SRW :: Volume #9

#849: Does not draw back

Chapter 849 does not draw back 第849章不退 In the nighttime sky, an iron tower form treads to empty to come, the superhuman, grasps the sword and spear sword halberd, the muscle that the dark golden skin twinkle metallic luster, dragons tie like stemming from carves the writing skill of Grandmaster, was full of the mechanics aesthetic sense. 夜空中,一尊铁塔般的身影踏空而来,三头八臂,手持刀枪剑戟,暗金色的皮肤闪烁金属光泽,一块块虬结的肌肉如同出自雕刻大师的手笔,充满了力学美感。 If three head the bronze bell, the extravagant mouth big nose, the manner is rogue, fierce evil spirit sculpture of entire image in like temple. 三只脑袋目若铜铃,阔口大鼻,神态凶恶,整体形象如同神庙里狰狞的凶神雕塑。 The military officers and soldiers, in the battlefield slaughter as if by prior agreement stopped in abundance, alarmed and afraid looks at this such as the form of being an excellent likeness demon. 不约而同的,战场中厮杀的将领、士卒纷纷停了下来,惊惧的看着这尊如神似魔的身影。 The northern boundary's first expert, toba tartars light. 北境第一高手,拓跋光赫。 As soon as he appears, the battlefield of boiling was peaceful. 他一出现,沸腾的战场都为之安静了。 Toba tartars light occupies a commanding position, the vision passed over gently and swiftly battlefield in confusion, looks to Fu Qingyang of top, the sound is great: 拓跋光赫居高临下,目光掠过狼藉的战场,看向城头的傅青阳,声音宏大: Yang policy, Southern Dynasty can have your such swordsman, accidental/surprised, you are the younger generation, this graceful never bullies the weak. Is inferior to this, I meet your three swords. “杨策,南朝能出你这样的剑客,让人意外,你是晚辈,本帅从不以大欺小。不如这样,我接你三剑。 you, if can make me be injured, I then draw back troops, armistice three days.” “伱若能让我受伤,我便退兵,休战三日。” The demon eye Son of Heaven scoffs to say with a smile: Must hit hits, rubbish, toba tartars old, was inferior that Sir I accompanies you to play.” 魔眼天王嗤笑道:“要打就打,废什么话,拓跋老儿,不如大爷我陪你玩玩。” His eyes see the toba tartars light sinister intention, first high-sounding talk entered the stadium, deters the Southern Dynasty officers, then proposed the gambling to make, if Fu Qingyang did not comply, was equal to showing one's ignorance. 他一眼就看出拓跋光赫的险恶用心,先高调入场,震慑南朝将士,再提出赌约,傅青阳若是不答应,等于露怯。 Originally was seen the marshals to be timid by the garrison troops of its shock and awe, the morale drops sharply surely, in the following siege warfare, Northern Dynasty will have completely the advantage. 本就被其震慑的守军见己方元帅胆怯,必定士气大跌,接下来的攻城战中,北朝将占尽优势。 If Fu Qingyang agreed that then center toba tartars light below bosom, ancient times the war-god copper sheet iron bone invulnerability, there is a rank advantage, defended three swords of eight levels of Yanshi, easy. 傅青阳若是同意,则正中拓跋光赫的下怀,远古战神铜皮铁骨刀枪不入,又有等级优势,防住八级偃师的三剑,轻而易举。 The advantage of Yanshi is not selecting only, but lies in manipulating the soldier partners and soldiers. 要知道,偃师的优势不在单挑,而在于操纵兵偶、士卒。 The demon eye Son of Heaven is suggesting the Fu Qingyang rejection, gives him again ten minutes, then can cause heavy losses to and even prey on Wanyan Batian, at the appointed time, the three control collaborate, coping with toba tartars light is not difficult. 魔眼天王在暗示傅青阳拒绝,再给他十分钟,便能重创乃至搏杀完颜霸天,届时,己方三位主宰联手,对付拓跋光赫不难。 The Fu Qingyang vision has swept the top officers, has swept under the city the enemy, that in pairs or the anticipation or the provocative look, focused on him at this moment. 