SSIDWTWH :: Volume #5

#439: Ten day fox: The rain and dew moistens must!

The clear class/flow splendor and magnificent brilliant multi-colored sunlight covered the entire palace. 晶莹流辉、瑰丽绚烂的霞光笼罩了整座殿堂。 The spiritual energy is dense, in Thousand Harmonic Merits azure lotus pond that the rich dao rhyme fragment fills, Qin Muling that sits well silently wakes up from the deep sudden enlightenment condition slowly. 灵气氤氲,浓郁道韵碎片弥漫的千叶功德青莲池内,默然端坐的秦沐凌自深度顿悟状态缓缓醒来。 Is centered on his position, in a surrounding area 30 zhang (3.33 m) law domain, being filled with the skirt clothes was gorgeous, the appearance yi Li's high rank female immortals, double pupil slightly whole, complexion flushed red, on the snow greasy flesh is covering rhodo- of undulating. 以他的位置为中心,方圆三十丈的法阵领域里,坐满了裙裳华美,形貌昳丽的高阶女仙们,一个个双眸微阖,脸色酡红,雪腻的肌肤上笼罩着澹澹的玫红。 Calculates the time, the outside world is one month passes, Qin Muling then takes up little hammer on hand, rapped a nearby jade bell gently, with the delightful voiceless sound bird bird reverberation, the Senior Sisters awakes to turn around from the depth grasping principles condition in abundance. 算算时间,外界已是一个月过去,秦沐凌遂拿起手边的小锤,轻轻敲击了一下旁边的玉钟,随着悦耳的清音鸟鸟回荡,师姐们纷纷自深度悟道状态中醒转过来。 Little Junior Brother, you......” 小师弟,你……” The East that sits well next to the pond near stops han first to respond, feels cultivating in within the body remarkable growth is being, in the beautiful pupils is full inconceivable. 紧挨着池边端坐的东方止晗最先反应过来,感受着体内显着增涨的修为,美眸间是满满的不可思议。 A month, the 3000 months in time acceleration law, first close up the cultivation with Little Junior Brother together, take to her harvest are actually the unbelievable hugeness, were equivalent omitted the self-tortures of her at least several hundred Yuan meetings, and accumulated incomparably deeply, have been able to start to cut actually the preparation of evil thought incarnation. 外界一个月,时间加速法阵中的三千个月,初次和小师弟一块儿闭关修炼,带给她的收获却是难以置信的巨大,相当于省去了她至少数百个元会的苦修,且积累无比深厚,已经可以开始斩却恶念化身的准备了。 The surrounding Senior Sisters are investigating the respective condition, exuded the unbelievable whoa: 周围的师姐们探察着各自的状态,纷纷发出了难以置信的惊叹声: „...... Possible? I felt that own condition unprecedentedly good, including insufficiently perfect Dao Foundation has sign that remoulds the optimization?” “……怎么可能?我感觉自己的状态前所未有地好,连不够完美的道基都有重塑优化的迹象?” I am also the same feeling, cultivated/repaired to promote directly three, now is the Great Principle Golden Immortal peak level, if this again and Little Junior Brother cultivated one round, can visit the Quasi-Saint Emperor level?” “我也是一样的感觉,修为直接提升了三品,现在已经是大罗金仙巅峰层次了,这要是再和小师弟修炼一轮,岂不是可以踏足准圣帝君层次?” Un, I before was beginning Supreme Unity Golden Immortal, has bordered on the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal peak now unexpectedly, immediately can cross greatly the tribulation of Luo! If not need to cross the tribulation, perhaps will also promote many......” “嗯,我之前是初品太乙金仙,现在居然已经濒临太乙金仙巅峰,马上就可以渡大罗之劫了!如果不需要渡劫的话,说不定还会提升更多……” Originally is this Little Junior Brother side happy pure land domain? Has never thought that so goes against heaven's will with the effect that he cultivates unexpectedly, is hears something never heard of before simply?” “原来这就是小师弟的极乐净土领域?从未想过,和他一起修炼的效果居然如此逆天,简直是闻所未闻呢?” Actually is not strange, by the Little Junior Brother root foot origin, has such mystical mighty force to be very normal , the female cultivates that side the alliance to be able no wonder so valuable beta......” “其实也不奇怪,以小师弟的根脚来历,有这样的神异伟力很正常,也难怪女修联盟那边会如此宝贝他……” Not to mention they, think that my sleep/felt catches fire in a big way! Also does not know that in the past they took many advantage on Little Junior Brother! This is belonged our......” “别提她们,想想我就觉着火大!