SSIDWTWH :: Volume #5

#442: Going for wool and coming back shorn

Outside Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace Chief Platform, in vast profound void. 云梦天宫总坛外,浩瀚深邃的虚空中。 Quiet and magnificent galaxy background float in field of vision end, under the chilly star light mapping, a wisp of quiet shadow is moving under water not making a sound. In a sea-monster just like ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) deep sea, quiet. 静谧而瑰丽的星河背景悬浮在视野尽头,清冷的星光映射下,一缕幽影不声不响地潜行着。宛若万丈深海中的一尾游鱼,悄无声息。 To near, can see clearly it is a length several feet flying boat, the surface assumes the bright and clean smooth streamline outlook, seems above the light smoke that if no covers, shielded divine sense and Spiritual Treasure of perception capability high rank immortal enormously. 离得近了,可以看清它是一艘长不过数丈的飞舟,表面呈光洁平滑的流线外型,似有若无的轻烟笼罩其上,极大地屏蔽了高阶仙人的神念灵宝感知能力。 Its target direction, is Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace Chief Platform, that has developed a surrounding area 100 trillion li (0.5 km) void great land. Looks from afar, just like the radiant stars that a round of azure Ziyun light winds around, auspicious color class/flow splendor clear fluctuation, spectacular. 它的目标方向,正是云梦天宫总坛,那块已经拓展到方圆百万亿里的虚空巨陆。远远看去,宛如一轮青紫云光缭绕的璀璨星辰,瑞彩流辉晶莹浮动,气象万千。 Even places the upper boundary, the bountiful territory of such big mass, can establish a super influence the rise foundation. Let alone is here the decline ruined for a long time universe starry sky? 即便是放在上界,这样大体量的富饶领地,都可以奠定一家超级势力的崛起根基了。何况这里是衰落破败已久的太虚星空? The mysterious flying boat, numerous tyrannical divine sense in silent are exchanging: 神秘飞舟内部,众多强横的神念正在无声地交流着: „...... This time always shouldn't have an accident?” “……这次总不应该出事了吧?” „...... Felt relieved, but this ship real incomparable items innate Spiritual Treasure, to hide the ability of trail to grow perceptibly especially, so long as we carefully handle affairs, will not have problems.” “……放心,这条船可是货真价实的绝品先天灵宝,尤其以藏匿踪迹的能力见长,只要我们谨慎行事,就不会出问题的。” Un, is this is good, we a few years ago had lost too many manpower, inside has much is the outstanding later generations of various Sect careful training, result is living does not have, is really some anxiety!” “嗯,是这样就好,我们前些年已经损失了太多的人手,里面有不少都是各家宗门精心培养的优秀后辈,结果一个活着回来的都没有,实在是有些肉疼呢!” Yeah! Only blamed them really to guard is too strict, where had solemn Supreme Sect Master, to come out to patrol the territory personally, cleaned up the dark pile informer?” “哎!只怪她们防范得实在是太严密了,哪有堂堂掌教至尊、还亲自出来巡察领地,清理暗桩眼线的?” But, if for the security concern of that Qin Muling, so makes a fuss over a trifling matter, pouring is also natural.” “不过,如果是为了那个秦沐凌的安全考虑,这般小题大做,倒也是理所当然。” This so-called female cultivates the alliance, the strength really inflated is too quick, particularly their large-scale transformations optimized float the land void the method...... are enhance the Sect development potential simply trump card!” “这个所谓的女修联盟,实力膨胀得实在是太快了,尤其是她们这种大规模改造优化虚空浮陆的手段……简直就是提升宗门发展潜力的杀手锏!” I insisted own beforehand viewpoint, this not too possible is some large-scale transformation floats the land void the method, but is the landmass that the direct minute/share of raid from some mysterious world transports! For example motion trajectory distance universe starry sky recent that Mist Fantasy Secret Realm?” “我还是坚持自己之前的观点,这不太可能是某种大规模改造虚空浮陆的手段,而是她们从某个神秘世界中直接分批次搬运过来的陆块!