傅青阳目光扫过城头将士,扫过城下敌军,那一双双或期待或挑衅的眼神,此刻都聚焦在了他身上。 Fu Qingyang sets up the top arrogantly, in being a focus of public attention, holding down sword hilt, good!” 傅青阳傲立城头,与万众瞩目中,按住剑柄,“好!” The demon eye Son of Heaven, the Zhaocheng tutelary god of city and world turn over to the hot expression to change. 魔眼天王、赵城隍和天下归火表情都是一变。 Ling Jun sighed. 灵钧叹了口气。 Toba tartars light brings back the corners of the mouth: I will not hide!” 拓跋光赫勾起嘴角:“我不会躲!” You cannot avoid!” Fu Qingyang coldly said. “你也躲不开!”傅青阳冷冷道。 Crash-bang, embroidered the black cape of gold thread to hang in the young marshal behind, flap flap fluttered. 哗啦一声,绣着金线的黑色斗篷挂在了年轻元帅身后,猎猎招展。 This eight levels of initial Yanshi aura surge upward suddenly, like a sharp sword of open/unseal, is gazing at the Fu Qingyang both officers, only feels the eyeball stabbing pain, the tears are billowing, as if can see capillarity acupuncture, moving out of the way vision cannot help but. 这位八级初期的偃师气息陡然高涨,如同一把开封的利剑,注视着傅青阳的双方将士,只觉得眼球刺痛,热泪滚滚,仿佛被看不见的毫毛细针刺了一下,不由自主的挪开目光。 After obtaining cape in addition holds, Fu Qingyang turns on the goods column, summoned genuine saber- cold iron Jade Dragon. 获得斗篷加持后,傅青阳打开物品栏,召唤出真正的佩剑-寒铁玉龙。 Famous sword of control level. 主宰级的名剑。 Looked like in the Southern Dynasty officers, marshal absorbed void skill, might be called the miracle, suddenly the confidence rose suddenly. 在南朝将士们看来,元帅这一手虚空摄物的本事,堪称神迹,一时间信心暴涨。 Toba tartars light smiles saying: „In the world has such Buddhist musical instrument unexpectedly, after today, it is graceful spoils of war.” 拓跋光赫笑眯眯道:“世上竟有此等法器,今日之后,它就是本帅的战利品。” Fu Qingyang treads in the top, flies fast, if the startled great wild goose, the cape flap flap, in the vision of hundreds of thousands officers, skyrockets, before flying the toba tartars light body, lifts up high the long sword. 傅青阳在城头一踏,翩若惊鸿,斗篷猎猎,在十几万将士的目光中,扶摇直上,飞到拓跋光赫身前,高举长剑。 As the cold light cold long sword holds up, watches this two countries armed soldiers, the unexpectedly production despair as if by prior agreement, this sword as if cuts to their, but they think from the bottom of the heart oneself cannot avoid. 随着寒光凛凛的长剑举起,观看这一幕的两国甲士们,竟不约而同的产生绝望情绪,这一剑仿佛是斩向他们的,而他们从心底里认为自己躲不开。 Unexpectedly can affect observing, his technique nearly also had to progress, Fu Qingyang this boy and Primordial Beginning same were the anomalies in abnormal, different significance. The Ling Jun hands and feet trembles, whispered silently. 居然能影响到观战者,他的技近乎道又有长进了,傅青阳这小子和元始一样都是变态,不同意义上的变态.灵钧手脚发抖,默默嘀咕。 Jade Dragon cuts, sword air/Qi like rainbow. 玉龙斩下,剑气如虹。 However, facing a sharp sword, toba tartars light is only closes up superficially eight arms, sword and spear sword halberd and other weapon composition at the same time shield walls. 然而,面对如此锐利的一剑,拓跋光赫只是轻描淡写的合拢八条手臂,刀枪剑戟等兵器组成一面盾墙。 Bang!” “轰!” The Fu Qingyang Jade Dragon sword cuts on the steel shield wall, sent out is not the sharp sound that gold/metal iron collides, but is such as stuffy thunder -like abundant physical strength that crack, this sword contains obviously. 傅青阳的玉龙剑斩在钢铁盾墙上,发出的不是金铁碰撞的锐响,而是如闷雷般的炸响,可见这一剑蕴含的充沛气力。 Toba tartars light like one by the rubber ball that the giant whips, comet pounding to the ground, pounded into the Northern Dynasty army camp, caused a death, the dust rises up. 