也不知过去她们在小师弟身上占了多少便宜!这本来都是属于我们的……” ...... …… Finally Bing Chan Emperor Monarch acts to keep the order, suppressed more and more warm discussion sound: 最后还是冰蟾帝君出面维持秩序,压制住了越来越热烈的讨论声: Ok, Little Junior Brother needs to rest now, fellow Senior Sister Junior Sisters go back oneself cave mansion stable boundary, having needs to cross the tribulation can first be ready, several days later Little Junior Brother can come the help!” “好了,小师弟现在需要休息,各位师姐师妹回去自己的洞府稳固境界吧,有需要渡劫的可以先做好准备,几天之后小师弟会过来帮忙的!” Good, that had work Little Junior Brother!” “好的,那就有劳小师弟了!” Tens of thousands of female immortals are complying unable to contain one's joy, after saluting, withdraws from the palace one after another, only other night of Xing Lan, Bing Chan Emperor Monarch, the East stops han and other position highest Senior Sister to present. 成千上万的女仙们喜不自禁地答应着,行礼后陆续退出殿堂,只余下夜星澜,冰蟾帝君,东方止晗等一众身份地位最高的师姐在场。 Little Junior Brother, you unexpectedly......” 小师弟,你居然……” The graceful Wanli's ice phoenix Emperor Monarch look looks at him complex, in a soft voice saying: Unexpectedly can help such many Senior Sisters promote to cultivate/repair rapidly is, no wonder that female cultivates the overall strength growth of alliance is so fearful......” 雍容婉丽的冰凰帝君神色复杂地看着他,轻声说着:“居然能够帮助这样多的师姐们快速提升修为,难怪那女修联盟的整体实力增涨如此可怕……” Now looks like, even if no teacher to act, this alliance has been able to resist at least 78 super influences alone besieged jointly?” Candid night Xing Lan is saying. “如今看来,就算是没有师尊出手,这个联盟都已经能够单独对抗至少七八家超级势力的联手围攻了吧?”心直口快的夜星澜说着。 Qin Muling thinks, the nod is saying gently: Almost, if adds on Origin Star Palace and monster imperial state again, even if that 12 super influence dares to make war now, asks for less than the half a point to be cheap.” 秦沐凌想了一下,轻轻点头说着:“差不多吧,如果再加上始源星宫和妖皇国度,那十二家超级势力纵然敢现在就开战,都讨不到半分便宜的。” The Bing Chan Emperor Monarch enchanting white delicate arms held in the arms him gently: This because of Little Junior Brother your merit, they was really...... seizes from you too many were not their advantage!” 冰蟾帝君妖娆玉臂轻轻搂住了他:“这都是因为小师弟你的功劳吧,她们真的是……从你身上攫取了太多本不属于她们的好处!” Qin Muling some, helpless said/tunnel: „Don't Senior Sister propose this again? The matter of past years you had known, is not their responsibility.” 秦沐凌有些无奈地道:“师姐别再提这茬了好吗?当年之事你们都已经知道了,根本就不是她们的责任。” Actually they have been good to me. If I were robbed by other Confucian orthodoxy influence at that time, feared that is at all not by them, when the person looked, can live the present to be difficult to say.” “其实她们对我一直挺不错的。如果那时候我被别的道统势力抢走,怕是根本不会被他们当人看,能不能活到现在都难说呢。” Really must haggle over the beforehand matter endlessly, that Origin Star Palace Senior Sisters will never balance, this account pestered to broke off in ancient times is not clear. 真要没完没了地计较之前的事情,那始源星宫的师姐们心里永远都不会平衡,这笔账纠缠到地老天荒都掰扯不清。 Good, we did not propose this.” “好吧,那我们就不提这个了。” Bing Chan Emperor Monarch sees the awkwardness of Qin Muling, touched his face with a smile, no matter what, Little Junior Brother has come back now, later...... cannot make him be repaired that crowd of temptress of alliance absolutely to steal away the heart by the female again. 冰蟾帝君看出秦沐凌的为难,笑着摸了摸他的脸庞,不管怎么样,小师弟现在已经回来了,以后……绝对不能再让他被女修联盟的那群狐媚子偷走了心去。 Chen Xue yi of being in high spirits collects to pull the shoulder of Qin Muling, the joke is asking gracefully: Little Junior Brother, if there is percentage higher time acceleration law, our cultivation effects also stronger?” 