SSIDWTWH :: Volume #5

#440: Linghu Qingya: The taste of young Junior Brother is really good!

Upper boundary, demonic path founder's temple. 上界,魔道祖庭。 In the thatched house, too the deep pool demon reveres with 11 allies gathers in the same place, moreover at the session also had/left several fresh faces, is the heads of household who come from the different Confucian orthodoxy influences. 草庐中,太渊魔尊与十一位盟友重新聚在一块,而且席间还多出了数位新面孔,都是来自不同道统势力的当家人。 Is depending on the original idea of this demonic path giant, did not plan to make the new influence join again, what a pity the female cultivated/repaired that mysterious witchcraft curse method and its lethality of alliance too to be really fearful. 依着这位魔道巨擘的本来想法,是不打算再让新势力加入了的,可惜女修联盟的那种神秘巫蛊诅咒手段、其杀伤力实在太可怕了些。 In situation that in the existing allies are incapable of decoding, can only have a look at other super influences able to find the appropriate solution, otherwise this alliance had no way to maintain for a long time. 在现有的盟友们无力破解的情况下,只能看看其它的超级势力内部能不能找到合适的解决办法,否则这个联盟就没法长久维持下去了。 „...... Fellow Daoist, doesn't this matter have the ideal result?” “……诸位道友,此事还是没有理想的结果吗?” The figure is enchanting, the looks beautiful moving female sovereign spoke to ask. 身段妖娆,容色美艳动人的女蛮皇出言问着。 The having no interest Daoist deity shakes the head silently, Su Li tai also shakes the head, the imperial edict quiet blood lotus empress is cold the face not to say a word, other big old is relatively speechless. 无心道君默默摇头,苏里台也是摇头,敕幽血莲娘娘冷着脸一言不发,其余的大老们都是相对无言。 The war machines of major super influences have been ready and waiting, this matter always the non-solution, just like a to seize the life sharp blade to hang only in the top of the heads of all great people, is beyond control they not to dread. 各大超级势力的战争机器都已整装待发,唯独这桩事情始终无解,就犹如一柄夺命利刃悬在所有大人物的头顶,由不得他们不心生忌惮。 Had Taichu saying that palace bloody lesson before, no one thinks that such as their such, in the short several years time fell from the sky continuously many Supreme Sect Master and senior figures, the Sect strength declined sharply. 有太初道宫血淋淋的教训在前,谁都不想如他们那样、短短数年时间里连续陨落多位掌教至尊与高层人物,以至于宗门实力大幅衰退。 The having no interest Daoist deity sighed: I had once asked antique witch boundary/world that witch sovereign, he had stated clearly that this method is unable to be solvable, only if the primordial chaos sage in legend is supreme, otherwise no one can anti- live in its year and year out corrosion to wear down!” 无心道君叹了口气:“我曾问过太古巫界的那位巫皇,他已言明这种手段无法可解,除非是传说中的鸿蒙圣人至尊,否则没有谁可以抗住它经年累月的侵蚀消磨!” He has to think, through permits the way of enough price, lets antique witch boundary/world can help, push greatly to spread out to ponder over a brand-new magical powers mystique to come out, with restrain the female to cultivate/repair the method of alliance. 他不是没想过,通过许出足够代价的方式、让太古巫界的大能们帮忙,推衍琢磨出一门全新的神通秘法出来,用以克制女修联盟的这种手段。 What a pity that witch sovereign is somewhat afraid of getting into trouble timidly, expressed the rejection directly, said that anything is not willing to mix in this important matter. 可惜那位巫皇有些胆小怕事,直接表示拒绝,说什么都不肯掺和进这项大计中来。 Too the deep pool demon reveres to knit the brows does not speak, other big old complexions are not quite also attractive, can the battle plan that meticulously prepares, only therefore put aside indefinitely inadequately? 