拓跋光赫如同一只被巨人拍打的皮球,彗星般的砸向地面,砸入北朝军队阵营中,造成一片死亡,尘埃沸扬。 Both officers are staring at that hazy dust anxiously. 双方将士都紧张的盯着那片迷迷蒙蒙的尘埃。 Good swordsmanship, north-south two dynasties, two rivers and lakes, your Yang policy sword technique, when is first, excels by far the world.” The toba tartars light laughing wildly sound transmits, only listens to one of the bang, he from dust, perfect. “好剑法,南北两朝,两座江湖,你杨策剑术当属第一,冠绝天下。”拓跋光赫的狂笑声传来,只听轰的一声,他从尘埃里冲起,完好无损。 The Northern Dynasty officers felt relieved, applauded, does not know that was who shouts one: „The ju que god army are brave, eight arm toba tartars town/subdues world.” 北朝将士们如释重负,纷纷叫好,不知是谁嚷嚷了一句:“巨阙神军勇无敌,八臂拓跋镇天下。” In a twinkling, the shout is deafening, the momentum is great. 霎时间,呼喊声震耳欲聋,声势宏大。 The Southern Dynasty garrison troops were disappointed. 南朝守军则一脸失望。 The clamoring sound of Fu Qingyang to everywhere turns a blind eye, turns on the goods column, takes out soldier occasionally info clerk box that Jiange elder there bought. 傅青阳对漫天的叫嚣声视若无睹,打开物品栏,取出了剑阁长老那里买的兵偶收纳盒。 Half person of high heavy/thick bronze box „, when falls to the ground, the lid opens, Fu Qingyang inserts the Jade Dragon sword before the body, ten fingers of gearing, shadows leap from the box. 半人高的厚重青铜箱“哐当”落地,盒盖打开,傅青阳将玉龙剑插在身前,十指连动,一道道黑影从箱子中跃出。 In sound that the bronzeware collides, more than 100 bronze soldiers appear in the top occasionally, is hanging the head and four limbs, the body creakies, like being a go-between puppet. 青铜器碰撞的声音里,一百多具青铜兵偶出现在城头,垂着头颅和四肢,身躯摇摇欲坠,如同牵线木偶。 The Fu Qingyang ten fingers of slightly balls, these soldiers hold up the head occasionally neatly, the face of stiff deathly stillness look to toba tartars light. 傅青阳十指微弹,那些兵偶齐刷刷昂起头,一张张僵硬死寂的脸庞望向拓跋光赫。 He lifts the hand again, neat crash-bang in clangour, more than hundred all bronze soldiers shoot up to the sky occasionally, just like the locust, just like the arrow rain, encircles to in the air toba tartars light. 他再一抬手,整齐哗啦的铿锵声里,百余俱青铜兵偶冲天而起,宛如蝗虫,宛如箭雨,围向空中的拓跋光赫。 Fu Qingyang both hands press, that overspreads the sky to lift up high the soldier partner of azure bronze sword, immediately is turbulent on, hundred swords fire. 傅青阳双手一按,那铺满天空高举青铜剑的兵偶,顿时汹涌而上,百剑齐发。 Each sword contains the abundant physical strength, each sword is the technique nearly said. 每一把剑都蕴含充沛气力,每一把剑都是技近乎道。 Hundred swords fire. 百剑齐发。 Toba tartars light revealed finally wiped dignifiedly, he diverged eight arms to hold the sword and spear sword halberd of grasping, eight arms formed four magic arts seal before the body. 拓跋光赫终于露出了一抹凝重,他散去八臂持握的刀枪剑戟,八臂于身前结成四道法印。 A buddhist image is dignified, the jet black bright law of the land congeals in him all over the body behind, the law the surrounding air twists faintly, forms a close spheroid. 一尊宝相庄严,通体漆黑的明王法相在他身后凝结,法相周围的空气隐隐扭曲,形成一个封闭的球体。 Under the bronze soldier cuts to shoot down occasionally. 青铜兵偶的斩击落下。 Dingdong.” The azure bronze sword disrupts, the implication sword air/Qi or were rebounded by the gas hood, or because of sword broken escape, toward in all directions concentrated fire. “叮叮当当.”青铜剑纷纷碎裂,蕴含其中的剑气或被气罩反弹,或因剑碎逸散,朝着四面八方攒射。 Some sword air/Qi fall on the top, dislodges a finger/refers of deep pothole, the crushed stone like the rain, the garrison troops of top holds an avoidance. 