SSIDWTWH :: Volume #5

#441: Ji azure luan: Does the young Junior Brother you help the sister-in-law?

Several days later. 数日之后。 When Qin Muling leaves the palace that the Thousand Harmonic Merits azure lotus pond is, discovered that azure luminary immortal reveres with the big Palace Lord purple poem rhyme, the static Brahma female has waited outside. 秦沐凌离开千叶功德青莲池所在的殿堂时,发现青曜仙尊和大宫主紫诗韵,静梵天女早已等候在外面。 Un...... is a moment time is not really willing to delay. 嗯……真的是一刻时间都不愿耽搁。 „...... The young Junior Brother, we will meet you six months later again!” “……小师弟,半年之后我们再去接你啊!” Snow greasy jade face red cloud over the face, the untidy ice phoenix Emperor had not given full expression to lick the gloss to flatter Li's cherry lips, at the same time is buckling the jade belt of waist border, the beautiful pupil bashful belt/bring is saying to Qin Muling timidly, the spooky body lingered to fill the air fragrant. 雪腻的玉颜红云满面,衣衫不整的冰凰帝君意犹未尽地舔了舔光泽媚丽的樱唇,一面扣着腰际的玉带,美眸含羞带怯地对秦沐凌说着,幽幽体香萦绕弥漫。 Good.” “好的。” Qin Muling quite somewhat looked at her one eyes speechless, this personality gentle implicit and solemn quiet and refined Senior Sister this time so displays before others, obviously is desirably for it. 秦沐凌颇有些无语地看了她一眼,这位性情温婉含蓄、端庄娴静的师姐此番在旁人面前如此表现,明显就是刻意为之。 Reason? Naturally is demonstrates and declares the sovereignty. 缘由嘛?自然是示威、宣示主权。 Repairs the wave hooves of alliance to indicate to the female: We and young Junior Brother are true love dao companion, your chance goes to enter fortunately, even if works for a while, eventually is small beyond three position of room. 向女修联盟的浪蹄子们表明:我们和小师弟才是真正的恩爱道侣,你们机缘凑巧趁虚而入,纵然一时得逞,终究不过是小三外室的地位罢了。 azure luminary immortal revered coldly swept their one eyes, was disinclined to pay attention to their dark stamps the provocation, turned away to Qin Muling says with a smile: 青曜仙尊冷冷地扫了她们一眼,懒得理会她们这种暗戳戳的挑衅行为,转脸对秦沐凌笑道: Young Junior Brother, we go back! The Senior Sisters think of you very much!” “小师弟,我们回去吧!师姐们都很想念你呢!” She two characters bites especially heavily going back, simply put, Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace Chief Platform is the Qin Muling family/home, the Origin Star Palace Buddhist temple is the place that he temporary is a guest. 她把“回去”两个字咬得格外重,言下之意,云梦天宫总坛才是秦沐凌的家,始源星宫道场不过是他临时过来做客的地方而已。 The skirt clothes are frail, Linghu azure of jade face tender and beautiful desire drop smilingly is saying elegantly: Young Junior Brother, heard when you in the past by the elder sister saved from the chaos void deep place, the side also has associated innate magical things, but has been taken care by the elder sister personally, when you will come back next time, should make the elder sister give back your!” 裙裳单薄,玉颜娇艳欲滴的令狐青雅笑眯眯地说着:“小师弟啊,听说你当年被姐姐从混沌虚空深处救回来时,身边还有件伴生的先天灵物,不过一直都是由姐姐亲自保管着,等你下次回来时,应该让姐姐还给你的!” azure luminary immortal reveres: „......” 青曜仙尊:“……” Qin Muling: „???” 秦沐凌:“???” He tries hard to think, really does not remember what associated innate magical things past also had, should not be their repertoires? 他努力想了想,实在不记得当年的自己还有什么伴生的先天灵物,该不会又是她们的套路吧? The big Palace Lord purple poem rhyme starts to speak but hesitates, she wants to put a big move, has the pregnancy matter to say Mu Yinghua, attacks ruthlessly the mentalities of these seductresses. 