SRW :: Volume #9

#850: Plans respectively

Chapter 850 plans respectively 第850章各自谋划 Monarch as a country, the unenlightened ruler, Zhao Shun's resting palace has six particularly, four in imperial palace, in the summer palace of western suburbs of Beijing, in southern suburbs sheep palace. 身为一国之君,尤其是昏君,赵舜的寝宫足足有六座,四座在皇宫里,一座在京城西郊的夏宫,一座在南郊的羊宫。 The summer palace is the summer vacation, when sheep Gong goes hunting and enjoys the beauties of nature lives. 夏宫是避暑的,羊宫是打猎、游山玩水时居住的。 But the four imperial palaces in imperial palace, according to spring, summer, autumn, winter the demand constructions of four seasons, the summer palace construct in the artificial lakeside that the vegetation complements, Winter Palace is the resting palace that the present catches fire, south-facing, a day 24 hours can accept the illumination. 而皇宫里的四座寝宫,同样是根据“春夏秋冬”四个季节的需求建造,夏宫建在草木掩映的人工湖畔,冬宫就是现在着火的寝宫,坐北朝南,一天24小时都能接受光照。 The palace of the crown prince near the Emperor's garden, the autumn palace on the short mountain of Xiyuan, facilitates the ornamental fall scenery. 春宫在御花园边上,秋宫则在西苑的矮山上,方便观赏秋景。 Now Winter Palace was burnt, definitely cannot be occupied by the person, the imperial guards of imperial city division are escorting Zhao Shun, enormous and powerful goes to the summer palace in artificial lakeside. 如今冬宫被焚,肯定是不能住人了,皇城司的禁军们护送着赵舜,浩浩荡荡的前往人工湖畔的夏宫。 The imperial guard direction caused not to agree, the assassin who because just ran away obviously is Water Ghost, lives in the lakeside was equal to that in front of neck gathering enemy, was too dangerous. 原本禁军指挥使是不同意的,因为刚刚逃走的刺客明显是一位水鬼,住在湖边等于把脖子凑到敌人面前,实在太危险了。 But your majesty acts willfully, is the official can only receive an order. 但陛下一意孤行,做臣子的只能领命。 The candlelight is bright, the luxurious degree does not lose in the bedroom palace in Winter Palace, the Zhang Yuanqing both hands pillow after the brain, looks is balking roof vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered to be in a daze. 烛光明亮,奢侈程度不输冬宫的寝殿里,张元清双手枕在脑后,望着梁木纵横的屋顶发呆。 He transcription current plot again duplicate/restores plate: 他把副本目前的剧情重新复盘一下: Northern Dynasty solved the foreign clan on prairie, went south on a large scale, tries to destroy completely Southern Dynasty. On this occasion the dangerous time, unenlightened ruler Queen Zhao Shun Chongxing, ignores the opposition of established wife's or mother's family Zheng, appoints Commander Yang Cewei. 北朝解决了草原上的外族,大举南下,试图灭掉南朝。值此危难时刻,昏君赵舜宠幸皇后,不顾老牌外戚郑家的反对,任命杨策为帅。 This made Zheng Jia feel the huge threat, after all Queen Zheng passed away for many years, but Queen Yang was in good graces, once Yang policy defended the Linxia city, returned to the national capital with the extreme meritorious military service, Zheng Yang two will certainly transpose. 这让郑家感受到了巨大的威胁,毕竟郑太后亡故多年,而杨氏皇后得宠,一旦杨策守住临夏城,携泼天战功返回国都,郑杨两家必将易位。 Therefore, colluded with Northern Dynasty marshal toba tartars light simply, killed one's sovereign to usurp the throne. 于是,干脆勾结北朝元帅拓跋光赫,弑君篡位。 So long as Zheng helped toba tartars light/only defeat the Southern Dynasty final garrison troops, Southern Dynasty was the fish meat of allowing to be oppressed, at the appointed time, toba tartars light/only supported anyone, who was the emperor of Southern Dynasty. 