SMIJ :: Volume #39

#3852: Damage control

The immeasurable day sect that side soon had the reply, appreciates to the Taiyi World approach greatly, to its attitude is very satisfied. 无量天宗那边很快就有了回信,对太乙界的做法大为赞赏,对其态度更是十分满意。 Meng Zhang knows the discretion, to understand the onset and retreat, not only completed the immeasurable day ancestor's issuing order, and has not broken the Spirit Space Immortal Realm rule, handles the matter very attractive. 孟章知分寸、懂进退,既完成了无量天宗下达的命令,又没有破坏灵空仙界的规则,将事情做的十分漂亮。 Flying tiger building cultivator is so useless, lets Spirit Space Immortal Realm official cultivator disappointed, has no alternative. 飞虎楼修士如此不中用,让灵空仙界官方修士大为失望,也无可奈何。 Soon , the Meng Zhang old acquaintance opens contains Heaven Immortal, is accompanying representative Spirit Space Immortal Realm official Pan peak Heaven Immortal, arrived here together. 不久之后,孟章的老熟人张涵天仙,就陪着代表灵空仙界官方的潘峰天仙,一起来到了这里。 They are process Taiyi World and flying tiger building conflict, determines the authority of Taiyi World to this region while convenient thoroughly. 他们是来处理太乙界和飞虎楼争端的,顺便彻底确定太乙界对这块区域的管理权。 Pan peak Heaven Immortal brought one group to accompany, in the name of Spirit Space Immortal Realm official, inspected here situation, investigated Taiyi World and between the flying tiger buildings exactly had anything. 潘峰天仙带来了一帮随从,以灵空仙界官方的名义,检查这里的情况,调查太乙界和飞虎楼之间到底发生了什么。 Has to open contains the asylum of Heaven Immortal, very attractively, making Pan peak Heaven Immortal that Meng Zhang their matter is done unable to find the excuse of outbreak. 有着张涵天仙的庇护,孟章他们事情又做的十分漂亮,让潘峰天仙找不到发作的借口。 He transferred in the surroundings, really cannot hold Taiyi World here funnel. 他在周围转了一圈,实在是抓不住太乙界这边的漏子。 But, giving up that in light of his having a mind unwilling sentiment does not only hope. 无奈之下,他只有心不甘情不愿的就此作罢。 Meng Zhang knows, offended this fellow, he will definitely find the opportunity to feel embarrassed Taiyi World in the future. 孟章知道,得罪了这个家伙,他日后肯定会找机会为难太乙界 But at least this closes at present crosses temporarily. 可至少眼前这一关暂时过了。 Moreover, turns to the immeasurable day sect, gains massive advantage, has no alternative but to pay the price. 而且,投靠无量天宗,获取大量好处,也不能不付出代价。 Pan peak Heaven Immortal is behind one of the flying tiger building backers. 潘峰天仙就是飞虎楼背后的靠山之一。 Until now, the flying tiger building to him is respectful, has the generous gift to deliver fixed time. 一直以来,飞虎楼对他都是恭恭敬敬,定时有厚礼送上。 The flying tiger building controls the time of this region is not long, most harvests obtained, actually fell into him and companion hand. 飞虎楼控制这块区域的时间不长,所获得的大部分收获,其实都是落入了他和同伴手中。 Flying tiger building that side is hoping he takes responsibility for them, because he actually the immeasurable day sect here diversion, is unable forcefully for the flying tiger building over. 飞虎楼那边期盼着他为他们做主,他却因为无量天宗这边的牵制,无法强行为飞虎楼出头。 This makes him angry, started to hate Taiyi World and Meng Zhang. 这让他大为愤怒,开始恨上了太乙界孟章 Meanwhile, in his heart also cursed that unavoidably flying tiger building cultivator is useless. 同时,他心中也免不了大骂飞虎楼修士无用。 The flying tiger building good and evil was also Spirit Space Immortal Realm established Heaven Immortal sect gate, Taiyi World that actually trivial rose continually did not cope. 飞虎楼好歹也是灵空仙界老牌天仙宗门了,却连区区才崛起的太乙界都对付不了。 Turns over to discontentedly discontentedly, he not good, no matter flying tiger building cultivator. 不满归不满,他也不好不管飞虎楼修士 At his strong request, Taiyi World flying tiger building cultivator of captive, the seized that giant building, numerous void battleships, handed over entirely. 在他的强烈要求之下,太乙界这边将俘虏的飞虎楼修士,缴获的那座巨大楼宇,众多的虚空战舰等,统统交了出来。 Naturally, during the previous fight, presented many losses, this does not have the matter of means. 当然,在此前的战斗之中,出现了不少的损耗,这也是没有办法的事情。 