宫主紫诗韵欲言又止,她很想放个大招,将牧盈华已有身孕的事情说出来,狠狠打击一下这些狐狸精的心态。 However this matter also thinks that at heart, really must be put into action, guarantees does not permit that Origin Star Palace to advocate peace ten day fox to have a fit of bad temper directly, gets angry to detain Qin Muling to have the possibility. 不过这事情也就是心里想想而已,真要付诸行动,保不准那位始源星宫之主和十尾天狐会直接炸毛,翻脸扣留秦沐凌都有可能。 That will say in the future.” “那就日后再说吧。” Qin Muling nods, said to the ice toad Emperor and Linghu Qingya various Nvwen exhorted several, then put out a hand the white delicate arms that pulled azure luminary immortal to revere, controlled the escaping light to go with them air-splitting. 秦沐凌点点头,对冰蟾帝君、令狐青雅诸女温言嘱咐了几句,便伸手挽住青曜仙尊的玉臂,和她们一起驾驭遁光破空而去。 The East stops the han look secretly however: Yeah, must have six months cannot see the young Junior Brother, that crowd of hateful temptress!” 东方止晗神色暗然:“哎,又要有半年时间不能见到小师弟了,那群可恶的狐媚子!” The night star billows somewhat are also angry, but changes mind thinks, the winning smile is saying to Senior Sister Junior Sisters sweet: 夜星澜也有些愤愤然,不过转念一想,还是巧笑嫣然地对师姐师妹们说着: Actually no at the worst, future day also steadily! We now are dao companion of young Junior Brother, later wants first on a bosom his heir, does not believe these wave hooves also to have what capital and we struggles!” “其实没什么大不了的,将来的日子还长着呢!我们现在都已经是小师弟的道侣了,以后只要先一步怀上他的子嗣,就不信那些浪蹄子还能有什么资本和我们争!” Un, is this truth!” “嗯,是这个道理!” The females nod in abundance, cultivates by the talent appearance figure is, which their is not inferior in the opposite party, why to grab the heart of young Junior Brother? 众女纷纷点头,论才情品貌身段修为,她们哪一点都不逊色于对方,凭什么就抓不住小师弟的心? Icing the toad Emperor joke is graceful: Good, everyone makes the best use of the time consolidated one to cultivate/repair is! Then prepares to reconstruct Sect mountain-protecting great array, expands the medicine garden Tamada's scale, but must build large quantities of cave mansion palace error, instead before the young Junior Brother comes back, we have many things to be dry!” 冰蟾帝君笑语盈盈:“好啦,大家还是抓紧时间巩固一下修为吧!然后准备重建宗门护山大阵,扩充药园灵田的规模,还要营造大批的洞府宫阙,反正在小师弟回来之前,我们有不少的事情要干呢!” The females are complying with one voice, like surging tides withdraws from the palace, went respectively busily. 众女齐声答应着,如潮水般退出殿堂,各自去忙碌了。 In the past six months, was Senior Sister Junior Sisters cultivates for a growth quickest period. With the aid of a time acceleration law effect, many female dwelling places of celestial beings have visited the big gold/metal immortal smoothly, or Quasi-Saint Emperor Realm. 过去的半年时间里,是师姐师妹们修为增涨速度最快的一段时期。借助时间加速法阵的效果,不少女仙都已顺利踏足大罗金仙、或是准圣帝君境界。 Especially the night star billows, Chen Xue yi sisters, ice the phoenix Emperor, the East stops han these position authority highest Senior Sisters, cultivates for the accumulation already enough deeply, can start preparing to cut actually the charitable disposition incarnation. 尤其是夜星澜,陈雪怡姐妹,冰凰帝君,东方止晗这些地位权柄最高的师姐,修为积累都已足够深厚,可以着手准备斩却善念化身了。 ...... …… „...... Heard that side the demonic path founder's temple has the new sound.” “……听说,魔道祖庭那边已经有了新的动静。” The star boat silent flickers to move in void, the wasteful fine cabin, the big Palace Lord purple poem rhyme look is saying to Qin Muling dignifiedly. 星舟在虚空中无声地瞬移着,奢靡精致的船舱内部,大宫主紫诗韵神色凝重地对秦沐凌说着。 