SSIDWTWH :: Volume #5

#438: Dongfang Zhihan: Is we first comes obviously!

That locates cloud Zhengxia to be luxuriant, in mysterious magnificent space. 那处云蒸霞蔚,神奇瑰丽的空间里。 The divine sense projection that the static Brahma female, the purple poem rhyme, azure luminary immortal reveres with ten day fox, the lord of Origin Star Palace is assemble again. 静梵天女,紫诗韵,青曜仙尊的神念投影再度与十尾天狐,始源星宫之主齐聚一堂。 „...... The demonic path founder's temple is that 12 super influence of head will soon repair the alliance to make war to our females . Moreover the goal is to come to Qin Muling, your two is what planned?” “……魔道祖庭为首的那十二家超级势力即将对我们女修联盟开战,而且目标就是冲着秦沐凌来的,你们两位是什么打算?” The big Palace Lord purple poem rhyme not smalltalk, is asking beyond the shadow. 宫主紫诗韵也不客套,开门见山地问着。 The lord of Origin Star Palace is saying cool: They, since dares to do, that must have the consciousness of paying the price, we will definitely not stand by.” 始源星宫之主澹然说着:“他们既然敢作死,那就要有付出代价的觉悟,我们肯定不会袖手旁观的。” The static Brahma female relaxes slightly, so long as there are these two secretly to assist, matter was easier to do, in any case the time in the female cultivated/repaired the alliance, so long as they persisted in consuming, will laugh last is not that side the demonic path founder's temple. 静梵天女微微松了口气,只要有这两位在暗中协助,事情就好办多了,反正时间在女修联盟这边,只要她们坚持耗下去,笑到最后的绝不会是魔道祖庭那边。 „......” “不过……” Ten day fox are saying calmly: According to the beforehand agreement, again about a month, Qin Muling must return to the Origin Star Palace Buddhist temple, even all -out war breaks out, this point cannot change.” 十尾天狐平静地说着:“按照之前的约定,再有一个月左右的时间,秦沐凌就必须回始源星宫道场了,就算是全面战争爆发,这一点也不能变动。” azure luminary immortal reveres frowns: But he here words, we will not resist very difficultly. The present Origin Star Palace Buddhist temple...... the mountain-protecting great array defensive power is really also limited, if encountered them to besiege, perhaps could not shoulder!” 青曜仙尊不由蹙眉:“可是他不在这边的话,我们会抵挡得很艰难的。再说现在的始源星宫道场……护山大阵防御力实在有限,如果遭遇他们围攻,恐怕根本扛不住!” The lord of Origin Star Palace is saying: Doesn't matter, this palace will act, as for not letting him was threatened.” 始源星宫之主说着:“没关系,本宫会出手的,决不至于让他受到威胁。” That this!” “那就这样吧!” The static Brahma female no longer pesters this matter, the lord of Origin Star Palace is far-fetched, not possible to make a mistake in the Qin Muling security problem. 静梵天女不再纠缠此事,始源星宫之主再不靠谱,也不可能在秦沐凌的安全问题上犯错误。 Ten day fox smile: Actually did not need too to be worried, all -out war may break out, but was unlikely to come like this quickly, after all the Muling talent magical powers were not the ornaments.” 十尾天狐笑笑:“其实也不用太担心了,全面战争或许会爆发,但不太可能来得这样快的,毕竟沐凌的天赋神通不是摆设。” Destiny retrogression, destiny plundering these two talent magical powers, regarding any can be trump card of becoming angry while talking about it greatly. Before finding effective containment method, these super influences headed by demonic path founder's temple, not necessarily really dares the plot revealed. “气运消退”,“气运掠夺”这两项天赋神通,对于任何大能而言都是谈之色变的杀手锏。在没有找到有效的遏制手段之前,以魔道祖庭为首的那些超级势力们,未必就真的敢图穷匕见。 