神采飞扬的陈雪怡凑过来挽住秦沐凌的肩膀,笑语盈盈地问着:“小师弟,如果有倍率更高的时间加速法阵,我们的修炼效果也会更强的吧?” Qin Muling nods: Naturally is this, if ten thousand times of time acceleration law, perhaps closes up one time, can definitely make in Sect many hundreds of new promote Quasi-Saint Emperor, Great Principle Golden Immortal and Supreme Unity Golden Immortal quantity were more.” 秦沐凌点点头:“当然是这样的,如果是万倍时间加速法阵的话,或许一次闭关下来,完全可以让宗门里多出数以百计的新晋准圣帝君,大罗金仙太乙金仙的数量就更多了。” The other shore void god cauldron has over ten thousand times of time acceleration effect actually, but this innate primordial chaos most precious object keeps Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace Chief Platform not to bring to come, therefore Qin Muling had this saying. 彼岸虚空神鼎倒是具备上万倍的时间加速效果,只不过这件先天鸿蒙至宝留在云梦天宫总坛没带过来,所以秦沐凌才有此一说。 The East stops the han look to be startled, hesitates was saying: Previously considered Senior Sister Junior Sisters possibly too do not adapt, therefore only chose 3000 times of time to accelerate,...... here law supporting capacity was insufficient as for ten thousand times of time acceleration effect, feared that needs to make some transformations to be OK.” 东方止晗神色微怔,沉吟着说道:“先前只是考虑到师姐师妹们可能不太适应,所以就只选了三千倍的时间加速,至于万倍的时间加速效果……这里的法阵承载力不够,怕是需要做些改造才可以了。” Bing Chan Emperor Monarch beckons with the hand, said deprecatingly: „It is not the too troublesome matter, since the Little Junior Brother need, acts accordingly by all means is!” 冰蟾帝君摆摆手,不以为意地说道:“也不是什么太麻烦的事情,既然小师弟需要,只管照办就是!” Large-scale law of ten thousand times of time speed of flow effect, the consumption was extremely exaggerating did not say, but also needed an appropriate incomparable items innate Spiritual Treasure suppression law center, placing the upper boundary was the unusual big projects. Naturally by the Origin Star Palace huge family property, these cannot be regarded anything. 万倍时间流速效果的大型法阵,消耗极其夸张不说,还需要合适的绝品先天灵宝镇压法阵中枢,放在上界都是非同一般的大工程。当然以始源星宫的庞大家底,这些都算不得什么。 Thinks, the Bing Chan Emperor Monarch gentle voice is saying to Qin Muling: You do not have the appropriate upfront to oppose the enemy the method now probably, therefore the teacher gave you to prepare an appropriate gift specially, the present was the time gives you her,” 想了一下,冰蟾帝君柔声对秦沐凌说着:“你如今好像没有合适的正面对敌手段,所以师尊特意给你准备了一件合适的礼物,现在是时候将她交给你了,” What gift?” “什么礼物?” Qin Muling have a relish is asking, the outside world said that the lord of Origin Star Palace is the upper boundary's first powerhouse, most is close to sage supreme existence, wants to come the private collection to be no worse. 秦沐凌饶有兴致地问着,外界都说始源星宫之主是上界第一强者、最接近圣人至尊的存在,想来私家收藏应该差不到哪里去。 This Eldest Senior Sister white arms turn, in the white hands were many a palm of the hand size, averagely not wonderful ancient bell, the construction was seemingly plain, on the bell body the shiny smooth clear splendor sparkle circulation of undulating, is passing the indescribable strength feeling, just like became a side world. 这位大师姐皓腕一翻,玉手中多了一只巴掌大小、看上去平平无奇的古钟,形制古朴厚重,钟体上澹澹的莹润清辉闪耀流转,透着难以言喻的力量感,俨然自成一方天地。 This is Origin Star Palace the treasure of town/subdues teaching: Limitless origin bell!” “这就是始源星宫的镇教之宝:无极始源钟!” The Bing Chan Emperor Monarch look explained dignifiedly: She in the upper boundary is the heavy treasure ranked third, the embodiment 49 heavy innate primordial chaos treasure seals banned, an attack and defense body, its prestige can destroy the day to extinguish sufficiently! In the past was the life treasure that the teacher most treasured, now grants Little Junior Brother you, do not disappoint her!” 冰蟾帝君神色凝重地解释道:“她在上界是排名第三的重宝,内蕴四十九重先天鸿蒙宝篆禁制,攻防一体,其威能足以毁天灭地!