What do they want to make?” “他们又想做什么?” Qin Muling snatched a little leisure from the busy schedules loosened the hand, raised the head to ask, both hands held in the arms she smooth compact waist as before. 秦沐凌忙里偷闲地松开了手,抬起头问着,双手依旧搂住她柔滑紧致的腰肢儿。 If static Brahma female resplendent the beautiful pupil of stars flatters the intent class/flow wave, rides to sit on his body directly, the gloss flatters Li's sandalwood mouth to suck in his earlobe gently, enchanting such as the white delicate arms tight link of snake lives in his shoulder. 静梵天女灿若星辰的美眸媚意流波,正面骑坐在他的身上,光泽媚丽的檀口轻轻吮吸着他的耳垂,妖娆如蛇的玉臂紧紧环住他的肩膀。 Heard that is comment that too deep pool demon reveres to make, each puts out big resources, has a group of high rank elders again, various super influence secret Kuli merit law ancient book material sharing, everyone spends 20-30 years, can look ponder over to push to spread out an appropriate magical powers mystique.” “听说是那位太渊魔尊提的意见,每家都拿出一大笔资源来,再出一批高阶长老,各家超级势力秘库里的功法典籍资料共享,大家花个20-30年时间,看看能不能琢磨推衍出一门合适的神通秘法。” The purple poem rhyme is explaining, the intelligence network of god phoenix palace naturally is not the ornaments, let alone this rare big project involves so many super influences, wants to keep secret absolutely is not quite realistic. 紫诗韵解释着,神凰宫的情报网当然不是摆设,何况这种罕见的大工程牵涉到如此多的超级势力,想要绝对保密也不太现实。 Needless saying that this act comes to Qin Muling. 不消说,此举就是冲着秦沐凌来的。 azure luminary immortal reveres removed outside the gorgeous skirt clothes, after snow greasy smooth beautiful tender body, holds in the arms Qin Muling, gently stroking gently, the gentle voice is asking: 青曜仙尊褪去了外面华美的裙裳,雪腻柔滑的绝美娇躯自身后搂住秦沐凌,轻轻摩挲着,柔声问道: Young Junior Brother you felt, this unprecedented plan, does have the successful possibility?” “小师弟你觉得,这种前所未有的计划,存在成功的可能性吗?” By three female intelligent resourceful, naturally understands their plans, once succeeds, will then wait for the female is repairing the alliance is anything. 以三女的聪慧机敏,自然明白他们的计划一旦成功,接下来等待着女修联盟的将会是什么。 The eruption of all-out war is definitely inevitable, moreover surely is prolonged, less than a side drops down to vow not to rest thoroughly! 全面战争的爆发肯定不可避免,而且必定是旷日持久,不到一方彻底倒下誓不罢休! So big writing skill, I did not suspect that they can put in order some special methods,” “如此大的手笔,我不怀疑他们会整出些特殊的手段来,” Qin Muling considers a moment later, said in a soft voice: Moreover this method can also have some effects, but must say that restrains and makes my talent magical powers expire completely thoroughly? Feared that was they somewhat takes for granted.” 秦沐凌思虑片刻之后,轻声说道:“而且这手段也能起些效果,但要说完全克制、让我的天赋神通彻底失效?怕是他们有些想当然了。” On this day bestows on the magical powers the lethality, to strengthen for the promotion with Qin Muling own cultivating synchronously. After he becomes certainly the Saint Emperor, even if three corpse normalizing apex big energies, once the move could not shoulder the too long time. 这天赋神通的杀伤力、是随着秦沐凌自身的修为提升而同步增强的。在他成为准圣帝君后,纵然是三尸归一的顶尖大能,一旦中招都扛不了太久的时间。 Credible point estimate, even if they can let bestow on the magical powers the prestige to weaken 50% to 70% on this day! The remaining that 30% lethality, enough these fellows drink a pot. 靠谱点的估计,就算他们能够让这天赋神通的威能削弱50%到70%吧!剩下的那30%杀伤力、同样够那些家伙喝一壶的。 