SMIJ :: Volume #39

#3845: Promotion

Although knows that chaotic breath heavenly demon is the huge disaster, is the root of crisis, is by the Meng Zhang current strength, regarding this radically helpless. 虽然知道乱息天魔是巨大的祸害,是危机的根源,可是以孟章目前的实力,对此根本无能为力。 He let alone is attacks chaotic breath heavenly demon, so long as with the opposite party close to certain distance, making the opposite party notice him, he may by opposite party demonic dye. 他别说是去攻击乱息天魔,只要和对方靠近到一定距离,让对方注意到他,他都有可能被对方魔染 The chaotic breath heavenly demon ability was extremely strange. 乱息天魔的能力太过诡异了。 So long as the ordinary cultivator sees him, can by his demonic dye. 普通的修行者只要看见他,就会被他魔染 If Meng Zhang and so on True Immortal, cannot induce the opposite party carefully, cannot observe the opposite party thoroughly. 孟章之类的真仙,都不能仔细的感应对方,更不能深入的观察对方。 Otherwise, the innumerable information will swamp into his mind, keeping him from extricating oneself, immersion in, then by its demonic dye. 否则,无数的信息就会涌入他的脑海,让他无法自拔,沉浸其中,然后被其魔染 Thousand blade Son of Heaven four people must branch out many strengths, resists opposite party the strength of demonic dye. 千刃天王四人都要分出不少的力量,来抵御对方的魔染之力。 They almost must pay attention frequently, tries to flood into the mind the information that these to keep them out completely. 他们几乎要时时刻刻注意,将那些试图涌入自家脑海的信息全部拒之门外。 Void in heavenly demon, has almost the ability that strange measures not. 虚空之中的天魔,几乎都有着诡异莫测的能力。 Some unknown ; Spreads in void widely ; Was recorded in various types of ancient books...... 一些不为人知;一些在虚空之中广为流传;一些被记载在各种典籍之中…… Meng Zhang gains the inheritance of Golden Immortal Taiyi, comes step by step. 孟章获取太一金仙的传承,是一步一步来的。 He now also without promoting Heaven Immortal, the ancient book about Heaven Immortal rank strength , there would be no to open to him. 他现在还没有晋升天仙,许多关于天仙级别力量的典籍,就没有向他开放。 Meng Zhang guessed, after oneself promote Heaven Immortal, induces Golden Immortal Taiyi Divine Sense again, can obtain the follow-up inheritance, many ancient books. 孟章猜测,等到自己晋升天仙之后,再次感应太一金仙神念,才能获得后续的传承,更多的典籍。 About the chaotic breath heavenly demon information, after is moon/month Divine Ability long-term fight, transmits to Meng Zhang in secret knows. 关于乱息天魔的情报,还是月神通过长时间的交手之后,暗中传递给孟章知晓的。 Meng Zhang has been grasping the time cultivation, but within the short time, he promotes the Heaven Immortal possibility is not big. 孟章一直在抓紧时间修炼,可短时间之内,他晋升天仙的可能不大。 Thousand blade Son of Heaven they also block two heavenly demon temporarily, ability that has not won. 千刃天王他们也只是暂时挡住两尊天魔,并没有取胜的能力。 To cope with chaotic breath heavenly demon, Meng Zhang will want to pin on Tai Miao. 要想对付乱息天魔,孟章将希望寄托在了太妙身上。 After Tai Miao closes up, to avoid being disturbed, broke off and all relations on own initiative. 太妙闭关之后,为了避免受到干扰,就主动断绝了和外界的一切联系。 Meng Zhang this main body, knows regarding the Tai Miao current situation few, but knew him should still in breaking through the process. 就连孟章这位本尊,对于太妙目前的情况也所知寥寥,只是知道他应该仍然在突破过程之中。 The time passes quickly, time in an instant, thousand blade Son of Heaven their four people, fought for more than ten years with two heavenly demon. 时间过得很快,一转眼的功夫,千刃天王他们四人,就和两尊天魔斗了十多年了。 Superficially, their four people can also support, the trend of temporarily not having suffered a defeat and fled. 从表面上看,他们四人还能支持得住,暂时没有败亡的趋势。 But Moon God some feeling of being prompted by a sudden impulse, induced to present heavenly demon will again soon have the change situation big movement. 