Un, let us hope so.” “嗯,但愿如此吧。” azure luminary immortal revered saying that she naturally hopes that the matter was this, wants to come, so long as had integer year again, magnificence Xi, brocade huan, supple blue, day rosy cloud Emperor Monarch they, is expected to become three corpse normalizing big energies with the help of Qin Muling, at the appointed time resisted these super influences on have confidence. 青曜仙尊说着,她当然希望事情是这样,想来只要再有个数年时间,华熙、锦鹮、柔蓝、天霞帝君她们,都有望在秦沐凌的帮助下成为三尸归一的大能,届时对抗那些超级势力就更有把握了。 Actually now, can consider the choice of who strikes the first blow has the advantage,” “其实现在,就可以考虑先下手为强的选择,” The lord of Origin Star Palace hesitates saying: They had harbored evil intentions in any case, getting angry to begin is sooner or later matter, might as well make Muling make a move, first killed their one batch to say greatly again?” 始源星宫之主沉吟道:“反正他们都已经不怀好意了,翻脸动手是迟早的事,不如就让沐凌出手,先弄死他们一批大能再说?” The static Brahma female is saying: Muling makes a move not to have the issue, but as the matter stands, that side the demonic path founder's temple was equal to that was compelled not to have the escape route, perhaps to maintain a livelihood, will they use immediately die to knock with us full power?” 静梵天女说着:“沐凌出手是没问题,只不过这样一来,魔道祖庭那边就等于被逼得没了退路,说不定为了活命,他们立刻就会倾尽全力和我们死磕到底?” Stands in the standpoint of demonic path founder's temple, makes war in any case comprehensively dies, does not make war also dies, that might as well detains the complete family property while the present, cultivates the alliance blood to spell with the female. 站在魔道祖庭的立场上,反正全面开战是死,不开战也是死,那还不如趁着现在押上全部家底,和女修联盟血拼一场。 Even cannot win, so long as can give the female to cultivate/repair the alliance to cause the enough big losses before starting off, later will naturally have other super influence on tidy up them. 就算打不赢,只要能够在上路之前给女修联盟造成足够大的损失,以后自然还会有别的超级势力来收拾她们。 Pouring is also this truth,” “倒也是这个道理,” Ten day fox said: First warned these fellows, if they were still incorrigibly wicked, that did not say that you have not been forewarned.” 十尾天狐说道:“先警告那些家伙吧,如果他们仍是贼心不死,那就勿谓言之不预了。” The females do not have the objection, the body dead front a disappearing deterrent, cultivates for high again can probably maintain enough calmness greatly. 众女对此都没有异议,身死道消的威慑面前,修为再高的大能都得保持足够的冷静。 Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace Sect Chief Platform. 云梦天宫宗门总坛 In other shore void god cauldron, Qin Muling with magnificence Xi, brocade huan, supple blue, day rosy cloud Emperor Monarch they cultivation diligently. Because extremely studious reason, one month passes by, when Qin Muling goes out of the resting palace inner palace is the wall. 彼岸虚空神鼎中,秦沐凌正在和华熙,锦鹮,柔蓝,天霞帝君她们勤奋修炼。由于太过用功的缘故,以至于外界一个月时间过去,秦沐凌走出寝宫内殿时都是扶墙而出的。 Looked at the deep blue vault of heaven of outside auspicious color class/flow splendor, rubs Qin Muling of waist to sigh secretly, such deity day is not really good to enjoy, opening lies is crisp for a while, has opened lies one frankly, is too fee/spent inspiration dao rhyme. 看了看外面瑞彩流辉的碧蓝天穹,揉着后腰的秦沐凌暗自叹了口气,这样的神仙日子真不是那么好消受的,开趴一时爽,一直开趴一直爽,就是太费灵机道韵 Moreover three corpse normalizing to the high boundary is really somewhat difficult, even if Qin Muling has done utmost, finally also made them improve the respective three corpse incarnations, and accumulation was deeper. 