太渊魔尊皱眉不语,其余的大老们脸色同样不太好看,难道精心准备的开战计划,只能因此无限期搁置不成? The female cultivates the purple poem rhyme of alliance, the static Brahma female had said explicitly, who dares to make war, who will encounter their full power counter-attack, does not have the possibility of escaping by luck certainly. 女修联盟的紫诗韵,静梵天女已明确放话,谁敢开战,谁就会遭到她们的全力反击,绝无幸免的可能。 The impulsion is a devil. 冲动是魔鬼。 In situation that in oneself are hard to guarantee safely, no position can dare to face directly the female greatly to cultivate/repair the alliance high-level anger. 在自身安全都难以保证的情况下,没有哪位大能敢于直面女修联盟高层的怒火。 Su Li tai is blinking the big eyeball, calculates the long time, is asking suddenly: We cannot try to find the solution, steals this mystique magical powers?” 苏里台眨巴着大眼珠子,盘算半晌,忽地问着:“我们就不能想想办法,将这秘法神通偷过来吗?” So long as we also had such method, can achieve the deterrent to be balanced, did not need to fear their threats!” “只要我们也有了这样的手段,就可以达成威慑平衡,再不用怕她们的威胁了!” The imperial edict quiet blood lotus empress knits the brows: Actually our method is anything has not clarified! How to steal?” 敕幽血莲娘娘皱眉道:“我们连这手段究竟是什么东西都没弄清楚呢!怎么偷?” The having no interest Daoist deity hesitates was saying: If it were some innate primordial chaos most precious object said fortunately, if was some position can greatly talent magical powers, that is not easy to do, others were possibly too difficult to learn radically. Even can duplicate some mystique magical powers of cultivation, they will still definitely take strict precautions against cling to tenaciously, is not the senior figure of most core, simply does not have the opportunity to contact!” 无心道君沉吟着说道:“如果它是某种先天鸿蒙至宝还好说,如果是某位大能的天赋神通,那就不好办了,旁人可能根本学不来。就算是可以复制修炼的某种秘法神通,她们也必然会严防死守,不是最核心的高层人物,根本没机会接触到的!” The female sovereign is saying spookily: We cultivate/repair that side the alliance simply not to have many informers in the female available, let alone sent people to infiltrate their high levels, this was not the duty that a day two days can complete.” 女蛮皇幽幽地说着:“我们在女修联盟那边根本没多少眼线可用,更别说派人混进她们的高层了,这不是一天两天可以完成的任务。” Too the deep pool demon reveres the sound to be low and deep: For the important matter of our entire alliance, multi- and other years also has nothing, feared that misses.” 太渊魔尊声音低沉:“为了我们整个联盟的大计,多等些年倒也没什么,就怕赶不及。” Qin Muling current cultivation realm, outside world can not really be clear greatly, no one dares to use the secret mystique to be he. But according to the speculation of rationalization, he now mostly is the Taiyi gold/metal immortal peak, or is the level of big gold/metal immortal? 秦沐凌目前的修为境界,外界的大能们还不甚清楚,也没人敢用天机秘法算他。但根据合理化的推测,他现在多半已是太乙金仙巅峰,又或者是大罗金仙的层次? In view of the Qin Muling particularity, the female cultivates the alliance high level spare no effort to train him inevitably, all kinds of quality resources can open wide provision, thus ensure his cultivating is the fast promotion. 有鉴于秦沐凌的特殊性,女修联盟高层必然是不遗余力地培养他,各种各样的优质资源都会敞开了提供,从而保证他的修为快速提升。 In other words, so long as drags some years again, said that does not permit Qin Muling to visit Quasi-Saint Emperor Realm. At that time wanted to cope with the female to cultivate/repair the alliance again, will be definitely difficult. 