Let alone, Qin Muling cultivation realm, once promotes again, to was equivalent cuts actually the level of evil thought incarnation, the after lethality of talent magical powers is further enhanced, how can they suppress? 更别说,秦沐凌修为境界一旦再度提升,到了相当于斩却恶念化身的层次,天赋神通的杀伤力进一步增强后,他们又能如何压制? Since is this, we felt relieved!” “既然是这样,那我们就放心了!” azure luminary immortal reveres to relax, in other words, that side the demonic path founder's temple was doomed to be busy at work white/in vain, will only make the female cultivate/repair the alliance evenly white to be many dozens years of growing strong time. 青曜仙尊松了口气,换而言之,魔道祖庭那边注定是白忙活了,只会让女修联盟平白多出数十年的发展壮大时间。 Naturally this matter does not need to disclose to the outside, they understand well, remains silent to get rich. 当然这事情不需要对外透露,她们自己心里明白就好,闷声发大财。 In the future, that side demonic path founder's temple laborious, put in order some type to think with great difficulty when the useful magical powers mystique and preparation cultivated/repaired to the female the alliance laid cards on the table, actually discovered oneself were busy at work in the end white/in vain, does not know that can make these greatly old be mad spits blood three rises? 等到将来,魔道祖庭那边辛辛苦苦,好不容易整出了某种自认为有用的神通秘法、准备对女修联盟摊牌时,却发现自己到头来白忙活一场,不知道会不会让那些大老们气得吐血三升? A moment later, the star boat successfully returns to Sect Chief Platform. 片刻之后,星舟顺利返回宗门总坛 Teacher Mu Yinghua, as well as Tong Ying, admires the language, phoenix song, clear vast domain Emperor and other Senior Sister had waited there for some time in secret hall, each one appearance must be beautifully attired brilliantly . 师尊牧盈华,以及彤樱,歆语,凤歌,清寰帝君等一众师姐早已在秘殿里等候多时,个个打扮得花枝招展、光彩照人。 Saw that Qin Muling appears in good condition at present, they have been hanging the heart is falls to the ground. 见到秦沐凌好端端地出现在眼前,她们原本一直悬着的心才算是落了地。 Young Junior Brother may be came back, how to feel that you did leave many years of appearance probably?” “小师弟可算是回来了,怎么感觉你像是离开了好多年的样子呢?” Graceful bright-colored, the yi beautiful noble clear vast domain Emperor look is saying earnestly, takes the lead to go forward Qin Muling to embrace into the bosom, makes an effort to kiss. 优雅明艳、昳丽高贵的清寰帝君神色殷切地说着,率先上前将秦沐凌揽入怀中,用力亲了亲。 In any case surrounding various woman are his dao companion, everyone waits on a husband, pours also has nothing to avoid suspicion shy. 反正周围诸女都是他的道侣,大家共侍一夫,倒也没什么可害羞避嫌的。 „After I leave, what matter in Sect doesn't have?” “我离开后,宗门里没出什么事情吧?” Qin Muling rubbed she plentiful full soft hail, leaves for a half year, if counted the years in time acceleration law passing through, is not truly short, he also somewhat thought of the Senior Sisters. 秦沐凌蹭了蹭她丰腴饱满的雪子,一别半年,如果算上时间加速法阵中度过的岁月,确实不算短,他也有些想念师姐们了。 Fortunately, on the whole is uneventful, the certain super influences of upper boundary are incorrigibly wicked, but they have not grabbed what bargain.” “还好,大体上都是风平浪静,上界的某些超级势力贼心不死,不过他们没有捞到什么便宜。” The Mu Yinghua gentle voice is saying, in the autumn waters deep beautiful pupils is full missing. 牧盈华柔声说着,秋水湛然的美眸间是满满的思念。 Qin Muling nods, saying: I first have a look at Eldest Senior Sister they, then comes to cultivate together?” 