只要郑家帮助拓跋光赫打垮南朝最后的守军,南朝就是任人宰割的鱼肉,届时,拓跋光赫支持谁,谁就是南朝的皇帝。 But like this makes the risk is too big, was equal to that gave the enemy the lives and properties, what good result seeking an impossibility to have? 但这样做风险太大,等于把身家性命交给了敌人,与虎谋皮能有什么好结局? Although Zheng Long tu said that toba tartars light/only wants to raise the invader dead weight, but does not feel Zhang Yuanqing credibly, let alone is the Zheng family lord of government ups and downs? 虽然郑龙图说拓跋光赫想养寇自重,但就连张元清都觉得不靠谱,何况是官场沉浮的郑家家主? Therefore Zheng also has other taking advantage, letting them to feel relieved that colludes with toba tartars light. 所以郑家还有别的依仗,让他们能放心和拓跋光赫勾结。 This takes advantage to be the country master. 这个依仗应该就是国师。 Main Quest was truly clear, battlefield that side enemy was the army of Northern Dynasty, but my here enemy was Zheng and country master, does not know that the country masters were what backgrounds.” 主线任务确实很清楚了,战场那边的敌人是北朝的军队,而我这边的敌人是郑家和国师,就是不知道国师是什么来头。” However, some of some of his matters have not wanted to understand why the teammate can with him quarrel, be the transcription wants to increase the difficulty merely? 不过,他还有一些事没想明白,为什么队友会和他“反目”,仅仅是副本想增加难度? Zhang Yuanqing thought that is unlikely, very difficult transcription, typically has the solid plot line. 张元清觉得不太可能,高难度的副本,通常都有扎实的剧情线。 Un, possibly is the unenlightened ruler makes the seething discontent among the people, behind them the rebelling influence wants to assassinate the unenlightened ruler if so, I want to rebel against the influence am the background board, otherwise was too difficult Zhang Yuanqing to heave a sigh. 嗯,也可能是昏君闹得天怒人怨,她们背后的反叛势力想刺杀昏君如果是这样的话,我希望反叛势力是背景板,不然就太难了张元清唉声叹气。 Draws in the train of thought that he turns over/stands up to sit up, calls the palace maid, told: 收拢思绪,他翻身坐起,唤来宫女,吩咐道: Long night extending endlessly having no interest sleep, goes to please the graceful beautiful woman to come, We want her to wait on the bedroom.” “长夜漫漫无心睡眠,去请婉美人过来,朕要她侍寝。” Graceful beautiful woman?” That personal palace maid gawked, reminded carefully: Your majesty, the graceful beautiful woman attempts to assassinate today, worked in partnership to rescue “婉美人?”那贴身宫女愣了一下,小心提醒道:“陛下,婉美人今日妄图行刺,被同伙救走了” „It is not she.” Zhang Yuanqing beckons with the hand: What We said is another graceful beautiful woman.” “不是她。”张元清摆摆手:“朕说的是另一个婉美人。” Another graceful beautiful woman? Another graceful beautiful woman! The palace maids as if remembered anything, the flash cannot control itself, showed damn expression. 另一个婉美人?另一个婉美人!宫女似乎想起了什么,一瞬间没能控制住自己,露出了见鬼的表情。 Then believes the expression of avalanche. 然后是信仰崩塌的表情。 You are what expression, coming the person, the fork to go out Wumen to behead! Zhang Yuanqing disgruntled is staring at her: Needs Us to repeat?” 你这是什么表情,来人,叉出去午门斩首!张元清不悦的盯着她:“需要朕重复一遍?” He just assassination, the imperial guard of imperial city division surrounds and protects outside the palace, may have the informer of Zheng, the summon graceful beautiful woman who there is no reason, will be suspected surely. 他刚遇刺,皇城司的禁军拱卫殿外,其中可能会有郑家的眼线,没有理由的召唤婉美人,必定会被怀疑。 