换而言之,只要再拖上些年头,说不准秦沐凌就可以踏足准圣帝君境界。那时候再想要对付女修联盟,必然会难上加难。 That appearance dreadful cunning black robe old man knits the brows, the sinking sound is saying: Old man wants to know, some of our actually also how many time preparations? If there is not really grasped, that might as well extinguished good of this thoughts as early as possible!” 那个面相猥琐奸滑的黑袍老者皱了皱眉,沉声说着:“老夫就想知道,我们究竟还有多少时间准备?如果实在没把握的话,那还不如趁早熄了这心思的好!” Too the deep pool demon reveres sneers slightly: We give up now, can have no more worries? That female cultivates the strength of alliance to be getting stronger and stronger, one day will suppress us unable to raise the head, even was...... even our base industry must be annexed by that group of women completely!” 太渊魔尊微微冷笑:“我们现在罢手,难道就可以高枕无忧了吗?那个女修联盟的实力越来越强,总有一天会压制得我们抬不起头来,甚至是……连我们的基业都要被那群女人给完全吞并了!” Practices the biggest rule, is the jungle principle of law of the jungle, under the throne of which super influence isn't the countless skeletons of 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 lives? Especially these on the scene greatly old, each one is the ruthless stubbles that in the corpse mountain blood sea kill. 修行界最大的规则,就是弱肉强食的丛林法则,哪家超级势力的王座之下不是亿兆生灵的累累尸骨?尤其是在场的这些大老们,个个都是尸山血海中杀出来的狠茬子。 After a super influence obtains far exceeded other Confucian orthodoxy influences the powerful strength, will then do what? To know with the buttocks. 一家超级势力获得了远超其它道统势力的强大实力后,接下来会干些什么?用屁股想都知道。 Therefore this too deep pool demon revered this saying, after all in these super influences on the scene, and god phoenix palace and Buddha territory pure land, as well as other females cultivated/repaired the Confucian orthodoxy has the enmity in the past may incessantly two. 所以这位太渊魔尊才有此一说,毕竟在场的这些超级势力中、和神凰宫、佛域净土、以及其它女修道统过去有着仇怨的可不止一家两家。 Too do the deep pool fellow daoist have what respected opinion? Might as well spoke frankly!” “太渊道友有何高见?不妨直言!” The female sovereign calm said/tunnel, at present everyone after all is in a camp, so long as the matter has the favorable turn, no one will be resigned to give up to the female cultivating the alliance, as well as Qin Muling the heart of coveting. 女蛮皇冷静地道,眼下大家总归是一个阵营里的,只要事情有转机,没人会甘心放弃对女修联盟、以及秦沐凌的觊觎之心。 Imperial edict quiet blood lotus empress cool say/way: Too can the meaning of deep pool fellow daoist, is we try to find the solution, derives a magical powers mystique about the thrust? Restrains their methods by this!” 敕幽血莲娘娘澹然道:“太渊道友的意思,就是我们自己能不能想办法,合力推导出一门神通秘法来?以此克制她们的那种手段!” Numerous position greatly old looks slightly startled, at once feels relaxed. This matter places not too to be rare, if a super influence does not count the price investment manpower and resources research, and under time enough premise, truly can complete a lot. 众位大老神色微惊,旋即又释然了。这种事情放在过去也不算太罕见,如果一家超级势力不计代价地投入人力物力研究,且时间足够的前提下,确实可以办成很多事情。 If so many super influences on the scene collaborate completely, invests the magnanimous resources and manpower, wants to put in order a pointed magical powers mystique, is not the impractical delusion. 在场的这么多超级势力如果完全联手,投入海量的资源与人手,想要整出一种针对性的神通秘法来,并非是不切实际的妄想。 