秦沐凌点点头,说着:“那我先去看看大师姐她们,然后再来一起修炼吧?” Qin Muling vanished for a half year, was said certainly to the outside is closing up dives to cultivate/repair. Before today, except for teacher Mu Yinghua, azure luminary immortal reveres, static Brahma female, as well as big Palace Lord purple poem rhyme four females. Xue Bingxuan they do not know that the young Junior Brother had gone to the Origin Star Palace Buddhist temple. 秦沐凌消失了半年,对外当然是说在闭关潜修。在今天之前,除了师尊牧盈华,青曜仙尊,静梵天女,以及大宫主紫诗韵四女。连雪冰璇她们都不知道小师弟已经去了始源星宫道场。 azure luminary immortal reveres to smile: You first accompany their one month, then...... we go to the chaos void deep place to seek for the chance, after all in Sect the reserves of various step innate Spiritual Treasure have soon bottomed!” 青曜仙尊笑笑:“你还是先陪她们一个月吧,然后嘛……我们去混沌虚空深处寻找机缘,毕竟宗门里各阶先天灵宝的储备已经快要见底了呢!” Qin Muling is complying: Also good, that this.” 秦沐凌答应着:“也好,那就这样吧。” In the past, as the female cultivates the accurate Saint Emperor quantity in alliance to be getting more and more, regarding the innate Spiritual Treasure demand is also when production costs rise, prices rise too. 过去一段时间里,随着女修联盟里的准圣帝君数量越来越多,对于先天灵宝的需求也是水涨船高。 According to the internal convention of upper boundary super influence, in Sect is born every time a new big gold/metal immortal, can enjoy in the merit palace to obtain one from Sect initially innate Spiritual Treasure. But new promote would-be Saint Emperor, then can obtain in one innate Spiritual Treasure. 按照上界超级势力的内部惯例,宗门里每诞生一位新的大罗金仙,都可以从宗门赏功殿里获得一件初品先天灵宝。而新晋准圣帝君,则可以获得一件中品先天灵宝 Do not say when the Saint Emperor cuts actually three corpse incarnations certainly, needs to be used to repose the incarnation innate Spiritual Treasure, best is the high-grade, and even incomparable items innate Spiritual Treasure is good. 更加不要说准圣帝君斩却三尸化身时,需要用来寄托化身的先天灵宝,最好是上品、乃至绝品先天灵宝才行。 Since had/left Qin Muling this evildoer/monstrous talent, the female cultivates the big gold/metal immortal in alliance, the would-be Saint Emperor braves like mushrooms after a spring rainfall, quite rich innate Spiritual Treasure kept in stock the rapid consumption, even if azure luminary immortal reveres, the purple poem rhyme they contributed most personal collections, was not much left by the present. 只是自从出了秦沐凌这个妖孽之后,女修联盟中的大罗金仙,准圣帝君如雨后春笋般冒出来,以至于原本颇为丰厚的先天灵宝库存飞速消耗,哪怕是青曜仙尊,紫诗韵她们贡献出了大部分私人珍藏,到现在都所剩无几了。 Naturally, is the Qin Muling individual innate Spiritual Treasure stock, similarly disbursed much. These are subject to the high rank female immortals that he loves, had once obtained his rewarding in secret. 当然,属于秦沐凌个人的先天灵宝库存,同样支出了不少。那些备受他宠爱的高阶女仙们,私下里都曾得到过他的赏赐。 Considering that the female cultivates the alliance the even more exaggerating demand, Origin Star Palace and monster imperial state that side...... this issue truly cannot delay again. 考虑到女修联盟内部越发夸张的需求,还有始源星宫和妖皇国度那边……这个问题确实不能再拖延下去了。 At this time, whom also do not haggle over to profit the issue that who suffered a loss, simply did not have the significance. Outside so many super influences eye covetously, makes the best use of the time, to strengthen the overall strength of camp resourcefully is the correct principle. 这个时候,也就别计较谁占便宜谁吃亏的问题了,根本没意义。外面那么多超级势力虎视眈眈,抓紧时间、想方设法地增强己方阵营的整体实力才是正理。 Qin Muling returned to own cave mansion, Xue Bingxuan, Qi Yalan, Yu Lingzhou, dragon Yi Princess various woman had waited there for some time. 秦沐凌返回自己的洞府,雪冰璇,祁雅澜,虞灵舟,龙仪公主诸女都已等候多时。 