SMIJ :: Volume #39

#3846: Battlefield

The butterfly Youshan Lord one breath towed in many powerful enemies the mind sea. 蝶游山主一口气将众多强敌牵引到了心灵大海之中。 By her strength, is not definitely able to conquer so many enemies. 以她的实力,肯定无法一口气战胜这么多敌人。 She uses the mind sea to divide so many enemies, prepares defeat in detail. 她利用心灵大海将这么多敌人分割开来,准备各个击破。 Strongest Meng Zhang and Guyue Lingqing are not her priority target. 最强的孟章古月凌青不是她的首要目标。 From the personal feeling, the Sky Pantheon member is. 从个人感情出发,天神殿的成员才是。 The iron wall deity and gold and greens deity are stranded now here, an ability cannot display, whatever butterfly Youshan Lord fish meat time. 铁壁天神和金碧天神现在被困在这里,一身本领根本发挥不出来,正是任由蝶游山主鱼肉的时候。 Because the butterfly Youshan main attention put other direction, the pressure that Yang Xueyi this team of troops bear is limited. 由于蝶游山主主要注意力放到了别的方向,杨雪怡这队人马承受的压力有限。 After being towed the mind sea, Yang Xueyi and An Moran two people are in the adversity, was stimulated the extremely strong potential. 在被牵引到心灵大海之后,杨雪怡安默然两人处于逆境之中,被激发出了极强的潜力。 They according to the experience that before and Xu Mengying exchange must come, stimulated the strength of hiding in the heart's core. 他们根据以前和徐梦莹交流得来的经验,自行的激发了潜藏在心灵深处的力量。 Their powerful mind strengths formed a temporary shelter, protects temporarily everyone. 他们强大的心灵力量形成了一个临时庇护所,将所有人都暂时保护起来。 Inside and outside this temporary shelter isolation, was cut off strange strength the attack of mind sea. 这个临时庇护所隔绝内外,阻隔了来自心灵大海的诡异力量的侵袭。 When Meng Zhang sees them, they mostly also keep sober. 孟章见到他们的时候,他们大多都还保持清醒。 Although Yang Xueyi and An Moran support the shelter to be very laborious, but has not arrived at the strength to use up. 尽管杨雪怡安默然支撑庇护所十分辛苦,可还没有到力竭的时候。 Sees Meng Zhang to appear, everyone is such as ignorant/veiled pardons general relaxing. 看见孟章出现,大家都是如蒙大赦一般的松了一口气。 Yang Xueyi and An Moran worthily by Taiyi Sect that Meng Zhang favors direct descendant, they have not disappointed the hope of Meng Zhang. 杨雪怡安默然不愧是被孟章看好的太乙门嫡系,他们没有辜负孟章的期盼。 Yang Xueyi joins Taiyi Sect to be very early, follows Senator that Taiyi Sect rises. 杨雪怡加入太乙门很早,是伴随太乙门崛起的元老 An Moran is Meng Zhang passes on three disciples. 安默然更是孟章的亲传三弟子。 They the performance in adversity, making Meng Zhang very satisfied and gratified. 他们在逆境之中的表现,让孟章十分满意和欣慰。 In his heart believes that even if in the future, because some factor left Taiyi Sect, Taiyi Sect under their leadership, will continue keeps powerful. 他心中相信,日后就算自己因为某种因素离开了太乙门,太乙门在他们的带领之下,都会继续保持强大。 Meng Zhang brought Guyue Lingqing to join Yang Xueyi their team. 孟章带着古月凌青加入了杨雪怡他们的队伍。 He directed their fast, teaching everyone to utilize the mind strength the high-end method. 他快速的指点了他们一番,教会了所有人运用心灵力量的高端手段。 Although this group of True Immortal cannot comprehend the world principle, but has the leadership of Meng Zhang, they adapted to here circumstances quickly, can make a move reluctantly. 这帮真仙虽然不能领悟天地法则,可是有着孟章的领导,他们很快就适应了这里的环境,勉强能够出手了。 Yang Xueyi and An Moran receive the temporary shelter that mind strength formed. 杨雪怡安默然收起了那个心灵力量形成的临时庇护所。 Meng Zhang leads everyone to stimulate the mind strength together, formed a huge mind halo, wrapped everyone. 孟章引领大家一起激发心灵力量,形成了一个巨大的心灵光环,将所有人都包裹了起来。 The strength of mind halo can protect everyone in the mind sea, making everyone take care of mutually. 心灵光环的力量可以在心灵大海之中保护大家,让大家互相照应。 