譬如说运行轨迹距离太虚星空最近的那个雾幻秘境?” As the matter stands, to be finally more fearful? Means that they had the free shuttle different space and time macrocosms, and transports the huge resources the methods, can we have the odds of success?” “这样一来,结果岂不是更可怕了?意味着她们拥有了自由穿梭不同的时空大世界、并且搬运大量资源的手段,那我们还能有胜算吗?” Truly, no matter what, this female cultivates the alliance to become the serious hidden troubles of upper boundary all Confucian orthodoxy influences in brief, does not destroy to eradicate as soon as possible them, can our disciple disciples, become their slaves in the future? Inherits the base industry of hundred million ten thousand years to appropriate to oneself by them!” “确实,总之不管怎样,这个女修联盟已经成为上界所有道统势力的心腹大患,不尽快将她们摧毁铲除掉,我们的门人弟子,将来都得成为她们的奴隶?传承亿万载的基业都会被她们据为己有!” Right, is such truth, therefore after our time goes back, must try to find the solution, the Confucian orthodoxy influence that waited and saw scruple was still drawing as soon as possible these......” “没错,是这样的道理,所以我们这次回去后还得想想办法,将那些仍在迟疑观望的道统势力尽快拉过来……” During the exchanges, the flying boat of this incomparable items innate Spiritual Treasure level has been close to the distance void great land less than 10 billion li (0.5 km) air zone. 交流间,这艘绝品先天灵宝级的飞舟已经接近到距离虚空巨陆不足百亿里的空域。 Takes cultivating of flying boat interior these high rank immortals as, has been able to see clearly the certain details of great land surface, after all mountain-protecting great array at this moment has not opened completely, but is staying the alert posture of normal level. 以飞舟内部这些高阶仙人的修为,已经可以看清巨陆表面的某些细节了,毕竟此刻的护山大阵并未完全开启,只是保持着正常水准的警戒状态。 Naturally, void also has high rank female immortal in groups to take the patrol screening mission. The enormous amount did not say , the investigation fluctuations of many innate Spiritual Treasure, has swept peripheral several hundred hundred million li (0.5 km) void repeatedly. 当然,虚空中还有成群结队的高阶女仙担任巡逻警戒任务。数量可观不说、还有不少先天灵宝的探察波动,一遍遍地扫过周边数百亿里虚空。 The defense readiness condition of this rank, is the inconceivable level in other super influence eyes, the big gold/metal immortal and accurate Saint Emperor number that after all comes out to work were really many. 这种等级的戒备状态,在其它超级势力眼中已属于不可思议的层次,毕竟出来干活的大罗金仙、准圣帝君数量实在是太多了些。 The flying boat slowed down the speed slightly, has completely been at the stealth condition in the void background, the female immortal team that avoids groups of patrols with ease , to continue to approach the void great land not making a sound. 飞舟稍稍放缓了速度,在虚空背景中已完全处于隐身状态,轻松避开一拨又一拨巡逻的女仙队伍,不声不响地继续逼近虚空巨陆。 By its present prestige energy, in ordinary accurate Saint Emperor situation face-to-face, is hard to detect that even its existence sign, the critical moment is used to carry out the infiltration assassination also to have the kidnapping action, does not have toward simply is disadvantageous. 以它现在的威能,普通的准圣帝君就算是面对面的情况下,都难以察觉到它的存在迹象,关键时刻用来搞渗透暗杀还有绑架行动,简直是无往而不利。 Naturally flying boat internal immortals this time is pries the information, to observe the Sect Chief Platform actual situation, temporarily has not planned to take the extremely intense action, only if discovered the Qin Muling trail, is worth taking risk. 当然飞舟内部的仙人们此番是过来刺探情报、窥测宗门总坛虚实的,暂时还不打算采取太过激烈的行动,除非是发现了秦沐凌的踪迹,才值得冒险一回。 