SMIJ :: Volume #39

#3847: City in the Cloud

Meng Zhang one step a peaceful room that enters Wang Defeng, appears before him, is one sits cross-legged to sit, the face is spacious, obese incomparable fellow. 孟章一步跨进王德峰的静室,出现在他面前的,是一名盘膝而坐,面庞宽大,肥胖无比的家伙。 Wang Defeng both eyes shut tightly, is sitting in meditation. 王德峰双目紧闭,正在打坐。 As he breathes slowly, the whole body fat with is shaking. 随着他缓慢的呼吸,浑身的肥肉都在跟着一抖一抖的。 Did not need to install, this place was harmless, but wanted to discuss with you well.” “不用装了,本座并无恶意,只是想要和你好好的谈一谈。” Listened to the Meng Zhang words, Wang Defeng whole face forced smile, opened the eye, vigilant is looking at Meng Zhang. 听了孟章的话,王德峰满脸苦笑,睁开了眼睛,警惕的望着孟章 The princes really worthily are four corner/horn star district famous big merchant family, in this station, built many bans and formation. 王家果然不愧是四角星区有名的大商家,在这处驻地之中,布设了不少的禁制和法阵 In peaceful room that especially station head Wang Defeng sits in meditation, the ban of arrangement, can detect the arrival of Return to Emptiness period great power unexpectedly. 尤其是驻地首脑王德峰打坐的静室之中,布置的禁制,居然能够察觉返虚大能的到来。 Meng Zhang enters this peaceful room time, the ban was touched, alarmed Wang Defeng. 孟章进入这间静室的时候,禁制被触动,惊动了王德峰。 As Yang God True Monarch, Wang Defeng strength is not weak. 作为一名阳神真君,王德峰实力不弱。 But facing Return to Emptiness great power, has helping of various banned and formation even, in the event of the conflict, prince's strength in this station, cannot resist absolutely. 可是面对返虚大能,就算有着各种禁制和法阵之助,一旦发生冲突,王家在这处驻地之中的实力,绝对抵挡不住。 Originally, he pretends not to detect that the arrival of Meng Zhang, tries to delay next time. 原本,他装作没有察觉孟章的到来,试图拖延一下时间。 Now pointed out frankly by Meng Zhang one, his plan naturally failed. 现在被孟章一眼道破,他的打算自然落空了。 Facing strange Return to Emptiness great power . Moreover the opposite party goes into the peaceful room directly, Wang Defeng is a little disturbed. 面对陌生的返虚大能,而且对方这么直接闯入静室,王德峰心里有点忐忑。 Naturally, he is not energy does not have. 当然,他也不是一点底气都没有。 The princes have the Return to Emptiness old ancestor, even Return to Emptiness great power, cannot act in a self-serving manner here. 王家同样有着返虚老祖,就算是返虚大能,也不能在这里为所欲为。 Meng Zhang also had no evil intention, but wants to inquire some news. 孟章本来也没有什么恶意,只是想要打探一些消息。 Naturally, if he does not show the sufficient strength, the opposite party is not necessarily able honestly. 当然,如果他不展现出足够的实力,对方未必会老实。 Meng Zhang crosses the hands behind the back to stand, does not have any movement. 孟章负手而立,没有任何动作。 Wang Defeng actually feels, oneself was fettered all of a sudden, is unable to send out the signal that requests reinforcements. 王德峰却感觉到,自己一下子被束缚住了,无法发出求援的信号。 Meanwhile, he lost to the control of here ban. 同时,他失去了对这里的禁制的控制权。 Meng Zhang knows when to stop, has not continued to act. 孟章适可而止,没有继续动作。 Meng Zhang has not directly entered the subject, but by chatting the general tone, spoke thoughtlessly to chat with Wang Defeng. 孟章没有直接进入正题,而是以闲聊一般的语气,随口和王德峰聊了起来。 Although Meng Zhang has not displayed to come maliciously, is Wang Defeng does not dare to be negligent. 虽然孟章没有表现出恶意来,可是王德峰不敢大意。 He organizes the language cautiously, slowly and Meng Zhang conversation. 他小心翼翼的组织语言,慢慢的和孟章交谈。 Spoke thoughtlessly some questions that regarding Meng Zhang asked that he knew the answer, naturally explained devotedly. 对于孟章随口问的一些问题,他知道答案的,当然是悉心解答。 If really does not know, he does not have the lies to deceive, but does not know to be honest. 如果是实在不知道的,他也没有虚言诓骗,而是老实说不知道。 Talked at random the half of the day, sees with own eyes Wang Defeng is also honest, Meng Zhang finally starts to enter the subject. 