以往一直都是师尊最珍爱的本命重器,现在赐予小师弟你,可别辜负了她!” „......” “……” Qin Muling expression slightly stiff, he thinks that the teacher will be casual to the ordinary innate primordial chaos most precious object enough, does not want to act is actually the so astonishing writing skill, resembles this grade of progression the treasure, the entire upper boundary feared that will not be over three? 秦沐凌表情微僵,他本以为师尊会随便给件普通的先天鸿蒙至宝就够了,不曾想一出手却是如此惊人的手笔,似这等级数的重器,整个上界怕是都不会超过三件吧? The other shore void god cauldron is also 49 heavy innate primordial chaos treasure seals banned certainly, is the same rank with this limitless origin bell, but her main prestige can manifest is defending and transferring the aspect void, therefore the value, has some disparities compared with the present bell. 彼岸虚空神鼎当然也是四十九重先天鸿蒙宝篆禁制,与这无极始源钟属于同一级别,但她的主要威能是体现在防御与虚空挪移方面,所以价值比起眼前的这口钟、还是存在些许差距的。 Little Junior Brother accepts, do not disappoint the pains of teacher.” 小师弟收下吧,别辜负了师尊的一番苦心。” The East stopped han to sip the cherry lips, envied said: This is representative Sect to the high Confucian orthodoxy inheritance, who obtained her, who will be Origin Star Palace future Sect Master, under people, 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 people authority position above!” 东方止晗抿了抿樱唇,不无羡慕地说道:“这可是代表着宗门的至高道统传承,谁得到了她,谁就是始源星宫的未来掌教,一人之下、亿兆人之上的权柄地位呢!” Qin Muling nods, is saluting to the limitless origin bell with deep veneration, then Jane|treasure, but the heavy place received it, according to the mnemonics of Bing Chan Emperor Monarch instruction refining up to recognize the lord its sacrifice, received within the body warm support. 秦沐凌点点头,对着无极始源钟肃然行礼,然后才珍而重之地将其接过,按照冰蟾帝君传授的口诀将其祭炼认主,收入体内温养。 Immediately, he felt the supernatural power that own destiny luck reason , being correct body state of mind can hold cultivates for the upper limit, rose suddenly suddenly a section. The magnanimous dao rhyme fragment aura fills the air, has the vigorous boundless and lonely lofty ideal condition, increases subtly is expanding a body and a state of mind Yuan spirit, making his cultivating for the growth quicker. 顿时,他就感觉自己的气运福缘、还有道躯神魂能够容纳的法力修为上限,都骤然暴涨了一截。海量的道韵碎片气息弥漫间,带着雄浑苍茫、寂寥高远的意境,潜移默化地增益壮大着道躯与神魂元灵,让他的修为增涨速度更快。 Moreover the interior of this bell also has the giant dwelling place of Buddhist immortals world, surrounding area several billions li (0.5 km), inside has be continuous large expanse of palace Que Louge, the city state, but does not have the trail of life, should be by the Origin Star Palace master emptying. 而且这钟的内部同样有着巨大的洞天世界,方圆数十亿里,里面有着绵延成片的宫阙楼阁、城池国度,只是没有生灵的踪迹,应该是都被始源星宫主人给清空了。 As for her destructive power, if ten tenths ten places display, wants to puncture a macrocosm definitely to accomplish, even can also reset the kerosene wind and isolation Yin-Yang, to pursue the new moon time river. Common innate Spiritual Treasure and powerhouse can greatly before her was put down the share that pushes. 至于她的破坏力,若是十成十地发挥出来,想要打穿一个大世界都是完全能办到的,甚至还可以重定地火水风、隔绝阴阳、追朔时光长河。寻常的先天灵宝、强者大能在她面前都只有被平推的份。 In other words, after Qin Muling grasped this limitless origin bell, coordinates other treasures again, as well as his many talent magical powers, in one-to-one to the situation, has contended with directly top can greatly the qualifications. 换而言之,秦沐凌掌握了这口无极始源钟之后,再配合其它重器、以及他自身的诸多天赋神通,在一对一对的情况下,已经具备了正面抗衡顶尖大能的资格。 Qin Muling hesitates saying: This treasure was really extremely precious, in the future the teacher will go out, I thanked her again alone! However now, I must give some gifts to the Senior Sisters am.” 秦沐凌沉吟道:“这件重器实在是太过珍贵了,日后师尊出关,我再单独感谢她吧!不过现在,我也得给师姐们送些礼物才是。” „It is not necessary,” “大可不必,” Chen Xue yi shirks to say hastily: So long as the Junior Brother you remembers that the Senior Sisters were good to your good, gift anything, we really do not care about this.” 