Therefore, waiting on the bedroom is a flawless reason, Zhao Shun had been saved by the graceful beautiful woman, now encounters the assassination, lacks the security sense, longed for rescuing his life the broad shoulder dependence of person, was fair. 所以,侍寝是一个天衣无缝的理由,赵舜曾经被婉美人救过,如今遭遇刺杀,缺乏安全感,渴望曾经救过他性命的人的宽阔肩膀依靠,合情合理。 Her stutter said: Yes, is servants this then goes to invite 她结结巴巴的说:“是,是奴婢这便去请” Lowers the head walks in a hurry. 低头匆匆而走。 If the palace maids a big mouth point, I died on the society in the imperial palace, but without the relations, my pot is Zhao Shun's pot, Zhao Shun's pot is not my pot. 宫女要是大嘴巴一点,我在皇宫里就社死了,不过没关系,我的锅就是赵舜的锅,赵舜的锅不是我的锅. Zhang Yuanqing had a yawn wearily, unconscious fell asleep unexpectedly. 张元清疲倦的打了个哈欠,不知不觉的竟睡着了。 Until the ear bank transmits the summon of jar sound jar air/Qi: Your majesty, your majesty, the servants came.” 直到耳畔传来瓮声瓮气的呼唤:“陛下,陛下,臣妾来了.” Then, big hand in shoulder gentle pushing and shoving. 接着,一只大手在肩膀“温柔”的推搡。 Zhang Yuanqing one awakens, is sharp-eyed, when sees clearly to kneel after the honest form of bedside, the flaccid tight muscle of feeling relieved, said benignly: 张元清一下惊醒,目光锐利,待看清跪在床边的敦厚身影后,如释重负的松弛紧绷的肌肉,和颜悦色道: Graceful beautiful woman comes!” “婉美人来啦!” Facial features Fangzheng, eye, if the graceful beautiful woman of bronze bell is submissive: Your majesty, the servants waited on the bedroom.” 脸型方正,目若铜铃的婉美人低眉顺眼:“陛下,臣妾来侍寝了。” hears word, Zhang Yuanqing silently moves out of the way from the Eastern aristocrat face of graceful beautiful woman the vision- her facial features always let the Zhang Yuanqing uncontrolled association to the burial figures of warriors and horses. 闻言,张元清默默的把目光从婉美人的东方贵族脸上挪开-她的脸型总是让张元清不受控制的联想到兵马俑。 „!” Zhang Yuanqing clears throat, high sound said: Everyone draws back, We want the mild-mannered and tactful beautiful woman to be shifty.” “咳咳!”张元清清了清嗓子,高声道:“所有人都退下,朕要和婉美人翻云覆雨。” Outside the palace maids and officials in hall, startled avoidance in abundance. 外厅的宫女、宦官们,惊的纷纷退避。 When everyone leaves the resting palace, a graceful beautiful woman knees ball, is stepping the sturdy both legs, arrives at the bedside to sit down. 待所有人都离开寝宫,婉美人双膝一弹,迈着粗壮的双腿,走到床边坐下。 Zhang Yuanqing with no trace in the future will move moving, said: Graceful beautiful woman, are you do really?” 张元清不着痕迹的往后挪了挪,道:“婉美人,你这是作甚?” The graceful beautiful woman shows simple and honest smile: Male and female servants wait on the bedroom, your majesty, so-called walls have ears, but spoke on your dragon cot, then no one can hear.” 婉美人露出“憨厚”笑容:“臣妾来侍寝啊,陛下,所谓隔墙有耳,但在您的龙榻上说话,便没人能听到。” You sit in the bedside do not move, dares to act unreasonably I to shout that rescues Zhang Yuanqing to regret suddenly own crude action, the surface maintains composure, said: 那你就坐在床边别动,敢乱来我就喊救驾张元清忽然后悔自己的鲁莽之举,表面不动声色,道: That three female assassin where?” “那三位女刺客在哪儿?” The graceful beautiful woman replied: Three assassins by my town/subdues in the lake bottom, had been supposed settle, the life is worry-free.” 婉美人答道:“三名刺客已被我镇在湖底,设了结界,性命无虞。” Graceful beautiful woman, walls have ears.” Zhang Yuanqing reminded this female man speech, then asks lightly: Can have to interrogate and torture behind instigation?” “婉美人,隔墙有耳。”