Regarding this, he is also disinclined to inquire, in any case what loses is the flying tiger building. 对此,他也懒得过问,反正损失的是飞虎楼。 These retrieval free flying tiger building immortals run up to front of Pan peak Heaven Immortal to complain tearfully, instead was obloquied by him. 那些重获自由的飞虎楼仙人跑到潘峰天仙面前哭诉,反而被他大骂了一顿。 This group of incompetent things make his face countenance lose greatly, he is angry nowhere sends, where will give this group of fellow good complexions. 这帮无能的东西让他颜面大失,他正是有气无处发的时候,哪里会给这帮家伙好脸色。 After waiting to get through the connection, Pan peak Heaven Immortal on enraged in advance left here. 等办完交接之后,潘峰天仙就气冲冲的先行离开这里了。 Connects with Taiyi World, explains various idea items, is of immeasurable day sect contains Heaven Immortal. 太乙界这边交接,交待各种主意事项的,是无量天宗的张涵天仙 Then, this region will have Taiyi World to be responsible for directly managing and developing, the immeasurable day sect is responsible for supervising. 接下来,这块区域将有太乙界负责直接管理和开发,无量天宗负责监督。 Taiyi World directly is responsible for the immeasurable day sect, all the resources of delivering escort to the station of immeasurable day sect. 太乙界直接对无量天宗负责,所有上交的资源都是送往无量天宗的驻地。 This time captured very big benefit from Spirit Space Immortal Realm official cultivator there, but also makes Pan peak Heaven Immortal this old opponent face countenance lose greatly, opening contains Heaven Immortal to be happy, the attitude to Meng Zhang was better. 这次从灵空仙界官方修士那里夺取了很大一块利益,还让潘峰天仙这个老对手颜面大失,张涵天仙心情很好,对孟章的态度更好了。 Meng Zhang somewhat was also worried, Pan peak Heaven Immortal can in the name of Spirit Space Immortal Realm official, continue to pester with Taiyi World continuous. 孟章还有几分担心,潘峰天仙会不会以灵空仙界官方的名义,继续和太乙界这边纠缠不休。 Opens contains Heaven Immortal to promise him, such matter will not happen. 张涵天仙向他保证,这样的事情不会发生。 At least, Pan peak Heaven Immortal will not continue to pester on this region. 最起码,潘峰天仙不会继续就这块区域纠缠。 The Hengling star district unusual length and breadth, similar such region also has at present. 要知道,横岭星区非常广袤,类似眼前这样的区域还有很多。 With the Spirit Space Immortal Realm official cultivator vision, is not worth for this reason and immeasurable day sect entanglement continuous. 灵空仙界官方修士的眼光,不值得为此和无量天宗纠缠不休。 This time lost one move, they will recognize happily. 这次失了一招,他们自会痛快的认了。 They can definitely look in other place, does not need to cling to for dear life here not to put. 他们完全可以在别的地方找回来,没有必要死缠着这里不放。 The foreign enemy who , Spirit Space Immortal Realm currently faces is not weak, everyone's main energy places to cope with on the foreign enemy. 再说了,灵空仙界目前面临的外敌并不弱,大家的主要精力还是放在对付外敌上面。 Spirit Space Immortal Realm official cultivator most gives Taiyi World to find fault, will therefore not actually affect the general situation. 灵空仙界官方修士最多给太乙界挑挑刺,却不会因此影响大局。 Some guarantee that contains Heaven Immortal, Meng Zhang relaxes slightly. 有了张涵天仙的保证,孟章才稍微松了一口气。 In a while, opened contains Heaven Immortal to bring the generous gift that Meng Zhang is offering to leave. 没过多久,张涵天仙就带着孟章送上的厚礼离开了。 The Taiyi World high level starts to conduct the overall planning to this region. 太乙界高层这边开始对这块区域进行全面规划。 In this region, has the enemy. 在这块区域内部,也不是没有敌人。 Once for a while can discover some powerful star beasts, will have the quantity not poor star beast ethnic group to exist. 时不时就能发现一些强大的星兽,甚至会有数量不菲的星兽族群存在。 If Taiyi World wants to develop here resources, must encircle these star beasts. 太乙界要想开发这里的资源,就必须对这些星兽进行围剿。 Naturally, does not waste the time with the star beast combat. 当然,和星兽作战并非白费功夫。 The star beast is the good spoils of war. 星兽本身就是不错的战利品。 The corpse of star beast was needless saying that can provide the materials of many treasuring. 星兽的尸身不用说,能够提供不少珍惜的材料。 