This group of True Immortal are the mind powerful generations, they such as Meng Zhang guess such, after understanding how to utilize the mind strength, stimulated not the weak mind strength. 这帮真仙都是心灵强大之辈,他们如孟章猜测的那样,当懂得如何运用心灵力量之后,都激发出了不弱的心灵力量。 Has the direction of Meng Zhang, everyone's mind is interlinked, the mind strength becomes one group continually, becomes a whole. 有着孟章的指引,大家的心灵相通,心灵力量连成一团,成为了一个整体。 Although everyone had the strength of self-preservation, Meng Zhang confessed that does not need to dread the butterfly Youshan lord. 虽然大家都有了自保之力,孟章自认不用畏惧蝶游山主。 But here after all is the home game of enemy, does not need to attack long of enemy by oneself short. 可这里毕竟是敌人的主场,没有必要以己之短攻敌之长。 Meng Zhang is preparing to lead everyone to transmit leaves here, the mind sea actually roaring filial piety gets up suddenly, started intermittent storm for no reason. 孟章正准备带着大家传送离开这里,心灵大海却突然咆孝起来,无端的掀起了一阵阵风暴。 Became the wild mind sea more dangerous, almost cut off Meng Zhang to conduct the possibility of transmission. 变得狂暴的心灵大海更加危险了,几乎断绝了孟章进行传送的可能。 A huge mind halo is wrapping Meng Zhang they, fluttered in the sea with the wind, evaded intermittent storm. 一个巨大的心灵光环包裹着孟章他们,在大海之中随风飘荡,躲过了一阵阵风浪。 The mind sea is impossible so to be forever wild, the storm has one day of subsiding finally. 心灵大海不可能永远这么狂暴,风暴终有平息的一日。 Meng Zhang they, although was stranded temporarily here, does not despair, has been seeking for the difficulty-relief the opportunity. 孟章他们虽然暂时被困在这里,却并不绝望,一直在寻找脱困的机会。 In storm that in their front raises, suddenly presented a giant face. 在他们前方掀起的风浪之中,突然出现了一张巨大的脸庞。 The force structure of this face by mind sea, colorful band of light probably veils is the same, camouflaged this face. 这张脸庞由心灵大海的力量构成,一条条五颜六色的光带就好像一张面纱一样,将这张脸庞遮蔽了起来。 Meng Zhang in the mind space of butterfly Youshan Lord manufacture, had previously had the talk with her. 孟章此前在蝶游山主制造的心灵空间之中,和她有过谈话。 Her then image, was close to this face. 她当时的形象,就和这张脸庞非常接近。 What is more important, Meng Zhang induced the butterfly Youshan Lord aura from this face. 更为重要的是,孟章从这张脸庞上面感应到了蝶游山主的气息。 Almost made you run away, was good has not come because of the old body late.” “差点就让你们跑掉了,好在老身还没有来晚。” Sends out from that face Pangkou like the thunderous common loud sound sound. 如同雷鸣一般的巨响声从那张脸庞口中发出。 Although was blocked by the butterfly Youshan lord, is from Meng Zhang, everyone is not flustered. 虽然被蝶游山主拦住,可是自孟章以下,大家并不怎么慌张。 Even if here is the home game of opposite party, Meng Zhang still has strength of the war. 就算这里是对方的主场,孟章也不是没有一战之力。 His behind Yang Xueyi and the others may be unable to directly participate in this level the war, can actually support him with the powerful mind strength. 他身后的杨雪怡等人可能无法直接参与这种层次的大战,却可以用强大的心灵力量支援他。 Not to mention, he also has helping of Guyue Lingqing this Heaven Immortal. 更不用说,他还有古月凌青这尊天仙之助。 Although to subdue these two fellows delayed time, almost makes you run away, but, these two fellows are not completely the waste, a little uses somewhat.” “虽然为了收服这两个家伙耽搁了一点时间,差点让你们跑掉,不过,这两个家伙也不完全是废物,多多少少还是有点用的。” With the butterfly Youshan Lord self-satisfied laughter, the iron wall deity and gold and greens deity appeared in her together about. 伴随着蝶游山主得意的笑声,铁壁天神和金碧天神一起出现在了她的左右。 On these two deity faces does not have any expression, like servant, whatever the butterfly Youshan lord dispatches. 这两尊天神脸上没有任何的表情,像奴仆一样任由蝶游山主调遣。 