张元清提醒这位女汉子说话轻点,然后问道:“可有拷问出背后主使者?” The graceful beautiful woman shakes the head: They had not confessed, has not resulted in your majesty to permit, the servants do not dare to use the illegal punishment, under male and female servants' induction, clear/pain beauty said assassinated your majesty reason.” 婉美人摇头:“她们没有交代,未得陛下允许,臣妾不敢动用私刑,不过在臣妾的诱导下,楚美人说出了刺杀陛下的原因。” Said quickly!” Zhang Yuanqing urged. “快说!”张元清催促。 The graceful beautiful woman said: „The clear/pain beautiful women had confessed, she was days before kills by poison your majesty chief criminal, your majesty luck had good luck ever after who would imagine greatly, lived. On that day your majesty went to the harem to inspect, her afraid, for fear that own scheme exposed, therefore wants while waiting on the bedroom, again the assassination.” 婉美人说道:“楚美人已经交代,她就是前几日毒杀陛下的罪魁祸首,岂料陛下福大命大,活了下来。那天陛下去后宫视察,她心虚的很,唯恐自己的计谋败露,于是想趁着侍寝,再行刺杀。” Zhang Yuanqing thinks, said: „After the assassination ?” 张元清想了想,道:“刺杀之后呢?” The graceful beautiful woman shakes the head: „The clear/pain beautiful women are stupid, the city mansion is not deep, after not being able to say the assassination, obstinately was supposed to do. The servants are not clear, who will send the so dull-witted person to assassinate?” 婉美人摇头:“楚美人呆头呆脑,城府不深,愣是说不出行刺之后如何是好。臣妾不明白,谁人会派如此愚钝之人来行刺?” The Spirit Territory transcription sends. Zhang Yuanqing cannot bear complain. 灵境副本派来的.张元清忍不住吐槽。 He sits cross-legged in the bed, the finger raps the knee gently, is lost in thought. 他盘坐在床,指头轻轻敲击膝盖,陷入沉思。 clear/pain beauty only knows oneself killed by poison the emperor, actually does not know that who the back chief instigator is, explained after she enters Spirit Territory, the acquired information is „the clear/pain beautiful women kills by poison the emperor to be defeated, that is all. 楚美人只知道自己毒杀了皇帝,却不知道背后主谋是谁,说明她进入灵境后,获得的信息就是“楚美人毒杀皇帝失败”,仅此而已。 In the branch duty the big probability has one: Assassinates the unenlightened ruler. 支线任务里大概率有一条:刺杀昏君。 Therefore, when discovering the unenlightened ruler inspects the harem, the clear/pain beautiful women were flustered, she complies to wait on the bedroom, part of reasons are the agreeing without consultation branch duties, part of reasons are worried oneself do not begin, by the imperial city division, will be found out by the unenlightened ruler. 因此,在发现昏君视察后宫时,楚美人心慌了,她答应侍寝,一部分原因是暗合支线任务,一部分原因是担心自己再不动手,就会被皇城司,被昏君查出。 When the time comes dead end. 到时候死路一条。 Had this sense of crisis and branch duty, three beautiful women have not thought inborn in opposite unenlightened ruler is the Spirit Territory teammate. 有了这份危机感和支线任务,三位美人才没有想到天生就在对立面的“昏君”是灵境队友。 After all this is the formed transcription, is not the camp resists the transcription, the teammate is not possible to become the life and death foe on plot in the transcription. 毕竟这是组队副本,不是阵营对抗副本,队友在副本里是不可能成为剧情上的生死仇敌的。 Zhang Yuanqing , the joyful move of three beautiful women waits on the bedroom for this reason, finally almost in the sewers capsizes. 张元清也是因为这个原因,才欣喜的招三位美人侍寝,结果差点阴沟里翻船。 The Jiang Jingwei confession, provoked the Zhang Yuanqing thought all of a sudden, wants to understand many questionable points. 姜精卫的供词,一下子把张元清的思路打开了,想明白了很多疑点。 