而且三尸归一的至高境界实在是有些艰难,哪怕秦沐凌已经竭尽全力,最终也只是让她们完善了各自的三尸化身,且积累更为深厚一些而已。 Wish makes them probably recompense to hope, but also some boiled. Perhaps needs , after Qin Muling cultivation realm promotes again, can accomplish this point. 想要让她们得偿所愿,还有的熬了。或许必须要等到秦沐凌修为境界再度提升后,才可以办到这一点。 Dim blue lotus virtual image passes away in Qin Muling behind, the magnanimous spiritual energy is succinct, since the dark void deep place falls in torrents rolling, such as all things tending one way floods into his within the body, lets vigor extreme speed restoration that loses. 朦胧的青莲虚影秦沐凌身后倏忽即逝,海量的灵气精粹自冥冥虚空深处滚滚倾泻而下,如百川归海般涌入他的体内,让损耗一空的精气神极速恢复。 After several breaths, re-enters Qin Muling in peak condition to feel oneself were also good. 数息之后,重回巅峰状态的秦沐凌感觉自己又行了。 Thinks, oneself must go to that side Origin Star Palace immediately, before starting, has a look at teacher Mu Yinghua. Therefore Qin Muling control escaping, will only arrive at the Sect Master cave mansion , before shortly. 想了一下,自己马上就要去始源星宫那边,启程之前还是得去看看师尊牧盈华。于是秦沐凌驾驭遁光,顷刻间就到了掌教洞府前。 The tightly guarded cave mansion entrance, many elders manage see are Your Highness Son of God arrive, naturally cannot stop, bends down to salute, whatever he enters the main entrance. 戒备森严的洞府门口,众多长老执事一见是圣子殿下驾临,自然不会阻拦,纷纷俯身行礼,任由他走进正门。 Peaceful yellow hundred flowers group brocade/bright palace clothes, bright-colored noble Mu Yinghua was still bustling about behind the table tuart at this time, sees Qin Muling to come, on the look dignified jade face were many little happy expressions. 一袭澹黄百花团锦宫裳,明艳高贵的牧盈华此时仍在桌桉后面忙碌着,见到秦沐凌进来,神色威严的玉颜上多了几许笑意。 „Did cultivation end?” “修炼结束了啊?” Her gentle voice is asking, whatever the beautiful youngster climbs up cloud bed, hug the plentiful enchanting tender body in the bosom, is one practices fraud. 她柔声问着,任由美少年爬上云床、将自己丰腴妖娆的娇躯搂在怀里,然后就是一顿上下其手。 Bastard, good?” “坏蛋,好了没有?” With his playing a dirty trick, the Mu Yinghua aura is disorderly, in the beautiful pupils wave light Lian is colorful, the snow greasy flesh covered a rose pink color quietly. 随着他的使坏,牧盈华气息凌乱,美眸间波光潋艳,雪腻的肌肤悄然笼罩上了一层玫瑰红。 Qin Muling does not comply with one including the lake clear, gets buried into her bosom the head. 秦沐凌含湖不清地答应一声,将脑袋埋进她的怀里。 The Mu Yinghua beautiful face blushes, the beautiful pupil flatters the intent class/flow wave, whatever this fellow is tossing about heartily, good long time to hold down he, the gentle soft glutinous voice trembles slightly: Noisy enough? Should say the proper business?” 牧盈华丽颜羞红,美眸媚意流波,任由这家伙尽情折腾着,好半晌才按住了他,柔媚软糯的嗓音微微发颤:“闹够了没?该说正事了吧?” Qin Muling calls a halt longingly, the link lives in her barbarian waist to speak warm: „Didn't that side...... have the sound temporarily?” 秦沐凌恋恋不舍地停手,环住她的蛮腰温言说着:“那边……暂时没动静了吧?” What he said is the demonic path founder's temple, although the opposite party sent out the threat of all-out war few days ago, moreover is deploying troops on a large scale, but when started no one to know. 他说的是魔道祖庭,对方虽然前些日子发出了全面战争的威胁,而且也在大举调兵遣将,但是到底什么时候开打就没人知晓了。 Un, yes,” “嗯,是的,” Mu Yinghua is stroking gently his cheeks gently, saying: Had you to bestow on the deterrent of magical powers on that day, they before finding effective counter measures, was unlikely to make war like this.” 