler, Main Quest was destruction Southern Dynasty. The branch duty has not been accomplished, the rank stays in 3 levels.” At this point, the small circle expression slightly has the strangeness, said: “我的支线任务是刺杀昏君,主线任务是覆灭南朝。支线任务没有完成,等级停留在三级。”说到这里,小圆表情略有古怪,道: I have thought, our team was the Northern Dynasty camp, the transcription core plot was helps Northern Dynasty topple the decayed Southern Dynasty political power, never expected that you were an unenlightened ruler.” “我一直以为,咱们队伍是北朝阵营的,副本核心剧情是帮助北朝推翻腐朽的南朝政权,没想到你是昏君。” Zhang Yuanqing at heart one startled, immediately understands the small circle mood is why dignified, Main Quest was destruction Southern Dynasty, means that she was enemy's control, in the transcription of this death class, Main Quest failed, is representing the death. 张元清心里一惊,顿时明白了小圆为何心情凝重,主线任务是覆灭南朝,意味着她是敌国的主宰,在这种死亡类的副本里,主线任务失败,代表着死亡。 In other words, no matter whose entry transcription, the other side must die finally. 也就是说,不管最后谁通关副本,另一方都得死。 Red chicken elder brother flexure scratched the head: „It is not right, we are a teammate of camp, how in opposite?” 红鸡哥挠了挠头:“不对啊,咱们是一个阵营的队友,怎么会在对立面?” This does not conform to the Spirit Territory mechanism. 这不符合灵境机制。 The small circle frowns saying: I suspected that is related with the occupation, I after all am the evil occupation.” 小圆蹙眉道:“我怀疑和职业有关,我毕竟是邪恶职业。” The Zhang Yuanqing thought moves: Demon eye is also the evil occupation, does not know that the Fu Qingyang that side is what situation, can write a letter to inquire. Here is the faction transcription of white tiger soldier numerous, will be more than us who Young Master money knows.” 张元清念头一动:“魔眼也是邪恶职业,不知道傅青阳那边是什么情况,可以写信询问。这里是白虎兵众的帮派副本,钱公子知道的会比我们多。” Although does not conform to the Spirit Territory mechanism, but the fact has put at present, now can do identifies the means solution issue, to say the least, if the solution, can sacrifice the small circle and demon eye temporarily, stays behind clone with the flexible flesh, waits later resurrecting. 虽然不符合灵境机制,但事实已经摆在眼前,现在能做的就是找办法解决问题,退一步说,如果解决不了,可以暂时牺牲小圆和魔眼,留下分身和富有灵性的血肉,留待以后复活。 Also or, asking the uncle to help, helped her be separated from the transcription. 又或者,请舅舅帮忙,助她脱离副本。 Naturally, these are the rear guards that compels to have no other choice but. 当然,这些是逼不得已的后路。 Thinks of here, he shakes the head: „It is not right, if the professional issue, why that three beautiful women also do want to assassinate me?” 想到这里,他又摇了摇头:“不对,如果是职业问题,那三位美人为什么也要刺杀我?” Jiang Jingwei they are not always the evil occupations. 姜精卫她们总不是邪恶职业吧。 The small circle slightly does to hesitate, said: 小圆略作沉吟,道: Since you are an unenlightened ruler, wants to come three beautiful women also to live, later you bring the resting palace them, asks situation “既然你是昏君,想来三位美人还活着,稍后你把她们带来寝宫,问问情况” She continued this role information, the small circle in the box of elegant madame bed bottom, found that one set travelled by night the clothes, a human skin mask, as well as together number and route plate. 她继续说着自己这个角色的情报,小圆在雅夫人床底的箱子里,发现一套夜行衣,一张人皮面具,以及一块腰牌。 Three goods are every thing, but I thought that the number and route plate travelling by night the clothes and person skin mask is more important, therefore carries it along.” The small circle bosom fishes out a palm of the hand big bronze medal, the sign surface is carving the primal chaos fish. “三件物品都是凡物,但我觉得腰牌比夜行衣和人皮面具更重要,所以把它随身携带。”小圆怀里摸出一块巴掌大的铜牌,牌面刻着太极鱼。 Zhang Yuanqing received the bronze medal to size up, should be the duty goods , Main Quest of small circle was destruction Southern Dynasty, she very possible was the person of Northern Dynasty, I understood, she was Northern Dynasty sends, ambushed the spy in imperial palace, belonged not to have the dark child of exposition.” 张元清接过铜牌打量,“应该是任务物品,呜,小圆的主线任务是覆灭南朝,她很可能是北朝的人,我明白了,她是北朝派来,潜伏在皇宫的间谍,属于没有暴露的暗子。” The red chicken elder brother is overjoyed: In this case, we can use her reverse ambush Northern Dynasty, gives the false information, haha, gained.” 