一部分剑气落在城头,撞出一指深的坑洞,碎石如雨,城头的守军抱头躲避。 Some sword air/Qi fall under the city, many Northern Dynasty soldiers did not have the opportunity of response, was penetrated by the sword air/Qi, went out of business in the blood fog. 一部分剑气落在城下,许多北朝士卒连反应的机会都没有,便被剑气穿透,在血雾中倒闭。 When the rainstorm disturbance conclusion, both armies officers dare to raise the head the footsteps that and stop to escape finally, impatient looks to toba tartars light. 待暴雨般的风波结束,两军将士终于敢抬起头和停下逃跑的脚步,都迫不及待的看向拓跋光赫。 This, both sides attitude two-pole reverse. 这一眼,双方态度两极反转。 The Southern Dynasty garrison troops complexion was instantaneous, the Northern Dynasty soldiers actually cheered such as boil. 南朝守军脸色瞬间黯淡,北朝士卒却欢呼如沸。 Toba tartars light is perfect. 拓跋光赫完好无损。 Invincible!” “无敌!” Invincible!” “无敌!” The inspired roar like the startling thunderclap, such as the tsunami, the morale of Northern Dynasty soldiers twisted one in these two swords, the potential like the rainbow. 振奋的吼声如惊雷,如海啸,北朝士卒的士气在这两剑中拧成一股,势如长虹。 Sees this, the senior generals look of Southern Dynasty was dignified. 见到这一幕,南朝的高级将领们神色凝重。 The military tactics clouds: Attacks a city for below, launches a psychological attack for on. 兵法云:攻城为下,攻心为上。 Toba tartars light/only proposed the gambling to make, was not to show the military force, the goal was this, he only shouldered two swords, made the garrison troops morale of troops lax, Northern Dynasty sergeant was mad soaringly. 拓跋光赫提出赌约,并不是为了彰显武力,目的就在于此,他只扛了两剑,却让守军军心涣散,北朝军士气高昂。 When he defends the third sword, orders, the army attacks a city, must win without doubt. 待他防住第三剑,一声令下,大军攻城,必胜无疑。 North this boundary's first expert, is not only the muscular strength dreadful military person, is an outstanding military officer. 这位北境第一高手,不但是膂力滔天的武夫,还是一位出色的将领。 Under the city, the demon eye jumps to jump onto the city wall, moves toward Fu Qingyang with stride, he must advise against this gambling to make, the Fu Qingyang behavior, is equal to destroying the morale of troops of one's own side personally. 城下,魔眼纵身跃上城墙,大步走向傅青阳,他必须劝阻这场赌约,傅青阳的行为,等于是把己方的军心亲自打碎。 He does not think clearly, with the Fu Qingyang wisdom and calmness, how to comply with the toba tartars light gambling to make? 他想不明白,以傅青阳的智慧和冷静,怎么会答应拓跋光赫的赌约? Ling Jun blocked the demon eye Son of Heaven: Do not go to disturb the marshal.” 灵钧挡住了魔眼天王:“别去打扰元帅。” The demon eye Son of Heaven coldly said: Trivial saint, you did not know nine levels of ancient times war-gods the fearfulness.” 魔眼天王冷冷道:“区区圣者,你根本不知道九级远古战神的可怕。” Even if misleads demon eye reaching the pinnacle him, by nine levels of ancient times war-god devastation, the spirit strength riot will be weakened the opposite party is also useless, because cannot break to guard. 哪怕蛊惑魔眼登峰造极的他,也会被九级远古战神蹂躏,灵力暴乱削弱对方也没用,因为根本破不了防。 Ling Jun sighed: I know that he does not have the odds of success, but best not to block him.” 灵钧叹了口气:“我知道他没有胜算,但你最好别拦他。” Why?” The demon eye Son of Heaven knits the brows. “为什么?”魔眼天王皱眉。 Time that you run into the corrupt officials, when meets villain who terrorizes men and take their women, we block you, can block.” Ling Jun asked back. “你遇到贪官污吏的时候,遇到欺男霸女的恶棍时,我们拦你,拦得住吗。”灵钧反问。 