The having no interest Daoist deity hesitates saying: This method but actually also feasible, the fellow daoist thinks how much time requires? How many resources? Can we solve this difficult problem?” 无心道君沉吟道:“这个法子倒也可行,道友认为需要多少时间?多少资源?我们才可以解决这个难题?” „It is not specially many, each will put out in 5000 about the financial revenue, a group of remote antiquity elders, will concentrate on study 20-30 years, it is estimated that can level.” “也不是特别多吧,我们每家都拿出五千年左右的财政收入,还有一批太上长老,潜心研究个20-30年的,估计就可以摆平了。” Too the deep pool demon revered saying that compared in the abundant family property of super influence, these resources investments looked quite huge, could not be regarded actually anything. 太渊魔尊说着,相较于超级势力的雄厚家底,这些资源投入看起来相当巨大,实则也算不得什么。 A female sovereign slightly balance: If so, our god empire agreed that presses the office that the fellow daoist said!” 女蛮皇略一权衡:“如果是这样,我们蛮神帝国同意了,就按道友说的办吧!” Su Li tai nods slowly: We also agreed!” 苏里台缓缓点头:“我们也同意了!” The having no interest Daoist deity is saying: This place does not have the opinion.” 无心道君说着:“本座没有意见。” Remaining big old took a stand one after another, adopts unanimously this matter. 剩下的大老们相继表态,算是一致通过了此事。 The words saying that stands in their standpoints, simply has not had a more suitable choice, even if flinches now, cultivates the narrow-mindedness of alliance that group of women by the female, in the future will not exist to let off their possibilities. 话说站在他们的立场上,根本没有有更合适的选择,即便是现在退缩了,以女修联盟那群女人的小心眼,将来也不存在放过他们的可能。 Dies pitifully with its future incomparable, inherits hundred million ten thousand years years the base industry to be annexed by them, might as well uses all while the present, will stake everything on a single throw of the dice. 与其将来死得凄惨无比,传承亿万载岁月的基业被她们吞并,还不如趁着现在倾尽所有,孤注一掷。 So long as had the mystique of restraining that mysterious curse, these super influences can not have extra worries to launch all -out war, destroys the female to cultivate/repair the alliance, snatches to appropriate to oneself Qin Muling. 只要拥有了克制那种神秘诅咒的秘法,这些超级势力就可以没有后顾之忧地发动全面战争,摧毁女修联盟,将秦沐凌抢过来据为己有。 ...... …… Origin Star Palace Buddhist temple. 始源星宫道场。 The Qin Muling day passes busily and substantially, therapy to cross the tribulation, cultivating the efficacious medicine spirit grass is the elementary operation eo, accompanying Senior Sister Junior Sisters cultivates is most important. 秦沐凌的日子过得忙碌而充实,疗伤渡劫,培育灵药灵草都是基本操作,陪师姐师妹们修炼则是重中之重。 Repairs the alliance that side with the female, for the Qin Muling security, these arrives at the universe starry sky the female immortal, later will stay in the Origin Star Palace Buddhist temple to dive to cultivate/repair, without the monster sovereign and Origin Star Palace the Lord permission, does not allow to return to the upper boundary. 和女修联盟那边一样,为了秦沐凌的安全,这些降临太虚星空的女仙,以后都会留在始源星宫道场潜修,没有妖皇陛下和始源星宫之主的许可、不允许返回上界。 The summit of high over 100,000 li (0.5 km) snowy peak, such as near the sapphire mirror surface beautiful lake, Qin Muling in the Senior Sisters going boating lake, is discussing that said after the theory. 高逾十万里的雪峰之巅,一处如蓝宝石镜面般的美丽湖泊边,秦沐凌正在和师姐们泛舟湖上,谈经论道。 Linghu Qingya, dragon Qi Emperor and other numerous monster imperial state beautiful woman also on the scene, moreover each one optical instruments Shu is solemn, beautiful face is beautiful, was moistened face glowing with health. 