After the moment, while the flying boat evaded when another wave of patrolling female immortal team and plan further approach the great land observation, the accident lives suddenly! 须臾之后,正当飞舟避过又一波巡察的女仙队伍、打算进一步靠近巨陆观察时,变故突生! „Not good......” “不好……” Flying boat some fellow detected steep the danger arrived, has not taken action with enough time, a surrounding area over a thousand mu giant palm appears baseless, quickly, however grasps courageous toward the flying boat main body. 飞舟内部的某个家伙陡地察觉到了危险降临,还没来得及采取行动,一只方圆上千亩的巨掌凭空浮现,以迅雷不及掩耳之势,向着飞舟本体勐然抓下。 A surrounding area thousand li (500 km), all over the body golden yellow great bell, when under the hood, the void structure solidifies suddenly, even the time has been at the static condition in that flash. 紧接着一只方圆千里、通体金黄的巨钟当头罩下,虚空结构骤然凝固,连时间在那一瞬间都已处于静止状态。 Three corpse normalizing apex big energies? Innate primordial chaos most precious object? How possibly...... 三尸归一的顶尖大能?还有先天鸿蒙至宝?怎么可能…… The fellow only emits such thought with enough time, the flying boat cultivates for highest that demonic path giant angrily roars, spouts this life essence and blood courageous. 那家伙只来得及冒出这样的念头,飞舟内部修为最高的那位魔道巨擘怒吼一声,勐地喷出一口本命精血。 He to burn unexpectedly the price of 1 million years of life, the control flying boat goes all out to work loose that big hand, and imprisonment of mysterious great bell. 他居然以燃烧百万年寿元的代价,操控飞舟拼命挣脱了那只大手、以及神秘巨钟的禁锢。 Flying boat main body peaceful to the nihility condition, must in same place vanish fast shortly thoroughly, escapes the birth day. 飞舟本体飞快地澹化至虚无状态,眼看就要在原地彻底消失,逃出生天。 Unexpectedly, Yin-Yang primal chaos Fig. virtual image of black and white interaction appears, the dim star splendor sprinkled, covered a surrounding area over a thousand mu space. 蓦地,黑白相间的阴阳太极图虚影浮现,道道朦胧星辉洒落,笼罩了方圆上千亩的空间。 Then, making the surrounding female immortals appear for one that it shocked, saw only that the flying boat that was close to vanishing, melted little again obviously, until could not be being been moving by the imprisonment again same place. 然后,让周围女仙们为之震撼的一幕出现了,只见那接近消失的飞舟,又一点点地重新显化出来,直至重新被禁锢在原地动弹不得。 The limitless origin bell falls again, how this returns depending on flying boat inside fellow goes all out, could not work loose the imprisonment. 无极始源钟再度落下,这回任凭飞舟里面的家伙如何拼命,都挣脱不了禁锢了。 Unbelievable, unexpectedly is......” “难以置信,居然是……” Lan magnificent that just arrived, Jing Lan, Tong Ying Emperor various female looks were surprised, they have not thought, Qin Muling will have the magical powers mighty force of reversal time unexpectedly. 刚刚到场的岚华,景澜,彤樱帝君诸女神色惊讶莫名,她们可没想到,秦沐凌居然还会有逆转时光的神通伟力。 „If he, that has no miracle is unlikely.” “如果是他的话,那就没有什么奇迹是不可能发生的。” Tong Ying the Emperor look is calm, although Qin Muling is their dao companion, but the opportunity that needs him to begin personally are really not as if many, does not know his details, is normal. 彤樱帝君神色冷静,虽说秦沐凌是她们的道侣,不过需要他亲自动手的机会似乎真不多,不知道他的底细,也属正常。 Void, a jade crown bunch sends, the purple robe magnificent dress, the beautiful youngster of dragon Zhangfeng posture quietly appears, the side crowds around several yi beautiful to excel by far the outstandingly beautiful beautiful woman, noble bright-colored cannot be deceived. 虚空中,一位玉冠束发,紫袍华服,龙章凤姿的美少年悄然出现,身边簇拥着数位昳丽冠绝、高贵明艳不容亵渎的绝色美妇。 