东拉西扯了半天,眼见王德峰还算是老实,孟章才终于开始进入正题。 The Meng Zhang first issue, is four corner/horn star district True Immortal, why must make the brand-new wormhole channel. 孟章的第一个问题,就是四角星区真仙们,为什么要建造全新的虫洞通道。 Listened to Meng Zhang this issue, the color of Wang Defeng whole face feeling embarrassed, had not replied immediately. 听了孟章这个问题,王德峰满脸为难之色,没有立即回答。 Meng Zhang has not compelled him, is looking at him like this, did not say a word. 孟章也没有逼他,就是这样望着他,一言不发。 Could not bear the pressure that Meng Zhang created probably, Wang Defeng hesitant after the half of the day, afraid to say a word start reply. 大概是受不了孟章带来的压力,王德峰犹豫了半天之后,才吞吞吐吐的开始回答。 Has saying that the Meng Zhang luck is good, he comes to here to ask Wang Defeng, finds right the person. 不得不说孟章的运气不错,他来这里问王德峰,算是找对了人。 In four corner/horn star district, many Return to Emptiness great power do not know this issue the answer. 在四角星区之中,不少返虚大能都不知道这个问题的答案。 Wang Jia makes friends broadly, well-informed, the ancestor and True Immortal quite have the origin, knows something to this matter's joint. 王家交游广阔,消息灵通,祖上和一位真仙颇有渊源,才对此事的关节略知一二。 Wang Defeng is the later generation that in the family several Return to Emptiness old ancestors regard as important, has been cultivated by the family vigorously, learned this family's high-end secret. 王德峰是家族之中几位返虚老祖看重的后辈,一直被家族大力栽培,才获知了这个家族的高端机密。 The reason that several True Immortal make the brand-new wormhole channel is simple, to flee from calamity. 几位真仙建造全新的虫洞通道的原因非常简单,就是为了逃难。 Originally, four corner/horn star district high level was obtaining the news a while ago, the City in the Cloud navigation route in the near future, will pass four corner/horn star district. 原来,四角星区的高层在前段时间得到消息,云中城的航行路线在不远的将来,将会通过四角星区 Learned after this news, four corner/horn star district high levels were startled, fell into a confusion. 获知了这个消息之后,四角星区的高层们惊慌无比,陷入了一片混乱之中。 Four corner/horn star district high level will have such response, all because of the City in the Cloud reputation extremely resounding reason. 四角星区的高层会有这样的反应,全是因为云中城的名声太过响亮的缘故。 Meng Zhang fooled around together some years in void, has not been that newly emerged ignorant generation. 孟章在虚空之中厮混了这名些年,早已不是那种初出茅庐的无知之辈。 About the City in the Cloud legend, he has also heard many. 关于云中城的传说,他也听说过许多。 Originally, he treats as the story to listen City in the Cloud various legends. 原本,他将云中城的各种传说当做故事来听。 His unexpectedly, will hear the City in the Cloud positive news unexpectedly here. 他都没有想到,居然会在这里听到云中城的确切消息。 So-called City in the Cloud, in void, but notorious, is almost the public enemy of each macrocosm. 所谓的云中城,在虚空之中可是臭名昭著,几乎是各个大世界的公敌。 City in the Cloud is the great city that a manpower builds, year after year drifts in void wanders. 云中城是一座人工打造的巨城,常年累月在虚空之中漂泊游荡。 This great city big? 这座巨城有多大呢? This great city is a complete macrocosm. 这座巨城就是一个完整的大世界。 Or this macrocosm is a great city. 或者说,这个大世界就是一座巨城。 In City in the Cloud, there are innumerable lives to multiply to live here, has massive cultivation influences, trains many powerhouses. 云中城之中,有无数的生灵在这里繁衍生息,更有大量的修真势力,培养出来许许多多的强者。 City in the Cloud does not fix in a place, but unceasing wanders the drift in void. 云中城不是固定在一个地方,而是不断的在虚空之中游荡漂流。 Every City in the Cloud place visited, will start catastrophes, the scenes of performance reign of terror. 凡是云中城所过之处,就会掀起一场场浩劫,上演一幕幕腥风血雨的景象。 City in the Cloud cultivator grabs the forming, is one group of most ominous horizontal robbers. 云中城修真者劫掠成形,是一群最为凶横的强盗。 