SMIJ :: Volume #38

#3775: Great change

A dazzling incomparable bright sends out from the foreign land macrocosm, quick penetrated the world movie screen, during passing to was void, and toward transmits in all directions. 一道耀眼无比的亮光从异乡大世界内部发出,很快就穿透了世界障壁,传到了虚空之中,并且向着四面八方传递。 This bright is extremely dazzling, the position that even if in Taiyi World, can still quite clear sees its eruption. 这道亮光太过耀眼,即便是在太乙界所在的方位,仍然能够比较清楚的看见其爆发。 The past from the distant place, as if entire foreign land macrocosm was lit generally. 从远处看过去,似乎整个异乡大世界都被点燃了一般。 After this bright, almost entire foreign land macrocosm fierce vibration, neighbor void also fluctuated. 在这道亮光之后,几乎整个异乡大世界都在剧烈的震动起来,就连附近的虚空都随之波动了起来。 Facing this sudden great change, witnesses various unusual forms Meng Zhang they, dumbfounded at once. 面对这种突如其来的巨变,亲眼目睹各种异状的孟章他们,一时之间都呆住了。 The foreign land macrocosm exactly what happened, why makes such big noise? 异乡大世界到底发生了什么事情,为什么闹出这么大的动静? Looks at this earth-shaking appearance, Meng Zhang they cannot even bear the guess, is the world collapses, did the world destroy? 看这副惊天动地的样子,孟章他们甚至忍不住猜测,是天地崩溃,世界毁灭了吗? Meng Zhang and the others in the heart had a strong unclear premonition. 孟章等人心中生出了一种浓厚的不详预感。 Although does not know that the foreign land macrocosm exactly had anything, but the clear empty sect takes the heads of foreign land macrocosm major practicing influences, the sudden great change of foreign land macrocosm, to its has very deep effect absolutely. 尽管不知道异乡大世界到底发生了什么,可是清虚宗作为异乡大世界各大修行势力之首,异乡大世界发生的突如其来的巨变,绝对对其有着很深的影响。 Meng Zhang they carefully observed after the period of time, discovered that the foreign land macrocosm has not collapsed thoroughly, may suffer the heavy losses absolutely. 孟章他们仔细观察了一阵子之后,发现异乡大世界还没有彻底崩溃,可绝对受到了重创。 It is not mostly wonderful as the clear empty sect situation of landlord. 作为地主的清虚宗情况多半不妙了。 The clear empty sect a short time ago just now and Taiyi World has related. 清虚宗前不久才刚和太乙界这边联系过。 Evidently, the clear empty sect regarding such great change, knows nothing beforehand. 看样子,清虚宗对于这样的巨变,事先也是一无所知。 The Meng Zhang intention revolve like lightning, foreign land macrocosm here great change, mostly is the writing skill of Nichiren Buddhism, moreover definitely aims at the clear empty sect. 孟章心念电转,异乡大世界这边的巨变,多半是法华宗的手笔,而且肯定是针对清虚宗。 The clear empty sect is also preparing to meet to Nichiren Buddhism officially, unexpectedly, the opposite party actually first step started. 清虚宗还正准备正式向法华宗约战,没有想到,对方却抢先一步下手了。 How the strength of Nichiren Buddhism infiltrates to the foreign land macrocosm, this great change caused the big damage to the clear empty sect...... 法华宗的力量是如何渗透到异乡大世界内部的,这次巨变对清虚宗到底造成了多大伤害…… These information, Meng Zhang they know nothing entirely. 这些情报,孟章他们统统一无所知。 Really, Nichiren Buddhism overawes the void ten thousand boundary/world strong presence worthily. 果然,法华宗不愧是威震虚空万界的强大势力。 Once acts, the power and influence is so uncommon. 一旦出手,威势就是如此不凡。 In previously, Nichiren Buddhism remained silent, whatever the clear empty sect carried out own plan. 在此前,法华宗一直保持沉默,任由清虚宗执行自家的计划。 Meng Zhang stemming from the high alert of Nichiren Buddhism, has had the anxiety to the plan of clear empty sect. 孟章出于对法华宗的高度戒备,对清虚宗的计划有过疑虑。 Regarding Nichiren Buddhism cultivator after the whereabouts expose has not acted immediately, he feels very puzzled. 对于法华宗修士在行迹暴露之后都没有立即行动,他更是感到十分不解。 