陈雪怡连忙推脱道:“只要师弟你记得师姐们对你的好就行了,礼物什么的、我们真不在意这个的。” The heart said that yourself aren't the best gift? So long as you can accompany the Senior Sisters to cultivate, other what advantage is not worth mentioning. 心说你自己不就是最好的礼物吗?只要你能一直陪着师姐们修炼,别的什么好处根本不值一提。 Qin Muling smiles, put out dozens incomparable items innate Spiritual Treasure, what treasure zither | Jean Jinchai, the circular fan bead crown and jade pendant sachet and so on, is his own collecting personally, and each is not lower than three ten second layer innate primordial chaos treasure seal bans. 秦沐凌笑笑,还是拿出了数十件绝品先天灵宝,什么宝琴金钗、团扇珠冠、玉佩香囊之类,都是属于他自己的个人珍藏,且每件均不低于三十二重先天鸿蒙宝篆禁制。 These things are I void travel in the chaos obtained, is actually not quite suitable I to use, Senior Sisters, takes away to discuss the assignment!” Qin Muling answered. “这些东西都是我在混沌虚空中游历所得,其实不太适合我自己使用的,师姐们一人一件,拿去商量着分配吧!”秦沐凌解释道。 Bing Chan Emperor Monarch nods slightly: Good, we accepted.” 冰蟾帝君微微颔首:“那好吧,我们就收下了。” The innate primordial chaos most precious object only happens by happy circumstance after all, therefore regarding most Quasi-Saint Emperor, the incomparable items and high-grade innate Spiritual Treasure is best, this is no one can expect. 先天鸿蒙至宝毕竟是可遇不可求的,所以对于绝大多数准圣帝君而言,绝品、上品先天灵宝就是最好的了,就连这也不是什么人都能奢望的。 Night Xing Lan is asking: Little Junior Brother, have you gone to the chaos void deep place? Also makes such many good things, isn't the time of treating short?” 星澜却问着:“小师弟,难道你已经去过混沌虚空深处了吗?还弄回来这样多的好东西,想必待的时间不短吧?” Qin Muling slightly one hesitant, speaks the truth: Is their several accompanies me to go, in addition my special talent, therefore various harvests are many, naturally you do not need to mind, another day I can also go to the chaos void to travel and seek for the chance with you.” 秦沐凌略一犹豫,还是说了实话:“是她们几位陪着我去的,加上我的特殊天赋,所以各种收获不少,当然你们不用介意,改天我也可以和你们一起去混沌虚空中游历、寻找机缘的。” Really must make the Senior Sister know that the female cultivated/repaired the alliance to be many several Sect treasures, only feared that they were various types clench jaws, must therefore probably provide for a rainy day, in advance comforted them. 真要让师姐知道女修联盟已经多了好几件宗门重器,只怕她们又是各种咬牙切齿,所以必须得未雨绸缪,先行安抚好她们。 Un, this also almost!” “嗯,这还差不多!” Ices the phoenix Emperor Monarch revolutions to be angry to happily, originally Little Junior Brother should be more intimate their. To come by his going against heaven's will destiny, in the future at the chance that the chaos void deep place found, must be above the imagination surely. 冰凰帝君转嗔为喜,本来小师弟就应该更亲近她们的。想来以他的逆天气运,将来在混沌虚空深处找到的机缘,必定会多得超乎想象。 They can not care about these advantage, but not indignant in woman cultivates these wave hooves of alliance to be possible the vigor to rub the small advantage on Little Junior Brother. 她们也不是非要在意这些好处,只是不忿于女修联盟的那些浪蹄子在小师弟身上可劲儿蹭便宜。 Qin Muling thinks, continued to Bing Chan Emperor Monarch: „The range of this Buddhist temple was small, feared that could not hold too many disciple disciples, was inferior that the Senior Sister you and I went to Mist Fantasy Secret Realm, chose some good sections to transport?” 秦沐凌想了想,继续对冰蟾帝君说着:“这道场的范围还是小了点,怕是容纳不了太多的门人弟子,不如师姐你和我去雾幻秘境,挑选一些好的地段搬运回来吧?” Surrounding area 10 billion li (0.5 km) floats the land void, placing before naturally was enough big, but now is not anything. Especially the upper boundary Origin Star Palace disciple disciple arrives unceasingly, in the future will have monster imperial state Senior Sister Junior Sister, the domain is too small is insufficient. 方圆百亿里的虚空浮陆,放在以前来说当然是够大了,不过现在已经不算什么。尤其是上界的始源星宫门人弟子不断地降临,将来还有妖皇国度的师姐师妹,地盘太小根本不够用的。 Bing Chan Emperor Monarch beautiful pupil one bright, immediately saying: Almost forgot Little Junior Brother you also to have this ability, ok, did we accompany you to pass together?” 