牧盈华轻轻摩挲着他的脸颊,说着:“有你那天赋神通的威慑,他们在没有找到有效的应对措施之前,是不太可能就这样开战的。” Expected matter.” “意料之中的事。” Qin Muling nods, even if the apexes of 12 super influences can turn out in full strength greatly, wants to break through Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace Chief Platform mountain-protecting great array in a short time, is the wishful thinking. 秦沐凌点了点头,纵然是十二家超级势力的顶尖大能们倾巢而出,想要在短时间内攻破云梦天宫总坛护山大阵,都是痴心妄想。 The female cultivates the alliance to have so many Quasi-Saint Emperor to defend with joint forces, this mountain-protecting great array insisted that ten years eight years always do not have the issue, the so long time, enough made Qin Muling torment to death several groups top by the talent magical powers to be able greatly. 女修联盟有如此多的准圣帝君合力防守,这护山大阵坚持个十年八年总是没问题的,如此长的时间,足够让秦沐凌以天赋神通整死好几拨顶尖大能了。 Takes Qin Muling now cultivating of Quasi-Saint Emperor as, so long as there is a photo portrait aura of goal on the line, a wave number can aim at 50 targets simultaneously. Even if they can shoulder again, can insist 1-2 years was still similar. 秦沐凌现在准圣帝君的修为,只要有了目标的图影气息就行,一个波次可以同时针对五十个目标。就算他们再能扛,能坚持个1-2的也就差不多了。 To come the opposite party also to understand this point, therefore the war threats have stayed in the mouth hi the level of slapping in the face artillery, does not dare to be put into action truly. 想来对方也是明白了这一点,所以战争威胁一直都是停留在口嗨打嘴炮的层面,未敢真正付诸行动。 „......” “不过……” Mu Yinghua has leaned the small head, the pitch-black black eyebrow concentrates: Actually can your magical powers mystique be restrained? They such many super influences, if the intention questions all family properties, perhaps will really discover any unknown method to cope your.” 牧盈华侧过螓首,乌黑黛眉微凝:“你这神通秘法究竟有没有可能被克制?他们那样多的超级势力,若是用心盘查所有家底,没准真会找出些什么不为人知的手段来对付你的。” Qin Muling is saying: I did not suspect that the profound detail of their passing accumulation, has certainly such method even, likely is some innate primordial chaos most precious object, most can protect several people that few have several, does not have the big practical significance.” 秦沐凌说着:“我不怀疑他们过往积累的深厚底蕴,当然就算有这样的法子,很可能就是某种先天鸿蒙至宝吧,最多能护住寥寥有数的几人,没有多大的实际意义。” Is this is good.” “是这样就好。” Mu Yinghua relaxes, so long as Qin Muling the talent magical powers also, regarding the deterrent force of any foreign enemy are quite effective. 牧盈华松了口气,只要秦沐凌的这种天赋神通还在,对于任何外敌的威慑力都是相当有效的。 Ok, while the present, we cultivates again one round? Then I must go to that side.” “好了,趁着现在,我们再修炼一轮吧?然后我就得去那边了。” Qin Muling is saying, held the plentiful tender body of teacher impatiently, turned around to enter in the boudoir gateway after screen, time acceleration law also opened. 秦沐凌说着,迫不及待地抱起了师尊的丰腴娇躯,转身走进屏风后的闺房门户里,时间加速法阵随之开启。 Mu Yinghua of red cloud over the face has not rejected, knows he must before distinguishing, gives itself and daughter supplemented that enough inspirational dao rhyme, may probably wait till after all next time six months later. 红云满面的牧盈华没有拒绝,知道他是要趁分别前、给自己和女儿补充足够的灵机道韵,毕竟下次可就要等到半年之后了。 Three days later. 三天之后。 When Qin Muling when azure luminary immortal reveres with under the accompaniment of big Palace Lord purple poem rhyme leaves the other shore void god cauldron, discovered that Bing Chan Emperor Monarch and night Xing Lan, the East stopped han they to wait in Sect Assembly Hall. 