You court death.” “那你们是找死。” Therefore Ling Jun shrugs: „Everyone has the character flaw, facing the character flaw of companion, can only recognize.” “所以说”灵钧耸耸肩:“每个人都有性格缺陷,面对同伴的性格缺陷,只能认。” Ling Jun looks to be built on the top, unemotional Fu Qingyang, remembered the past of this good friend. 灵钧看着立于城头,面无表情的傅青阳,想起了这位好友的过去。 As direct descendant of Spirit Territory aristocratic family, family lord's only son, the Fu Qingyang youngster period may be called the sorrow, when childhood ignorant, the natural talent does not reveal, in addition fortunately. 作为灵境世家的嫡系,家主唯一的儿子,傅青阳的少年时期堪称悲苦,童年时浑浑噩噩,天资不显,尚且还好。 By the youngster period, the sword technique aptitude was ordinary, the wrestle aptitude is ordinary, the physique is ordinary, may be called the Fu " three without " products, but the sword technique and wrestle aptitude are too bad, likely Character Card cannot even obtain. 到了少年时期,剑术资质一般,格斗资质一般,体质一般,堪称傅家三无产品,而剑术、格斗资质太差,很可能连角色卡都得不到。 Except for an attractive leather bag, has no merit to speak. 除了一副好看的皮囊,一无是处。 Will the talent different report/give family lord, how give birth to a waste firewood? In the clan the elders cannot think through in any case, sigh with regret. 天赋异禀的家主,怎么会生出一个废柴?族中长辈们横竖想不通,扼腕叹息。 The attitude and discussion of Sir, will often affect the child, therefore the peers in clan start to ridicule him, sees to ridicule that the family lord son will not be punished, sees the elder to open eyes to close one's eyes, is gradually intense. 大人的态度、议论,往往会影响孩子,于是族中的同辈开始嘲笑他,见嘲笑家主儿子不会被责罚,见长辈睁只眼闭只眼,逐渐变本加厉。 Turns into the insult from the ridicule, turns into the humiliation from the insult. 从嘲笑变成辱骂,从辱骂变成欺凌。 Until one day, the stubborn youngster is raising a wooden sword, broke all bones that have humiliated his peer. 直到某一天,倔强的少年提着一把木剑,打断了所有欺凌过他的同辈的骨头。 Fights single-handedly, pledges to fight to the death does not draw back! 孤军奋战,誓死不退! This is the Fu Qingyang character flaw, is he is persisting in passing through the dark period the idea. 这就是傅青阳的性格缺陷,也是他在坚持走过黑暗时期的理念。 Fu Qingyang has not taken back the priceless soldier partner, looks at them to crash like the rain, scatters in all directions under the city, the cheers of Northern Dynasty army were incisive, like slandering and ridicule of youngster period. 傅青阳没有收回价值连城的兵偶,看着它们坠落如雨,四散在城下,北朝军的欢呼声尖锐刺耳,像极了少年时期的诋毁和嘲笑。 The first sword, is his single body attack peak. 第一剑,是他单体攻击的巅峰。 The second sword, is the jointly attacking sword technique of his latest comprehension. 第二剑,是他最新领悟的合击剑术。 complete(ly) Ji the full power, has not injured an enemy fine hair. 毕集全力,未伤敌一根汗毛。 He draws out the Jade Dragon sword, remembered that black and blue youngster, stands before the pledge that the mirror makes silently: 他拔出玉龙剑,想起了那个鼻青脸肿的少年,站在镜子前默默立下的誓言: Does not draw back! 不退! Dies does not draw back! 死都不退! Frustrations of two sword unfavorable situations turn in the chest well up, melt, the idea of many years having persevered in the ebullition, is roaring, turns into unprecedented turbulent sword intent, the whole body spirit strength converges the almighty troops rolling, overdraws the physical strength, was still continuing. 两剑失利的挫败在胸膛翻涌,化开,多年来坚守的理念在沸腾,在咆哮,变成一往无前的汹涌剑意,周身灵力滚滚汇入神兵,透支体力,仍在继续. The temple of Fu Qingyang presented the elderly person, the black hair mixture silver thread, he ignores totally, is overdrawing the strength as before. 