Sees him to appear, the females encircled in abundance, being probable have is also a hidden bitterness pours out, Qin Muling comforts certainly them one by one, and promised that can accompany them to cultivate over the following month, this makes them transfer be angry to happily. 见到他出现,众女纷纷围了过来,少不得又是一通幽怨倾诉,秦沐凌当然是逐一安慰她们,并许诺接下来的一个月可以陪她们修炼,这才让她们转嗔为喜。 Young Junior Brother, you speaks the truth with the Senior Sister, this period of time were you...... and they go out to travel?” “小师弟啊,你跟师姐说实话,这段时间你是不是……和她们出门去游历了?” Clear immature, beautiful face beautiful Yu Lingzhou pinches the Qin Muling waist border to ask. 清纯稚嫩、丽颜绝美的虞灵舟掐着秦沐凌的腰际问着。 The Sect Master Mu Yinghua excuse, this loli elder does not believe from the start, Qin Muling is so long does not appear, only possibly went to the chaos void deep place, or is the big Palace Lord purple poem rhyme they in dual cultivation? 掌教牧盈华的说辞,这位萝莉长老压根就不信,秦沐凌这么久不出现,只可能是去了混沌虚空深处,抑或是和大宫主紫诗韵她们在双-修 Qin Muling smiles: „...... Cannot say about this matter, understood understands!” 秦沐凌笑笑:“关于这事情嘛……不能多说,懂的都懂!” The Yu Lingzhou beautiful pupil flatters the intent class/flow wave, charmingly angry white his eyes, has not continued to closely examine. So long as in any case this fellow came back on the line, actually oneself...... want to live a little princess to him similarly! 虞灵舟美眸媚意流波,娇嗔地白了他一眼,没有继续追问下去。反正只要这家伙回来了就行,其实自己……同样想给他生个小公主呢! The Qi Yalan black eyebrow concentrates, suddenly saying: „When young Junior Brother, next time goes to the chaos to seek for the chance void, can take the Senior Sisters together? Our present cultivating are, similarly can protect you?” 祁雅澜黛眉微凝,忽然说着:“小师弟,下次去混沌虚空寻找机缘时,能不能带上师姐们一起?我们现在的修为,同样可以保护你了吧?” They have cut actually the evil thought and charitable disposition incarnation now smoothly, and accumulates is quite deep, distance to cut three corpse incarnations to be actually close. As for Yu Lingzhou, the Yue Yi Emperor, Bing Yuan Emperor various females have started to cut actually three corpse incarnations, the strength of this level, placed the upper boundary in the super influence on hold the post of the real power core elder. 她们现在都已顺利斩却恶念与善念化身,且积累极为深厚、距离斩却三尸化身都已非常接近。至于虞灵舟,玥仪帝君,冰鸢帝君诸女都已经开始斩却三尸化身,这种层次的实力,放在上界的超级势力中都可以担任实权核心长老了。 Qin Muling slightly hesitates, shakes the head: Improper, if you go, they follow the example, will not stop, to follow finally to the family people...... is not to mention!” 秦沐凌略一沉吟,还是摇了摇头:“不妥,你们若是去的话,那她们一个个有样学样,都不会消停的,到最后岂不是一大家子人都跟着来……还是别提了吧!” Now and Qin Muling has the female immortal of relations too to be many, moreover from many Sect influences, each one racks the brain, wants to obtain he many loves. At least on the surface looks like, which regardless of he favors is not quite appropriate. 现在和秦沐凌有着关系的女仙可是太多了,而且来自多家宗门势力,个个都是挖空心思,想获得他更多的宠爱。至少在表面上看来,他无论偏袒哪一家都不太合适。 Good, we do not make the young Junior Brother feel embarrassed now!” “好吧,那我们现在就不让小师弟为难了!” A snow white palace skirt magnificent dress, the solemn atmosphere and bright-colored graceful Xue Bingxuan are saying in a soft voice: „After we will cut actually three corpse incarnations in the future completely, you cannot reject again. After all in the person regarding the cultivation, going out to travel to discipline is also very vital duty!” 一袭雪白的宫裙华服,端庄大气、明艳优雅的雪冰璇轻声说着:“不过等到我们将来完全斩却三尸化身之后,你可不能再拒绝了。