秦沐凌在青曜仙尊和大宫主紫诗韵的陪同下离开彼岸虚空神鼎时,发现冰蟾帝君与夜星澜,东方止晗她们已经在宗门议事殿里等着了。 Little Junior Brother, we walk!” 小师弟,我们走吧!” Sees the appearance of Qin Muling, a livelihood of black red interaction embroiders the phoenix big palace skirt formal clothes, the splendid attire appearance and brilliant Bing Chan Emperor Monarch sets out gracefully, the winning smile is saying sweet. 见到秦沐凌的出现,一袭黑红相间的日月绣凰大宫裙礼服,盛妆打扮、光彩照人的冰蟾帝君盈盈起身,巧笑嫣然地说着。 Qin Muling nods, azure luminary immortal reveres said: We escorted him to pass together, wait to deliver to your domain to come back again.” 秦沐凌点点头,青曜仙尊则是说道:“我们护送他一起过去,等送到了你们的地盘上再回来。” Even if Qin Muling the one person alone travels now does not have the issue, the non- over-carriage in various female standpoints, did not dare the careless and indiscreet general idea/careless to this matter, once otherwise made the careless mistake is the foreign enemy took advantage, the regret after the fact may not have the place to buy. 哪怕秦沐凌现在孤身往返都已没有问题,不过站在诸女的立场上,对这种事情仍不敢轻忽大意,否则一旦出了纰漏为外敌所趁,后悔药可没地方买去。 Bing Chan Emperor Monarch shot a look at her one eyes unemotionally, without rejection. 冰蟾帝君面无表情地瞥了她一眼,没有拒绝。 Although the teacher had reached the compromise with them, but the two sides present relations were still quite subtle, with harmonious friendly could not touch on slightly. Each other can restrain not to quarrel at the scene, has looked in the Qin Muling share. 虽说师尊已经和她们达成了妥协,不过两边现在的关系仍是比较微妙,与和谐友好根本沾不上边。彼此能够克制住不当场吵起来,已经是看在秦沐凌的份上了。 Does not have the words, the void great land that until entering the Origin Star Palace Buddhist temple is, azure luminary immortal revered is saying neither cold nor hot: This place was really poor, Little Junior Brother you also transported some domains to come from Mist Fantasy Secret Realm, developed to them, otherwise somewhat lost the face of first immortal sacred place!” 一路无话,直到进入始源星宫道场所在的虚空巨陆,青曜仙尊才不冷不热地说着:“这地方实在是太寒酸了些,小师弟你也从雾幻秘境搬运些地盘过来,给她们拓展一下吧,不然有些丢了第一不朽圣地的脸面呢!” Qin Muling: „......” 秦沐凌:“……” The white hair such as the snow, irritable night Xing Lan got angry immediately, is cold the face to interrogate: Whom are you saying? Mystifying, do you play tricks to turn Little Junior Brother, Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace can have today's Xuan meteorology?!” 白发如雪、性情火爆的夜星澜顿时就怒了,寒着脸质问道:“你是在说谁呢?阴阳怪气的,要不是你们耍手段拐走了小师弟,云梦天宫能有今天的煊赫气象?!” The East stops han to sneer slightly: All these that you have now come, doesn't have the points at heart? Also installed the lord to come before us?” 东方止晗微微冷笑:“你们现在拥有的这一切都是怎么来的,心里没点数吗?在我们面前还装起主子来了?” This little loli has endured them to be very long. Is depending on her temperament, should, entice to trap the Little Junior Brother seductress all these no sense of shame to butcher simply, avoid remains is continue damage Little Junior Brother. 这位小萝莉已经忍她们很久了。依着她的脾气,就该将这些寡廉鲜耻、勾引诱骗了小师弟的狐狸精全宰了干脆,省得留着继续祸害小师弟 azure luminary immortal reveres the look one coldly, must refute, Qin Muling quickly holds on her, is mediating saying: Fellow Senior Sisters do not quarrel! Time press, does the proper business?” 青曜仙尊眼神一冷,就要驳斥,秦沐凌急忙拉住她,打着圆场道:“各位师姐别吵了!