傅青阳的鬓角出现了斑白,黑发夹杂银丝,他全然不顾,依旧在透支力量。 Does not draw back!” “不退!” He talked to oneself in a soft voice, ejected the Jade Dragon sword. 他轻声自语,抛出了玉龙剑。 In the world the cold light flashes, sword air/Qi full universe. 天地间寒光一闪,剑气满乾坤。 That cold light pierces toba tartars light instantaneously, puts on the chest cavity, north the boundary's first expert to this has not responded quickly. 那道寒光瞬间洞穿拓跋光赫,穿膛而过,快到这位北境第一高手都没反应过来。 His astonished lowering the head, looks at the bloody chest. 他惊愕的低头,看着血流如注的胸口。 All clamoring stopped, in city under city, a silence. 所有的喧哗都停止了,城上城下,一片寂静。 Your majesty, the servants rescues late, to forgive.” The graceful beautiful woman kneels to bend down in the place. “陛下,臣妾救驾来迟,请您恕罪。”婉美人跪伏在地。 Zhang Yuanqing bends down the desktop to stagger to sit down, beckons with the hand: Might as well.” 张元清伏着桌面踉跄坐下,摆摆手:“无妨。” He is carefully examining the graceful beautiful woman, sighs with emotion: 他审视着婉美人,感慨道: Never expected that Our harem crouching tiger , hidden dragon, Zheng Long attempts, although is crude person who takes advantage of the family background, but cultivates for is not bad, has not thought that a graceful beautiful woman move cannot block continually, gives Us to work as the empress, really put in great inconvenience to the graceful beautiful woman, was inferior that you did to command.” “没想到朕的后宫卧虎藏龙啊,郑龙图虽然是个依仗家世的半吊子,但修为不差,没想到连婉美人一招都挡不住,给朕当后妃,实在委屈婉美人了,不如你来做统领吧。” The moisture content expropriator is the skill that 6 levels of gods of plague can control. 水分剥夺者是六级瘟神才能掌控的技能。 In other words, on this arm can the graceful beautiful woman of horse race, what correspondence is six levels of gods of plague. 换而言之,这位臂上能跑马的婉美人,对应的是六级瘟神。 Graceful beautiful woman jar sound jar gas channel/angrily said: 婉美人瓮声瓮气道: Your majesty, servants women, cannot handle the duty of commanding, the servants only want to take care of your majesty in the palace, protects your majesty.” “陛下,臣妾一介女流,当不起统领之职,臣妾只想在宫中服侍陛下,保护陛下。” Your this physique, this imposing manner, goes forth to battle to kill the enemy has more than enough to spare, let alone is when commands. Zhang Yuanqing complained at heart. 你这身板,这气势,上阵杀敌都绰绰有余,何况是当统领.张元清心里吐槽。 The graceful beautiful woman slightly does hesitant, said in a low voice: Does not dare to conceal your majesty, actually, actually the servants are the person ready dead who the queen mother trains, the responsibility protect your majesty in the harem.” 婉美人略作犹豫,低声道:“不敢隐瞒陛下,其实,其实臣妾是太后培养的死士,职责就是在后宫中保护陛下。” Person ready dead who the queen mother trains? No wonder the transcription can suggest! The Zhang Yuanqing brow selects, is somewhat surprised. 太后培养的死士?难怪副本会给暗示!张元清眉头一挑,有些意外。 Such it seems like, the queen mother also knows that oneself son is naughty, is very difficult to become clear(ly), therefore arranged the Li Changshi mild-mannered and tactful beautiful woman two bodyguards. 这么看来,太后也知道自己的儿子顽劣不堪,很难成为明君,所以安排了李常侍和婉美人两个保镖。 In bright, in dark, protects Zhao Shun momentarily. 一个在明,一个在暗,随时保护赵舜。 These two roles, before were my status un- clear(ly), is recognizing each other beforehand taking advantage with the teammate! Un, yes, without the trusted aide bodyguard, the strength were quarrelled by the seal and teammate, the imperial city division commands in the situation and hiding malicious intent under a fair countenance, I almost do not have the means of livelihood. 