Moreover, although the green tea graceful beautiful woman and king Geji the mouth is very strict, but the Jingwei confession, to a certain extent is also their confessions, because the assassination behaviors of three beautiful women happen to hold the same view, but they are the Spirit Territory travelers. 另外,虽然绿茶婉美人和王歌姬嘴巴很严,但精卫的供词,一定程度上也是她们的供词,因为三位美人的刺杀行为不谋而合,而她们又是灵境行者。 The Zhang Yuanqing bold guess, these two fellows also participated behavior that kills by poison the unenlightened ruler. 张元清大胆猜测,这两个家伙也参与了毒杀昏君的行为。 Read and this, Zhang Yuanqing thinks suddenly Li Changshi has spoken words: What in Zhao Shun is many toxicant mixes becomes strange poison , the drug efficacy is violent, actually each other diverts, therefore is not killed violently immediately. 一念及此,张元清忽然想到李常侍说过的话:赵舜中的是多种毒药混合而成的奇毒,药效猛烈,却又彼此牵制,因此不会立刻毙命。 But tonight Zheng Long tu lets success go to the head reveals some truth: strange poison of that refinement cannot kill you, is who found out the ingenious plan of using poison to combat poison? The imperial physician in palace does not have this level. 而今晚郑龙图得意忘形中吐露部分真相:那位炼制的奇毒都没能杀死伱,是谁想出了以毒攻毒的妙计?宫中的太医没有这个水平。 Information to. 信息对上了。 Almost stroked the plot. Zhang Yuanqing puts out the one breath, calm, got down is not the enemy who at heart the transcription most feared is powerful, but was the plot is unclear. 差不多把剧情捋完了.张元清吐出一口气,心里大定,下副本最怕的不是敌人强大,而是剧情不明。 The plot is unclear, possibly omits the critical information, omits the critical information, is easy to turn over. 剧情不明,就可能遗漏关键信息,遗漏关键信息,就容易翻车。 And not fault-tolerant. 且没有容错。 Graceful beautiful woman, no, the graceful imperial concubine, can you know the country master?” Strokes the clear plot Zhang Yuanqing to start to inquire the information. “婉美人,不,婉妃,你可知国师?”捋清楚剧情的张元清开始打探情报。 Linxia city, barracks. 临夏城,营房。 Fu Qingyang awakens from the stupor, only thinks that the headache wants to crack, the whole body muscle seemed torn, each cell at wail. 傅青阳从昏迷中惊醒,只觉头疼欲裂,周身肌肉仿佛被撕裂,每一个细胞都在哀鸣。 He is enduring the ache, knits the brows to sit sets out, seeing Xiahou Aotian to squat in the corner boils the medicine, Ling Jun selects the herbal medicine, the demon eye Son of Heaven stands before the map, hesitates does not speak. 他忍着疼痛,皱眉坐起身,看见夏侯傲天蹲在角落里煮药,灵钧挑拣草药,魔眼天王则站在地图前,沉吟不语。 How long did I rest?” Fu Qingyang tone weak asking. “我睡了多久?”傅青阳语气虚弱的问道。 You should say: When I am the stupor.” Ling Jun raised the head to take a look at his one eyes. “你应该说:我是什么时候昏迷的。”灵钧抬头瞅他一眼。 Fu Qingyang thinks, truly. 傅青阳想了想,确实记不起来了。 Ling Jun said: „After your sword pierces toba tartars light/only, stands there is motionless, the garrison troops are cheering for you, I also think that you install cool, after result and other Northern Dynasty withdrew troops, discovered you already the stupor.” 灵钧啧啧道:“你一剑刺穿拓跋光赫后,就站在那里一动不动,守军都在为你欢呼呢,我还以为你装酷,结果等北朝撤兵后,才发现你已经昏迷了。” Fu Qingyang thought that said lightly: Not this, how retreating in fear toba tartars light? Bewitching Demon is deceitful, the battlefield is fastidious about there can never be too much deception in war, toba tartars light, if tears up the gambling to make, we must defeat without doubt.” 傅青阳想起来了,淡淡道:“不这样,怎么吓退拓跋光赫?