Qin Muling looks at the flying boat that was imprisoned stubbornly, slightly sighing: „The flight Buddhist musical instrument of incomparable items innate Spiritual Treasure level, more than ten essences excel at being dormant the would-be Saint Emperor of concealment to act together, under to investigate our actual situation, these super influences also really give up the qualification!” 秦沐凌看了看被死死禁锢住的飞舟,微微感叹着:“绝品先天灵宝级的飞行法器,还有十多位精擅蛰伏隐匿的准圣帝君一起行动,为了探察我们的虚实,那些超级势力也真是舍得下本钱!” azure luminary immortal revered snort/hum one: „In any case incorrigibly wicked! They have eaten owed to be many stuffily, is counted of today, how many treasures had they delivered and resources to us? Later only feared that will also have more advantage to deliver!” 青曜仙尊哼了一声:“反正就是贼心不死呗!他们吃过的闷亏可不少了,算上今天的这一回,他们已经给我们送了多少宝物和资源啦?以后只怕还会有更多的好处送上门呢!” The loss is bigger, these super influence high levels more seem enthusiastic, sends out the secret spy secret agent team of high specification to go to Cloud Dream Heavenly Palace Chief Platform time and time again, even if they basically come but not return. 损失越大,那些超级势力高层似乎就越来劲,一次又一次地派出高规格的秘谍暗探队伍前往云梦天宫总坛,哪怕他们基本上都是有来无回。 The static Brahma female looked at the in the air limitless origin bell, the look is complex: This is that the life treasure, in the past does not know that many great people perish under the attack of this most precious object, now unexpectedly is willing to bestow you......” 静梵天女看了看空中的无极始源钟,神色复杂:“这可是那位的本命重器,当年不知有多少大人物殒命在这件至宝的攻击下,现在居然都舍得赐给你了……” The limitless origin bell is the lord of most famous most precious object along Origin Star Palace, moreover her prestige can match with the fame completely. 无极始源钟是始源星宫之主名气最大的随身至宝,而且她的威能和名气完全匹配。 In the past she was depends on this treasure, to rout besieging of jointly many super influences with ease, compelling them only to acknowledge that her position, then ensure the Origin Star Palace Confucian orthodoxy stands firm in the upper boundary. 当年她就是倚仗此宝、轻松击溃多家超级势力的联手围攻,逼得他们只能承认她的身份地位,进而保证始源星宫道统在上界站稳了脚跟。 In the static Brahma female their eyes, the lord of Origin Star Palace to recapture the heart of Qin Muling again, it may be said that was under fully the initial capital. 在静梵天女她们眼中,始源星宫之主为了重新挽回秦沐凌的心,可谓是下足了血本。 If Qin Muling were really moved by her, that female cultivates the alliance, but also really has no good countermeasure. 如果秦沐凌真的被她打动了,那女修联盟这边,还真没有什么太好的应对策略。 Qin Muling smiles: Do not indulge in flights of fancy, first takes this captive to go back! Just I also consumed many lives, must restore to be good a while.” 秦沐凌笑笑:“别胡思乱想了,先带上这俘虏回去吧!刚刚我也消耗了不少寿元,得恢复一阵子才行呢。” Good, went back to say again.” “那好吧,回去再说。” The purple poem rhyme went forward, waves to take in the other shore void god cauldron that flying boat, various woman crowded around Qin Muling to leave air-splitting, appeared in the Sect Assembly Hall entrance in a flash. 紫诗韵上前,挥挥手将那飞舟收进了彼岸虚空神鼎中,诸女簇拥着秦沐凌破空离开,转瞬之间就出现在宗门议事殿门口。 Qin Muling returned to own cave mansion to accompany the Senior Sisters to play, as for the remaining things, did not need to worry, azure luminary immortal reveres them to process appropriately. 秦沐凌回了自己的洞府去陪师姐们玩耍,至于剩下的事情,不需要自己操心,青曜仙尊她们会处理妥当。 „Did young Junior Brother, this catch several groups of people?” “小师弟,这回抓到了几拨人呢?” The beautiful moving phoenix song Emperor draws Qin Muling to smile to ask, under the frail insightful pink skirt clothes, the perfectly round tall very/straight soft hail somewhat shakes him to feel dizzy. 