时间紧迫,还是去干正事吧?” If the two sides cannot bear begin finally, he clamped in the middle is really difficult to cultivate the behavior, where regardless of helped not be good to confess. 如果两边最后忍不住动起了手,那他夹在中间真的是难做人了,无论帮哪边都不好交代。 The East stopped han snort/hum, has not said anything again. The purple poem rhyme looked at Qin Muling, does not endure him to feel embarrassed eventually, therefore puts to catch one's breath saying: Things have gotten to this point, we struggle again is not meaningful, first shows no external differences, tries influence that deals with these to harbor evil intentions!” 东方止晗哼了一声,没有再说什么。紫诗韵看了看秦沐凌,终究是不忍他为难,于是放缓了口气道:“事已至此,我们再争来争去的没什么意义,还是先一致对外,设法应对那些不怀好意的势力吧!” Bing Chan Emperor Monarch nods slightly, pulls the arm of Qin Muling, saying: That like this was good, six months later you will come to meet him again.” 冰蟾帝君微微颔首,挽住秦沐凌的胳膊,说着:“那就这样好了,半年之后你们再过来接他吧。” When separates after the two sides, Qin Muling relaxes truly. 待到两边分开后,秦沐凌才真正松了口气。 Ice phoenix Emperor Monarch that had not spoken somewhat looks at him funnily, supple sound said: Little Junior Brother, do you fear among us very much the conflict?” 一直未说话的冰凰帝君有些好笑地看着他,柔声道:“小师弟,你很怕我们之间起冲突吗?” Otherwise do you think?” “不然你以为呢?” The East stopped han white her eyes: I looked at Little Junior Brother charming by their methods, otherwise how to go so far as to so? Is we first comes obviously.” 东方止晗白了她一眼:“我看小师弟就是被她们的手段给迷住了,否则何至于如此?明明是我们先来的。” Pretty beautiful, bead Hui jade Li's Chen Xue yi thought of anything suddenly, the look asked intense Qin Muling said: Little Junior Brother, you speak the truth with the Senior Sisters, actually did you have...... how many dao companion in that side?” 娇俏明媚、珠辉玉丽的陈雪怡忽地想到了什么,神色紧张地问秦沐凌道:“小师弟,你跟师姐们说实话,你在那边究竟有……多少个道侣了?” Must say that Qin Muling in that side is the single condition, they are do not believe from the start. Even if Little Junior Brother do not have the idea, these bold wave hooves will also rack the brain, gives him to insert several dao companion resourcefully, even is...... the no sense of shame is out personally! 要说秦沐凌在那边一直是单身状态,她们是压根就不信的。哪怕小师弟自己没想法,那些没脸没皮的浪蹄子也会挖空心思,想方设法地给他塞上几个道侣的,甚至是……寡廉鲜耻地亲自下场! Qin Muling raises head to look at the day, attended to about him: Here was truly smaller, Eldest Senior Sister you and others can go to Mist Fantasy Secret Realm with me, transports some appropriate landmasses to come back, at least needs expands 180 times here to look like the appearance, did you say?” 秦沐凌仰头看天,顾左右而言他:“这里确实小了些,大师姐你等会和我一起去雾幻秘境,搬运些合适的陆块回来,至少要将这里扩充个百八十倍的才像样子,你说是吧?” Chen Xue yi: „......” 陈雪怡:“……” The East stops han: „......” 东方止晗:“……” Good.” “好吧。” The Bing Chan Emperor Monarch pupil light flashes, has not continued to closely examine wisely, this matter knows many, will only make them feel that being vexed even more, might as well pretends good calmly. 冰蟾帝君眸光微闪,明智地没有继续追问下去,这种事情知道得越多,只会让她们感觉越发的糟心,还不如装作若无其事的好。 The Qin Muling heart sighed, this issue also delivered the proposition, killing him was impossible to say. Otherwise when the two sides Senior Sisters will meet next time, will unable to repress to begin absolutely, that no one can block. 秦沐凌心底叹了口气,这种问题同样是送命题,打死他都不可能说的。否则两边的师姐们下次见面时,绝对会按捺不住动起手来,谁都拦不住的那种。 