SMIJ :: Volume #39

#3850: War

Qin Fangtian decided no longer to wait, started to introduce to Return to Emptiness great power on the scene most new situation that Grand Dust World currently faces. 秦方天决定不再等待了,开始向在场的返虚大能们介绍起钧尘界目前面临的最新形势。 In several days before, various group of extraterritorial invader collaborates, in void launched an unprecedented large-scale attack to a Grand Dust World defensive position of side. 就在前几天,各路域外入侵者联手,对钧尘界一方在虚空中的防御阵地发动了一次史无前例的大规模进攻。 Before, various group of extraterritorial invader, although attacked Grand Dust World together, was, maintained very strong vigilance. 以前,各路域外入侵者虽然一起进攻钧尘界,可是彼此之间,还是保持了很强的戒心。 Among them will rarely make the effective coordination, more often, operates independently, mutual non-interference, does not help. 他们之间很少会做出有效的配合,更多的时候,是各自为战,互不干涉,互不帮助。 If there is some extraterritorial invader to be in unfavorable situation, the bitter experience lost, other extraterritorial invader will perhaps take pleasure in others'misfortunes, watched the fun in the one side. 如果有某支域外入侵者失利了,遭遇损失了,别的域外入侵者说不定会幸灾乐祸,在一旁看热闹。 Must think that among them unites, coordinates to battle, is almost the not possible matter. 要想他们之间团结一心,配合作战,几乎是不可能的事情。 If not the strength that they add is extremely powerful, a Grand Dust World side has not really been possible to fall leeward. 如果不是他们加起来的实力太过强大,钧尘界一方还真不一定会落到下风。 Although is in an inferior position, but a Grand Dust World side unites on the whole, can grasp the issue between enemies, effective launching attacks. 尽管处于劣势,可是钧尘界一方大体上还是团结的,能够抓住敌人之间的问题,有效的发动攻击。 The Grand Dust World surrounding that matter heavy/thick meteorite belt/bring, is the main battleground that the both sides dogfight slaughters and fights for unceasingly. 钧尘界外围那层厚重的陨石带,就是双方缠斗厮杀、不断争抢的主要战场。 Before Meng Zhang wanders about destitute is void, although various group of extraterritorial invader captured in this meteorite belt/bring, is Grand Dust World is unprepared while the enemy, prompt reactionary counter-attack, had many advantages. 孟章流落虚空之前,各路域外入侵者虽然攻入了这层陨石带之内,可是钧尘界趁敌人立足未稳,及时反动了反击,还是取得了不少优势的。 After Meng Zhang returns to Grand Dust World, although has not stayed for a long time in the void battlefield, may spend many energy, collects various relevant information. 孟章返回钧尘界之后,虽然没有在虚空战场久留,可还是花费了不少精力,去收集各种相关信息。 According to Meng Zhang knows, between Grand Dust World sides and various group of extraterritorial invader, are at being locked in a stalemate stage. 孟章所知,钧尘界一方和各路域外入侵者之间,目前正处于相持阶段。 During every large or small the fight in the ordinary day, both sides have the victory and defeat respectively. 在平日里进行的大大小小的战斗之中,双方是各有胜负。 Both sides are unable to gain the thorough victory, complete control war. 双方谁也无法取得彻底的胜利,完全的掌控战局。 Now, Qin Fangtian told everyone, extraterritorial invader this time invested very big qualification, overcame the beforehand many issues, basically can achieve opposes the enemy jointly. 现在,秦方天告诉大家,域外入侵者这次投入了很大的本钱,克服了以前的许多问题,基本上能够做到联手对敌。 After a war, Grand Dust World could not support finally, suffered the unprecedented disastrous defeat. 一番大战之后,钧尘界这边终于支撑不住,遭遇了前所未有的惨败。 Grand Dust World has defeated in the void army, lost all defensive positions, making the enemy side occupy that matter heavy/thick meteorite belt/bring thoroughly. 钧尘界在虚空的大军已经战败,丢失了所有防御阵地,让敌方彻底占据了那层厚重的陨石带。 As for a Grand Dust World side the foothold that builds in inside, was not destroyed, fell into the rival. 至于钧尘界一方在里面建立的据点,不是被摧毁,就是落入了敌手。 A cultivator army of Grand Dust World side retreats in defeat again and again, draws back draws back again. 钧尘界一方的修士大军节节败退,一退再退。 Now, a cultivator army majority of Grand Dust World side has drawn back into Nine Heavens. 