令狐青雅,龙绮帝君等一众妖皇国度的美人也在场,而且个个光仪淑穆,丽颜绝美,被滋润得容光焕发。 The flavor of young Junior Brother is really good! 小师弟的味道真不错! This is the Linghu Qingya heart true idea, as the monster sovereign blood relative younger sister, since childhood kept aloof, has one's wish, therefore does not have so many bashful acting with constraint, cultivates the behavior to work always points to the conscience. 这就是令狐青雅心底的真实想法,身为妖皇陛下的嫡亲妹妹,自幼高高在上,随心所欲,因此也没有那么多的忸怩矜持,做人做事向来都是直指本心的。 „...... Does the young Junior Brother, when we go to the chaos void deep place to seek for the chance?” “……小师弟,我们什么时候去混沌虚空深处寻找机缘?” The body only frail insightful gauze skirt and beautiful white skin dazzling and graceful Wanli's ice phoenix Emperor bend down the small head, the jade face blush are asking. 身上仅有一袭单薄通透的纱裙、雪肤耀眼、雍容婉丽的冰凰帝君俯下螓首,玉颜羞红地问着。 Qin Muling is taking she plentiful perfectly round thigh at this moment, when the back cushion, is lying down satisfied sitting in repose with eyes closed. 秦沐凌此刻正拿她丰腴浑圆的大腿当靠枕,惬意地躺着闭目养神。 Waits again, must first finish the matter in Sect said again, so many Senior Sister Junior Sisters are waiting.” “再等等吧,总得先把宗门里的事情忙完了再说,那么多师姐师妹都等着呢。” Qin Muling is saying, cultivates that side the alliance to compare with the female, present Origin Star Palace as well as monster imperial state, many aspects actually, must result to promote as soon as possible. 秦沐凌说着,和女修联盟那边比起来,现在的始源星宫以及妖皇国度,很多方面其实是有所不及的,必须得尽快提升起来。 The East stops han to nod: That line, when you finished these, we go out to travel again together!” 东方止晗点点头:“那行吧,等你忙完了这些,我们再一起出门去游历!” Nearby ice toad Emperor jade refers to picking up to peel good a five colors lotus seed, feeds in the Qin Muling mouth gently. 旁边的冰蟾帝君玉指拈起一颗剥好的五色莲子,轻轻喂进秦沐凌口中。 Stands Qin Muling own standpoint, at present only then these influences are grasping the friendly attitude to him. However takes a broad view at the entire upper boundary, was hostile to and covets his super influence still to be overwhelming majorities. 站在秦沐凌自己的立场上来看,目前就只有这几家势力对他是秉持着友好的态度。但是放眼整个上界,敌视、觊觎他的超级势力仍旧占了绝大多数。 49 super influences, as well as countless first-class and second-class, and even not popular influence organization. At present only then the god phoenix palace, the Buddha territory pure land, monster imperial state and Origin Star Palace four can trust, Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace they have not been able to calculate the super influence temporarily. 四十九家超级势力,以及不计其数的一流、二流、乃至不入流的势力组织。目前只有神凰宫,佛域净土,妖皇国度和始源星宫四家可以信任,云梦天宫她们暂时还不能算超级势力。 Qin Muling does not suspect the future some day, after own status origin reveals the truth thoroughly, outside more than 40 super will influence join up certainly, cultivates the alliance to strive for own property rights with the female. 秦沐凌并不怀疑未来的某一天,当自己的身份来历彻底真相大白后,外面的四十多家超级势力铁定会联合起来,和女修联盟争夺自己的所有权。 Do not say, in legend illusory Heaven, and chaos void deep place possibly exists, certain also has the higher cultivation civilized macrocosm. 更加不要说,还有传说中虚无缥缈的天界,以及混沌虚空深处可能存在的、某些同样拥有高等修炼文明的大世界。 