可是月神再次有了心血来潮的感觉,感应到眼前的天魔即将有改变局势的大动作。 Wang Xuefeng and yellow abundant Heaven Immortal have no induction, still and previously fought same. 王雪峰和黄丰天仙却没有什么感应,仍然和此前一样战斗。 Yellow abundant Heaven Immortal felt a little impatient, does not want to continue such fight, actually suffers from the means without withdrawn. 只是黄丰天仙感到有点不耐烦了,不想继续这样的战斗,却苦于没有脱身的办法。 Thousand blade Son of Heaven stemming from an instinct of soldier, felt like that the present situation is not a little right, is actually not able to find the incorrect place. 千刃天王出于一名战士的本能,隐隐觉得眼前的局势有点不对,却又无法找到不对的地方。 In Taiyi World Meng Zhang, the sense of crisis in heart was even more strong. 远在太乙界孟章,心中的危机感越发浓重了。 His Spiritual Awareness was extremely keen, clear induction existence of sense of crisis. 他的灵觉太过敏锐了,清楚的感应到了危机感的存在。 His heart pressed a heavy big stone probably, making him have impeded, soon affected his practicing. 他的心头就好像压上了一块沉重的大石头,让他心怀不畅,都快要影响到他的修行了。 Big heavens tablet static float in front of Meng Zhang, his complexion Yin clear uncertain, in heart very hesitant. 大哉乾元碑静静的漂浮在孟章面前,他的脸色阴晴不定,心中非常的犹豫。 Although this is only a sham of heavens Immortal Venerable duplication, still has the uncommon strength. 这尽管只是乾元仙尊复制的一尊赝品,却仍然有着不凡的力量。 If Meng Zhang with the aid of this immortal item strength, pays enough price, uses the technique of secret calculation, should be able to calculate the current real situation, and can attempt to seek to get rid of the means of crisis. 孟章如果借助这件仙器的力量,付出足够的代价,施展天机推算之术,应该可以推算出目前的真实局势,并且可以尝试寻找摆脱危机的办法。 Meng Zhang is indecisive, is if conducts such calculation, the price that he needs to pay was really big. 孟章之所以犹豫不决,是因为如果进行这样的推算,他需要付出的代价实在是太大了。 He not only will carry the severe wound, even the meeting life damages greatly, affects the foundation of practicing. 他不但会身负重伤,甚至会寿元大损,影响到修行的根基。 He will promote the hope of Heaven Immortal in the future, becomes will be small. 他日后晋升天仙的希望,将变得非常的小。 If not as a last resort, Meng Zhang does not want to take this step. 如果不是万不得已,孟章并不想迈出这一步。 Although is very self-confident about own Spiritual Awareness, but Meng Zhang has the fantasy, fantasized that has other strength to meddle the current situation. 尽管对自己的灵觉十分自信,可孟章还是心存幻想,幻想有别的力量插手目前的局势。 The time in the hesitation of Meng Zhang, in fast passing, will still not have the slight stay. 时间在孟章的犹豫之中,仍然在快速的流逝,并不会有丝毫的停留。 As passing of slowly time, leaves the Meng Zhang time to be getting fewer and fewer. 随着时间的慢慢过去,留给孟章的时间越来越少。 While he is very puzzled, hesitates, and even felt pain time, he waited for a long time change situation the strength to appear finally. 正当他无比纠结,无比犹豫,乃至感到痛苦的时候,他等待已久的改变局势的力量终于出现了。 Tai Miao has not disappointed him, finally success promotion deity. 太妙没有让他失望,终于成功晋升天神了。 At this time, from thousand blade Son of Heaven they four people and two heavenly demon opening wars, had passed for enough 19 years. 这个时候,距离千刃天王他们四人和两尊天魔开启大战,已经过去了足足十九年了。 Meng Zhang induced existence of Tai Miao finally again, resumed the original relation with it. 孟章终于再次感应到了太妙的存在,和其恢复了原有的联系。 During the induction of Meng Zhang, Tai Miao this external avatar as if turned into the profound sea, is too deep to see the bottom, is full of the strength that oneself are unable to estimate. 孟章的感应之中,太妙这具身外化身仿佛变成了幽深的海洋,深不见底,充满了自己都无法测度的力量。 Place that Tai Miao closes up, is the Taiyi World Netherworld center, Yin Capital deep place that he builds single-handedly. 太妙闭关的地方,是太乙界阴间的中枢,他一手打造的阴都城深处。 