Taiyi Sect Beast Controlling Hall cultivator, has tamed the star beast young child, the ability of domesticated grown star beast. 太乙门御兽堂修士,早就已经有了驯养星兽幼崽,驯化成年星兽的能力。 Until now, trains and domesticates various spirit beast and ominous beasts and even the star beasts, is Taiyi Sect strengthens the strength the important way. 一直以来,培养和驯化各种灵兽、凶兽乃至星兽,是太乙门壮大自身实力的重要途径。 Beast combat in void and star, exercises the Taiyi World cultivator good way. 在虚空之中和星兽作战,是锻炼太乙界修士的好办法。 Mines various resources time, will come across some difficult problems. 开采各种资源的时候,也会遇到一些难题。 Some special means that some resources mining hard bargains, must use. 有的资源开采条件苛刻,要用的一些特殊的办法。 Is good improves because of the Taiyi Sect inheritance, in the gate cultivator through the consult ancient book, even again is the rare and troublesome resources, has the means to mine. 好在太乙门传承完善,门中修士通过查阅典籍,就算再是罕见和麻烦的资源,都有办法进行开采。 These and Spirit Space Immortal Realm hostile influence, although tacitly approved the control of Spirit Space Immortal Realm to this region, will not organize the army to compete. 那些和灵空仙界敌对的势力,虽然默认了灵空仙界对这块区域的控制,不会组织大军过来争夺。 But to divert the Spirit Space Immortal Realm cultivator attention, slows down its mining rate, once for a while will organize to make a harassing attack. 可是为了分散灵空仙界修士的注意力,减缓其开采速度,时不时会组织一些袭扰。 As for robber who these rob, the quantity were more. 至于那些过来抢劫的强盗,数量就更多了。 If Taiyi World wants to deter the opposite party thoroughly, number of times that the reduced enemy makes a harassing attack, that must show the sufficient battle efficiency. 太乙界要想彻底震慑住对方,减少敌人袭扰的次数,那必须展现出足够的战斗力来。 The Taiyi World high level set defense lines around this region carefully, built the defense footholds, teams of patrol cultivator regular patrols. 太乙界高层在这块区域周围精心的设置了一条条防线,建立了一个个防御据点,还有一队队巡逻修士定期巡逻。 Once so long as has the enemy to invade, the defensive system that they establish must play the role, ahead of time warned, the action of sluggish enemy, the waiting one's own side large unit encircled in the past. 只要一旦有敌人入侵,他们设置的防御体系就要发挥作用,提前示警,迟滞敌人的行动,等待己方大部队过去围剿。 Naturally, be only thousand days are not a thief thousand days against thief. 当然,只有千日做贼没有千日防贼的。 The invasion of enemy and makes a harassing attack is not definitely able to cease, looks for book park ww.zhashyuancom Taiyi World cultivator to be mentally prepared. 敌人的入侵和袭扰肯定无法杜绝,找书苑ww.zhashyuancom太乙界修士必须做好心理准备。 Meng Zhang besides most started to pay attention to some time, quick will concentrate on above own cultivation. 孟章除了最开始关注了一段时间之外,很快就将主要精力放到了自己的修炼上面。 He just promoted the Heaven Immortal second boundary, first reveals the prestige, easily takes two Heaven Immortal. 他刚刚晋升天仙第二境,初次显威,就轻易拿下两名天仙 This makes him profoundly understand that during the dwelling place of Buddhist immortals was sparring the enormous power. 这让他深刻的认识到了洞天在斗法之中的巨大威力。 Since currently Taiyi World has the income of stable environment and stability, he must start unceasing investment multi-resources, started to improve and strengthen own dwelling place of Buddhist immortals. 既然现在太乙界有了安定的环境和稳定的收入,那他就要开始不断的投入更多资源,开始完善和强化自家的洞天了。 His unceasing excavation dwelling place of Buddhist immortals major function, adapts using the strength of dwelling place of Buddhist immortals more and more fights. 他不断的发掘洞天更大的作用,越来越适应运用洞天的力量去战斗。 The improvement and strengthening to dwelling place of Buddhist immortals is a long process, needs to spend the magnanimous resources. 对洞天的完善和强化是一个漫长的过程,需要花费海量的资源。 Meng Zhang does not worry, starts taking your time step by step. 孟章也不着急,开始一步一步的慢慢来。 Cell phone standing brand-new edition correction promotion address: https://, the data and bookmark and computer stand synchronization, does not have advertisement fresh reading! 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