红鸡哥大喜过望:“这样的话,咱们可以利用她反向埋伏北朝,给出虚假情报,哈哈,赚到了。” Oh, the people become the enemy agent, theoretically gains greatly, but the branch duty of small circle is to assassinate the emperor, the duty is unable to be accomplished, the strength by the seal, we have then been equal to the witchcraft master who loses a control level. Zhang Yuanqing does not have the red chicken elder brother is so optimistic. 唉,己方人成为敌方间谍,理论上是大赚,但小圆的支线任务是刺杀皇帝,任务无法完成,实力便一直被封印着,我方等于损失一位主宰级的巫蛊师。张元清没有红鸡哥这么乐观。 Is gains owes, was difficult to say. 是赚是亏,难说。 Last night rescued their is you.” Zhang Yuanqing looks at the elegant madame beautiful peerless appearance. “昨晚救她们的是你吧。”张元清看着雅夫人秀丽绝伦的容颜。 The small circle nods, told the matter of yesterday, she refused to meet with the emperor with the excuse of poor health, yes was worried oneself did not act well the elegant madame, by its discovery. 小圆颔首,把昨天之事娓娓道来,她以身体不适为由拒绝与皇帝见面,是担心自己扮演不好雅夫人,被其发现。 Again is the unenlightened ruler lasciviously like the life, but she is empress, is very difficult the discourteous action that revolts against the opposite party possibly, the opportunity during the daytime not having assassinated. 再就是昏君好色如命,而她又是后妃,很难反抗对方可能进行的非礼之举,白天也没有行刺的机会。 Therefore the choice does not meet. 所以选择不见面。 After at nightfall, she wants to submerge the resting palace, looked that the opportunity assassinates the emperor, finally discovered that three beautiful women must assassinate. 入夜后,她本想潜入寝宫,看有没有机会刺杀皇帝,结果发现三位美人也要行刺。 Is same based on everyone duty, she suspects three beautiful women possibly is the Spirit Territory traveler/ascetic, is the teammate, therefore makes a move to rescue. 基于大家任务相同,她怀疑三位美人可能是灵境行者,是队友,故出手相救。 Hence, the plot line of elegant madame has almost combed clearly. 至此,雅夫人的剧情线差不多已经梳理清楚。 Zhang Yuanqing said: Person who I first go to fish in the imperial city division should three beautiful women to have Zheng, the action is careful, cannot be seen, I think. The small circle you stay in the resting palace, the red chicken elder brother, you make the clothing of three sets of palace maid, imitation stone forest to come who the belt/bring arrives at the lakeside.” 张元清道:“我先去把三位美人捞上来皇城司里应该有郑家的人,行动要小心,不能被看见,我想想.小圆你留在寝宫里,红鸡哥,你去弄三套宫女的服饰,带到湖边的假石林来。” He said several with two teammates in a low voice, then high sound said: 他低声与两位队友说了几句,接着高声道: We must be shifty with the elegant madame, you drew back entirely.” “朕要与雅夫人翻云覆雨,尔等统统退下。” Outside the palace maids and officials in hall acknowledge, lower the head, departs in abundance. 外厅的宫女和宦官应诺,低着头,纷纷离去。 The gray-haired red chicken elder brother stride arrives at outside the hall, put down the gauze curtain, and outside the hall the resting palace isolates, then opens the door of resting palace, leaves with the palace maid officials together. 鬓角斑白的红鸡哥大步走到外厅,放下了纱帘,将寝宫和外厅隔绝,而后推开寝宫的门,与宫女宦官一起离开。 Enters the nightwalking condition Zhang Yuanqing, follows to leave the resting palace in the red chicken elder brother quietly behind, without delay, charges into the artificial lake outside palace. 进入夜游状态的张元清,悄然跟在红鸡哥身后离开寝宫,二话不说,冲向宫外的人工湖。 The graceful beautiful woman has told him the Jiang Jingwei three people suppression position, last night after assassinating the event, the imperial city division this morning then started rumbling the turbulent blockade and search work. 婉美人告诉过他姜精卫三人的“镇压”位置,昨夜刺杀事件后,皇城司今早便开始了轰轰荡荡的封锁和搜查工作。 Therefore she chooses three beautiful women suppresses in the lake bottom, to conceal the truth the raid of imperial city division. 因此她选择把三位美人镇压在湖底,以瞒过皇城司的搜捕。 He easily hid the truth from the value to defend in various imperial city division imperial guard before crossroad and palace, hid the truth from toward the palace maids and officials, successfully arrived in the lakeside, in cautious entering into lake. 