这两位角色,就是我身份未明之前,在和队友相认之前的依仗了!嗯,也是,如果没有心腹保镖,实力被封印、队友反目,皇城司统领又包藏祸心的情况下,我几乎没有活路。 Zhang Yuanqing is joyful: Loyal not, loyal not. So the gentleman of loyalty, We forgot your name unexpectedly.” 张元清欣喜道:“忠不可言,忠不可言啊。如此忠义之士,朕居然忘了你的名字。” The graceful beautiful woman feels extremely flattered: Male and female servants called the graceful bean.” 婉美人受宠若惊:“臣妾叫婉荳。” We must seal you to be the noble concubine.” Zhang Yuanqing boasts extravagantly. “朕要封你做贵妃。”张元清夸下海口。 Finally in any case is a scapegoat is also Zhao Shun, are not related with his Heavenly Lord of the Primordial Beginning. 反正最后背锅的也是赵舜,跟他元始天尊没关系。 In the graceful beautiful woman, the future graceful noble concubine thanks profusely, Zhang Yuanqing said: You sneak the resting palace now immediately, catches to Us three beautiful women, imprisons the belt/bring to the secluded place, then waits for Our order.” 在婉美人,未来的婉贵妃千恩万谢中,张元清道:“你现在立刻潜入寝宫,把三个美人给朕抓起来,带到僻静之处囚禁,然后等待朕的命令。” The graceful beautiful woman nods, the body changes to together the running water, escapes from the scale black tile slits. 婉美人点点头,身躯化作一道流水,从鳞片般的黑瓦缝隙间流走。 Zhang Yuanqing waited for several seconds, then being scared the rushing entrance, said loudly: 张元清又等待了几秒,然后“仓皇失措”的奔向门口,大声道: Has the assassin, has the assassin, rescues quickly.” “有刺客,有刺客,快来救驾.” With the imperial guards of gu insect fight in great surprise, is holding the flare hastily, closes up. 正与蛊虫搏斗的禁军们大惊,连忙举着火把,靠拢过来。 Under the cover of hot master, an imperial guard director rushes to come, said: Your majesty, the feudal official rescues, assassin where?” 在火师的掩护下,一位禁军指挥奔上前来,道:“陛下,臣来救驾,刺客何在?” Zhang Yuanqing is pointing at behind, on the face remains the startled color, quick, rescues Zhengtongling quickly, Zhengtongling pesters the assassin in the palace.” 张元清指着身后,脸上残留惊色,“快,快去救郑统领,郑统领在殿中纠缠刺客。” That imperial guard director looks hastily to the palace, the expression solidifies instantaneously. 那位禁军指挥连忙看向殿内,表情瞬间凝固。 Zhang Yuanqing continues to shout to shout: Stares is doing, has not rescued Zhengtongling quickly!” 张元清继续嚷嚷道:“愣着作甚,还不快去救郑统领!” The imperial guard direction expression is ugly: Your majesty turn head has a look, Zhengtongling. Died in the line of duty.” 禁军指挥表情难看:“陛下回头看看,郑统领.殉职了。” At this moment, is burning the resting palace front door of fire, suddenly was hit, rivers are curling three beautiful women, flies high galloping, escapes to the Emperor's garden direction. 就在这时,燃烧着大火的寝宫大门,忽然被撞开,一股“河流”卷着三位美人,凌空奔腾,逃向御花园方向。 The gu insect that everywhere dances in the air humming sound flutters, pursues speedily. 漫天飞舞的蛊虫嗡嗡振翅,疾速追去。 Part of imperial guards follow in the gu insect and rivers rear area , to continue to pursue, another part remains to protect the emperor, or directs the officials and palace maids to fight fire. 一部分禁军跟在蛊虫和“河流”后方,继续追击,另一部分则留下来保护皇帝,或指挥宦官、宫女们灭火。 Li often/common waits on the whole body is the blood goes out from the sea of fire, the vision slightly anxious glance, sees your majesty dog's life still, finally feels relieved. 李常侍浑身是血的从火海中走出,目光略显焦急的扫视,看见陛下狗命犹在,终于如释重负。 PS: After wrong character first, changes. PS:错字先更后改。
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