SSIDWTWH :: Volume #5

#437: Information to account

Upper boundary, demonic path founder's temple. 上界,魔道祖庭。 Sunny, in mountains sublime dwelling place of Buddhist immortals mystical place, bringing the warm braw of undulating fragrant aura to sway slowly. 阳光明媚、山川壮美的洞天秘境里,带着澹澹芬芳气息的暖风徐徐吹拂。 On the plain of gathering of beautifully dressed people, in the lonesome and quiet spacious mountain forest, the summit of bone-chilling ten thousand li (0.5 km) snowy peak, elegant such as among the picture sceneries...... can see the Daoist who everywhere the clothing appearance varies was discussing said after the theory, makes the tea to play chess, has a drink together to make music, the scene of solemn paradise. 花团锦簇的平原上,幽静空旷的山林中,寒风凛冽的万里雪峰之巅,秀美如画的山水间……到处都可以看到服饰打扮各异的道人在谈经论道,煮茶弈棋,对饮作乐,俨然世外桃源的景象。 At first sight gets up, no one thinks that here is the dens of upper boundary all demonic path influence factions, 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 demons cultivate the mind the sacred place founder's temple who yearns. 乍一看起来,没人会认为这里是上界所有魔道势力派系的老巢,亿兆魔修心中向往的圣地祖庭。 In the mystical place central area, in some average not wonderful stone pavilion, 12 everybody sit in a circle in the same place, had discussed not the short time. 在秘境中心区域,某座平平无奇的石亭里,十二位男女老少围坐在一块,已经讨论了不短的时间。 The middle giant fire of high-piled firewood flaming is burning, on the grill of miraculous glow sparkle, hangs a water jar size, to struggle to move at times the blood-color heart incessantly, occasionally will have roaring filial piety sound that fills with the tyrannical aura in state of mind level reverberation. 中间的巨大火堆熊熊燃烧着,灵光闪耀的烤架上,吊着一颗水缸大小、时时挣扎动弹不止的血色心脏,偶尔还会有充满暴虐气息的咆孝声在神魂层面回荡。 Whenever at this time, the god flame in fire of high-piled firewood will burn especially Menglie, on the grill will also shine densely and numerously bans rune/symbol writing, suppresses with joint forces struggling of blood-color heart. 每当这时候,火堆上的神炎就会燃烧得格外勐烈,烤架上也会亮起密密麻麻的禁制符文,合力将血色心脏的挣扎压制下去。 „...... This ghost demon eclipse dragon was the chaos void deep place rare big ominous thing, the main body has fallen from the sky worthily about hundred Yuan meetings, the heart is burnt the world deep flame to put up is roasting roasts was so long, unexpectedly the ardent nature, this taste...... will so suffice the vigor!” “……这鬼魔蚀龙不愧是混沌虚空深处罕见的大凶之物,本体都已陨落近百个元会,心脏被焚世冥炎架着炙烤了这么久,居然还有如此烈性,想必这滋味……会非常够劲!” A feather robe black silk ribbon turban, handsome extraordinary blue clothes youth cultivator said with a smile. 一位羽衣纶巾,俊朗非凡的蓝衣青年修士笑道。 Another wears the corolla, the beautiful female of long hair and waist echoes with a smile, her smooth flesh is the wheat color, the upper body animal skin binds the chest, the waist border is also the shell jade waistband and animal skin short skirt appearance, the plentiful slender big long leg takes in everything at a glance. 又一位头戴花冠,长发及腰的美艳女子笑着附和,她的柔滑肌肤呈小麦色,上身兽皮裹胸,腰际也是贝壳玉石腰带与兽皮短裙打扮,丰满修长的大长腿一览无余。 This ghost demon eclipse dragon is in the innate chaos god demon evolution, one of the most maneating deceitful species, itself has is equivalent to three corpse normalizing can greatly the strength . Moreover the subordinate has the huge chaos ominous thing ethnic group is the wing dependency, therefore is extremely hard to deal with. 