冰蟾帝君美眸一亮,当即说着:“差点忘了小师弟你还有这能力,行吧,我们一起陪你过去?” Qin Muling complies with one, making the Senior Sisters all encircle in own side, dim blue lotus virtual image that the chaos clear splendor winds around appears, takes in within the body space them completely, vanishing on the spot. 秦沐凌答应一声,让师姐们全围在自己身边,混沌清辉缭绕的朦胧青莲虚影浮现,将她们全部收进体内空间,消失在原地。 When the field of vision of Senior Sisters returns to normal, discovered oneself have placed in the strange space and time world. Spiritual Energy spirit vein is extremely abundant, the world dao rhyme boundless atmosphere, hardly loses in these top grade dwelling places of buddhist immortals of upper boundary. 等到师姐们的视野恢复正常时,发现自己已经身处陌生的时空世界中。灵气灵脉极度充沛,天地道韵磅礴大气,几乎不输于上界的那些极品洞天福地。 Originally...... is here Mist Fantasy Secret Realm? Before had heard existence of this space and time, did not have the opportunity to come to have a look! Feels here Heavenly Dao principle system, and upper boundary difference not too obvious appearance......” “原来……这里就是雾幻秘境?以前只是听说过这个时空的存在,一直都没有机会进来看看呢!感觉这里的天道法则体系、和上界区别不太明显的样子……” Younger sister Chen Xuemei in twin sisters drops gu, used several small magic arts at will, during the light shadow twinkles, has learned many news. 双胞胎姐妹中的妹妹陈雪玫滴咕着,随意施展了数个小法术,光影闪烁间,已然获悉了不少讯息。 Night Xing Lan induces slightly, is saying to Qin Muling: Here belongs to the day of human race domain after all, heard that their strengths cannot be underestimated, we plunder the resources here wantonly, they detected, will not come to interfere?” 星澜略微感应一番,对秦沐凌说着:“这里毕竟是属于天人族的地盘,听说他们的实力不容小觑,我们在这里大肆搜刮资源,他们察觉后不会过来干涉的吗?” Has not related, day human race is my slave race!” “没关系的,天人族已经是我的奴隶种族了!” Qin Muling explained slightly, made the Senior Sisters ruthlessly surprised instantaneously. They have not thought entire day human race senior Quasi-Saint Emperor can be struck to kill greatly , became the Qin Muling exclusive back garden by present Mist Fantasy Secret Realm early, the resources in entire space and time world can control by him. 秦沐凌略微解释了一番,瞬间又让师姐们狠狠惊讶了一回。她们可没想到整个天人族的资深准圣帝君大能都已经被击杀,是以现在的雾幻秘境、早成了秦沐凌的专属后花园,整个时空世界中的资源都可以由他来支配的。 „Can we...... choose the best domain to move now at will?” “那我们现在……岂不是可以随意挑选最好的地盘搬回去啦?” The East stops han to hug the Qin Muling waist border, the delightful voice trembles slightly, places, this may really be the unthinkable good deed. 东方止晗搂着秦沐凌的腰际,甜美的嗓音微微发颤,放在过去,这可真是想都不敢想的好事。 Definitely,” “肯定的,” Night Xing Lan makes an effort to nip white/shell tooth, is saying ruthlessly: I know, hurries to choose the suitable goal how finally the female cultivates that side the alliance the length and breadth to result in does not make sense the domain that comes! Our Origin Star Palace future Buddhist temple mass, cannot compare their small!” 星澜用力咬着贝齿,狠狠地说着:“我总算知道女修联盟那边广袤得不像话的地盘是怎么来的了,赶紧挑选合适的目标吧!我们始源星宫将来的道场体量,绝不能比她们的小了去!” Right, is this truth!” “没错,就是这个道理!” The Senior Sisters spoke the approval, obviously Origin Star Palace was the Little Junior Brother true family/home, why can by outside these wave hooves being inferior? 众师姐纷纷出言赞同,明明始源星宫才是小师弟真正的家,凭什么要被外面的那些浪蹄子给比了下去? The Qin Muling heart only has the forced smile, knows many to own magical powers mighty force, the Senior Sisters cultivate/repair alliance that side complaint to be deeper to the female, that because these wave hooves benefit is really many, is really unfair to Origin Star Palace. 秦沐凌心底唯有苦笑,对自己的神通伟力知晓得越多,师姐们对女修联盟那边的怨念就越深,因为那些浪蹄子得到的好处实在是太多,对始源星宫而言实在是太不公平了。 