蛊惑之妖狡诈卑劣,战场又讲究兵不厌诈,拓跋光赫若是撕毁赌约,我们必败无疑。” Therefore he stands the faint, the eye has not been shutting. 所以他才站着昏厥,眼睛都没闭。 Nearby demon eye Son of Heaven has turned head: Said that toba tartars light/only on line, Bewitching Demon has not provoked you.” 一旁的魔眼天王扭过头来:“说拓跋光赫就行,蛊惑之妖也没招惹你。” By stove Xiahou arrogant day review: You are not a lead, flaunts anything to be able.” 炉灶旁的夏侯傲天点评:“你又不是主角,逞什么能。” Then, he takes up the boiling hot jug bare handedly, said: Medicine boiled, drank before it's too late, I was supposing you do not want to waste the life source fluid.” 说完,他赤手拿起滚烫的药壶,道:“药熬好了,趁热喝,我估摸着你也不想浪费生命源液。” The Ling Jun very virtuous opening bowl, pours the medicine soup, but also blows for Fu Qingyang. 灵钧很贤惠的翻开碗,倒药汤,还替傅青阳吹了吹。 Fu Qingyang has not refused, after to drinking up the medicine, announced: 傅青阳没有拒绝,喝完药后,宣布道: I comprehended the new sword technique probably.” “我好像领悟了新的剑术。” You special are abnormal! Three people emit this thought as if by prior agreement. 你特么是变态吗!三人不约而同的冒出这个念头。 Ling Jun heaved a sigh: You and our three waste firewood compound, put in great inconvenience to Young Master money, later the official only had the third son, Young Master money removes.” 灵钧唉声叹气:“把你和我们三个废柴并列,委屈钱公子了,以后官方只有三公子,钱公子除名。” Xiahou Aotian squint stares at the dandy: In four young masters three promoted controlled, removed should not be you.” 夏侯傲天斜眼盯花公子:“四公子里三个都晋升主宰了,被除名的不应该是你吗。” Ling Jun shrugs: I am the waste firewood, but I never depend upon others, always lies down certain people are rising to control is more dignified.” 灵钧耸耸肩:“我是废柴,但我从不依靠他人,总比某些人躺着升主宰要体面。” Xiahou Aotian flies into a rage, thought that a dandy taunt, wants despicably compared with Han Xin's the shame of crotch serious. 夏侯傲天勃然大怒,觉得花公子一句嘲讽,比韩信的胯下之辱还要卑劣严重。 The demon eye Son of Heaven looks at Fu Qingyang: What degree did your technique nearly say/way promote to?” 魔眼天王看着傅青阳:“你的技近乎道提升到什么程度了?” Fu Qingyang shakes the head slightly: „It is not the sword technique promotion, but is sword intent, technique nearly has endured compared with the rule, strives very much difficultly again. My cutting strikes a fatal flaw, the sword air/Qi intensity is limited, even if there are cape in addition to hold, is unable to support me to jump the ranks the fight, meets the rank to be higher than my enemy, and is good at defending, even each sword can hit, is unable to injure the enemy.” 傅青阳微微摇头:“不是剑术提升,而是剑意,技近乎道已经是堪比规则,很难再精进。我的斩击有一个致命破绽,剑气强度有限,纵使有斗篷加持,也无法支撑我越级战斗,遇到等级高于我的敌人,且擅长防御,即便每一剑都能命中,也无法伤敌。” Ling Jun sighs with emotion: After all is not every swordsman calls Fu Qingxuan.” 灵钧感慨道:“毕竟不是每个剑客都叫傅青萱。” The demon eye Son of Heaven recalls a tonight's sword to pierce the toba tartars light rhinocero sharp sword light, knits the brows: 魔眼天王回忆起今晚一剑洞穿拓跋光赫的犀利剑光,皱眉道: Powerful does so sword intent, what price have?” “如此强盛的剑意,有什么代价?” Fu Qingyang looks at his one eyes: Waste life!” 傅青阳看他一眼:“废命!” This sword intent, overdraws the spirit strength and essence, the combustion life. 此剑意,透支灵力、精气,燃烧寿元。 Ling Jun: „.” 灵钧:“.” The demon eye Son of Heaven claps to applaud: Wonderful! Later you are under lord of Sun waste life Son of Heaven.” 魔眼天王击掌叫好:“妙!