这鬼魔蚀龙是先天混沌神魔谱系中、最为凶悍狡诈的种属之一,本身有着相当于三尸归一的大能实力,兼之麾下有着庞大的混沌凶物族群为羽翼附庸,因此极其难缠。 In the past to cut to kill it, the demonic path founder's temple elite completely left, the buckle were innumerable, apex can spend completely the tremendous strength greatly, paid the enormous price, with hardship to consuming for over a hundred years was of great success with it. Encircled it killed and obtained its complete collection, the most precious treasure: The ghost demon town/subdues soul lamp, the present is the demonic path founder's temple illustrious Sect treasure. 当年为了斩杀它,魔道祖庭可谓精锐尽出,折损无数,连带诸位顶尖大能费尽九牛二虎之力,付出了极大的代价,与之苦苦对耗了上百年才大功告成。将其围杀并得到了它的全部珍藏,其中最珍贵的一件宝物:鬼魔镇魂灯,如今是魔道祖庭赫赫有名的宗门重器。 This heart is also the demon clan founder's temples presses the bottom the collection, for this time this time will affect the upper boundary out of the ordinary and sufficiently in the future the conference of pattern, several demonic path giants will unanimously decide to take the distinguished guests who the entertainment will arrive at it. 这颗心脏同样是魔族祖庭压箱底的珍藏,此番为了这次非比寻常、足以影响到上界未来格局的会议,数位魔道巨擘才一致决定将它拿出来招待到场的贵宾们。 That blue clothes youth cultivator, is present age Sect Master of demon clan founder's temple: Too the deep pool demon reveres, one of the important meeting initiators. 那位蓝衣青年修士,就是魔族祖庭的当代掌教:太渊魔尊,此次重要会议的发起人之一。 In his side, is a powder weak jade carves, the skirt clothes to be gorgeous, the appearance is about ten -year-old girls, the beautiful cheek is somewhat natural moe dull, in the white hands is holding appreciatively fine exquisite purple thunder hammer. 在他的身边,是一个粉凋玉琢、裙裳华美,模样不过十岁左右的女孩,绝美的脸蛋有些天然呆萌,玉手中把玩着一柄精致小巧的紫雷锤。 This seems like the human and animals harmless little miss, is the supremeness of nether world ghost: Imperial edict quiet blood lotus empress. 这位看上去人畜无害的小姑娘,就是幽冥鬼界的至尊:敕幽血莲娘娘。 Binds the beautiful female of body as for that animal skin, is present age sovereign in super influence god empire. 至于那位兽皮裹身的美艳女子,是超级势力蛮神帝国的当代皇者。 In the side of this female sovereign, sitting well a beard and hair is of white, the old man features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality, embraces a chill in the air bone-chilling cold dark long sword, a Tsuruwa overcoat, the Yin-Yang Daoist robe appearance, the facial features five senses seem like are quite young. 在这位女蛮皇的身边,端坐着一位须发皆白、仙风道骨的老者,怀抱一口寒意凛冽的黝黑长剑,一身鹤羽大氅,阴阳道袍打扮,面容五官看起来却颇为年轻。 He is super influence all phenomena on earth heavenly palace present age Supreme Sect Master: The willow tree has no interest, number having no interest Daoist deity. 他是超级势力万象天宫的当代掌教至尊:柳无心,又号无心道君。 The remaining eight everybody, are poking a super influence, moreover basically is the highest words matter person in respective influence. 剩下的八位男女老少,身后都杵着一家超级势力,而且基本都是各自势力里的最高话事人。 Also is including the host demonic path founder's temple, the super influence that today arrives at altogether has 12, places to carry in the years ten million/countless, this is the extremely rare situation. 也即是包括东道主魔道祖庭在内,今天到场的超级势力共有十二家,放在过去千万载岁月里,这都是极为罕见的情况。 Naturally, too the deep pool demon reveres the invitation the distinguished guest incessantly present these, besides the god phoenix palace and Buddha territory pure land, the super influence outside Origin Star Palace, he has to send people to send out the invitation. 