Ok, not to mention this, hurrying to work is the correct principle!” “算了,别提这个了吧,赶紧干活才是正理!” Bing Chan Emperor Monarch looks at the Qin Muling look, understands his thoughts, stopped female apprentices' complaint immediately, starts to look for the appropriate domain. 冰蟾帝君一看秦沐凌的神色,就明白了他的心思,当即制止了师妹们的抱怨,开始物色合适的地盘。 Responded the East that stops han various woman then to stop talking, whatever, the feeling of Little Junior Brother must take into consideration. 反应过来的东方止晗诸女这才住了口,无论怎样,小师弟的感受是必须要顾及的。 After the moment, one surrounding area 100 billion li (0.5 km) and rich resources and stratum deep place contains many ultra spirit vein landmasses to be selected, Bing Chan Emperor Monarch entire cuts immediately it by the big supernatural power and big magical powers. 须臾之后,一块方圆千亿里、资源丰富、地层深处蕴藏诸多超品灵脉的陆块被圈定,冰蟾帝君随即以大法力、大神通将其整个切割下来。 Blustery within, the giant landmass lifts off slowly, and rapidly changes is small, at once takes in within the body space of blue lotus virtual image deep place. 风起云涌间,巨大的陆块缓缓升空,并迅速变小,旋即收进了青莲虚影深处的体内空间里。 Then, Qin Muling leads the Senior Sisters to return to the universe starry sky, releases again the landmass, with the original Origin Star Palace Buddhist temple smooth splicing and fusion in together, makes no distinctions. 然后,秦沐凌带领着师姐们返回太虚星空,再将陆块释放出来,与原本的始源星宫道场顺利拼接融合在一起,无分彼此。 Merely one round-trip, made the area of Sect territory expand ten times, the spiritual energy density also rose a section. 仅仅一次往返,就让宗门领地的面积扩充了十倍之多,灵气浓度也攀升了一截。 Comes several times, first makes into a surrounding area 10 trillion li (0.5 km) mass here, then erects new mountain-protecting great array, after waiting to complete , to continue to expand!” “多来几次吧,先把这里弄成方圆十万亿里的体量,然后架设新的护山大阵,等完成之后再继续扩建!” Qin Muling is saying, the Senior Sisters from the principle of permitting, this are enhance the Sect overall strength all rapidly only way, placed the past, some people do not think that can also operate like this. 秦沐凌说着,师姐们自无不允之理,这可是快速提升宗门整体实力的不二法门,放在以往,根本不会有人想到还可以这样操作。 Without exaggeration, Qin Muling is the multiplier of Sect strategy strength, whoever obtained him, can gain the countless advantage. 可以毫不夸张地说,秦沐凌本身就是宗门战略实力的倍增器,无论谁得到了他,都可以获得数不尽的好处。 Several days later, when the range of void great land expands to the surrounding area smoothly 10 trillion li (0.5 km), the second group of disciple disciples from upper boundary arrived finally. 数天之后,当虚空巨陆的范围顺利扩充到方圆十万亿里时,来自上界的第二批门人弟子终于降临了。 This team scale reaches more than 20 million to have much, was the Origin Star Palace person and monster imperial state female immortal also accounted for about half not completely. 这回的队伍规模多达两千万有余,不完全是始源星宫的人、妖皇国度的女仙也占了一半左右。 Leading dragon Qi Emperor Monarch, the monster sovereign trusted aide. 带队的正是龙绮帝君,妖皇陛下的心腹。 You may be came,” “你们可算是过来了,” Bing Chan Emperor Monarch is smiling slightly: Hurries and Little Junior Brother speech, later he here time, must look at our two sisters' performance!” 冰蟾帝君微微笑着:“赶紧去和小师弟说话吧,以后他在这边的时间,就要看我们两家姐妹的表现啦!” dragon Qi Emperor Monarch winked the winking shiny smooth clear beautiful pupil, saying: Female cultivates alliance that side temptress,...... Little Junior Brother has waited not to give up no wonder in that side with him! Was good has expected this because of the monster sovereign, this time arranged several tens of thousands of female immortals to come, is the candidate who your majesty looked to select personally, Little Junior Brother he will certainly satisfy.” 龙绮帝君眨了眨莹润清亮的美眸,说着:“女修联盟那边的狐媚子,是不是已经和他……难怪小师弟待在那边不舍得回来呢!好在妖皇陛下早已料到这一出,此番安排了数万女仙过来,都是陛下亲自物色圈定的人选,小师弟他一定会满意的。” Must the rain and dew moisten! 必须雨露均沾! This is the attitude of ten day fox, regardless of Origin Star Palace or the female cultivate/repair that side the alliance female immortal, cannot monopolize the love of Qin Muling. In his harem must have, beautiful color from monster imperial state enough. 