Afterward as the plan of clear empty sect cultivator was conducted smoothly, he and puzzled put aside these anxieties temporarily. 后来随着清虚宗修士的计划顺利进行,他将这些疑虑和不解都暂时放下了。 Now looks like, his worry is correct, reminder of Guyue Lingqing not wrong. 现在看来,他的担忧是正确的,古月凌青的提醒更是没有错。 Clear empty sect Gaoceng underestimated Nichiren Buddhism, extremely thought oneself infallible. 清虚宗高层低估了法华宗,太过自以为是了。 Other Taiyi World high levels regarding such great change, a preparation do not have. 太乙界其他高层对于这样的巨变,一点心理准备都没有。 Feels of some people instinct are flurried, actually does not know how should deal. 一些人本能的感到慌乱,却又不知道应该如何应对。 Some people try hard to be calm, similarly does not know how should do. 一些人努力镇定下来,同样不知道该怎么做。 Meng Zhang drinks one lowly, making everyone forcefully calm. 孟章低喝一声,让所有人强行镇定下来。 At present the situation is unclear, but knows that the foreign land macrocosm is seriously battered, the clear empty sect situation is not wonderful. 目前局势不明,只是知道异乡大世界遭受重创,清虚宗情况不妙。 Stemming from prudent in order, Taiyi World is not suitable acts rashly. 出于慎重起见,太乙界这边不宜轻举妄动。 How as for next step does, Meng Zhang and everyone discussed together. 至于下一步怎么做,孟章和大家一起商量起来。 The sudden accident of foreign land macrocosm, has monitored the Taiyi World sword immortal star shamelessly and the others naturally to discover in the distant place. 异乡大世界发生的突然变故,一直在远处监视太乙界的剑仙星无忌等人自然早就发现了。 They are ordered to monitor Taiyi World, has also compared to fulfill duty. 他们奉命监视太乙界,一直都还比较尽职。 Taiyi World starts to move time, they also follow to move, but also reports the Taiyi World movement. 太乙界开始移动的时候,他们也跟着移动,还将太乙界的动作汇报回去。 Taiyi World stops in the foreign land star district edge, they also stop in the distant place, continue to monitor. 太乙界在异乡星区边缘停下,他们也在远处停下,继续监视。 As the member of foreign land macrocosm practicing influence, they pay certainly more attention to that side the situation. 作为异乡大世界修行势力的成员,他们当然更为关注那边发生的情况。 The foreign land macrocosm obviously suffers the heavy losses, they will definitely care about and worry about their master gate. 异乡大世界明显遭遇重创,他们肯定会关心和记挂自家的师门。 The powerhouses of several True Immortal ranks had a dispute quickly. 几名真仙级别的强者很快发生了一番争执。 Without disputing how long, almost all person hurried hurrying back foreign land macrocosms. 没有争执多久,几乎所有人都急急忙忙的赶回异乡大世界了。 Only then falls the sword immortal star of star sword sect to be shameless, but also stays in same place , to continue to monitor Taiyi World. 只有落星剑宗的剑仙星无忌,还停留在原地,继续监视太乙界 Here all , the nature has fallen in the Taiyi World high-level eye. 这边发生的一切,自然早就落到了太乙界高层眼中。 In many will of the people secret drop gu, how the star actually thinks shamelessly, places sect gate, no matter, can stare at Taiyi World stubbornly? 不少人心里暗暗滴咕,星无忌到底是怎么想的,放在自家宗门不管,都要死死盯着太乙界 Is it possible that what connection falling the star sword sect and Taiyi World has to be inadequate? 莫非,落星剑宗和太乙界有什么瓜葛不成? Only star is shameless, cannot turn the rough seas. 区区一名星无忌,翻不起大浪来。 Sword immortal that even if he grows perceptibly by the battle efficiency, is impossible to depend on one's effort to pose the threat to Taiyi World only. 就算他是以战斗力见长的剑仙,也不可能单靠一己之力对太乙界造成威胁。 Regarding this time Taiyi World high level, most urgent matter, what can make clear the foreign land macrocosm exactly to have as soon as possible? 对于此时的太乙界高层来说,最为迫切的事情,还是要尽快搞清楚异乡大世界到底发生什么了? Since foreign land macrocosm great change, Yang Xueyi has used the communication mystique, according to agreeing the good way contacts with that side the clear empty sect. 