当然,太渊魔尊邀请的贵宾不止眼前的这些,除了神凰宫和佛域净土,始源星宫之外的超级势力,他都有派人发出邀请。 In addition these super influence high levels are wary, therefore this time conference has not participated. However too the deep pool demon reveres does not care, believes with the lapse of time, they will understand the painstaking efforts of demonic path founder's temple sooner or later. 只是那些超级势力高层尚且心存疑虑,因此这次的会议就没有参加。不过太渊魔尊也不如何在意,相信随着时间的推移,他们迟早会明白魔道祖庭的良苦用心的。 Ok, starts to discuss the proper business now!” “好了,现在开始商议正事吧!” Too the deep pool demon revered to clear throat, speaks: Two normalizing near, the destiny source of that universe starry sky, this place believes that fellow fellow daoist had planned, but...... wants to guarantee that in the new space and time own position authority is not affected, these actions of present also by far insufficient!” 太渊魔尊清了清嗓子,出言说着:“两界归一在即,那太虚星空的气运本源,本座相信各位道友都有所打算了,只不过……想要在新时空中保证自家的地位权柄不受影响,眼下的这些举措还远远不够!” Numerous top can keep silent greatly, these are actually the obvious things, said uselessly, to strive for a bigger share, when the time comes everyone respectively depending on skill and that's the end. 众多顶尖大能默不作声,这些其实都是明摆着的事情,多说无益,为了争取更大的份额,到时候大家各凭本事就是了。 Calculates the time, our upper boundary should the child of destiny be born early? Does not know that the luck of the draw.” “算算时间,我们上界的气运之子早该出世了吧?就是不知道花落谁家了。” The having no interest Daoist deity is stroking gently the bosom long sword, at a moderate pace said/tunnel. 无心道君摩挲着怀里的长剑,不紧不慢地道。 All can look greatly subconsciously to that little girl, the imperial edict quiet blood lotus empress, nether world ghost to tall Huashi the person. 所有大能下意识地看向了那位小女孩,敕幽血莲娘娘,幽冥鬼界的至高话事人。 The imperial edict quiet blood lotus empress look is saying confidently: That direct disciple that I received recently, the indications of child of some body truly destiny, but...... upper boundary like this doubtful goal, as if incessantly two? Fellow Daoist should have own information cue, perhaps also grasped 1-2 like this doubtful goals in secret?” 敕幽血莲娘娘神色坦然地说着:“我最近收的那个亲传弟子,身上确实有一些气运之子的征兆,只不过……上界这样的疑似目标,似乎并不止一个两个吧?诸位道友应该都有自己的情报渠道,说不定也暗中掌握了1-2这样的疑似目标?” Under the supreme Heavenly Dao will, such as the child of destiny exists like this specially, is not only, each big time, or is the heavy tribulation near the special period of the world, one or more will carry the big destiny, the God's favored one of the big lucky reason reveals itself, even more than ten are not unusual. 在至高无上的天道意志之下,如气运之子这样的特殊存在,并非是唯一的,每一个大时代,抑或是重劫临世的特殊时期,都会有一个或数个身负大气运,大福缘的天之骄子出世,甚至十几个也不稀奇。 Since antique time that since remote cannot be researched, that type lives in transports/fortunes and can mix man of the hour of universe greatly, it may be said that braves one after another, does not have to interrupt truly. 自遥远不可考证的太古时代至今,那种身居大运、能搅动乾坤的风云人物,可谓是一茬接一茬地冒出来,就没有真正地间断过。 These on the scene greatly old, when is young is not startled certainly colorful, the destiny luck reason is strong, are various chance spells of good or bad fortune unceasing? 就连在场的这些大老们,年轻时不也是惊才绝艳,气运福缘浓厚,各种机缘际遇不断吗? The female sovereign nods gently: This saying also right, child of existence destiny, is not too but actually rare us, usually had nothing actually important, but the situation differs from the past now, we hope can many be divided to calculate.” 