这就是十尾天狐的态度,无论始源星宫还是女修联盟那边的女仙,都不能独占秦沐凌的宠爱。他的后宫里必须有足够数量的、来自妖皇国度的丽色。 After a little while, enjoys the feast Qin Muling, saw the splendid attire appearance and beautiful color fearful dragon Qi Emperor Monarch. 少顷,享用完大餐的秦沐凌,就见到了盛装打扮、丽色慑人的龙绮帝君 In her side, but also stands, looks to be possible high of person to select the young girl silver-haired pretty, on the beautiful cheek has the shy implicit happy expression, palace clothes magnificent dress that deep traces a design in gold azure, the figure curve is quite enchantingly irritable, clear such as the bright beautiful pupil of gem presents the golden color of undulating, reveals the monster of alien race beautiful woman different to attract the character and style. 在她的身边,还站着一位满头银发、姿容娇俏可人的高挑少女,绝美的脸蛋上带着腼腆含蓄的笑意,一袭深青描金的宫裳华服,身段曲线极为火爆妖娆,圆润如宝石的明亮美眸呈现出澹澹的金色,流露着异族美人的妖异魅惑风情。 Little Junior Brother, this is the monster sovereign blood relative younger sister, Linghu Qingya!” 小师弟,这位是妖皇陛下的嫡亲妹妹,令狐青雅!” dragon Qi Emperor Monarch look is introducing gravely, but this Linghu Qingya direct line bloodlines of day fox clan, because your majesty has not married, without descendant, therefore this Linghu Qingya was regarded as her successor by the monster imperial state high level, obviously veneration of its position. 龙绮帝君神色庄重地介绍着,这令狐青雅可是天狐一族的直系血脉,由于陛下至今未曾婚配,没有后裔,因此这令狐青雅就被妖皇国度高层视作她的继承人,可见其身份地位之尊崇。 Qin Muling looked at her, the look opens the mouth to send regards confidently. The intention of ten day fox this act, he naturally understands. 秦沐凌看了看她,神色坦然地开口问候着。十尾天狐此举的用意,他自然是明白的。 This Linghu azure elegant small head slightly side, have a relish takes a look at him several breaths, nods satisfied, the gloss flatters Li's sandalwood mouth to open, resounds just like the limpid voice that the ice crystal strikes against: 这位令狐青雅螓首微侧,饶有兴致地打量他数息,满意地点了点头,光泽媚丽的檀口微启,宛如冰晶碰击的清澈嗓音响起: Innate primordial chaos good fortune blue lotus the body of shape, is really out of the ordinary, various aspects are great!” “先天鸿蒙造化青莲的化形之身,果然是非比寻常,各方面都没得说!” Elder sister made me bring some gifts to give you specially, but before then, you were the foresight cross them to say again! This is the prime important important matter!” “姐姐特意让我带了些礼物给你,不过在这之前,你还是先见过了她们再说吧!这可是头等要紧的大事呢!” What Qin Muling knew for sure her to say was anything, complied temperately, the Origin Star Palace Senior Sisters must recompense to hope in any case, monster imperial state definitely cannot fall behind in this aspect. 秦沐凌情知她想说的是什么,温和地答应下来,反正始源星宫的师姐们都已经得偿所愿,妖皇国度在这方面肯定是不能落后的。 Therefore a moment later, in the tall and pleasing to the eye palace, Qin Muling saw grand scene that several tens of thousands of alien race beautiful women get together. 于是片刻之后,在美轮美奂的殿堂里,秦沐凌就见到了数万名异族美人齐聚的盛大场面。 Sees Linghu Qingya to pull him to come , the monster clan beautiful women who these character and style beautiful conditions vary knew for sure are advocating to arrive, bent down to salute, Yingying Yanyan is sending regards. 见令狐青雅挽着他进来,这些风情妍态各异的妖族美人情知是正主到场了,纷纷俯身行礼,莺莺燕燕地问候着。 How Little Junior Brother feels,” 小师弟觉得如何,” Linghu Qingya warm word soft and gentle words are saying to Qin Muling: „This honored daughter of first wife from monster imperial state high-rank ethnic group, you can select casually, if other what demand, raises by all means is, will not disappoint you!” 令狐青雅温言软语地对秦沐凌说着:“这都是来自妖皇国度上位族群的尊贵嫡女,你可以随便挑,若是还有别的什么需求,也只管提出来便是,绝不会让你失望的!” Qin Muling nods: That all received, I never selected!” 秦沐凌点点头:“那就全收了吧,我从不挑的!”
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