They will grab each star district that passes through, even destroys some macrocosms directly. 他们会劫掠所经过的各个星区,甚至直接毁灭一些大世界。 If must draw an analogy, City in the Cloud is the void in nomadic nation, lives by each macrocosm. 如果非要打个比方,云中城就是虚空之中的游牧民族,逐各个大世界而生。 City in the Cloud through plundering each macrocosm, provides for itself, unceasing growing strong, it can be said that out-and-out growing stronger with the fight. 云中城通过掠夺各个大世界,供养自身,不断的发展壮大,可以说是不折不扣的以战养战。 Void in each macrocosm does not treat the lamb that butchers. 虚空之中的各个大世界不是待宰的羔羊。 Everything can in the independent macrocosm in void basing, basically is somewhat the strength. 凡是能够在虚空之中立足的独立大世界,基本都是有几分实力的。 But City in the Cloud place visited, although will also be resisted intensely. But after wars, City in the Cloud basically is the final victor. 可是云中城所过之处,虽然也会遭到激烈的抵抗。可是在一场场大战过后,云中城基本上都是最后的胜利者。 In previously, some ratio four corner/horn star district also wanted powerful star district, unfortunately kept off above the City in the Cloud loafing route. 在此前,有一些比四角星区还要强大的星区,不幸挡在云中城的游荡路线之上。 After a fierce combat, these star district were defeated by City in the Cloud. 经过一番激战之后,这些星区都被云中城击败。 As the loser, the macrocosm is was plundered. The loss of population or commodity, is immeasurable. Looks for book park www.zaosuyuncom 作为失败者,所在的大世界遭到掠夺。无论是人口还是物资的损失,都不可计量。找书苑www.zaosuyuncom Under certain extreme situations, some macrocosms will even be destroyed directly. 在某些极端的情况之下,一些大世界甚至会被直接摧毁。 No one knows that four of City in the Cloud in void plundered many years. 谁也不知道云中城在虚空之中肆掠了多少年了。 Only knows that City in the Cloud ominous broadcasts, overawes void, has for the remote history. 只知道云中城的凶名远播,威震虚空,已经有着很为久远的历史了。 If makes City in the Cloud enter four corner/horn star district, here major practicing influences, will be compelled the hopeless situation. 如果让云中城进入四角星区,这里的各大修行势力,都会被逼到绝境。 By four corner/horn star district strength, is unable to resist City in the Cloud only absolutely. 单靠四角星区的力量,是绝对无法抵挡云中城的。 Since cannot be victorious, that only then escaped. 既然打不过,那就只有逃跑了。 Keeps the mountain, did not fear that does not have the firewood fever. 留得青山在,不怕没柴烧。 So long as distant avoidance City in the Cloud, the opposite party will not chase down continuous. 只要远远的避开云中城,对方也不会追杀不休。 Naturally, if cannot migrate as soon as possible, perhaps will be caught up by the City in the Cloud leading troops. 当然,如果不能尽快的迁移,说不定会被云中城的先头部队追上。 Must want migration as far as possible the distant place, naturally is not as soon as possible suitable uses the conventional navigation way. 要想尽快尽量的迁移到远方,当然不宜用常规的航行方式。 Best has wormhole such channel, can within the short time, migrate four corner/horn star district major influences on other remote star district. 最好是有着虫洞这样的通道,才能在短时间之内,将四角星区各大势力迁移到遥远的其它星区 Nearby four corner/horn star district has a wormhole, can the direct connectivity engaging in introspection office in the star district nearby. 四角星区附近有一座虫洞,可以直接连通明心会所在星区的附近。 Just, that side star district had the master . Moreover the strength of master is not weak. 只不过,那边的星区都有了主人,而且主人的实力不弱。 By four corner/horn star district strength, even if launches the war, within the short time is unable to defeat the opponent, captures that side star district control. Cell phone standing brand-new edition correction promotion address: https://, the data and bookmark and computer stand synchronization, does not have advertisement fresh reading! 以四角星区的实力,就算发动战争,短时间之内也无法战胜对手,夺取那边星区的控制权。手机站全新改版升级地址:https://,数据和书签与电脑站同步,无广告清新阅读!
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