美艳动人的凤歌帝君拉着秦沐凌笑问道,单薄通透的粉色裙裳下,浑圆高挺的雪子晃得他有些眼晕。 This chapter of harvest is not big, one outboard additional more than 20 individuals, but the quality is very high, is the would-be Saint Emperor cultivates is, after imprisoning a state of mind body, entirely sends to do the coolie, is very easy-to-use!” “这回收获不大,就一艘船外加二十多个人而已,不过质量还是挺高的,都是准圣帝君修为,通通禁锢了神魂道躯之后打发去干苦力,可是非常好用的呢!” Qin Muling recounted the process with a smile, resembles this big gold/metal immortal, the slave of accurate Saint Emperor rank, the female cultivated/repaired the alliance to capture over the past several years much, all after was imprisoned a state of mind body, is sent to frontier service in the total darkness underground prison the refine the pill of immortality system symbol and mining refiner, did dead in any case for a lifetime. 秦沐凌笑着将经过述说了一遍,似这种大罗金仙,准圣帝君级别的奴隶,女修联盟过去几年已经抓获不少了,一律都是禁锢神魂道躯之后,发配到暗无天日地下囚牢里炼丹制符、采矿炼器,反正是一辈子干到死。 These super influences, matter of going for wool and coming back shorn dry/does were too many, actually does not learn the lesson. 那些超级势力,偷鸡不成蚀把米的事情干的太多了,却总是不汲取教训。 Outside tribulation without the bitter experience, the life of big gold/metal immortal can definitely be a quantity tribulation, the would-be Saint Emperor can live for a long time, therefore these high rank slaves can cultivate/repair the value that the alliance creates for the female in the future, will be an extremely shocking number. 在不遭遇外劫的情况下,大罗金仙的寿元完全可以长达一个量劫,准圣帝君能活得更久,所以这些高阶奴隶未来能够为女修联盟创造的价值,将是一个极其惊人的数字。 The simple and beautiful quiet colorful dragon meter princess gentle voice is asking: Consumed the life to push to spread out the secret the number of times to be many, you had the hindrance to the young Junior Brother?” 清丽幽艳的龙仪公主柔声问着:“可是耗费寿元推衍天机的次数多了,对小师弟你还是有妨碍的吧?” Qin Muling shakes the head: This are not related, is not the foundation is damaged, afterward cultivates one to restore to come back.” 秦沐凌摇摇头:“这个没关系的,并非是根基受损,事后修炼一阵就可以恢复回来。” Before these secret spy secret agent teams start to embark, has the top to make a move greatly, shields the secret and inversion confusion Yin-Yang for them, prevents to be repaired the alliance high-level to detect by the female. 这些秘谍暗探队伍启程出发之前,都有顶级大能出手,为他们屏蔽天机、颠倒混淆阴阳,防止被女修联盟高层所察觉到。 In the normal condition this is nothing issue, the effect is also quite good. However has Qin Muling , these nearly absolutely safe method, entirely was not so easy-to-use. 正常情况下这是没什么问题的,效果也相当不错。然而有秦沐凌在,这些本来近乎万无一失的手段、通通都不那么好使了。 So long as Qin Muling is willing to consume the life to calculate, at least in the Cloud Dream Immortal Territory peripheral scope, does not have any matter can hide the truth from his secret deduction. 只要秦沐凌舍得耗费寿元推算,至少在云梦仙域周边范围内,没有什么事情能瞒得过他的天机推演。 Therefore present he will use the talent magical powers investigation non-periodically, other matter does not raise for the time being, at least dares to intrude the Cloud Dream Immortal Territory fellow to stress one to these, who don't thinks gets by under false pretences. 因此现在的他会不定期地动用天赋神通探察,别的事情暂且不提,至少对这些敢于闯入云梦仙域的家伙是一抓一个准,谁都甭想蒙混过关。 Is this is good.” “是这样就好。” Xue Bingxuan various woman relaxes, so long as cultivation realm and Dao Foundation of young Junior Brother are not affected, there is nothing to be worried. 雪冰璇诸女松了口气,只要小师弟的修为境界与道基不受影响,那就没有什么可担心的。 Three days later, is starts to embark the chaos void day. 三天之后,是启程出发去混沌虚空的日子。 