女蛮皇轻轻点头:“这话倒也没错,气运之子这种存在,于我们而言并非太罕见,平素倒是没什么打紧,不过现在形势不同以往,我们还是希望能够多一分成算的。” The having no interest Daoist deity hehe smiles: „These doubtful goals of upper boundary, who found even is whose, is not worth waging a war for this matter, world of mortals universe starry sky the child of destiny...... sounds like some is not simple actually!” 无心道君呵呵一笑:“上界的那些疑似目标就算了,谁找到了就是谁的,不值得为这事大动干戈,倒是下界太虚星空的气运之子嘛……听起来似乎有些不简单!” To be how simple?” “怎么就不简单了?” Whole face whiskers must, the bald robust man sinking sound of eye pupil sinister and vicious ask. 一个满脸络腮胡须、眼眸阴鸷的光头壮汉沉声问着。 His variegated brocade robe, the back carries a pair of dark full moon sickle, the carrot ten finger/refers and jade belt of waist border, and boots on foot decorated completely the colorful rare and precious gem and bulk spirit crystal, appeared bedecked with jewels. 他一身斑斓锦袍,背后背着一对黑沉沉的圆月弯刀,胡萝卜般的十指、腰际的玉带、以及脚上的靴子都缀满了五颜六色的珍稀宝石与大块灵晶,显得珠光宝气。 He is the blood prison cultivates Romen's present age Supreme Sect Master: Su Li tai. Also is a three corpse normalizing big energy. 他是血狱修罗门的当代掌教至尊:苏里台。也是一位三尸归一的大能。 Too the deep pool demon revered to continue: Probably this destiny child of named Qin Muling, time that shows talent for the first time is quite early, according to news that our demonic path lineage/vein have, he seemed like very early is repaired the influence discovering by a female named Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace, and took in Sect vigorously to train him, even broke did not receive the iron rule of male disciple......” 太渊魔尊接过话头:“这位名叫秦沐凌的气运之子,好像崭露头角的时间点比较早,据我们魔道一脉掌握的消息,他似乎是很早就被一家名叫云梦天宫的女修势力给发现了,并将他收进宗门倾力培养,甚至打破了不收男弟子的铁律……” He recounted the situation that oneself knew simply, on the scene can not be silly greatly, immediately realized somewhat was not right. 他将自己所知晓的情况简单述说了一遍,在场的大能们都不傻,立时就意识到了有几分不对劲。 „...... The fellow daoist, you meant that female cultivates the establishment of alliance, to a great extent because of that Qin Muling reason?” “……道友,你的意思是说那个女修联盟的成立,很大程度上就是因为那个秦沐凌的缘故?” The imperial edict quiet blood lotus empress knits the brows to ask, can let the god phoenix palace and Buddha territory pure land joins willingly, this was not the general reason can explain in the past. 敕幽血莲娘娘皱眉问着,能够让神凰宫和佛域净土都心甘情愿地加入,这可不是一般的缘由能够解释过去的。 Female sovereign slow sound said: They two usually relations were still permissible, but must form the strategic alliance relations of this altitude mutual trust, was attempts inevitably really in a big way!” 女蛮皇缓声道:“他们两家平素的关系尚可,但要结成这种高度互信的战略盟友关系,必然是所图甚大!” Other big old looks one silently, the look is dignified. The status that the ether deep pool demon reveres, will not have the matter of significance dry/does, the Jane|treasure, but the heavy place please come them, obviously is this matter has exceeded the response capability of demonic path founder's temple, needing everyone stick together can level. 其余的大老们默默对望一眼,神色凝重复杂。以太渊魔尊的身份,不会干没意义的事情,珍而重之地将他们都请过来,显然是这事情已经超出魔道祖庭的应对能力,必须要大家抱团才可以摆平了。 Fellow Daoist has what demand, might as well spoke frankly to us!” “道友有何诉求,不妨对我们直言!” The Su Li tai rough big hand is stroking gently the liquor back in hand, among ten fingers has the slight electric light twinkle faintly, seems the sound of thunder , if no in state of mind level reverberation. 