现在,钧尘界一方的修士大军大部分已经退入了九天之内。 Nine Heavens is Grand Dust World many years ago, starts to operate laboriously, defensive system of investment huge resource construction. 九天钧尘界从多年以前,就开始辛苦经营,投入大量资源建造的防御体系。 Nine Heavens is the Grand Dust World final defense line. 九天钧尘界最后的防线。 If enemy once breaks through Nine Heavens, can enter Grand Dust World directly, that does not permit absolutely. 如果敌人一旦突破九天,就可以直接杀入钧尘界内部,那是绝对不允许的。 The Heavenly Palace high level after the war is in unfavorable situation, ordered the dead order, must defend Nine Heavens, does not allow the enemy to break through absolutely. 天宫高层在战局失利之后,就下令了死命令,一定要守住九天,绝对不允许敌人突破。 Although Nine Heavens has the strong defense capability, is after completion, has almost not encountered the large-scale attack of enemy. 九天虽然有着强大的防御能力,可是自建成之后,几乎就没有遭到过敌人的大规模进攻。 Even occasionally some small number of enemy powerhouses infiltrate to Nine Heavens , will still be eliminated or pursued by the Grand Dust World powerhouse quickly. 就算偶尔有少数敌方强者渗透到九天之内,也会很快被钧尘界的强者消灭或者驱逐。 Because in Nine Heavens is too long has not had the large-scale war, therefore Grand Dust World this side many people, have not conducted the idea of defensive operation in Nine Heavens. 因为九天之内太久没有发生过大规模的战事,所以钧尘界这方许多人,并没有在九天之内进行防御作战的想法。 For these years, Nine Heavens of relative peace, has become in Grand Dust World a very important cultivation resources habitat. 这么多年以来,相对和平的九天,已经成为了钧尘界之内一处非常重要的修真资源产地。 Especially in losing various void beside resources present, Nine Heavens Refined Essence that in Nine Heavens delivers and other heavenly material, seemed especially important. 尤其是在失去了虚空之外各处资源点的现在,九天之内产出的九天精粹等各种天材地宝,就显得尤为重要了。 Especially after Nine Heavens leads to the channel exposition of Grand Dust World Source Sea, a Grand Dust World side is not willing to let enemy thorough Nine Heavens. 特别是九天之内通往钧尘界源海的通道暴露之后,钧尘界一方就更不愿意让敌人深入九天了。 If by some chance the war spreads to Nine Heavens, making a extraterritorial invader side invade in Source Sea, alarmed True Immortal in deep sleep, destroyed their for over ten thousand years planning and plan, that consequence was simply dreadful. 万一战事蔓延到九天之内,让域外入侵者一方侵入到了源海之中,惊扰到了沉睡之中的诸位真仙,破坏了他们上万年来的算计和谋划,那后果简直不堪设想。 Therefore, major Holy Land Sect this time strongly request, must defend beyond the entrance, repels all extraterritorial invader beside Nine Heavens, cannot let in their large-scale intrusion Nine Heavens. 因此,各大圣地宗门这次都强烈要求,一定要御敌于国门之外,在九天之外击退所有的域外入侵者,不能让他们大规模的闯入九天之内。 Therefore, major Holy Land Sect brings the pressure on the Heavenly Palace aspect, while also spelled, put out almost all background. 为此,各大圣地宗门一边给天宫方面施加压力,一边也是拼了,拿出了几乎所有的底蕴来。 The Sword Monarch Ban Xue initial tentative plan, uses Nine Heavens this defense line, blocks extraterritorial invader layer upon layer, as far as possible regarding this creates killing, weakens the enemy strength step by step. 伴雪剑君最初的设想,是利用九天这道防线,层层阻击域外入侵者,尽可能的对此造成杀伤,一步一步的削弱敌人实力。 If launches the counter-attack beside Nine Heavens, the casualties of one's own side will definitely increase. 如果在九天之外发动反击,己方的伤亡肯定会大增。 But facing exerting pressure of jointly major Holy Land Sect, major Holy Land Sect this time put out various types of cards in a hand in addition, Sword Monarch Ban Xue also needed them to coordinate to battle, has to make the concession, approved their plan. 可是面对各大圣地宗门的联手施压,加上各大圣地宗门这次拿出了各种底牌,伴雪剑君还需要他们配合作战,不得不做出了让步,同意了他们的方案。 Mobilizes besides major Holy Land Sect full power, Heavenly Palace also put out many methods. 除了各大圣地宗门全力动员之外,天宫这边也拿出了很多手段。 