With the previous difference, this reveres except for the big Palace Lord purple poem rhyme and azure luminary immortal, but also accompanied on behalf of the static Brahma female of Buddha territory pure land in addition. 和上次不同,这回除了大宫主紫诗韵和青曜仙尊,还加上了代表佛域净土的静梵天女随行。 Therefore the distributive law of spoils of war, also made the adjustment correspondingly. As long as is the innate primordial chaos most precious object that found, is one person of one is turning. But incomparable items and high-grade innate Spiritual Treasure and innate magical things of the same class, Qin Muling with half, remaining half by their three female equal distributions. 因此战利品的分配法则,也随之相应做了调整。但凡是找到的先天鸿蒙至宝,都是一人一件轮着来。而绝品、上品的先天灵宝和同级别的先天灵物,秦沐凌拿一半,剩下的一半由她们三女平均分配。 As for the innate Spiritual Treasure magical things of low-grade, three females did not plan to want, afterward persuaded after Qin Muling, took about 50%, after all the high rank female immortal in Sect are getting more and more, how the demand in this aspect is insufficient. 至于中下品的先天灵宝灵物,三女本不打算要,后来经过秦沐凌劝说,还是拿了50%左右,毕竟宗门里的高阶女仙越来越多,这方面的需求怎么都是不够用的。 Without alarming anybody, other shore void god cauldron treasure leaves Sect Chief Platform quietly, after ten flickered several times air-splitting moves, has spanned 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 li (0.5 km) void, entered the chaos deep place. 没有惊动任何人,彼岸虚空神鼎这件重器悄然离开宗门总坛,十数次破空瞬移后,就已经跨越亿兆里虚空,进入了混沌深处。 „...... Following some time, should not have the fellow who does not enlarge ones vision to come Sect Chief Platform to disturb again?” “……接下来一段时间,应该不会再有不开眼的家伙来宗门总坛捣乱了吧?” Near the wasteful fine hot spring bathing pool, beautiful face bright red, the azure luminary immortal of tender and beautiful desire drop reveres to hold in the arms Qin Muling to ask. 奢靡精致的温泉浴池边,丽颜嫣红,娇艳欲滴的青曜仙尊搂住秦沐凌问着。 Qin Muling nods: „Before finding a more appropriate method, temporarily, will not see somebody off to deliver the advantage to us after all like this endlessly, they somewhat cannot endure.” 秦沐凌点点头:“在没有找到更合适的法子之前,暂时是不会了,毕竟这样没完没了地给我们送人送好处,他们也有些吃不消的。” Regarding these super influences, incomparable items innate Spiritual Treasure, and disciple of accurate Saint Emperor level is not the cabbage, lost too many, will make these greatly old feel the anxiety absolutely, has to the discrete consideration next step strategy. 对于那些超级势力而言,绝品先天灵宝,以及准圣帝君层次的门人可不是大白菜,损失得太多了,绝对会让那些大老们感到肉疼,不得不谨慎考虑下一步的策略。 The big Palace Lord purple poem rhyme takes out that head/number of people size, the light shadow is dim, the round mirror of magnificent clouds and mist sparkle circulation gives Qin Muling, making him start to calculate that goes into hiding in the chaos void these heavy treasures positions. 宫主紫诗韵取出那面人头大小,光影朦胧,瑰丽烟霞闪耀流转的圆镜交给秦沐凌,让他开始推算隐匿在混沌虚空中的那些重宝的位置。 Outside the other shore void god cauldron, huge innate primordial chaos good fortune blue lotus virtual image appears slowly, suppressed surrounding area over a hundred million li (0.5 km), to be chaotic wilder with ease much the energy turbulent flow tide. Startled huge explosion continuously also extinguished in invisible quietly, becomes uneventful. 彼岸虚空神鼎之外,一朵巨大的先天鸿蒙造化青莲虚影冉冉浮现,轻松压制住了方圆上亿里、混乱狂暴得无以言表的能量乱流潮汐。原本此起彼伏的惊天大爆炸也悄然消弭于无形,变得风平浪静。 