SMIJ :: Volume #39

#3853: Induction

Nichiren Buddhism is hostile with Spirit Space Immortal Realm, but also under the influence with Spirit Space Immortal Realm has fought repeatedly. 法华宗本身就和灵空仙界敌对,还和灵空仙界麾下势力战斗过多次。 However Gu Yue Family in the name of family , without sent out the powerhouse to cope with Nichiren Buddhism. 但是古月家族从来没有以家族的名义,派出强者去对付过法华宗。 Hunts for the star to rob the group crazily is the object who many macrocosms capture, Gu Yue Family will also never capture such powerful star robber. 狂猎星盗团是许多大世界追捕的对象,古月家族也从来不会去追捕这么强大的星盗。 Day wolf sword sect seeking revenge for the slightest grievance Sword Cultivator sect gate, Gu Yue Family will not provoke on own initiative. 天狼剑宗这种睚眦必报的剑修宗门,古月家族就更不会主动招惹了。 Gu Yue Family conduct attitude so, will not change because of Taiyi World. 古月家族行事作风如此,也不会因为太乙界而改变。 When hears all these from the family elder mouth, Guyue Lingqing does not feel the accident/surprise. 当从家族长老口中听到这一切的时候,古月凌青一点都不觉得意外。 Naturally, since Meng Zhang demonstrated a bigger value, that Gu Yue Family cannot be parsimonious, will continue to increase in its investment. 当然,既然孟章展现出了更大的价值,那古月家族也不能吝啬,会继续加大在其身上的投资。 By quality that Meng Zhang displays, so long as his not midway falls from the sky, but has grown, will become a big boost of Gu Yue Family. 孟章表现出来的品质,只要他不中途陨落,而是一直成长下去,将会成为古月家族的一大助力。 Listens to the return of Guyue Lingqing, the elder in family headquarters, to its appreciates. 听完古月凌青的回报,家族总部的长老,对其赞赏有加。 Even in Gu Yue Family this respected family, the Heaven Immortal quantity is very scarce. 即便是在古月家族这种大家族内部,天仙数量都是十分稀少的。 Always has Heaven Immortal, has the great significance to the family. 每多出一尊天仙,都对家族有着重大意义。 Achievement Heaven Immortal of Guyue Lingqing beside the family, that is very extraordinary. 古月凌青在家族之外成就天仙,那更是十分了不得。 Guyue Lingqing achievement Heaven Immortal, he will welcome a huge promotion in the family internal position. 古月凌青成就天仙,他在家族内部的地位将迎来一次巨大的提升。 If he returns to the family now, will definitely be promoted to the family in most core high-level one. 如果他现在回到家族,肯定会晋升为家族中最为核心的高层之一。 He sharply is not returning to the family now, that should to his reward, will not give the slight discount. 他现在不急着返回家族,那该给他的奖赏,也不会打丝毫的折扣。 Practicing technique of Heaven Immortal stage, more profound immortal technique Divine Ability, family's core ancient book, through this special contact method, 11 taught to Guyue Lingqing. 天仙阶段的修行功法,更为高深的仙术神通,家族的核心典籍等,都通过这种特殊的联系方式,一一传授给了古月凌青 Guyue Lingqing in the report, emphasized Taiyi World here need. 古月凌青在汇报的时候,着重强调了太乙界这边的需要。 He the family headquarters before the relation, had inquired specially Taiyi World many True Immortal, understands their various demands. 他在联系上家族总部之前,就专门询问过太乙界多位真仙,了解他们的各种需求。 Gu Yue Family not only the accumulation is more abundant than Taiyi World, but also it situated in resources incomparably rich Spirit Space Immortal Realm, has many methods, gains the treasuring magical things that these Taiyi World need. 古月家族不但积累远比太乙界雄厚,而且其位于资源无比丰厚的灵空仙界,有着许多手段,去获取那些太乙界需要的珍惜灵物。 Once the big storehouse in Gu Yue Family headquarters opens, basically can meet the Taiyi World magical things need. 古月家族总部的大库一旦开放,就基本上可以满足太乙界的灵物需求了。 These really no magical things, Gu Yue Family can also trade with other Spirit Space Immortal Realm practicing influences. 那些实在没有的灵物,古月家族也能和灵空仙界其他修行势力进行交易。 After obtaining to need magical things list that Guyue Lingqing reported that the Gu Yue Family high-level that side attitude, is as far as possible satisfied. 