On Tai Miao filled with the aura of death deterioration, as if makes entire Yin Capital be affected by it, death aura greatly hold. 太妙身上充满了死亡衰败的气息,似乎让整座阴都城都受其影响,死亡气息大盛。 Is good because of Yin Capital is the Netherworld city, originally is flooding gloomy and cold, the aura of death, here resident is primarily all kinds of Ghost Deity and ghost. 好在阴都城本来就是阴间的城市,本来就充斥着阴冷、死亡的气息,这里的居民以各种各样的鬼神鬼物为主。 They adapt to the death aura that rose suddenly suddenly quickly, and can gain the advantage. 他们很快就适应了突然暴涨的死亡气息,并且能够从中获得好处。 Tai Miao aura has not continued is too long, changes again, becomes full of vitality, seems the origin of life is ordinary. 太妙身上的气息没有持续太久,就再次发生改变,变得生机勃勃,仿佛是生命之源一般。 The wild vitality rapid spreads in Yin Capital, lets Ghost Deity and ghost suffers loss, almost soon by its elimination. 狂暴的生机迅速在阴都城之中蔓延,让鬼神鬼物们吃尽了苦头,几乎快要被其消灭了。 How long is good has not continued because of this type of aura, transformed again becomes the death aura. 好在这种气息没有持续多久,就再次转变成为了死亡气息。 Then, Tai Miao aura first even/including changes multiple, stabilizes thoroughly. 就这样,太妙身上的气息一连变化多次,才彻底稳定下来。 During this process, he is having no intention to toss about in the city well resident. 在这个过程之中,他可是在无意之中好好折腾了城中居民一番。 This is Life and Death Grand Dao that Tai Miao practices, in he promotes the mutation in deity process. 这是太妙修行的生死大道,在他晋升天神过程之中的异变。 As for samsara Grand Dao that he majors, instead has not made the too big noise, is only sleek/moist thin silent general, is having the influence in secret. 至于他主修的轮回大道,反而没有闹出太大的动静,只是润物细无声一般,在暗中产生影响。 In Netherworld, has many and stubborn Ghost Deity and ghost, is not only not willing to obey the lord of Tai Miao this Netherworld, is not willing to enter in the samsara. 阴间,有着许多及其顽固的鬼神鬼物,既不愿意服从太妙这位阴间之主,又不愿意进入轮回之中。 Especially these hold to read the grave fellow, is hard to deal with. 尤其是其中那些执念深重的家伙,最是难缠。 Usually, looks for book park wzhaoshuyuancom to send in the samsara these fellows, needs to spend the Tai Miao hand/subordinate very big strength. 平日里,找书苑wzhaoshuyuancom为了将这些家伙送入轮回,需要花费太妙手下很大的力气。 Now, saw only a huge vortex to appear in the Tai Miao top of the head. 现在,只见一个巨大的漩涡出现在了太妙的头顶。 With the rotation of gently this vortex, Ghost Deity and ghost of Netherworld besides Tai Miao subordinate, started to enter in the samsara fast. 随着这个漩涡的轻轻转动,阴间除了太妙麾下之外的鬼神鬼物,开始快速的进入了轮回之中。 With the lapse of time, the unceasing expansion of Netherworld, here will be born slowly all kinds of ghost and Ghost Deity. 随着时间的推移,阴间的不断扩大,这里会慢慢的诞生出各种各样的鬼物鬼神 These wild ghost and Ghost Deity, occupy in various Netherworld places, is not willing to submit to Tai Miao completely. 这些野生的鬼物鬼神,盘踞在阴间各处,并不是全部都愿意臣服太妙 Even if the Meng Zhang this Taiyi World founder, the lord of Tai Miao this Netherworld, is unable to prevent this matter, is still hard to interfere with it. 就算孟章这位太乙界的缔造者,太妙这位阴间之主,都无法阻止这种事情,也难以对其进行干涉。 In cleaning up of unconsciousness after the Tai Miao promotion process, Netherworld can the quiet very long days. 经过太妙晋升过程之中无意识的清理,阴间可以清静一段很长的日子了。 Before many wild Ghost Deity and ghost are born, the Tai Miao subordinate can relax well. 在更多的野生鬼神鬼物诞生之前,太妙的麾下可以好好放松一下了。 Cell phone standing brand-new edition correction promotion address: https://, the data and bookmark and computer stand synchronization, does not have advertisement fresh reading! 手机站全新改版升级地址:https://,数据和书签与电脑站同步,无广告清新阅读!
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