Their middle top big energies, if learned existence of innate primordial chaos good fortune blue lotus, the first response also robs inevitably resourcefully, the starry sky bloodstained and livelihood that even if kills do not have up. 它们中间的顶级大能,若是获悉了先天鸿蒙造化青莲的存在,第一反应也必然是不择手段地抢夺过来,哪怕杀的星空染血、日月无光。 By that time, can protect Qin Muling except for the enough strong strength, other anything is not easy-to-use. 到了那个时候,除了足够强大的实力可以保护秦沐凌自己,别的什么东西都不好使。 Nearby Linghu azure and dragon Qi Emperor look at each other one, in a soft voice saying: Young Junior Brother, the elder sister my brought a special celestial chart, above recorded the chaos void deep place and a special vestige palace repository position, in the future if possible we can have a look, to could discover some unusual chances together.” 一旁的令狐青雅与龙绮帝君对视一眼,轻声说着:“小师弟,姐姐我这回带过来了一份特殊的星图,上面记载了混沌虚空深处、一片特殊的遗迹秘府位置,日后有机会的话我们可以一起去看看,或许能够发现一些非同寻常的机缘。” Qin Muling came the interest immediately, opens the eye to ask: Special what that place has? The monster sovereign and had the teacher also gone in the past?” 秦沐凌顿时来了兴致,睁开眼睛问着:“那地方有什么特别的吗?是不是妖皇陛下和师尊当年也进去过?” Can let the vestige palace repository that such top can so care about greatly, is not simple. 能够让那样的顶级大能都如此在意的遗迹秘府,想必是非常不简单了。 Un, according to your majesty, there should be unprecedented the vestige that , the broad vast macrocosm belonged to died out, leaves behind. Was far from the common ancient times worthy people of former times can the cave mansion blessings left by predecessors be possible to compare greatly.” “嗯,据陛下所言,那里应该是一个前所未有的、恢宏浩瀚的大世界归于寂灭之后所留下的遗迹。远非一般的远古先贤大能洞府遗泽可比。” The Linghu Qingya look dignified said/tunnel, the ten day fox and Origin Star Palace lords of a chapter had explored in the past incessantly, inside many ominous thing is surreptitious and terrifying, came from the certain big energies of other world. 令狐青雅神色凝重地道,十尾天狐和始源星宫之主当年不止一回进去探索过,里面的诸多凶物诡秘而恐怖,还有来自其它世界的某些大能。 At that time two females once encountered crazy besieging that numerous had mystically, carried the severe wound repeatedly, even almost fell from the sky, finally a narrow escape withdrew by luck. 当时两女曾遭遇众多神秘存在的疯狂围攻,多次身负重伤,甚至差点陨落,最后九死一生地侥幸脱身。 Ices the toad Emperor to frown saying: If the vestige palace repository is really such bad risk that such as you said measures not, after the young Junior Brother in the future and we will go in together, will this security also be perhaps difficult to guarantee?” 冰蟾帝君蹙眉道:“如果遗迹秘府真是如你说的那样凶险莫测,小师弟将来和我们一起进去后,这安全恐怕也难保证吧?” That may not necessarily,” “那可未必,” dragon Qi Emperor is smiling slightly: By the destiny luck reason that the young Junior Brother nearly goes against heaven's will, can help us avoid most bad risk disasters surely, and harvests as far as possible many chances, did the young Junior Brother you say?” 龙绮帝君微微笑着:“以小师弟近乎逆天的气运福缘,必定可以帮助我们避开绝大多数的凶险劫难,并收获尽可能多的机缘,小师弟你说是吧?” Qin Muling does not have the objection, will the dangerous place, be void the deep place bad risk more inadequate than the chaos? Oneself can shelter big Palace Lord and azure luminary immortal initially reveres them to travel safely, in the future naturally can also guarantee Linghu Qingya and ice toad Emperor their safety. 秦沐凌对此没有异议,再危险的地方,难道会比混沌虚空深处还凶险不成?自己当初能够庇护住大宫主和青曜仙尊她们安然往返,将来自然也可以保证令狐青雅和冰蟾帝君她们的安全。 