In blue lotus virtual image covers in the range, these let the chaos ominous thing that the person becomes angry while talking about it, similarly the ominous prestige will reduce greatly, the strength drops several levels directly, suppresses to kill especially with ease easy. 在青莲虚影笼罩范围内,那些让人谈之色变的混沌凶物们,同样会凶威大减,实力直接跌落数个层次,剿杀起来格外轻松容易。 Had the result, we passed!” “有结果了,我们过去吧!” Qin Muling is saying, the control other shore void god cauldron breaks open the chaos turbulent flow, vanishes in the storm deep place. 秦沐凌说着,驾驭彼岸虚空神鼎破开混沌乱流,消失在风暴深处。 Takes his present cultivating as, has been able quite to control this treasure with ease, in the primordial chaos chaos deep place is like a fish in water, a time void transfers greatly can span is equivalent to several macrocosms the distances. 以他现在的修为,已经可以较为轻松地掌控这件重器,在鸿蒙混沌深处更是如鱼得水,一次虚空大挪移就可以跨越相当于数个大世界的距离。 When the field of vision returns to normal, the other shore void god cauldron had rushed in side strange void, the surrounding chaotic energy turbulent flow especially is crudely wild, as if there is antique stars to explode every time, pitch-dark, solemn earth-shattering scene. 等到视野恢复正常时,彼岸虚空神鼎已然闯进了一方陌生的虚空,周围的混乱能量乱流格外狂野粗暴,似乎每时每刻都有太古星辰在爆炸,昏天黑地,俨然天崩地裂般的景象。 Various strange lives come in swarms, packages the other shore void god cauldron densely and numerously and with huge crowds of people solid, in deafening shouting roaring filial piety sound, the attacks of many secretive ominous offenses will fall like the raindrop. 各种各样稀奇古怪的生灵蜂拥而至,密密麻麻、里三层外三层地将彼岸虚空神鼎包裹得严严实实,震耳欲聋的嘶吼咆孝声中,诸多诡秘凶戾的攻击如雨点般落将下来。 Also really enough savage......” “还真够凶残的……” Qin Muling snort/hum, emitted innate primordial chaos good fortune blue lotus virtual image, suppressed outside the magnanimous chaos ominous thing community instantaneously. 秦沐凌哼了一声,放出先天鸿蒙造化青莲虚影,瞬间压制住了外面海量的混沌凶物群落。 While this opportunity, azure luminary immortal reveres to offer a sacrifice to the beginning of the universe sword box and purple gold bottle gourd immediately, the big Palace Lord purple poem rhyme offers a sacrifice to the dark silver chimes and four likely muddy day charts, the static Brahma female was offers a sacrifice to a auspicious clouds auspicious color to wind around, the dignified heavy/thick lotus flower throne, a sandalwood gold/metal luster shorea robusta god was colored, was coming from the Buddha territory pure land the innate primordial chaos most precious object. 趁着这机会,青曜仙尊当即祭出混元剑匣、紫金葫芦,大宫主紫诗韵祭出暗银编钟、四象浑天图,静梵天女则是祭出了一尊祥云瑞彩缭绕、威严厚重的莲花宝座,还有一朵檀金色泽的娑罗神花,都是来自佛域净土的先天鸿蒙至宝。 Three apexes can make a move greatly full power, the times of dozens breath, chaos ominous thing cleaning up within surrounding area 1 billion li (0.5 km) range cleanly, void only had was only left over thousands, condensed these chaos ominous thing before death the crystal of life source essence, were revered to absorb all by azure luminary immortal, lost to Qin Muling. 三位顶尖大能全力出手,不出数十个呼吸的功夫,就将方圆十亿里范围内的混沌凶物清理得干干净净,虚空中只剩下只剩下数以万计的、凝聚了这些混沌凶物生前生命本源精华的晶体,被青曜仙尊尽数摄取回来,丢给了秦沐凌 Unexpectedly so many?” “居然有这么多的吗?” The static Brahma female is first is void with the Qin Muling thorough chaos, therefore is especially surprised about this, before changing into, these were struck has killed the chaos ominous thing by oneself, leaves behind the life source crystal the probability is quite low. 静梵天女是头一回和秦沐凌深入混沌虚空,因此对这一幕格外惊讶,换成以前,那些被自己击杀过的混沌凶物,留下生命本源晶体的概率可是相当低的。 