得到古月凌青报上来的所需灵物名单之后,古月家族高层那边的态度,是尽量满足。 So long as extremely does not cherish the magical things that extremely treasures, can give Taiyi World, is the next step investment. 只要不是太过稀罕、太过珍惜的灵物,都可以送给太乙界,算是下一步的投资。 Quick, the reward of Gu Yue Family high level to Guyue Lingqing, to the investment of Taiyi Sect, was transmitting through the special space channel. 很快,古月家族高层对古月凌青的奖赏,连带着对太乙门的投资,都通过特殊的空间通道传递了过来。 The family is so natural, a little came as a surprise to Guyue Lingqing. 家族如此大方,都有点出乎古月凌青的预料了。 This indicated that the family looks at very much heavily Meng Zhang and Taiyi World, explained that the family high level to the disaster tribulation that will soon arrive, was full of the deep fear, thus has to grab each straw to grasp. 这说明家族将孟章太乙界看得很重,也说明家族高层对即将降临的灾劫,充满了深深的恐惧,从而不得不抓住每一根的救命稻草。 Guyue Lingqing rewards to receive to own thing the family. 古月凌青将家族赏赐给自己的东西收好。 And some precious magical things and pills of immortality, oneself then practice the capital grain that need. 其中有一些珍贵的灵物和仙丹,自己接下来修行所需的资粮等。 The family headquarters give the Taiyi World thing, not only the quantity is big, but also the quality is uncommon. 家族总部送给太乙界的东西,不但数量众多,而且品质不凡。 Not only there is a function widespread end product pill of immortality, refines the pill of immortality the material, can use for An Xiaoran for a long time. 不但有作用广泛的成品仙丹,还有许多炼制仙丹的材料,可以供安小冉使用许久了。 Many Taiyi World no valuable resources, just solved Taiyi World urgent matter. 许多太乙界没有的珍贵资源,刚好解了太乙界的燃眉之急。 Moreover, considering that Taiyi World currently does not have the refiner immortal master, but also is unable to refine immortal item, that side the family headquarters also delivers several false immortal item and immortal item. 另外,考虑到太乙界目前没有炼器仙师,还无法炼制仙器,家族总部那边还送过来几件伪仙器仙器 Although these immortal item and false immortal item are only the main road goods, whether there is problem may solve at least, can be for the Taiyi World later generation True Immortal equipment. 尽管这几件仙器和伪仙器都只是大路货色,可起码解决了有无的问题,能够供太乙界后辈真仙装备。 During the fight of True Immortal rank, equipped immortal item, to the battle efficiency influence is very big. 真仙级别的战斗之中,是否装备了仙器,对战斗力影响还是很大的。 Regarding the situation that Taiyi World currently faces, that side the family headquarters also from Guyue Lingqing there obtained the full understanding. 对于太乙界目前面临的处境,家族总部那边也从古月凌青那里得到了充分的了解。 Gu Yue Family will not help Taiyi World deal with Nichiren Buddhism and other enemies directly, only then solves the problem by Taiyi World. 古月家族不会直接帮助太乙界应对法华宗等仇家,只有靠太乙界这边自己解决问题。 Has commodity that these supported, can help Taiyi World solve many problems, can enhance the Taiyi World battle efficiency powerfully. 有了这些支援过来的物资,想必可以帮助太乙界解决许多问题,能够有力的提升太乙界的战斗力。 Regarding the Taiyi World next destination, that side family headquarters also very good suggestions. 对于太乙界的下一个目的地,家族总部那边也有一个很好的建议。 The Gu Yue Family high level imitates the City in the Cloud approach regarding Taiyi World, has not easily commented. 古月家族的高层对于太乙界效法云中城的做法,并没有轻易进行评论。 Since Taiyi World must wander in void, must live off the government, that Gu Yue Family high level provides a good place to it, is to a part of its investment. 既然太乙界要在虚空之中游荡,要以战养战,那古月家族高层就向其提供一个好地方,也算是对其投资的一部分。 After Guyue Lingqing hear family's high-level suggestion, hesitated the period of time, although in the heart is not very satisfied, actually has to acknowledge, this is a very suitable Taiyi World goal. 古月凌青听完家族高层的建议之后,沉吟了一阵子,尽管心中不是很满意,却不得不承认,这是很适合太乙界的一个目标。 