Previously, butterfly Youshan Lord first coped with two deities, gave Meng Zhang they more reaction times. 此前,蝶游山主优先对付两尊天神,给了孟章他们更多的反应时间。 But the opposite party also seizes the opportunity, controlled these two deities minds thoroughly, turned into the puppet it, increased own strength. 可对方同样抓住机会,彻底控制了这两尊天神的心灵,将其变成了傀儡,增加了自身的力量。 Feel of Meng Zhang instinct has some is not right. 孟章本能的感到有一些不对。 His present butterfly Youshan lord, with last meeting time compares, changed a person to be the same completely probably. 他眼前的蝶游山主,和上次见面的时候相比,完全就好像是换了一个人一般。 Last meeting time, the butterfly Youshan Lord attitude does not seem like fakes. 上次见面的时候,蝶游山主的态度不像是作伪。 She is so good at camouflaging, can keep a Meng Zhang clue from discovering? 难道她真的如此善于伪装,能够让孟章一点端倪都无法发现? If not own induction is unmistakable, Meng Zhang almost suspected, at present this fellow was the butterfly Youshan lord. 如果不是自己的感应无误,孟章都差点怀疑,眼前这个家伙到底是不是蝶游山主了。 Is it possible that previously all images of opposite party camouflaged, at present is the true colors of opposite party? 莫非,此前对方的所有形象都是伪装,眼前才是对方的真面目? Only butterfly Youshan Lord was very not good to cope, in addition two deity puppets, it seems like, avoid one struggling hard today. 单是蝶游山主就很不好对付了,加上两尊天神傀儡,看来,今日避免一场苦战了。 Meng Zhang wants to say at heart. 孟章心里想道。 Meng Zhang can in any case sooner or later with butterfly Youshan Lord to, since cannot avoid, that greets all these on own initiative. 反正孟章迟早都会和蝶游山主对上,既然避不开,那就主动去迎接这一切吧。 Meng Zhang does not have the meaning of flinching, explains Yang Xueyi they to protect itself in secret, must prepare and opposite party battles. 孟章毫无退缩之意,暗中交待杨雪怡他们保护好自己,就要准备和对方交战了。 While Meng Zhang meets the Lord time, another two related battlefields, the fierce combat also entered the critical moment. 正当孟章遇上正主的时候,另外两处相关的战场,激战也进入了关键时刻。 That side fleet that Niu Dawei leads, was surrounded by the thick fog, encountered in the thick fog the attacks of innumerable all sorts of strange and unusual monster. 牛大为率领的舰队那边,被浓雾包围,遭到了浓雾中无数千奇百怪的怪物的攻击。 Moon God also and an demon fierce combat of distortion. Looks for book park 月神也和一尊扭曲的魔物激战起来。找书苑 After a battle, Moon God and Niu Dawei and the others almost clarified the details of enemy. 经过一番交战之后,月神牛大为等人差不多弄清楚了敌人的底细。 That with demon of Moon God battle, is demon of similar fog demon. 那尊和月神交战的魔物,是一尊类似雾魔的魔物。 The fog demon of heavenly demon rank, most places in void is quite rare. 天魔级别的雾魔,在虚空之中大部分地方还是比较罕见的。 At least Moon God they are first meet. 起码月神他们是第一次遇上。 During this fog demon strength excelled, making Moon God fall into struggled hard. 这尊雾魔实力高强,让月神陷入了苦战之中。 The surrounding thick fog, is similar demon territory general existence, is the fog demon and subordinate ethnic group jointly makes. 周围的浓雾,是一种类似魔域一般的存在,是雾魔及其麾下族群共同制造的。 This fog demon subordinate ethnic group, in the thick fog, the strength increases, crazy toward fleet attack that Niu Dawei leads. 这尊雾魔麾下的族群,在浓雾之中,实力大增,疯狂的向着牛大为率领的舰队进攻。 In the ethnic group the main body is the level low fog demon, naturally other demon. 族群之中主体是层次较低的雾魔,当然还有其他魔物。 Cell phone standing brand-new edition correction promotion address: https://, the data and bookmark and computer stand synchronization, does not have advertisement fresh reading! 手机站全新改版升级地址:https://,数据和书签与电脑站同步,无广告清新阅读!
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