苏里台粗糙的大手摩挲着手中的酒樽,十指间隐隐有细微电光闪烁,似有若无的雷霆之音在神魂层面回荡。 Too the deep pool demon reveres to show a faint smile, fishes out one volume of jade book to place on front table tuart, continued: In this is our demonic path lineage/vein acquired, cultivates the alliance and that Qin Muling complete news about the female until now, believes that in fellow daoist hand also has the news in this aspects, this time do not cover-up, with charges to one's account may be good? Mutual plug up the leaks and verification verify, perhaps will have the different discoveries!” 太渊魔尊微微一笑,摸出一卷玉册放在面前的桌桉上,继续说着:“这里面是我们魔道一脉收集到的、迄今为止关于女修联盟和那秦沐凌的全部消息,相信诸位道友手中也有一些这方面的消息,这次就别藏着掖着了,都拿出来对一下账可好?互相查漏补缺、印证核实一番,没准会有不一样的发现呢!” Information to account! 情报对账! This is too the deep pool demon reveres this time real intention, because the female cultivates alliance that side security method is really extremely strict, especially with the Qin Muling related news, is the strict blockade. Is dormant to hide many years of mole to be dark, was clutched in the past several years. 这就是太渊魔尊此番的真实意图,由于女修联盟那边的保密手段实在是太过严密,特别是和秦沐凌有关的消息,一直都是严密封锁。以至于很多蛰伏隐藏多年的鼹鼠暗间,都在过去数年间被揪了出来。 This enables other these super influences, to continue to gain the female to cultivate/repair the inside information of alliance, has become especially difficult and dangerous. 这使得其它的那些超级势力、想要继续获取女修联盟的内部情报,已经变得格外困难且危险。 If the time is enough, perhaps everyone can also try to find the solution slowly, however the present situation...... does not allow that they did this. 若是时间足够,或许大家还可以慢慢想办法,但是现在的形势……已经不容许他们这样做了。 The female sovereign slightly looked at too the deep pool demon to revere surprisedly, saying: Originally before starting to embark, the fellow daoist you exhort us to take the information news in this aspect specially, for the?” 女蛮皇略显惊讶地看了看太渊魔尊,说着:“原来在启程出发之前,道友你特意嘱咐我们要带上这方面的情报讯息,就是为的这一出吗?” Naturally, this is the mutually beneficial and win-win action, believes that fellow fellow daoist are have several?” “当然,这是互利共赢的举措,相信各位道友心里都是有数的吧?” Too the deep pool demon reveres is speaking warm, reason that cultivates that side the alliance to attach great importance to the female, he naturally has certain basis, although knows extremely limitedly, but does not hinder him to make such resolution. 太渊魔尊温言说着,之所以对女修联盟那边如此重视,他自然是有一定根据的,尽管所知极其有限,但不妨碍他做出这样的决断。 Similar information exchange with the account, places not to have the precedent, so long as the great people in certain super influences thought it was necessary, will take the lead the previous time. 类似的情报交流与对账,放在过去并非没有先例,只要某些超级势力中的大人物觉得有必要了,就会出面牵头来上一次。 An intelligence network energy of super influence is relatively limited, but if the intelligence networks of 12 super influences collaborates, in addition their each one has the huge dependency influence organization, the might that can play cannot be underestimated. 一家超级势力的情报网能量相对有限,但如果是十二家超级势力的情报网联手,加上他们各自都拥有庞大的附庸势力组织,能够发挥出的威力就不容小觑了。 The having no interest Daoist deity hesitates slightly: Since the fellow daoist thought that this matter is very important, that this, some actually what unusual places has a look.” 