毕竟对于修炼中人,外出游历磨练也是很重要的任务呢!” Qin Muling nods to comply, will propose and Senior Sisters enjoys the feast together, observed the situation the audience, the split vision of corner of the eye actually discovered side the Ji azure luan fresh face. 秦沐凌点点头答应下来,正要提议和师姐们一块儿去享用大餐,环视全场,眼角的余光却发现了姬青鸾身边的新面孔。 Un? Originally jade madame today also here?” “嗯?原来玉夫人今天也在这里啊?” Qin Muling slightly revealed the surprise saying that usually at this time, in own cave mansion, only then the Senior Sisters, were unlikely the reception guest visit, the status of guest were quite even if special. 秦沐凌略显诧异地说着,通常这种时候,自己的洞府里只有师姐们在,不太可能接待外客来访的,哪怕客人的身份比较特殊。 The Ji family lord's empress'palace big woman, Ji Chen Yue, the Ji Chen sunlight sisters' mother jade frost concentrates, at this moment similarly is the splendid attire appearance, yi beautiful excels by far, the curve under bright Yellow Palace skirt changes, the look stands side the Ji azure luan shyly, looks somewhat likes a cat on hot bricks to his look. 姬家家主的正宫大妇,姬辰玥、姬辰曦姐妹的母亲玉霜凝,此刻同样是盛妆打扮,昳丽冠绝,明黄宫裙下的曲线跌宕起伏,正神色羞怯地站在姬青鸾身边,望向他的眼神有些局促不安。 A scarlet palace clothing, the beautiful charming Ji azure luan smiles, concentrates to draw to advance in front of the jade frost him saying: Has nothing strangely, the sister-in-law also wants soon to promote the would-be Saint Emperor, was inferior that...... the young Junior Brother you do help this chapter?” 一袭大红宫装,美艳妩媚姬青鸾笑了笑,将玉霜凝拉过来推到他面前道:“没什么可奇怪的,嫂子也想早日晋升准圣帝君啊,不如……小师弟你就帮她这一回吧?” Qin Muling: „......” 秦沐凌:“……” The nearby Ji Chen sunlight sisters bashful belt/bring looked at him timidly, has a look at own mother, the cherry lips sip, has not said anything eventually. 旁边的姬辰曦姐妹含羞带怯地看了看他,又看看自己的母亲,樱唇微抿,终究还是没有说什么。 The great misfortune , the Sect Chief Platform in trillion female dwelling places of celestial beings will be doing everything possible to promote to cultivate/repair is, the jade frost concentrates, as well as an numerous Ji zu female is naturally no exception. 大劫将至,宗门总坛里的亿万女仙都在想方设法提升修为,玉霜凝、以及一众姬家族女自然也不例外。 Under the current situation, what cultivating of big gold/metal immortal for was really not, but jade frost congealing aptitude life square was limited, wants to break through routinely, when god knows can endure? 目前的形势下,大罗金仙的修为实在是不算什么了,但是玉霜凝资质命格有限,想按部就班地突破,天知道要熬到什么时候? Therefore thinks it over, now can help them achieve wishes as soon as possible, only had Qin Muling. 所以思来想去,现在能够帮她们尽快如愿以偿的,也就只有秦沐凌了。 Therefore, cannot support the Ji azure luan that begged to bring jade frost congealing today, moreover she was only first, behind also had a clan female of a group of Ji to wait. 因此,架不住央求的姬青鸾今天才将玉霜凝带了过来,而且她只是第一个,后面还有一大群姬家的族女在候着呢。 Your Highness Son of God, I......” “圣子殿下,我……” The jade frost concentrates to go forward to bend the body to salute to send regards slightly, the deportment is graceful, the tender face of snow greasy no flaw is composed, the brow tip corner of the eye brings shaming intent of undulating. 玉霜凝上前微微屈身行礼问候着,仪态优雅,雪腻无瑕的娇颜婉约柔媚,眉梢眼角带着澹澹的羞意。 Admires the Buddha lord to smile wonderfully: Actually this no issue, proper practicing, why must is the young Junior Brother also offended? Helping their is!” 妙歆佛主笑笑:“其实这个也没什么问题嘛,正经的修行而已,小师弟何须介怀?成全她们一回便是!”
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