Thinks of here, Qin Muling sits up the body, with rapt attention asking: Since the Senior Sister you said like this, besides the universe starry sky and upper boundary, Mist Fantasy Secret Realm, some chaos void deep place many broad lengths and breadths and various aspect conditions hasn't lost in the upper boundary brand-new macrocosm exists?” 想到这里,秦沐凌坐起身子,凝神问着:“既然师姐你这样说了,是不是除了太虚星空和上界,雾幻秘境,混沌虚空深处还有很多恢宏广袤、各方面条件都不输于上界的全新大世界存在?” Definitely,” “肯定的,” Ices the toad Emperor to rush to reply: „In the past I was also only the big gold/metal immortal, the teacher once led me to go to some mysterious world of chaos void deep place, participated in that world a trade fair that can hold greatly. Many strange lives have to participate......” 冰蟾帝君抢着答道:“当年我还只是个大罗金仙时,师尊曾经带着我去了混沌虚空深处的某个神秘世界,参加那个世界的大能举办的一场交易会。不少稀奇古怪的生灵都有参加呢……” According to her, similar mysterious trade fair specification was extremely high, under normal conditions must be has to be equivalent to cultivating of three corpse normalizing for and to have extremely high position authority in the respective world can be invited greatly. Strength weak existence, possibly knows that continually the qualifications of this trade fair do not have, let alone participated. 据她所言,类似的神秘交易会规格极高,通常情况下必须得是拥有相当于三尸归一的修为、在各自世界具备极高地位权柄的大能才会受到邀请。实力弱些的存在,可能连知道这个交易会的资格都没有,更别说参加了。 „...... At that trade fair what good things?” “……那交易会上都有些什么好东西?” Qin Muling have a relish is asking. 秦沐凌饶有兴致地问着。 Are many, for example the destiny, the world source, outside the territory the King level in day demon ethnic group exists for example, various types of rare innate spirit root magical things, innate primordial chaos most precious object and so on,” “非常多,譬如说气运,譬如说世界本源,域外天魔族群中的王者级存在,各种罕见的先天灵根灵物,先天鸿蒙至宝之类,” Ices the toad Emperor to hold in the arms Qin Muling, explained patiently: „The space coordinates of certain space and time world, the top vestige palace repository, the vanished life ethnic group, loses the magical powers mystique in time river, and powerful war beast favors spirit and so on! In any case only then you cannot think, without good thing that they cannot take......” 冰蟾帝君搂住秦沐凌,耐心地解释道:“就连某些时空世界的空间坐标,顶级的遗迹秘府,已绝迹的生灵族群,失落在时光长河中的神通秘法,以及强大的战兽灵宠之类!反正只有你想不到,没有它们拿不出来的好东西……” At such trade fair, innate Spiritual Treasure is the quite sloppy ordinary thing. The destiny, the world source, and even the whole world, can be placed in the goods that on the shelf bargained back and forth. 在这样的交易会上,先天灵宝已经是相当稀松平常的东西。气运,世界本源,乃至整个世界自身,都是可以摆在货架上讨价还价的物品。 Naturally, in most situations by thing changed/easy thing, both parties agrees to trade the condition, accords to his need, then acts as the commission to the organizing and management side payment certain amount of resources of trade fair. 当然,在大多数情况下都是以物易物,交易双方自行约定好交易条件,各取所需,然后向交易会的组织管理方缴纳一定数量的资源充当佣金。 Chaos void length and breadth limitless and boundless boundless, is beginning and end point that all world and 10001 trillion lives are born, cultivates for the profound big energy, is actually unable to clarify her specific scope big. 混沌虚空广袤无极、苍茫无际,是一切世界、亿亿兆生灵诞生的起点与终点,修为再高深的大能,都无法弄清她的具体范围究竟有多大。 