This naturally is because has the reason that young Junior Brother destiny luck reason in addition holds.” “这当然是因为有小师弟气运福缘加持的缘故。” azure luminary immortal reveres answers with a smile, looks that Qin Muling feeds in the blue lotus virtual image deep place these precious crystals completely, swallows to refine smoothly. 青曜仙尊笑着解释道,看着秦沐凌将这些宝贵的晶体全部送进青莲虚影深处,顺利吞噬炼化掉。 So that's how it is, I understood.” “原来如此,我明白了。” The static Brahma female snow greasy jade face blushes slightly, before purple poem rhyme, had once mentioned with her, so long as made Qin Muling eat to the full, then they can through the share inspiration dao rhyme way, be also satiated with food and wine, promoted itself to cultivate/repair rapidly is. 静梵天女雪腻玉颜微微发红,紫诗韵之前也曾和她提及过,只要让秦沐凌吃饱了,接下来她们就可以通过分享灵机道韵的方式,同样吃饱喝足,快速提升自身修为。 During speeches, there are many chaos ominous thing such as the billowing tide to well up crazily, overlapping and almost field of vision institute and region fills up all. 说话间,又有更多的混沌凶物如滚滚大潮疯狂地涌来,层层叠叠、几乎将视野所及的区域尽数填满。 Under the suppression of innate primordial chaos good fortune blue lotus, reveres their full forces to suppress to kill in azure luminary immortal, these ominous offense unusual chaos ominous thing, are doomed deliver the vegetable/dish. 只是在先天鸿蒙造化青莲的压制下,在青曜仙尊她们的全力剿杀下,这些凶戾异常的混沌凶物,都注定只是送菜而已。 Crazy slaughtered continued several double-hour, this astonishingly huge chaos ominous thing community exhausted the complete vitality finally, under two innate chaos god demons that entered the stage finally, after the Qin Muling domain suppressed, in three female full forces besiege only insisted several double-hour, then bring intense being unwilling and curse secretly however fall from the sky. 疯狂的杀戮持续了数个时辰,这个规模惊人的混沌凶物群落终于耗尽了全部的元气,就连最后出场的两头先天混沌神魔,被秦沐凌的领域压制住后,在三女的全力围攻下都只坚持了数个时辰,便带着强烈的不甘与诅咒暗然陨落。 This is not strange, three female present cultivating are the accumulations, the innate primordial chaos most precious object quantity and in the hand having, had the remarkable progress compared with before. 这不奇怪,三女如今的修为积累,以及手中拥有的先天鸿蒙至宝数量,比起以前都有了显着进步。 What is more important is as cultivating of Qin Muling is the promotion, the innate primordial chaos good fortune blue lotus is even more obvious in the chaos void home advantage, is more tyrannical to the domain suppression effects of these chaos lives, causes these originally terrifying exceptionally innate chaos god demon, degenerated similarly the ordinary opponent before him, does not need to use energy to handle. 更重要的是随着秦沐凌的修为提升,先天鸿蒙造化青莲在混沌虚空中的主场优势越发明显,对这些混沌生灵的领域压制效果更为强横,才使得那些原本恐怖异常的先天混沌神魔,在他面前同样退化成了普通的对手,不需要太费劲就可以搞定。 The elegantly beautiful governing elder sister of evil thought incarnation and that black armor black skirt that azure luminary immortal reveres controls the escaping photodissociation to operate the other shore void god cauldron, enters that two innate chaos god demons the lair to plunder heartily, a moment later brings the magnanimous spoils of war to return smoothly. 青曜仙尊的恶念化身、那位黑甲黑裙的冷艳御姐驾驭遁光离开彼岸虚空神鼎,进入那两头先天混沌神魔的巢穴尽情搜刮,片刻之后带着海量的战利品顺利回返。 With crash-bang the sound, the big pile only produces in the rare and precious god material of chaos void deep place, the innate magical things and innate Spiritual Treasure piled a mountain peak. 随着“哗啦啦”的声响,大堆只产于混沌虚空深处的珍稀神料,先天灵物、先天灵宝堆成了一座山峰。
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