以后你就是太阳之主麾下的废命天王。” When did you become the Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning lackey?” Xiahou hugely is arrogantly amazed. “你什么时候成了元始天尊的狗腿子?”夏侯傲天大受震撼。 The demon eye Son of Heaven touched the movement head harness of forehead, brings back the smile: I only give loyalty to my ideal.” 魔眼天王摸了摸额头的运动头带,勾起笑容:“我只效忠我的理想。” Fu Qingyang said lightly: „Before giving loyalty to the ideal, first gives loyalty to me, is Ling Jun, what double-hour the present?” 傅青阳淡淡道:“效忠理想之前,先效忠我吧,灵钧,现在是什么时辰?” Day was quick brightly.” Ling Jun said “天快亮了。”灵钧说道 Fu Qingyang said immediately: „A recuperation day, tonight surprise attack Northern Dynasty army hostile camp.” 傅青阳当即道:“休整一天,今晚奇袭北朝大军敌营。” Ling Jun eye one bright: Wonderful, toba tartars light just pledged that three days do not attack a city, looked like in the Northern Dynasty army, we relaxed surely vigilantly, recuperation three days, this move of doing things the other way round, can kill their one to be caught off guard.” 灵钧眼睛一亮:“妙,拓跋光赫刚刚承诺三天不攻城,在北朝军看来,我们必定放松警惕,休整三天,这招反其道而行,能杀他们一个措手不及。” The demon eye Son of Heaven shakes the head: Toba tartars light, although was stabbed by you, but by the Bewitching Demon resiliency, has recovered now, defends a city, in addition difficult, goes out of town on own initiative, is equal to courting death.” 魔眼天王摇头:“拓跋光赫虽然被你刺伤,但以蛊惑之妖的恢复力,现在已经痊愈了,守城尚且艰难,主动出城,等于找死。” The Fu Qingyang complexion is solemn: 傅青阳面色冷峻: Xiahou proud heaven, I need you to make a thing, can fix a thing on wood/blockhead six flares. Demon eye, after the darkness, you lead 5000 troops to go out of town quietly, everyone shoulders six flares, attacked the Northern Dynasty military compound right wing. Remember, the sound must make in a big way, must make scouting of Northern Dynasty discover you ahead of time. “夏侯傲天,我需要你制造一件东西,能把六根火把固定在一根木头上的东西。魔眼,天黑之后,你带五千人马悄悄出城,每人扛六根火把,袭击北朝军营的右翼。记住,动静要闹大,要让北朝的斥候提前发现你们。 30,000 army going out of town surprise attacks, toba tartars light will certainly command troops to meet head-on personally, you must delay for 20 minutes for me, I can lead the principal force to attack the Northern Dynasty military compound directly.” “三万军队出城奇袭,拓跋光赫一定会亲自率兵迎战,你要为我拖延二十分钟,我会率主力部队正面袭击北朝军营。” The demon eye hesitates for several seconds, said: Delays 20 minutes of words, 5000 soldiers and horses estimated that must die.” 魔眼沉吟几秒,道:“拖延二十分钟的话,五千兵马估计都要死。” Fu Qingyang coldly said: Battlefield slaughters, not only need be fastidious to resort to arms like the god, but must be fastidious about the resorting to arms dead drunk. Tonight, I must let the Northern Dynasty 400,000 armies, suffers heavy casualties.” 傅青阳冷冷道:“战场厮杀,不但要讲究用兵如神,还要讲究用兵如泥。今晚,我要让北朝四十万大军,损兵折将。” Then, he starts to tell the detailed deployment, including but not limited to, setting on fire to cook the grain, slaughters the horses, destroys attacking a city instrument and other arrangements. 接下来,他开始讲述详细部署,包括但不限于放火烧粮,屠杀马匹,摧毁攻城器械等安排。 After three people chew the digestion, Fu Qingyang said: Called the Southern Dynasty senior general, discussed official business to military aircraft hall.” 待三人嘴嚼消化后,傅青阳说道:“召集南朝高级将领,到军机堂议事。” PS: After wrong character first, changes. PS:错字先更后改。
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