Therefore in this void deep place, is enlivening a substantial number of treasure hunt teams, by coming from the different world can compose greatly. They void hunt these rare chaos ominous beasts in the chaos, or seeks for various types of innate magical things and innate Spiritual Treasure, then at the taking away trade fair the sell dear, received exchange for the resources that oneself are interested. 因此在这虚空深处,活跃着为数不少的寻宝队伍,都是由来自不同世界的大能组成。它们在混沌虚空中狩猎那些稀有的混沌凶兽,或是寻找各种先天灵物、先天灵宝,然后拿去交易会上高价出售,换取自己感兴趣的资源。 Qin Muling ponders over one, shakes the head gently: It seems like the universe starry sky is really deteriorates too for a long time, no one knew to have this matter.” 秦沐凌思忖一阵,轻轻摇了摇头:“看来太虚星空真的是衰败得太久,以至于都没人知晓有这回事了。” The upper boundary also has the apex to be invited greatly, but the present universe starry sky has not heard, perhaps ancient times did the period once have? 上界还有顶尖大能受到邀请,而现在的太虚星空根本就不曾听闻过,或许远古时期曾经有吧? Linghu Qingya smiles: „After two normalizing, as small Junior Brother your, definitely is qualified for attending this top trade fair.” 令狐青雅笑笑:“两界归一之后,以小师弟你的身份,肯定是有资格参加这种顶级交易会的。” The Qin Muling heart moves slightly, asked one: Since there is innate spirit root to appear at the trade fair, then their step position standard high, has like me......” 秦沐凌心底微动,多问了一句:“既然有先天灵根出现在交易会上,那它们的品阶位格有多高,有没有像我这样的……” How possibly?” “怎么可能?” Ices the toad Emperor to shake the head: Innate spirit root indeed has, but their middle apexes exist, is equivalent to a innate primordial chaos most precious object at most the level, various aspects were worse than you were far, simply did not have the ratio!” 冰蟾帝君摇了摇头:“先天灵根的确是有,但它们中间的顶尖存在,至多就是相当于一件先天鸿蒙至宝的层次而已,各方面比你差远了,根本没得比!” Linghu Qingya touched the Qin Muling face, warm word the soft and gentle words said/tunnel: If the young Junior Brother you will appear at that trade fair in the future and ensure can have innumerably top can compete for you greatly breaks the head, what a pity...... no one can have such price to rob you.” 令狐青雅摸了摸秦沐凌的脸庞,温言软语地道:“如果小师弟你将来出现在那种交易会上,保证会有无数顶尖大能为了争夺你而打破头,可惜……没有谁能够出得起那样的代价将你抢走。” Qin Muling nods: This matter somewhat is remote, first does not say, we cultivation.” 秦沐凌点点头:“这事情还有些遥远,先不说了吧,我们去修炼。” A half year of time is near, at the appointed time Qin Muling must return to the Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace that side, therefore leaves the time that he plays freely is not many. 半年之期将近,届时秦沐凌就得回云梦天宫那边去,所以留给他自由玩耍的时间并不多。 Are good because of this batch 20 million disciple disciples, should therapy should cross the tribulation to process, medicine garden Tamada's matter, remaining is mainly helps Senior Sister Junior Sisters promote to cultivate/repair. 好在这批过来的两千万门人弟子,该疗伤该渡劫的都已处理完毕,还有药园灵田的事情,剩下的主要就是帮师姐师妹们提升修为了。 Un, we together!” “嗯,那我们一起!” Linghu Qingya set out to say gracefully, the numerous Senior Sister beautiful face blushed, but has not spoken to turn down, unquestioning with. 令狐青雅落落大方地起身说着,众师姐丽颜羞红,但都没有出言婉拒,毫不迟疑地跟了过来。 Does not need to give unnecessary detail with the Qin Muling dual cultivation advantage, has tasted that type of taste, as long as the possible opportunities, the Senior Sisters are not willing to miss. 秦沐凌双-修的好处无需赘述,尝过了那种滋味,但凡有一丝可能的机会,师姐们都是决计不肯错过的。
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