Returns to the spiritual energy to be dense, red clouds the splendor spurts near the thin Thousand Harmonic Merits azure lotus pond, Bing Chan Emperor Monarch called in Sect immediately all Senior Sister Junior Sisters, including these high rank female dwelling places of celestial beings that previous time restores is one of them. 回到灵气氤氲、霞辉喷薄的千叶功德青莲池边,冰蟾帝君当即召来了宗门里所有的师姐师妹,包括上次恢复的那些高阶女仙都在其中。 Suddenly, full hall are brilliant purple and red, the splendidly dressed and magnificently adorned women, character and style beautiful conditions vary and beautiful much the outstandingly beautiful beautiful face to enhance one another's beauty, the intoxicant delicate fragrance fills the air in the space. 一时间,满殿都是姹紫嫣红,衣香鬓影,一张张风情妍态各异、美得令人窒息的绝色丽颜交相辉映,醉人的幽香弥漫在空间里。 Little Junior Brother, the Senior Sister should not act with undue haste like this,” 小师弟,本来师姐不应该这样操之过急的,” The Bing Chan Emperor Monarch look was dignified, holds the hand of Qin Muling saying: Their that side really somewhat goes too far, in addition teacher's instruction, therefore you...... do decide as soon as possible this matter?” 冰蟾帝君神色凝重,拉着秦沐凌的手说着:“不过她们那边实在是有些欺人太甚,再加上师尊的吩咐,所以你就……把这事尽早定下来吧?” These Senior Sister Junior Sisters on the scene, whom you had a liking to open the mouth by all means that later made them accompany you to discuss that said after the theory, how the cultivation did travel for pleasure?” “在场的这些师姐师妹,你看上了谁只管开口,以后就让她们陪着你谈经论道,修炼游历如何?” Such remarks, the East stops han, night Xing Lan, Chen Xue yi sisters seasonal delicacies blushes, hides the beautiful pupil of star accumulated moon/month to look at the Qin Muling look secretly. 此言一出,东方止晗,夜星澜,陈雪怡姐妹顿时羞红了脸,藏星蕴月的美眸偷瞧着秦沐凌的神色。 They naturally understand that meaning of Eldest Senior Sister, this is must make Little Junior Brother determine dao companion to relate with them as soon as possible, increases Origin Star Palace in his heart component, in order to avoid makes the female cultivate/repair that side the alliance to be in the upper hand. 她们自然明白大师姐的意思,这是要让小师弟尽快与她们确定道侣关系,籍此增加始源星宫在他心底的份量,以免让女修联盟那边占了上风。 Otherwise, azure luminary immortal reveres them to have the advantage of first impressions are most lasting, taking the opportunity of intimately being together, blows the pillow wind in front of Little Junior Brother endlessly, that Origin Star Palace really suffered a loss. 否则,青曜仙尊她们有着先入为主的优势,借着亲密相处的机会,在小师弟面前没完没了地吹枕头风,那始源星宫这边实在是太吃亏了。 Qin Muling long time, has a look surrounding to be full, anticipation silently numerously blazingly the color beautiful pupil, saying: Such being the case, that depending on the Eldest Senior Sister arrangement, I do not have the opinion.” 秦沐凌默然半晌,看看周围众多饱含炽烈、期待之色的美眸,说着:“既然如此,那就全凭大师姐安排吧,我没有意见的。” The children present the choice question, but I am not a child. 小孩子才做选择题,而我已经不是小孩子了。 This is the Qin Muling heart true idea, moreover never thought that this has anything is not right. 这就是秦沐凌心底的真实想法,而且从不觉得这有什么不对。 Bing Chan Emperor Monarch relaxes immediately, is saying radiantly: That line, the Senior Sister helped you arrange and ensure can make you satisfy.” 冰蟾帝君顿时松了口气,眉开眼笑地说着:“那行,师姐就帮你安排了,保证会让你满意的。”
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