Guyue Lingqing after the family headquarters conducted the report, that side the family headquarters also to him reported the Spirit Space Immortal Realm recent situation, some void ten thousand latest information wait/etc. 古月凌青向家族总部进行了汇报之后,家族总部那边也向他介绍了灵空仙界最近的局势,虚空万界最新的一些情报等等。 When both sides completed all exchanges, after various commodities of transmission all arrive, both sides bid goodbye, ended this relation. 等到双方完成了所有交流,传送的各种物资全部到位之后,双方才话别,结束了这次联系。 Guyue Lingqing took inventory all commodities, gives the Taiyi Sect gift the family headquarters, gave the Taiyi World high level. 古月凌青清点了一下所有的物资,将家族总部送给太乙门的礼物,交给了太乙界高层。 He is just about to look for Meng Zhang, with him discussed that the Taiyi World next step goal, Meng Zhang is actually closing up, temporarily is unable to receive guests. 他正要去找孟章,和他商量太乙界下一步的目标,孟章却正在进行闭关,暂时无法见客。 He has to temporarily leave, goes back to wait. 他不得不暂时离开,回去等待一下。 Taiyi World is still deferring to the original direction to go forward now in any case, before being under the further order of Meng Zhang, will not change. 反正现在太乙界还在按照原定的方向前进,在得到孟章的进一步命令之前,都不会有所改变。 At this time, Meng Zhang is conducting essential closing up time. 这个时候,孟章正在进行一次关键的闭关。 He not for own cultivation base, but to induce to the thought of Golden Immortal Taiyi. 他不是为了自家的修为,而是为了感应到太一金仙的意念。 After ending and exchange of Guyue Lingqing, he starts positive preparing. 在结束和古月凌青的交流之后,他就开始积极的做准备。 Fasts to bathe calmly, and so on procedure/program was needless to say. 斋戒沐浴、凝神静气之类的程序不用说了。 When Guyue Lingqing is closing up, Meng Zhang also emits Divine Sense, starts to use the secret technique, tries to induce to the thought of Golden Immortal Taiyi. 古月凌青正在闭关的时候,孟章也放出神念,开始施展秘术,试图感应到太一金仙的意念。 After Golden Immortal Taiyi defeated in the past, by several Golden Immortal suppression captivity. 太一金仙当年战败之后,被几尊金仙镇压囚禁。 But he still tenacious own Divine Sense by the place of suppression, looks for book park patrolling void ten thousand boundary/world...... 可是他仍然顽强的将自己的神念透过镇压之地,找书苑www.haoshuyuan.om神游虚空万界…… Under the Taiyi Sect founder accident of sorts, induces to its Divine Sense, obtained some shallow inheritance, had afterward Taiyi Sect. 太乙门的开山祖师机缘巧合之下,感应到其神念,获得了一些粗浅的传承,才有了后来的太乙门 After Meng Zhang grows, has induced its Divine Sense, obtained many inheritance. 孟章成长起来之后,也感应过其神念,获得了许多传承。 Also does not know Golden Immortal Taiyi patrolling void ten thousand boundary/world, pure to look for inheritance, has the goal. 也不知道太一金仙神游虚空万界,是单纯为了寻找传承者,还是另有目的。 Meng Zhang sees very clearly, since he accepted the inheritance of Golden Immortal Taiyi, that naturally must receive the Golden Immortal Taiyi causes and effects in the future. 孟章看得很清楚,他既然接受了太一金仙的传承,那日后自然要接过太一金仙的因果。 Although does not know that his enemy is these people, may think these Golden Immortal can suppress Golden Immortal Taiyi, he often feels the great stress. 虽然不知道他的仇家是那些人,可一想到这些金仙能够镇压太一金仙,他就经常感到压力巨大。 However, since has become Golden Immortal Taiyi inheritance, leeway that matter has not reneged on a promise. 不过,既然已经成为了太一金仙的传承者,那事情就没有反悔的余地。 Meng Zhang besides accelerating own growth, hopes that can obtain many excellent inheritance from Golden Immortal Taiyi there. 孟章除了加速自身的成长之外,也希望能够从太一金仙那里获得更多的上乘传承。 Cell phone standing brand-new edition correction promotion address: https://, the data and bookmark and computer stand synchronization, does not have advertisement fresh reading! 手机站全新改版升级地址:https://,数据和书签与电脑站同步,无广告清新阅读!
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