他轻易瞒过了值守在各处路口、殿前的皇城司禁军,瞒过来往的宫女和宦官,成功抵达湖边,小心翼翼的迈入湖中。 If some people looked at this time to the artificial lake, will discover that the shore exudes the suspicious ripples. 如果这时候有人看向人工湖,就会发现岸边泛起可疑的涟漪。 Sneaks in the lake, Zhang Yuanqing turns on the goods column immediately, takes out the Yin-Yang law robe to put on, obtains the controlling water the ability, dives rapidly toward the lake bottom. 潜入湖中,张元清立刻打开物品栏,取出阴阳法袍披上,获得驭水的能力,朝着湖底迅速潜去。 About a half minute, he arrived at suppression place, seeing the beautiful woman who three ages vary to float in the water, the hands and feet winding chains, the water congeals the chains that becomes. 半分钟左右,他来到了“镇压”地点,看见三位年龄各异的美人漂浮在水中,手脚缠绕锁链,水凝结而成的锁链。 They were hung like the balloon in the lake bottom, everyone forehead is drawing blood-color talisman. 她们就像气球一样被吊在湖底,每个人额头都画着一张血色的符箓 king Geji the mild-mannered and tactful beautiful woman falls into the lethargic sleep, clear/pain beautiful woman listless listlessness, once for a while hot tempered pulls the wrist/skill chains. 王歌姬和婉美人陷入昏睡,楚美人则病恹恹的无精打采,时不时暴躁的拉扯一下手腕的“锁链”。 This should be the person ready dead graceful beautiful woman had mentioned evades water symbol, but the three beautiful woman listless reasons of were within the body are implanted the germ, suffered from the serious illness, so will be weak. 这应该就是死士婉美人提到过的“避水符”,而三位美人病恹恹的原因是体内被植入了病菌,患上了重病,才会如此虚弱。 This is avoids them making the too big noise under water, by the imperial guard discovery of imperial city division. 这是避免她们在水底闹出太大动静,被皇城司的禁军发现。 Rumble.” “咕噜咕噜.” clear/pain beauty sees the unenlightened ruler to dive to come, to have a big shock, opens mouth to angrily rebuke, the sound changes to rumble the air bubble. 楚美人看见昏君潜水而来,大惊失色,张嘴怒斥,声音化作咕噜噜的气泡。 Zhang Yuanqing referred to oneself gown. 张元清指了指自己身上的袍子。 The clear/pain beautiful women are aloof, continue rumble. 楚美人无动于衷,继续咕噜咕噜。 Does not have Jingwei Zhang Yuanqing of brain to complain at heart, lifts the hand to wipe in the face, uses the imaginary technique, turned into the Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning appearance. 没脑子的精卫张元清心里吐槽,抬手在脸庞一抹,施展幻术,变成了元始天尊的模样。 The transcription has no longer limited among the Spirit Territory travelers to exchange the status. 副本已经不再限制灵境行者之间互通身份了。 The clear/pain beautiful women stare, subsequently is wild with joy, rumble is fiercer. 楚美人一愣,继而狂喜,咕噜噜的更加厉害。 Zhang Yuanqing raises up the index finger to resist the lip, hinting her is peaceful, at once displays the controlling water ability, pulled apart the intensity not high chains, oneself are hugging the king singing girl, throws the graceful beautiful woman to Jiang Jingwei, four people break surface rapidly. 张元清竖起食指抵住嘴唇,示意她安静,旋即施展驭水能力,扯断了强度不高的锁链,自己抱着王歌姬,把婉美人丢给姜精卫,四人迅速上浮。 Overspreads the river surface of somewhere withered and yellow lotus leaf, Jiang Jingwei and Zhang Yuanqing emits the head, stealthy observation shore and distant place. 铺满枯黄荷叶的某处河面,姜精卫张元清冒出脑袋,鬼祟的观察岸边和远处。 Sees here unmanned attention, two people lay down the head, after several seconds, they emit from the shore, various back people come ashore, the rockery grove that drills into the shore. 见无人注意这边,两人重新埋下脑袋,几秒后,他们从岸边冒出,各背一人上岸,钻入岸边的假山林子。 Assassinates me, assassinates me, assassinates me.” “刺杀我,刺杀我,刺杀我.” In the rockery forest, Zhang Yuanqing lifts the palm of the hand, one by one is truncating the head of Jiang Jingwei. 假山林中,张元清抬起巴掌,一下又一下的削着姜精卫的脑袋。 14 or 15-year-old clear/pain beautiful woman both hands hit randomly, is not convinced resists with him, does to is sick, soft being incapable of resistance. 十四五岁的楚美人双手乱打,不服气的跟他对抗,奈何疾病缠身,反抗的绵软无力。 Zhang Yuanqing teaches, a finger turns the Jiang Jingwei stamp in the place, said ill-humoredly: 张元清教训完,一指头把姜精卫戳翻在地,没好气道: Told me your role information.” “把你的角色信息告诉我。” PS: After wrong character first, changes. PS:错字先更后改。
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