无心道君略微沉吟:“既然道友觉得此事很是重要,那就这样吧,看看究竟有些什么不同寻常之处。” Saying, him is also taking out a sapphire scroll of shining to put on the table tuart, inside is the information network of all phenomena on earth heavenly palace acquired, in the past cultivates the alliance and Qin Muling news about the female. 说着,他也取出一枚流光溢彩的青玉卷轴放到桌桉上,里面是万象天宫的情报网络收集到的、过去一段时间里关于女修联盟与秦沐凌的消息。 That female sovereign hesitates flickers, similarly took out an ancient color variegated, to pass the animal skin scroll of wild aura to put on the table tuart faintly. 那位女蛮皇迟疑一瞬,同样取出了一张古色斑斓、隐隐透着蛮荒气息的兽皮卷轴放到桌桉上。 Then is the imperial edict quiet blood lotus empress, Su Li tai, as well as other super influences can, put out the respective information greatly. 接着是敕幽血莲娘娘,苏里台,以及其它超级势力的大能们,都拿出了各自的情报。 Too the deep pool demon reveres raises hand gently, these 12 Buddhist musical instruments bloom suddenly bright radiance, the light nature character of big piece in in the air rolls fast, fuses splicing spontaneously, gets rid of the bad and retains the good, ratio to verifying...... 太渊魔尊轻轻扬手,这十二件法器骤然绽放出明亮的光华,大片的光质字符在空中飞快地滚动,自发地融合拼接,去芜存菁,比对印证…… After the moment, this information is completed to the account, on the light screen in midair, is only left over several tens of thousands of characters the information to compile the analysis conclusion. 须臾之后,本次情报对账完成,半空中的光幕上,只剩下一篇数万字的情报汇总分析结论。 12 apexes can look greatly simultaneously with rapt attention, understands clearly in chest/heart to the content of this conclusion instantaneously, immediately changed the complexion. 十二位顶尖大能同时凝神看去,对这结论的内容瞬间了然于胸,顿时一个个都变了脸色。 So that's how it is......” “原来如此……” The having no interest Daoist deity knit the brows saying: This has Qin Muling, made so the magnificent feat unexpectedly not making a sound? Treat and cure to restore that two super influence, these did the elders of severely wounded deep sleep most probably? Also can protect and sustain these new generation disciple disciples to cross the tribulation safely?” 无心道君皱眉说着:“这个秦沐凌,竟然已经不声不响地做出如此壮举?将那两家超级势力中、那些重伤沉睡的长老们都救治恢复了大半?还可以护持那些新生代门人弟子安然渡劫?” The female sovereign voice is spooky: This palace knows finally, how they such many day medicine resources come, previously thinks plunders other influences on come in secret, actually doesn't want to be that Qin Muling...... he how to accomplish?” 女蛮皇声音幽幽:“本宫总算是知道,她们那样多的天药资源是怎么来的了,先前以为是私下里掠夺其它势力而来,不曾想是那秦沐凌……他究竟是怎么办到的?” The imperial edict quiet blood lotus empress tone is dense: „Does he have the landmass that the ability lets universe starry sky these ruined deathly stillness to restore spiritual energy abundant dwelling places of buddhist immortals unexpectedly? It seems like he truly was universe starry sky the child of destiny, moreover was receives the Heavenly Dao will biggest volume to attend, was the child of that deterioration space and time only destiny?!” 敕幽血莲娘娘语气森然:“他居然有能力让太虚星空那些破败死寂的陆块恢复成灵气充沛的洞天福地?看来他确实是太虚星空的气运之子了,而且是受到天道意志的最大卷顾,是那个衰败时空唯一的气运之子?!” Su Li tai knits the brows: „The child of such destiny may be rare, should be the Heavenly Dao will of that universe starry sky had a premonition that oneself will be swallowed by the upper boundary, therefore spared no expense to create such a special God's favored one to come?” 