自从异乡大世界巨变之后,杨雪怡就一直施展通讯秘法,按照约定好的方式联系清虚宗那边。 The smooth relation, interrupted all of a sudden thoroughly. 原本顺畅的联系,一下子就彻底中断了。 She tried hard long time, not to have the slight progress. 她努力了良久,却始终没有丝毫的进展。 The relation interrupt, may be the clear empty sect that side change, temporarily cannot attend to with the Taiyi World relation. 联系中断,有可能是清虚宗那边发生巨变,暂时顾不上和太乙界联系。 Also may be as a result of this mutation, causing around the foreign land macrocosm to have the unusual condition, disturbs secret technique that the relation used. 也有可能是由于这次异变,导致异乡大世界周围出现异状,干扰了联系用的秘术。 The worst possibility, is the clear empty sect is attacked seriously, the high-level casualty is serious, has been incapable of making the contact with Taiyi World. 最坏的可能,就是清虚宗遭到严重打击,高层死伤惨重,已经无力和太乙界这边进行联系了。 To know how is a matter, only then sent people to investigate. That side situation is unclear, no one knows that what risk concealed. 要想知道到底是怎么一回事,只有派人过去侦查了。那边局势不明,谁也不知道暗藏了什么样的风险。 The ordinary True Immortal rank powerhouse in the past, was not necessarily able to protect oneself, Meng Zhang will not feel relieved. 普通的真仙级别强者过去,都未必能够自保,孟章也不会放心。 It is not worried about the risk by the Meng Zhang strength actually, but he is a little worried about Taiyi World here situation. 孟章的实力倒是不怎么担心风险,可是他又有点担心太乙界这边的情况。 Is worried about him not , Taiyi World was attacked. 担心他不在的时候,太乙界遭到进攻。 Meng Zhang in a dilemma thought that chose fellow daoist who believes Taiyi World. 左右为难的孟章想了一下,还是选择了相信太乙界的诸位道友。 Mainly has Tai Miao to remain behind Taiyi World, deals with various contingencies sufficiently. 主要还是有着太妙留守太乙界,足以应付各种意外情况。 Some steadiest high level, had proposed that Taiyi World starts immediately, at the maximum speed leaves here, far away from various troubles of foreign land star district. 一些最为稳重的高层,已经提议太乙界立即启程,以最快速度离开这里,远离异乡星区的各种麻烦。 Had arrived here, anything has not made clear on hurried departure, many people felt very unwilling. 都已经来到了这里,什么都没有搞清楚就急急忙忙的离开,许多人又感到很不甘心。 A Taiyi World such strong influence, has the powerhouses of many True Immortal ranks, experiences has fought repeatedly. Facing the unexpected situation on running away that the ash cooks, was extremely rather ugly. 太乙界这么强大的一家势力,拥有多位真仙级别的强者,经历过多次大战。面对一点意外情况就灰熘熘的逃走,未免太过难看了。 The most important thing is, if cannot obtain the supplies from the foreign land macrocosm, who knows when Taiyi World will obtain the supplies next time is. 最为重要的是,如果不能从异乡大世界获得补给,谁知道太乙界下次获得补给是什么时候了。 If delays the time is too long, not only will affect the development of Taiyi World, delays practicing of cultivator, will harm Taiyi World. 如果耽搁时间太久,不但会影响太乙界的发展,耽误修士们的修行,甚至会危害到太乙界本身。 After the people discussed one, the decision watched changes quietly, waiting more explicit information, decision next step action. 众人商量一阵之后,还是决定静观其变,等待更为明确的情报,才决定下一步的行动。 Meng Zhang and everyone said that left Taiyi World, hurried rushed to that side the foreign land macrocosm. 孟章和大家说了一声,就离开了太乙界,急急忙忙的赶往了异乡大世界那边。 Meng Zhang opens access entered foreign land star district. 孟章一路畅通无阻的进入了异乡星区 At his speed, the words that hurries along full power, many small half of the day can arrive at the foreign land macrocosm. 以他的速度,全力赶路的话,最多小半天就能到达异乡大世界。 At this time, should also no one have free time to come to prevent him. 在这个时候,应该也没有人有空前来阻挡他吧。
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