Through the Return to Emptiness powerhouses brand mark in the Grand Dust World Yang God brand mark, the Heavenly Palace aspect recruits Grand Dust World all Return to Emptiness powerhouses forcefully, comes Heavenly Palace to obey orders. 通过返虚强者们烙印在钧尘界阳神烙印,天宫方面强行征召钧尘界所有的返虚强者,前来天宫听令。 Heavenly Palace does that first time is urgent, informs everyone with the conventional method without enough time ; Secondly, mainly to inform these to spread promptly in various Grand Dust World places, does not belong to Return to Emptiness great power of major cultivation influences, or is Return to Emptiness great power that certain cultivation influences conceal. 天宫之所以这么做,一来是时间紧急,来不及用常规手段通知大家;二来,主要是为了及时通知那些散布在钧尘界各处,不属于各大修真势力的返虚大能,或者是某些修真势力暗藏起来的返虚大能 The Heavenly Palace method was quickly effective, Grand Dust World almost all Return to Emptiness great power, have to rush to Heavenly Palace as soon as possible, the obedience recruits. 天宫的手段很快就奏效了,钧尘界几乎所有的返虚大能,都不得不尽快赶往天宫,服从征召。 Now, Grand Dust World several Exalted Venerate, are leading one group of child subordinates, blocks the enemy beside Nine Heavens. 现在,钧尘界的几位上尊,正率领一帮子手下,在九天之外阻击敌人。 A Grand Dust World side, needs to invest the reinforcements as soon as possible, helping that several Exalted Venerate stand firm the defense line, stalls the attack of enemy. Looks for book park 钧尘界一方,需要尽快投入援军,帮助那几位上尊稳住防线,挡住敌人的进攻。找书苑 Qin Fangtian told to everyone grave situation that Grand Dust World currently faces, the key point is the frontline urgently needed everyone's reinforcement. 秦方天向大家讲述了钧尘界目前面临的严峻局面,重点是前线急需大家的增援。 During as for this time recruits some details, Heavenly Palace high-level plan, he naturally cannot tell everyone at will. 至于这次征召之中的一些细节,天宫高层的一些谋划,他自然不会随意告诉大家。 Heavenly Palace this time recruits anxiously, makes the major cultivation influences send out Primordial Spirit cultivator to serve as the cannon fodder very much without enough time, recruits Grand Dust World all Return to Emptiness great power directly forcefully. 天宫这次征召得很急,都来不及让各大修真势力派出元神修士充当炮灰,直接就是强行征召钧尘界所有的返虚大能 By the Return to Emptiness great power strength of legs, quick can rush to Heavenly Palace to report, then goes to the void battlefield as soon as possible. 返虚大能的脚力,很快就能赶到天宫报道,然后尽快奔赴虚空战场。 Qin Fangtian truly worried evidently very much, he said quickly. 秦方天看样子确实很是着急,他很快就讲完了。 He not all that waits for everyone to digest him to say a moment ago, finishes speaking, Return to Emptiness great power that must present obeys his command, follows him to reinforce the void battlefield together. 他不等大家消化他刚才所说的一切,话音刚落,就要在场的返虚大能听从他的号令,跟随他一起增援虚空战场。 Qin Fangtian pushed to the front, flew the sky. 秦方天一马当先,就飞上了天空。 Below Return to Emptiness great power were still pondering words that mostly he spoke, thoughts many, has started to ponder that the current war, how oneself will then deal. 下方的返虚大能们多半还在思考他所说的话,心思多一点的,已经开始思考目前的战局,自己接下来将如何应对了。 No matter how in everyone heart to think, in this time, was no one is instead daring blatantly the anti- command. 不管大家心里面怎么想,反正在这个时候,是没有人敢于公然抗令的。 Return to Emptiness great power followed Qin Fangtian to fly. 一名名返虚大能跟着秦方天飞了出去。 Even some people have not responded, still according to the instinct, followed the large unit quickly. At least on the surface, everyone was the little darling obeys Qin Fangtian the order, does not dare to have slight violation. Cell phone standing brand-new edition correction promotion address: https://, the data and bookmark and computer stand synchronization, does not have advertisement fresh reading! 即便个别人还没有反应过来,也按照本能反应,很快跟上了大部队。起码在表面上,大家都是乖乖听从秦方天的命令,不敢有丝毫的违背。手机站全新改版升级地址:https://,数据和书签与电脑站同步,无广告清新阅读!
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