苏里台皱眉道:“这样的气运之子可就非常罕见了,应该是那太虚星空的天道意志预感到自己会被上界所吞噬,于是不惜血本造就出了这样一个特殊的天之骄子来?” Too the deep pool demon reveres the sinking sound said: I felt actually, the Qin Muling real status...... should hide a bigger secret, heard that Taichu said the palace, Origin Star Palace and high level of monster imperial state is interested in him, this...... may not only be the child of destiny can explain in the past!” 太渊魔尊沉声道:“我倒是觉得,秦沐凌的真实身份……应该隐藏着更大的秘密,听说太初道宫、始源星宫和妖皇国度的高层都对他非常感兴趣,这个……可不仅仅是气运之子能够解释过去的!” Naturally, no matter Qin Muling can take to everyone more pleasant surprises, only depending on these news that they know now, has been worth considering him to exchange, or plunders forcefully, even if cultivates the alliance to get one with that female to refuse to balk. 当然了,不管秦沐凌能不能带给大家更多的惊喜,仅凭他们现在知晓的这些讯息,已经值得考虑将他交换、或是强行掳掠过来了,就算与那女修联盟打上一场都在所不惜。 After all...... they are the terrifying combinations of 12 super influences, asked how the god phoenix palace and Buddha territory pure land can resist? 毕竟……他们可是十二家超级势力的恐怖组合,试问神凰宫和佛域净土如何能够抵挡? The having no interest Daoist deity nods: We can make under the hand intelligence power continue to pay attention to this matter . Moreover, sends people to officially inform that female to cultivate/repair the alliance, if not want by our joint attack, to be made them hand over Qin Muling, we will use judgment to give them some benefit compensations!” 无心道君点了点头:“我们可以让手底下的情报力量继续关注此事,另外,派人知会那个女修联盟,如果不想被我们合力围攻,就让她们交出秦沐凌吧,我们会酌情给她们些利益补偿的!” At this time, withered skinny, the appearance dreadful black robe old man smilingly is asking: Have not taken a stand these influences on the present, can this matter also take them together?” 这时,一个干瘪枯瘦、面相猥琐的黑袍老者笑眯眯地问着:“那些势力到现在都还没有表态,这事情还要带上他们一起吗?” Female sovereign undulating said/tunnel: They, since does not come, that missed this chance, later on Qin Muling all advantage, they did not need to think!” 女蛮皇澹澹地道:“他们既然不来,那就是错过了这场机缘,以后秦沐凌身上的所有好处,他们都不用想了!” This so!” “正该如此!” Numerous can say greatly with one voice. 众多大能异口同声地说着。 The super influence that more than 40 are invited, responds too the deep pool demon reveres the proposition only 12 now, remaining what kind, no matter, could not catch up with this in any case. 四十多家受到邀请的超级势力,现在响应太渊魔尊提议的仅有十二家,剩下的不管出于怎样的考虑,反正都是赶不上这一趟了。 ...... …… Universe starry sky, spectacular Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace Chief Platform. 太虚星空,气象万千的云梦天宫总坛 In other shore void cauldron, time passing speed as always quick, brought direct advantage in resting palace inner palace, is the cultivation realm naked eye of Senior Sisters increases obviously. 彼岸虚空鼎中,寝宫内殿里的时间流逝速度一如既往地快,带来的直接好处,就是师姐们的修为境界肉眼可见地攀升。 When one month ended, when Qin Muling goes out of the resting palace inner palace again, new promote Supreme Unity Golden Immortal, Great Principle Golden Immortal and Quasi-Saint Emperor quantity, as well as cut actually the Senior Sister quantity of evil thought incarnation and charitable disposition incarnation, achieved one to make azure luminary immortal revere they extremely satisfactory number. 等到一个月时间结束,秦沐凌再度走出寝宫内殿时,新晋太乙金仙大罗金仙准圣帝君的数量,以及斩却恶念化身、善念化身的师姐数量,都达到了一个让青曜仙尊她们极为满意的数字。 If just, wants to resist the forthcoming all-out war, these also by far insufficient. 只不过,要想抵御即将到来的全面战争,这些还远远不够。 „...... Flowered how many day of time, go to Mist Fantasy Secret Realm to transport some landmass resources to come again? This can also strengthen the mountain-protecting great array defensive power!” “……花几天时间,再去雾幻秘境中搬运些陆块资源过来吧?这样也能增强护山大阵的防御力呢!” When Qin Muling finished the matter in medicine garden Tamada, the big Palace Lord purple poem rhyme is saying to him. 等到秦沐凌忙完了药园灵田中的事情,大宫主紫诗韵对他说着。 Good.” “好的。” The Qin Muling nod complies . Moreover the Buddha territory pure land female cultivates as the alliance member who finally joins, at present has not assigned to area enough landmass takes the Buddhist temple cave mansion, therefore this matter truly cannot drag again. 秦沐凌点头答应下来,而且佛域净土女修作为最后加入的联盟成员,目前还没有分配到面积足够的陆块作为道场洞府,所以这事情确实不能再拖下去了。 According to the standard of upper boundary god phoenix palace, must be has the land of surrounding area 100 trillion li (0.5 km) range, and underground magnanimous spirit vein paradise network is the backing, this Sect mountain-protecting great array can display most great power in design to be able. 按照上界神凰宫的标准,必须是有着方圆百万亿里范围的陆地、以及地下海量的灵脉福地网络为后盾,这宗门护山大阵才可以发挥出设计上的最大威能。 Therefore Qin Muling and static Brahma female, the purple poem rhyme, azure luminary immortal reveres three females to reenter Mist Fantasy Secret Realm. Takes his present cultivating as, within the body space has been able to hold surrounding area over a thousand hundred million li (0.5 km) length and breadth landmasses temporarily, therefore the transporting efficiency is much higher. 于是秦沐凌和静梵天女,紫诗韵,青曜仙尊三女再入雾幻秘境。以他现在的修为,体内空间已经可以临时容纳方圆上千亿里的广袤陆块,因此搬运效率高得难以置信。 40 days later, the void great land that Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace Sect Chief Platform is, its range, has been expanded a surrounding area 100 trillion li (0.5 km) fearful mass from the beforehand surrounding area 10 trillion li (0.5 km), has been equal to the upper boundary completely god phoenix palace Sect Chief Platform. 四十天之后,云梦天宫宗门总坛所在的虚空巨陆,其范围已经由之前的方圆十万亿里、扩充到了方圆百万亿里的可怕体量,已经完全等同于上界的神凰宫宗门总坛 Accomplished a lot finally!” “总算是功德圆满了!” When floats the land and great land main body finally together fuses to splice, Qin Muling in midair relaxes. 当最后一块浮陆和巨陆本体融合拼接完毕,半空中的秦沐凌松了口气。 Un, at least before these two normalizing, we do not need to consider to expand the Sect Chief Platform scale mass again the issue.” “嗯,至少在这两界归一之前,我们不需要再考虑扩大宗门总坛规模体量的问题了。” azure luminary immortal reveres to approve of the said/tunnel. 青曜仙尊赞同地道。 The static Brahma female winning smile is sweet: That following, prepares to accept a challenge! But actually must have a look, our females how their super influences can cultivate/repair the alliance!” 静梵天女巧笑嫣然:“那接下来,就准备应战吧!倒要看看,他们那些超级势力能够把我们女修联盟怎么样!” At this time, the diplomatic envoy team headed by demonic path founder's temple has arrived, because tough, made impertinent remarks in Sect Assembly Hall, had been expelled by Sect Master Mu Yinghua unrestrained/no trace of politeness. 此时,以魔道祖庭为首的使节团队伍早已抵达,因为在宗门议事殿里态度强硬、出言不逊,已经被掌教牧盈华毫不客气地撵了回去。 But too the deep pool demon reveres naturally cannot give up, immediately announces Sect starts the entire army to prepare up and down. The upper boundary and situation of universe starry sky is suddenly tense. 而太渊魔尊自然不会就此罢休,立刻宣布宗门上下开始整军备战。上界与太虚星空的形势骤然紧张起来。
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